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Nightly build from 2024-04-06-01-50-49

compare tsPacket->getHeaderSize to TS_FRAME_SIZE (#864)

Nightly build from 2024-04-05-01-53-02

pgsStreamReader: set DTS equal to PTS for packets with PTS_DTS_flags …

…equal to 0b10 (#833)

Nightly build from 2024-04-04-01-54-45

added size check before calling extractPMTDescriptors (#860)

Nightly build from 2024-03-14-01-51-12

compare m_curChunk to m_mdat_data.size() in while condition (#840)

Nightly build from 2024-02-17-01-49-50

fix alloc-dealloc-mismatch (#828)

Nightly build from 2024-02-07-01-50-09

Account for WAV 'FLLR' chunk

Apple adds a 'FLLR' chunk to their WAV output by AVAudioRecorder app.

Nightly build from 2023-11-26-02-00-15


Nightly build from 2023-11-25-01-54-21


Nightly build from 2023-11-12-01-58-56

Fix issue #803 created by commit 4832f9f

Nightly build from 2023-10-25-01-53-22

Regression on commit d6d1e0ef

Fixes issue #798

Nightly build from 2023-10-21-01-50-32

clang format check

Nightly build from 2023-10-20-01-53-21

Cancel previous commit.

Nightly build from 2023-10-19-01-53-41

Regression on Mov File Seek

Until unforeseen issues are solved (with some mp4, fail to complete muxing see issue #780).

Nightly build from 2023-10-11-01-53-10

Fix skip_bytes

Nightly build from 2023-10-10-01-53-02

Fix issues #784, #785, #786

Nightly build from 2023-10-05-01-55-56

Create seek method on main thread

Nightly build from 2023-10-04-01-54-56

Fix mov Quicktime MetaData

Quicktime MetaData is much more extensive than the 21 tags in tsMuxer, and is regularly updated.
This commit allow to take into account any metaData.
Note that the metaData table is currently unused by tsMuxer.

Nightly build from 2023-10-03-01-53-39

Mov: add 1 second sleep after file seek

Nightly build from 2023-09-30-01-50-24

Fix LPCM header

Nightly build from 2023-09-26-01-53-35

Fix CLPI for H.264 BFF (Bottom Field First) streams

Fixes issue #700.

Nightly build from 2023-09-24-01-55-24

Fix DTS channels

Nightly build from 2023-09-22-01-52-35

Fix skip_bytes

Nightly build from 2023-09-20-01-52-31

skip_bytes use File Seek

Currently for bytes skipping, tsMuxer reads 2 MB blocks at a time from the input file through a loop: this can take substantial time for large skips/files -especially when the file is on a NAS, accessed via WiFi.

This pull introduces file seeking so that only two blocks (4MB) are left to be read.

Fixes issue #733.

Nightly build from 2023-09-18-01-52-48

Fix mks container

Nightly build from 2023-09-17-01-54-43

Add mks compatibility

Nightly build from 2023-09-12-01-50-35

Merge branch 'master' of

Nightly build from 2023-09-10-01-54-18

Fix eac3 downconvert to ac3

Fixes issue #761 (second part).

Nightly build from 2023-09-03-01-53-46

Fix CLPI directory

Fixes issue #762.

Nightly build from 2023-09-02-01-48-11

clang format check

Nightly build from 2023-08-31-01-52-09

cast m_channel to int with 'cout'

Nightly build from 2023-08-29-02-14-33

clang format check

Nightly build from 2023-08-28-01-52-22

Rename abstractreader.h to abstractReader.h (#756)

* Change abstractreader.h to abstractReader.h

* abstractreader.h to abstractReader.h

* Delete abstractreader.h

Replaced by abstractReader.h

Nightly build from 2023-08-27-01-53-25

Fix size of m_nextBlockSize

Fixes issue #751 (which was created by commit 9e77c0e).

