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LG BD370 68 user region code/hacks August 18, 2016 Post region code/hack comment
Region code hack posted by maxjens, June 05 2009:

To set DVD Region to “any”, download file “” (often also called “”) from this link:

Save the file and then unzip and extract it to your hard drive. Now burn the subdirectory RMTM0000 and its contents (not the text file) onto a CD-ROM (ISO format, “closed” CD-ROM). Insert CD-ROM into the LG BD 370 P player, and when the Region Management System screen is displayed, set the Region Code to “0” using your remote. Once done, press “PAUSE” on you remote to save, and you’re done!

Region code hack posted by asiancharm, June 12 2009:

I bought the LG BD370 on June 6, 2009. On Jun 11,I tried the region hack posted by maxjens, but it didn't work. I had done a software update earlier, would that mess it up?

Region code hack posted by dochsu, June 14 2009:

Some posts of the LG6000 file mention that you must use ISO 9660 format (not
Joliet) and must close the session on the disc. These are ESSENTIAL points.
Mine failed until I tried different CD burner software that let me specify to close
the session. It then worked just fine. I don't know whether the name given to
the disc makes a difference. The one that worked for me had been burned with
the name RMTM0000.

Region code hack posted by asiancharm, June 14 2009:

I tried at least 5 different CD burning softwares of transferring the RMTM0000 folder to different types of discs (CDR, CDRW, DVDR, DVDRW), and deligently "close" the disc after each burning, but the Blue-ray DVD player kept rejecting the disc and gave the same error message "CHECK DISC" on the screen. If you still have the disc that contains the RMTM0000 folder, would you like to loan it to me?

Region code hack posted by vcarmi, June 19 2009:

I have tested it today burning a CD-R 80 closing the session and the disk and it works :
it proposes to change the region code and you need to insert 0 to change it to multizone.
It works.

Region code hack posted by petrud, June 28 2009:

The RMTM0000 file opens on my system and prompts me to select a region from 0-6, and then to press "pause" to save setting, however I am not able to change the region number to "0" with my remote??

Region code hack posted by laurentys, June 29 2009:

It doesn´t work for me. It keeps me asking to check disc Can anyone send me an iso image to burn and try? . My BD370 is US version of this player. thanks

Region code hack posted by petrud, June 30 2009:

When formatting the disc, choose the "mastered" format. Also the remote has a slide down panel with numbers underneath. Press the "0" on this panel and then the pause button. It works!

Region code hack posted by asiancharm, June 30 2009:

I received the disc from a member which was used to hack the region code of the LG BD370 successfully. However, I pop the disc into my unit, I got the same error message "CHECK DISC!" and the disc was ejected.

Region code hack posted by asiancharm, July 05 2009:

The attempt to change the region code to "0" continued today. I went to the same electronic store which I bought my machine exactly a month ago, and purchased another unit. After I took it home and hooked everything up (except the Ethernet jet), I pop the CD-R disc with the RMT0000 file in. Immediately, I got the blue screen on my TV to ask me to change the region code to whatever region I want. Of course, I slided open the bottom compartment on my remote and punched the digit "O", then press "Pause" to confirm the change. Needless to say, I am extremely happy with the new machine because it can now play discs from Region 1, 2, 3 and 6 with no trouble at all. So for those of you out there and wish to swith to Region 0, DO NOT PLUG THE ETHERNET JET IN, so you won't be asked to update your firmware when you first power the unit on!!!!!! I made a mistake with my first LG BD370 by updating the firmware first, not knowing the newer firmware actually block any attempt of hacking the region code.

Region code hack posted by laurentys, July 06 2009:

It worked!!! I have now a region free BD370.
For those of you that have upgraded your BD370 before applying the file, go to ... ab=drivers , download the "downgrade" file, burn a disc and update your player with an old firmware. Ok... now follow the steps our friends described above and it´s done. After this, download or connect you player to the internet and update the firmware again. BD370 region free... u-hu...

Region code posted by iniosa, July 11 2009:

my BD370 Can't Play AVCHD?

i've succesfully changed the region code to 0 on my LG BD370 (japanese region 2 machine) using the RMTM0000 files. But, still i can't play any AVCHD Disc on my BDP370,

anyone please be kind help explain why and how to solve this?