Nightly build from 2023-08-23-01-49-32

Fix av_intflt & av_intdbl

Nightly build from 2023-08-21-01-49-48

Add to .gitignore

Nightly build from 2023-08-17-01-48-14

#include <cstring>

Fixes #734

Nightly build from 2023-08-14-01-50-37

#include <cmath> in nalUnits.cpp for lround

Nightly build from 2023-08-13-01-51-29

Remove redundant access specifiers

Nightly build from 2023-08-12-01-47-40

clang format check

Nightly build from 2023-08-11-01-48-54

Tidy up header files

Nightly build from 2023-08-10-02-08-27

clang-format check

Nightly build from 2023-08-09-02-03-47

clang format check

Nightly build from 2023-08-01-02-13-35

Fix srt /underline tag

Nightly build from 2023-07-28-02-05-15

clang format check

Nightly build from 2023-06-28-02-35-58

Merge branch 'master' of

Nightly build from 2023-06-25-02-49-18

Fix nightly.yml

'''Warning: Unexpected input(s) 'python-version', valid inputs are ['dir', 'version', 'host', 'target', 'arch', 'install-deps', 'modules', 'cached', 'setup-python', 'tools', 'set-env', 'tools-only', 'aqtversion', 'py7zrversion', 'extra']'''
=> remove 'python-version' input

'''Preparing metadata (pyproject.toml) did not run successfully.'''
=> update py7zrversion to 0.20.*

Nightly build from 2023-06-23-02-36-05

Clang format check

Nightly build from 2023-06-19-02-18-04

Correct "virtual ovveride"

Nightly build from 2023-06-04-02-47-33

Change SIT "peak_rate" to 128 Mbps for HEVC

Nightly build from 2023-06-01-02-51-23

Change "peak_rate" in SIT to 109mbps for HEVC

Nightly build from 2023-05-26-02-07-16

Fix space between parameters

Nightly build from 2023-04-13-02-05-26

Correct --no-pcr-on-video-pid option

Nightly build from 2023-04-07-02-03-00

Small change in AC3 ctx constant

Nightly build from 2023-04-03-02-03-37

Detection of bad AC3/EAC3 frames via crc2

Nightly build from 2023-04-02-02-07-20

[bug] revert on commit 65d4517

Nightly build from 2023-04-01-02-06-56

Fix radiobutton

Nightly build from 2023-03-31-02-11-55

clang format check

Nightly build from 2023-03-27-02-08-31

MP4 fix subtitles

tsMuxer assumes that a subtitle is always followed by a blank subtitle: this is not the case.
Fixes issues #673 and #695.

Nightly build from 2023-03-26-02-15-28

Leave the EAC3 descriptor for bluray mode


Nightly build from 2023-03-25-02-07-32

Matroska add element EBML_ID_CRC32

Nightly build from 2023-03-19-02-23-48

Minor change to HEVC getTSDescriptor

Nightly build from 2023-03-18-02-13-30

Always write PAT PMT PCR in the beginning of the stream (#688)

Co-authored-by: ewong <edmond.wong>

Nightly build from 2023-03-16-02-15-54

See issue #693

Nightly build from 2023-03-14-02-05-58

another clang-format fix (#692)

Nightly build from 2023-03-13-02-15-54

Enable remove HDMV descriptors in AVCHD mode

Nightly build from 2023-03-12-02-24-14

cosmetics to make clang-format happy (#691)

Nightly build from 2023-03-10-02-36-40

fix invalid descriptor problem

Nightly build from 2023-03-08-02-33-38

Change file extension to ac3+ec3 for interleaved ac3/ec3

Nightly build from 2023-02-18-02-20-49

addSEI and addSPS moved to ini settings

At the request of the community. See issues #661 and #666.

Nightly build from 2023-02-14-02-25-22

Revert to stream_type 0x24 with single track DV

Nightly build from 2023-02-03-02-25-21

DV profile 5: Revert stream_type to 0x24

Nightly build from 2023-01-30-02-16-12

Spanish translation and compilation error on Windows

Nightly build from 2023-01-28-02-20-35

Added Spanish language to language selector

Nightly build from 2023-01-27-02-20-39

Typo in my Spanish translation

Nightly build from 2023-01-25-02-18-15

Remove unused method ceil_log2

Nightly build from 2023-01-21-02-16-54

clang format check

Nightly build from 2023-01-02-02-15-09

[bug] Fix increment of EAC3 frames

Nightly build from 2022-12-25-02-16-47

Make insertSEI and contSPS default again

"SEI too short" bug was fixed with commit 558f079, the insertSEI and contSPS options (changed with commit 5421531) can be made default again.

Nightly build from 2022-12-23-02-14-23

Clang format check

Nightly build from 2022-11-23-02-43-45

Change initial PTS offset from 10sec. to 10min.

Nightly build from 2022-11-11-03-05-19

Translate "lang" to "&#1513;&#1508;&#1492;"

Nightly build from 2022-11-10-03-05-29

Increase size of "About" text

Nightly build from 2022-11-09-03-10-48

Add Gui column spaces

Nightly build from 2022-11-05-03-01-23

Regression on commit aac7d2b

Nightly build from 2022-10-24-03-55-50

clang format check

Nightly build from 2022-10-22-03-25-47

Fix mp4 unsync message

In mp4 containers, there should not be any limitation in the gap between tracks.

Fixes issue #636.

Nightly build from 2022-10-19-03-45-39

VVC correct display of framerate

Nightly build from 2022-10-18-03-46-34

Set BitStreamException

Fixes issue #641.

Nightly build from 2022-09-25-03-42-04

clang format check

Nightly build from 2022-09-24-03-46-22

Add optional BACKUP/JAR directory

Nightly build from 2022-09-05-03-47-43

Unset V3 for AVC, MVC, MPEG2 and VC-1

Nightly build from 2022-08-14-03-13-07

No audio downconvert when core = 0Kbps

Fixes issue #630.

Nightly build from 2022-07-25-03-20-25

Fix mov subtitle when mdhd timescale&#8800;1000

Nightly build from 2022-07-06-03-24-31

Merge pull request #622 from justdan96/jcdr428-correctFPS

Take sub fps from video even when video is not selected

Nightly build from 2022-07-02-03-16-43

VVC codec detected as Video in GUI

Nightly build from 2022-06-29-03-21-35

Change transport_stream_id to 0

As there is a single transport stream in tsMuxer muxes and in Blurays, the transport_stream_id does not really matter. However, all blurays I've seen have transport_stream_id = 0 so applying the same makes comparisons easier.

Nightly build from 2022-06-28-03-14-00

Continuity Counter for SIT should start at 0

Nightly build from 2022-06-24-03-14-09

clang format check

Nightly build from 2022-06-22-03-10-19

Fix mp4 tx3g subtitles

Nightly build from 2022-06-20-02-56-52

[bug] Fix mp4 'styl' box

Fixes issue #616.

Nightly build from 2022-06-14-03-19-01

clang format check

Nightly build from 2022-06-12-03-05-30

Change modifierLen

Nightly build from 2022-06-11-02-58-47

[bug] Fix negative duration

Nightly build from 2022-06-02-03-18-48

Explicit cast time_t to int16_t

Nightly build from 2022-06-01-03-35-26

clang format check

Nightly build from 2022-05-31-03-02-52


Nightly build from 2022-05-30-03-10-36

Merge branch 'master' of

Nightly build from 2022-05-29-03-08-54

Clarify operator precedence

Nightly build from 2022-05-25-03-00-55

clang format check

Nightly build from 2022-05-16-02-41-35

Fixes to German about.html (#597)

Nightly build from 2022-05-15-02-55-35

Fix same off-by-one error in the other AddString() call

Nightly build from 2022-05-11-03-00-57

[bug] Fix array index out of bounds

sizeof() returns size of array in bytes, not number of elements

Nightly build from 2022-05-05-02-59-07

Small change to previous commit

Nightly build from 2022-05-04-03-04-39

Increase size of TMP_BUFFER_SIZE

With UHD movies, the max frame size can get much bigger.
Increasing the buffer size should avoid errors such as issue #563.

Nightly build from 2022-05-03-03-04-14

clang format check

Nightly build from 2022-04-30-02-57-19

Fix ISO localtime

Nightly build from 2022-04-29-03-07-31

Replace std::filesystem usage with realpath() (#588)

std::filesystem has proven to be too big of a pain to use in our builds (see #585) to justify using just a tiny portion of it.

Nightly build from 2022-04-28-03-42-16

[Bug] Fix UDF 2.50 timezone in minutes

Nightly build from 2022-04-27-03-16-08

Add German translation courtesy of @Ser-vie

Nightly build from 2022-04-25-02-56-30

tsDemuxer add condition if (vect != nullptr)

Nightly build from 2022-04-22-03-18-18

Optimize reading lpcm frames packets

Nightly build from 2022-04-20-03-12-21

Fix {"dtshd", "dtsma"}

Nightly build from 2022-04-16-02-33-03

Use auto when initializing with a cast... avoid duplicating the type name, and improve readibility and maintanability.