Region code hack posted by Sippeus, July 16 2009:

Thanks laurentys, your hack seems to work.Some hints, the downgrading from latest firmware to 7.x firmware works also with meomrystick,if the update fails first time, do not give up. reload the firmware to the memory stick,power up BD370, wait for the home screen, plug the memory stick in,then the firware downgrade should start.

The region hack CD can be burned with, select Data Disk, Filesystem ISO9660, ISO level 2. Name the disk as mentioned before. Start burning, the software will ask if the CD should completed,choose that option. And follow the instructions.

After selecting the region 0. it seems that firware update from the network does not remove the hack. GREAT.

Region code hack posted by telamonides, August 01 2009:

This hack works for SD regions (0-6), but what about BD regions (A-C)?

Region code hack posted by Suicyco, August 02 2009:

Like more or less all hacks for BD-Players, this hack will make your player region free for DVD only.
Region free Blu-ray playback requires hardware modification and is only available for very few models.

Region code hack posted by iniosa, September 01 2009:

if after succeeded hack to regionfree, what happen if we update the firmware? will it still be regionfree?

Region code hack posted by Zubnik, September 13 2009:

Hack for LG BD370 works for BD360 as well. Burned with CopyToDVD with appropriate boxes unchecked (Joliet, Close disk). Plays PAL region free now. Bought it from Costco Canada in September 2009.

Region code posted by Oceanic815, September 17 2009:

If you inject the CD into the new LG BD 350, a window allows to change region code for DVD and Blu-ray seperately!! Does this mean you can hack the BD 350 for Blu-ray? I think so, but I do not have a Blu-ray for testing...

Region code hack posted by spankbucket, September 23 2009:

I sucessfully made my wife's BD 370 multiregion with this.

The disk worked first time...I created it by using the standard burn available in Windows XP.

Thanks very much for a truly superb hack.

Region code posted by varkanoid, September 29 2009:

What is the firmware version the hack WILL work on just for

The LG site only lists one firmware file I can not see any
previous or "downgrade" file

Region code hack posted by stanleebates, October 14 2009:

This also works for the BD390. I took it straight out of the
box that arrived this morning, put the CD in that I burnt
using MaxJens hack. The blue screen and DVD region screen
came up immediately. No problems.

I stress, I did this with my Blu ray player "straight out of
the box" and did NOT PERFORM ANY UPDATES until afterward!

Thanks MaxJens! :-)

Region code hack posted by Febman, October 24 2009:

Just to let you know the hack worked for me today on my UK BD390 even though I had already upgraded it to the latest firmware yesterday.

Followed the instructions above (burned an ISO closed CD etc) using Roxio Creator DE 10.2.

Hopefully other UK BD390 owners will be just as successful even after applying the firmware upgrade but I cannot comment if the same will work for BD390 players in other countries/regions - best of luck to you all if you decide to give it a go.


Region code hack posted by Exsultet, October 25 2009:

I Confirm this modif doesnt work on my BD370 region 1, player (buid on june 2009). I have try a lots of CD's with a pure ISO 9660, and it's not working.

Region code hack posted by escape75, November 04 2009:

This will make your Canadian BD360 or BD370
DVD region free regardless of firmware version.

Region code hack posted by gastro2008, November 06 2009:

Worked fine for my lg bd370, just burnt to cd-rw using ashampoo burning studio 8.

Region code hack posted by Exsultet, November 10 2009:

As you tel me, I found this file: "LG 3G Easy Unlocker (v2.15).exe" I fix it on a USB key, I load it on my LG BD player and it change nothing. I also load it on my computer and I receive the message "Dongle not found". I think this program seems to be used for LG Cell phones and it's not suitable for LG BD players.

Region code hack posted by trelos, November 21 2009:

Had originally upgraded to latest firmware via network and could not unlock region. Downgraded to 7.16.665 with available firmware on LG UK site and then applied hack. You can find both links on previous posts. Tested and the upgraded to latest firmware via network. Worked perfectly.

Region code posted by guraaf, November 24 2009:

Hi all,

Sorry for being so stupid but I can't figure out which is the downgrade version of the firmware from the UK download site. Is it:

a) LG_BD_370VBA_v716665_Mar[1]
c) Special_firmware(V3[1].886.01)

Which file will downgrade the firmware for the US BD370?