Nightly build from 2022-04-06-02-38-04

test using our own action for uploading release assets

Nightly build from 2022-04-05-02-37-02

The insertSEI (or forceSEI) option is broken. Until fixed, the option should not be on by default for H264/MVC.

Nightly build from 2022-04-04-02-47-08

Add eac3 and thd extensions in GUI menu

Nightly build from 2022-04-02-02-35-54

Cleanup, add MacStadium logo (#570)

Nightly build from 2022-04-01-02-58-29

Fix Nightly Release Uploads

Nightly build from 2022-03-31-02-37-04

Merge pull request #544 from justdan96/macos-native-enhancements

* Update to include build instructions for MacOS native
* Update to be a bit more portable - will detect Qt version from environment and will use detected Homebrew path to be able to provide full libpng.a path to FREETYPE_LDFLAGS
* Encountered an odd issue with Info.plist, correcting the file permissions resolved it. Doesn't seem like the error happened in GitHub runner at all but I think there is no harm to ensuring the permissions are always 644.

Merging despite code style check failure. No C++ code touched in this PR.

Nightly build from 2022-03-29-02-41-26

Set m_curFileStartPts as uint64_t

Nightly build from 2022-03-28-02-41-38

Set m_curFileStartPts as uint64_t

Nightly build from 2022-03-07-02-15-10

Merge pull request #559 from FRtranslator/patch-1

Small fix

Nightly build from 2022-02-27-02-08-02

Add Atmos detection

Nightly build from 2022-02-22-18-30-10

Change m_m2tsDelayBlocks back to std::vector

Nightly build from 2022-01-30-02-00-52

Add language tag in demuxed file name

Fixes #550

Nightly build from 2022-01-26-02-08-33

Always take language tag from clpi

When language tag is present in both clpi and m2ts, tsMuxer currently default to m2ts.
With this commit, tsMuxer defaults to clpi.

Nightly build from 2022-01-24-02-07-36

Allow muxing of pure EAC3 in Blu-rays

Nightly build from 2022-01-23-02-00-28

Fix initialization in the same order as declaration

Plus remove few unused variables.

Nightly build from 2022-01-22-01-58-18

Fix MLP stream info

Nightly build from 2022-01-21-02-02-33

Merge pull request #546 from jcdr428/master

Deallocate file memory + clang format check

Nightly build from 2022-01-15-02-09-45

Add switch default to prevent compiler warning

Nightly build from 2022-01-13-02-13-31


Nightly build from 2022-01-11-02-11-13

Remove unused variables in tsPacket

Nightly build from 2022-01-10-02-10-24

Add VVC demuxing from MOV/MP4

Nightly build from 2022-01-09-02-13-17

Check rename function return value for failure

Nightly build from 2022-01-08-02-09-19

Correct casts in tsMuxer.cpp

Nightly build from 2022-01-07-02-15-29

Tidy-up h264 classes

Initialize all class members
Remove unnecessary variables
Correct few variable types
Add explicit casts

Nightly build from 2022-01-07-02-15-29

Tidy-up h264 classes

Initialize all class members
Remove unnecessary variables
Correct few variable types
Add explicit casts

Nightly build from 2022-01-06-02-16-03

Change throwFileError()

With flag FORMAT_MESSAGE_ALLOCATE_BUFFER, no need to define size of char buffer.

Nightly build from 2022-01-05-02-11-31

Reduce stack size of doTruncatedFile()

Nightly build from 2022-01-04-02-09-52

Fix incorrect colour value interpretation in the FreeType renderer (#……536)

BIG_ENDIAN might be defined by system headers, and it apparently is on both
Linux and recent macOS versions. Get rid of this completely, replace the union
by a struct and use endianness-independent constructs to obtain the values of
individual colour channels.

Also fix some minor warnings in the renderer code.

Fixes #507.

Nightly build from 2022-01-03-02-08-49

Use .ec3 as the extension for Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC3) files (#534)

Used this chance to finally rework file dialog filter string creation : the names of the extension groups are now clearly split so they appear separate in translation files.

Also fixed a bug in demux code - the AC3 would have an .ac3 extension regardless of the actual format due to the if for A_AC3 occurring twice.

Fixes #533 .