Region code hack posted by andyhkyu, November 24 2009:

Hello "escape75", I am trying to download the fix from but not successful. Can you repost? Thanks.

Region code hack posted by hektor4711, December 06 2009:

Hi my dear BD 370 lovers,

here is how i got this damn 6000 hack working with a German machine,
latest Firmware applied today ( V7.....).

Failed so many times but now i have the solution.

1. Downgrade Firmware with software from the official LG site:

File - last section: Special_firmware(V3[1].886.01)

2. unzip
3. copy File : LG_BD_370M.ROM (size 26.809.552 Byte) to a simple blank USB
4. Power on BD370 - Plug Stick to USB Port
5. "Upgrade" Screen appears. - > Do the Downgrade to V3......
6. Will Reboot - Power manually on again.

7. Open CD Tray - insert properly burned 6000 hack (Subfolder RMTM0000,
ff. - as told many times before)

8. close tray - Region hack Page pops up
9. type "0" and press Pause.

Thats it.

10. You should upgrade to V7... again via Lan. No probs to the changed
region code. Seems to be stored elsewhere in the machine´s memory.

Note: 6000 hack will not work until machine has been properly downgraded
to V3......

Thanks again to the 6000 hack crew,

I love my BD370 !

Region code hack posted by New2Blu, December 16 2009:

I purchased a BD370 today and tried the software and method outlined by Sippeus but when the player tries to read the disc it just says "Disc Error" and spits it out.I don't know what the player's firmware version is (or how to find out).

In CDBurnerXP I copied the RMTM0000 directory to the disc, set Filesystem to ISO 9660 and selected ISO Level as Level 2 (31). When prompted to finalize the disc, I said Yes.

Any suggestions of why this doesn't work for me or how I can find out what the firmware version is. The player is R1.

Thanks in advance.

Region code hack posted by New2Blu, December 17 2009:

OK, so I found the current firmware version. It is 7.141. From what I read in previous posts it seems like the region unlocking process should work with this firmware. Am I right? Also, could the problem be that my player is classified as a BD370C?

Thanks again.

Region code posted by WITTI, December 17 2009:

I received LG BD 370 V8.08... software. Puchased 12/19/09 from Trying to go region free. Tried mastered onto CD-R. Check disk error. Tried Downgrade Software version via CD and USB stick. Booted with CD or USB in place and also loading CD or USB after player was on. No joy! The machine recognizes that it's a data CD and also that a USB stick was added but it does not go to an Upgrade screen. I suspect the newer software is the root of this problem.

Does anybody have any ideas or has anybdoy regon-freed a V 8.xx LG BD 370?

Region code posted by smp, December 17 2009:

WITTI Rename the .rom file to LG_BD_370VBB.ROM

Region code hack posted by bendlein, December 18 2009:

Used the,burner to burn RMTM0000 hack to cd mentioned by Sippeus.This worked fine for my LG BD360 straight out of the box. Popped in cd pressed 0 then pause,DONE.

Region code hack posted by kidfromkor, December 19 2009:

OK, so I have the BD370v (I think the V is the US version).
I accidently upgraded to v8 before making it region free,
and I'm trying to find a way to downgrade to v3 or v4. I
have tried downloading v3/v4 from various websites (all of
which are NOT for V versions, but for either P,N and so on).
Just putting the ROM file on a USB didn't do anything for
me, but I thought I got something when I renamed the file
LG_BD_370VBB.rom. It took me to an upgrade window, asking me
if I wanted to upgrade my player to XXXX version (XXXX was
made up of nonsense characters such as %, square, etc). When
I click OK, it shows "upgrading" for a few seconds, and
shows the message, "Update failed". It turns off its power
by itself and that's the end of it.

OK, I've been trying to get this thing to work for days now,
and I'm officially giving up. I might check back every few
months or so to see if any new method's come up, but for
now, it seems there's no way to make a version 8 BD370v
region free.

Region code hack posted by applejay, December 19 2009:

Just want to post my success story, here's how I did it

1) Burned CD using these settings with CDBurnerXP
- First Screen -> Data disc
- Disc -> File System -> ISO9660
- How do you want to burn the disc -> Finalise Disc

2) Insert burned CD in the player, press 0, then pause.

background info:
Model Name: BD370V
Driver Version: H42301
SW Version: BD.7.16.665.A
Bought this on: 11/27/09
Where: Frys

Region code posted by smp, December 19 2009:

kidfromkor - try the v.716665 firmware from LG UK site. Don't know if it will work but it's worth a shot imo. ... ab=drivers

Region code hack posted by jespasas, December 19 2009:

Hi all LG users.
I have desperately attempting all the ways and suggestions listed in this thread. I have spent about 10 CR's in the process, but with no luck. I have burnt the file exactly as described, using different burners, and different settings, but nothing seems to work...
No matter what I do, it gives me the "disk error" code, and spits out the CD.
My LG that I just bought, is the LG BD370C, bought here in Canada.
All seems to refer to othet version of the BD, but not the C model, could that be the reason I have no luck?
Also my BD does not have a USB port, nor does the remote have the pull down plate with "0" behind, it has the normal keys including "0" "in the open".
Anybode can offer help here???

Region code posted by kidfromkor, December 20 2009:

Update, with smp's suggestion.

I downloaded v7, which was LG_BD_370VBA.rom.
renamed it to, because VBB's the only one
that the machine will read as an update file.
i got to the "updating" step, which lasted much longer
compared to the other v3, v4 ones.
However at the end, it again gave me an "update failed"
message and turned itself off.

Thanks to smp, but sadly, didn't work out.

Region code posted by Grilo, December 23 2009:

Did not work with BD350C (canadian version) also. It seems to have a problem on trying this hack in canadians players.

Any further help on this way?


Region code hack posted by New2Blu, December 27 2009:

Yes, can anyone help with the Canadian players? By the way, when I downloaded that firmware from the UK site and inserted the USB with it on, the option to update the firmware came up. I haven't gone ahead and tried the 'downgrade' yet, but I noticed that the model number that came up in the corner of the screen said BD370N not BD370C, even though the player I bought was sold as a BD370C.

Region code hack posted by ObiWanKenobi, December 29 2009:

Here is one way that worked for me with BD 370C (region 1 - North America) bought from Future Shop (Canada).

You need first to downgrade the firmware:

1. Download Special_firmware(V3[1].886.01) from section "Program update for BD370-N and BD370-P" at ... ode=BD370C

2. Unzip LG_BD_370M.ROM
3. Copy LG_BD_370M.ROM to an empty USB stick
4. Turn on the player, wait until menu shows up, then insert USB stick and downgrade

5. The rest is the same as described in the previous posts:

Download file “” (often also called “”) from this link:

Save the file and then unzip and extract it to your hard drive. Now burn the subdirectory RMTM0000 and its contents (not the text file) onto a CD-ROM (ISO format, "closed" CD-ROM). Insert CD-ROM into the LG BD 370 P player, and when the Region Management System screen is displayed, set the Region Code to “0” using your remote. Once done, press “PAUSE” on you remote to save, and you’re done!

Note: Apparently it is safe to upgrade then the firmware to the last version, but I have not tried that.

Region code hack posted by New2Blu, December 29 2009:

Thanks, ObiWanKenobi. That worked for me. I downgraded the firmware and changed the region to 0. However, I should note that some of my Region 2 DVDs and my North American Blu-ray copy of Snow White would not work until I upgraded back to firmware version 7.14. Now everything seems to be working OK.

Thanks, again.

Region code hack posted by gingo, December 29 2009:

I can verify that this works.

Upgrading the firmware after applying the region hack doesn't cause any problems. The player remained as Region 0.

For those who have the problem of the burned CD being rejected, you must first downgrade the firmware and then put in the CD.

Region code hack posted by gigshaft, December 31 2009:

Recently purchased LG BD 370 from, 12-2009.

Have tried burning CD-ROM with Mac Toast Titanium, ISO. There is no explicit "close session" option, just "burn disc" or "burn session," so I am "burning disc."

Upon insertion, the player does not give a region menu, just reads the disc as "Data Disc" and gives me the usual media menu.

I am unsure whether this is a disc burning issue related to using a Mac or I need to roll back the firmware first.

I'm posting this so other Mac users can either chime in or benefit from whatever I discover. More info as I experiment further.

Region code hack posted by gary1725, January 09 2010:

I have tried the procedures described for the BD370V
Driver Version H5100
Software version BD 7.08.016.B

And this did not work for me.

The Region disc is simply ejected and the software doungrade is simply recognised as a "Data Disk" but no software update launches. the software and Driver versions are as shipped I did not perform the upgrade because I had not run a cable from my router yet. Have LG prevented the downgrade and hence region hack by making changes in later versions?

Region code hack posted by BoriMar, February 06 2010:

The instructions below apply to the LBD 370 & 360. They
focus on using a USB thumb drive to avoid the difficulties
associated with CD's (which require a specific way to format
& close the disc). I also added step-by-step instructions
that may be of help to some, particularly emphasizing how to
prepare, download files, downgrading the firmware, apply the
hack and then upgrading the firmware.

First, ensure you know your model. Navigate your blu-ray's
menu to "Setup", then "other" and "network update"; the
model comes up there.
Second, ensure you have a blank USB thumb drive. The thumb
drive saves the difficulties of burning a CD.
Third, if your player is online, unplug it before your
start. Failing to unplug it does not cause the process to go
wrong but it does cause the process to get confusing with
prompts not considered here.

You will need to download three files onto your computer.

Make sure you create a folder where you can store all three
files. The desktop is an obvious place to store this folder,
as it's likely to be only a temporary one.

The first file to download is the hack. You download it from . The
downloaded file will show in your computer as "6000" with
your computer-defined graphic for a zip file.

The second and third files to download are the firmware
downgrade files and the firmware upgrade files. I've noticed
that getting back to the upgraded firmware is easier / more
reliable with the files than trying to go online with the
player the first time around.
The firmware downgrade and upgrade files are at the same
The page has a number of firmware updates to select from
depending on your specific LBD 370/360 version (versions N,
P, and V appear on this page). Find your model, then find in
that section the file that reads something like the
"Special_firmware(V3[1].886.01)". This is
the downgrade file; download it to your folder and ensure
you don't change its name.
After this, under the same header, download the file with a
name like "" (the "7163" section
will change from time to time but the rest of the name is
pretty constant"). Save the file in your folder.

Open the folder you created and find the file you
downloaded, the one with the name similar to
"Special_firmware(V3[1].886.01)". This is
the downgrade file.
Unzip the file onto a blank thumb drive. If you unzipped the
file correctly and the thumb drive was empty, the thumb
drive will only contain a file named "LG_BD_370M.ROM".
Now, introduce the thumb drive into your LG blu-ray player's
slot and follow the menus to apply the downgrade; the player
will actually ask if you want to apply an "upgrade". The
player will turn off automatically after installing the
downgrade. When this happens, take out your thumb drive and
erase it so you can use it in the following step.

Unzip file that shows up in your folder as "6000". A folder
will come up with the name "RMTM0000".
Get your blank USB thumb drive (if it's not blank, delete
its contents first). Copy the only the folder "RMTM0000"
onto the USB thumb drive. Check that the folder is the only
contents of the drive.
Introduce the thumb drive into the player and turn the
player on. After a few seconds, a screen will come up asking
for a region number. Type "0" using your player's remote
control. If you have the 360 model, you'll have a chance to
type "0" in both a DVD and a Blu-ray fields, which will make
your player region-free for DVD playback and zone-free for
blu-ray playback too. You use the remote's arrow keys to
move from one field to the other. After you type "0" in the
available fields, press "Pause" to save; the player will
turn off. Take out your USB thumb drive. Turn the player on
now and test your DVD's from whatever regions you have.

I've found that this step is much easier and crash-proof if
done from the file downloaded at the beginning.
Open the folder you created and find the file you
downloaded, the one with the name similar to
"" (remember, the "7163" part of
the name will be different depending on when you downloaded
it). This is the upgrade file.
Make sure you have a blank thumb drive; if you use the same
thumb drive from the previous step, erase its contents
before the following.
Unzip the file onto the blank thumb drive. If you unzipped
the file correctly and the thumb drive was empty, the thumb
drive will only contain a file named "LG_BD_370M.ROM".
Now, introduce the thumb drive into your LG blu-ray player's
slot and follow the menus to apply the upgrade. The player
will turn off automatically after installing the upgrade.

Now, plug your internet / ethernet cable into the player so
it will go online when you turn it on.

Region code hack posted by ALBIMAR, February 14 2010:

I followed the instruction about RMTM6000 and it worked perfectly in my LG BD 370. It was very very easy! Even for me! I burned cd using Windows 7. Now I can watch a dvd from Region 1. Thanks!!

Region code hack posted by macuserhelper, February 23 2010:

The post By Borimar "Region code hack posted by BoriMar, February 06 2010
really is perfect, clear, and would have worked except that, after following it all,
it still didn't work for me... Because on a mac, we often burn files with on a cd
with Roxio Toast, and even with iso 9660, it didn't work, so what I did is this

First I dowgrade the software, the way discribe in a lot of posts, then I burnt the
cd with the simple leopard driver from the mac, and it worked just fine!

hope this will help mac users...

ps: i tried the solution on a blank usb key, didn't work for me, each time I was
getting back my usb key from the DVD Player, I had a "Budda file on it!" god
knows why!...

Region code hack posted by Macuserhelper, February 24 2010:

The post By Borimar "Region code hack posted by BoriMar, February 06 2010
really is perfect, clear, and would have worked except that, after following it
all, it still didn't work for me... Because on a mac, we often burn files on cd
with Roxio Toast, and even with iso 9660 option, it didn't work.

What I had to do is this:

First I dowgrade the software, the way discribe in a lot of posts above, then I
burnt the cd with the RMTM0000 folder with simply the burner from leopard ,
and it worked just fine!

hope this will help mac users...

ps: i tried the solution on a blank usb key, didn't work for me, each time I
was getting back my usb key from the DVD Player, I had a "Budda file on it!"
god knows why!...

Region code posted by Entaum, February 26 2010:

Not sure if this will effectively help anybody out there. I myself have BD370-V with the 51000 driver, so no region free for me at least for now. In any case if you want access to the System Menu just do this on your remote:

Go to Setup -> TV Aspect -> Select 16:9 (original) -> 1 3 9 7 1 3 9 -> Enter

It will show basic info about your player and regions, but I wasn´t able to change anything from there.

If this it doesn´t work and 16:9 is already selected, just select another resolution, then continue and select 16:9 (original), hit enter and continue from the numbers shown above.

Region code hack posted by Piehandle, February 28 2010:

For those of you out there with BD370J-N (Japanese version)
Probably bought in COSTCO Japan - the hack works.
However, make sure you downgrade using the file from the Japanese sight. ... ialTab=faq

Follow the same instructions as above.
However, one addition point for the BD370J-N
I used a USB to downgraded the software (Because I had already connected to the internet and upgraded) and applied the hack using a CDROM. For some reason I could not apply hack via the USB
Good luck

Region code hack posted by samr33, February 28 2010:

Just wanted to add a success story for the upgraded BD370V.
Don't know what the difference was for kidfromkor, but I
followed BoriMar's directions to downgrade from BD.8.16.693.A
to 7.1 using the file LG_BD_370VBA_v716665_Mar[1]
off the LG UK website in the instructions. I unzipped and
placed LG_BD_370VBA.ROM on a blank USB flash drive (did NOT
rename to LG_BD_370VBB.ROM) and the player found and
downgraded after inserting the drive. Inserted burned disc and
followed instructions. Was not region free after the first
round of pressing 0 and pause. Worked after the second round.
Upgraded back and am still region 0.

Region code hack posted by fet1, March 04 2010:

I got a BD370 manufactured in Nov 09 with ver.8 firmware and was unable to downgrade to apply the region free fix. I returned it to BB and exchanged for one made in April and was able to change the region with no problem.

Question - If I now upgrade to newest firmware, will it attempt to force a region selection or change back to region 1? I was thinking that if the version 8 prevented downgrading to stop changing the region, it might also force a region other than 0.
Has anyone gone back to latest successfully?

Region code hack posted by lgman, March 04 2010:

I have unsuccesfully tried to make two players region free using all procedures mentioned in this thread, and many other listed for other LG players. They were both purchased in US, so they are locked to region 1/A (model name BD370V )
One was bought from Amazon in Feb 2010 and came with driver ver 51000 and firmware BD.8.08.017.B and the other from Best Buy manufactured in Sep 2009 with driver 5100 and firmware BD.7.08.016.B. Both only accepts firmware files named BD370BB.ROM and starts the upgrade process. If you use any BD370BA.ROM files and rename to BD370BB.ROM, the upgrade fails with message ERROR138 in display. So I have not found any way to downgrade. Current firmware refuses to accept any of hack listed for LG products:, LG5000.ZIP, ZORAN.ZIP, LG36868.IMG both on CD and USB stick
Remote sequences also don't work
pause, 314157
pause, enter, 314159
pause 0000
pause 0000000
trayopen 0000 pause
Only thing that has any effect is the official LG sequence
home>setup>TVaspect>16x9> 1397139 enter which brings up the configuration (and propably resets all options to factory defaults)
I have not found any way to edit the options displayed (changing option 5 to FF is reportedly enabling region free DVD playback)

So unfortunately I am stuck with region 1, unless somebody posts a new "backdoor" ;-(

Region code hack posted by lgman, March 07 2010:

Further clarification to my above post
Firmware BD8.16.693.A seems to have been installed on US models feb-aug 2009. The filename of this file is BD370VBA.ROM and according to other peoples posts can be downgraded to BD7.16.665 where LG6000 hack works. So the problem is not between ver 7 and ver 8 software, it is between the change from BD370VBA.ROM and BD370VBB.ROM
So again, unfortunately I am stuck with region 1 on my VBB model unless somone figures out how to downgrade. Again simply renaming old files to BD370VBB.ROM won't work

Region code hack posted by alexanderi, April 19 2010:

As per all the others on here easy when you get the update to work. I tried with a Mac to write the RMTM0000 disk, no joy, tried with a usb key no joy. In the end I just put a blank disk in my Vista laptop and right clicked the directory and said send to disc. Put it in the drive and hey presto worked a treat. Just a not but you have to apply the updated firmware from the LG website as described or you can't update via the internet later on.

Region code hack posted by mashiara, May 02 2010:

I had some issues with BoriMar's instructions but managed to get the hack work in a bit roundabout way; for details see ... st1983419.

Short version:

For firmware downgrade make sure to insert the USB-stick *before* powering on the device (if inserted afterwards it would say checking new upgrade and then just return to home menu).

For some reason the hack would not work from the USB-disk so I used CDR and that worked.

To make things simpler for others the ISO file I made is here: ... 1272820274

Then upgraded to latest FW with USB-stick and verified that both region 1 and 2 DVDs work.

Region code hack posted by jzkgeq, May 06 2010:

OK... I purchased my BD370 player as an ex-display unit, and it turned out to have a really early manufacture date (early 2009) - so the firmware downgrade wasn't required as I was already on version V3.886.00 (about the earliest version shipped) and I even had to upgrade to the .01 variant of this version before I could upgrade to the latest version.

Like some other people, the USB region hack didn't work, but the closed CD worked fine (and I tested it successfully with some region 1 and 2 DVDs that I had including an RCE encoded one - the standard [for my location] region 4 discs kept on working fine.)

However, what I'm posting about is what now seems to be a lack of firmware upgrades since version V7163. Have LG stopped providing firmware updates since the BD370 was superseded by the BD560? Looking through some cached entries and links it seems that LG provided many updates during the sales life of this player, so the recent lack of updates is a bit of a concern. What do other people know of this?

Region code posted by sergiogrove, June 08 2010:

Links for downloading the original software in LG site are
dead in MOST servers, but not yet in this:

Just in case they kill them too, I kept in my virtutal disc
a copy of each of those useful files that LG now deleted.
You can download them from the links:

1) PDF instruction booklet

2) Special_firmware(V3[1].886.01)


Region code hack posted by sergiogrove, June 12 2010:

I bought my bluray in Chile.

I had to "Downgrade" the software first, then the 6000 run
like the wind. I made the CDs as instructed and went great!.
Now it opens every movie.

I loaded the 6000 software in my server, for just in case
the original becomes unuseable.


Region code hack posted by ggbce, June 22 2010:

I confirm LG6000 work fine with brand new LG BD370C (original SW I put the burned CD with LG6000 hack, select region 0 like explained, then I updated the firmware (SW) to latest version via network cable, then DVD region free capabilities.

NOTE: You need to apply the latest firmware if you want to use YouTube also, because the older software/firmware have a network problem to access the website.

Now I can use full options of my BD370C (BD370-N) with firmware 7.xx.

Region code hack posted by wepiana, December 07 2010:

is it possible to use the solution posted here to set BD370 regionfree at the new LG BX580?
Thanks in advance

Region code hack posted by Stiches, December 14 2010:

Hey, after all that reading I figured I would try ISO9660 / UDF and level 1... it worked, got me straight into the blue screen. I used CDBurnerXp. Dragged and dropped the RMTM0000 folder. Changed the burn to ISO9660/UDF, set Level 1, burned and finalised the disk. Disk is a rewritable CD... Did someone above say they were up to ten CD's wasted???

Region code hack posted by shanky789, March 06 2011:


Thanks to all and esp. to Samr for his comments....I was able to make my BD370V (US version) region free.
This is what I did, I believe this is the only way for BD370V as I tried other options also.

Downgrade from BD.8.16.693.A to 7.1 using the file LG_BD_370VBA_v716665_Mar[1]
This file is not available on LG UK website now, but can you download it from this website ... _langue=en

I unzipped and placed LG_BD_370VBA.ROM on a blank USB flash drive (pls note only this file will work, others like LG_BD_370VBB.ROM or LG_BD_370M.ROM will not work).

DO NOT PUT THE DRIVE BEFORE SWITCHING ON THE PLAYER. Turn on the player and then put the drive in, the player will automatically ask if you wish to upgrade to v7.xxxx. Press Yes, it'll take about 5-7 miniutes and then player will shut down.

Next, I burned RMTM0000 folder (with contents inside this folder) on to CD-R. I used CDburner from, select Data Disk, Filesystem ISO9660, ISO level 2. Name the disk as RMTM0000.

Then I insert the CD into the player and the player took me to a screen and mentioned that my current region is 1 and asked for my region choice. I entered 0 from my remote using slide down pad. Pressed Pause and player is region free now.

I havent upgraded it back yet.

Region code posted by Duavata, May 04 2011:

My Japanese model BD370 was region hacked and worked fine
till this afternoon when everything had reverted to the
original factory settings. As I had upgraded my firmware,
the original hack disk gave a disk error message when
inserted and thus I had to roll back my firmware. After many
tries and an equal number of failures, I managed to get roll
back the firmware to a version that accepted the region hack
disk on my very last try. So here it is.

1. Down load the file from this site:
2. Unzip the file and copy it to a USB flash drive.
3. Re-name the file as follows: LG_BD_370JM.ROM
(notice that JM is present following the ..BD_370 . This is
because the Japanese models are configured to only read
files that have this extension in their names. For machines
of other regions, I'm guessing a similar alteration to the
file downloaded from
might do the trick. To get the exact version of the file
name, go to your regional LG website and look for the latest
firmware update file starting with the name
special_firmware... . Down load this file, unzip it and
check out its file name to give you an idea of how to re-
name your unziped file from
4.Insert the USB FD into the machine and turn on the power.
5. Follow the on-screen instructions from here and you
should be good.

Region code posted by yjk55, July 30 2016:

For USA, older version of player uses Broadcom BCM7440 chipset and LG_BD_370VBA.ROM software so the method mentioned by shanky789 above works but NOT for the later version of player which uses BCM7601 chipset and LG_BD_370VBB.ROM software. Simply renaming VBA to VBB in filename won't work so one needs to find old version (7) of VBB somewhere.

Some (maybe most) non-US version of player uses the MediaTek MT8520 chipset and LG_BD_370M.ROM software so the method mentioned by BoriMar above should work. M in 370M software denotes MediaTek chipset. B in 370VB denotes Broadcom.

To find out which chipset is used, open disc tray, press 4562580 on remote control and the displayed text on TV should show BCM7440, BCM7601 or MT8520 chipset (and hence necessary old version of software LG_BD_370VBA.ROM, LG_BD_370VBB.ROM or LG_BD_370M.ROM, respectively)

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