Nightly build from 2022-01-02-02-12-01

Merge pull request #529 from jcdr428/Update_Mov

Tidy-up MOV class

Nightly build from 2022-01-01-02-10-59

Merge pull request #525 from jcdr428/Simplify_DTS_Class

Simplify dts class

Nightly build from 2021-12-30-02-07-03

Merge pull request #516 from jcdr428/Optimize_VVC

Fix VVC VPS when vps_ols_mode_idc == 2

Nightly build from 2021-12-22-02-09-34

Merge pull request #512 from jcdr428/fix_buffer_overflow

Fix Buffer Overflow
Fixes #509

Nightly build from 2021-12-12-02-06-49

Merge pull request #504 from jcdr428/UDF2.5_UniqueID

UDF2.5 UniqueID

Nightly build from 2021-12-09-02-05-37

Merge pull request #501 from jcdr428/jcdr-UDFnamedStream

UDF2.50 Named Stream flags

Nightly build from 2021-12-08-02-06-45

[bug] Fix string size in UDF2.5 FID

File or directory names in Field Identifier Descriptors are not fixed size, therefore the string size byte does not need to be added at the end of the string.
This is fixed by omitting one byte before padding with zero bytes.

Nightly build from 2021-12-05-02-09-30

Merge pull request #492 from justdan96/apple-filesystem-no-ifdef

Remove #ifdef apple in order to use std::filesystem

Nightly build from 2021-11-14-02-03-07

Cleanup CMakeLists.txt a bit and add coverage builds (#493)

Add TSMUXER_COVERAGE which will result in building binaries with coverage information when set to true.
Move MSVC flag utf-8 from tsMuxerGUI to the general CMakeLists.txt as there is no reason not to enable it globally.
Replace NOT MSVC with checking if the build is for Linux : the effect is the same, but the intent is clearer.
Restructure the platform-specific conditions for building tsMuxerGUI.
Bind the XP build to windows-2019 hosts as windows-2022 includes Visual Studio 2022 which dropped XP support.
Don't install zlib via homebrew in macos in order to avoid conflicts with the system-provided one.

Nightly build from 2021-11-13-02-00-26

Split directory.cpp into unix/win32 parts (#491)

directory.cpp was essentially two implementations in one, separated with ifdefs. It's cleaner to just have two separate files, seeing how CMakeLists.txt for libmediation needs to check the platform it's running on and add the appropriate file implementation anyway.

This commit splits this file into two and extracts common code parts to directory_priv.h.

Nightly build from 2021-11-09-02-01-51

Use -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 instead of offset-width-specific functions…

… (#488)

It looks like MacOS 11 removes the *64 functions, which have really been useless since 10.5 as off_t has been defined as 64-bit wide since that version.

_FILE_OFFSET_BITS is added and defined to 64 in case somebody wanted to compile tsMuxer as i386 and still have support for >2GB files.

Nightly build from 2021-11-07-02-04-56

Handle potential sysctl failures in more gracef…

Nightly build from 2021-11-06-01-59-11 Pre-release

label Mac Native GitHub action differently

Nightly build from 2021-11-02-02-05-05

Use the model-view approach for handling font settings (#485)

This change moves all code related to handling font settings from TsMuxerWindow to its own model. The widget handling the data is now just an ordinary QTableView.

This does away with storing everything as strings inside a QTableWidget, which means that functions using font data to generate metafile or other kinds of output use QFont objects directly.

Nightly build from 2021-10-13-02-08-11

Merge pull request #473 from jcdr428/master

[Bug] Correct stream_id

Fixes #460 .

Nightly build from 2021-10-12-02-06-41

Merge pull request #472 from jcdr428/master

[Bug] Incorrect handling of H264 NALS

Nightly build from 2021-09-23-02-07-37

Merge pull request #466 from jcdr428/Symlink


Nightly build from 2021-09-20-02-04-23

Merge pull request #461 from jcdr428/jcdr428-FixMacFonts

Fix Font updates for Mac

Nightly build from 2021-09-09-02-03-09

Correct STREAM_TYPE_VIDEO_H266 to 0x32

As per "ISO/IEC 13818-1:2019/DAmd 2 - Carriage of VVC in MPEG-2 Systems":
In, in Table 2-34, Stream type assignments, replace the following line:
0x32-0x7E ITU-T Rec. H.222.0 | ISO/IEC 13818-1 Reserved
0x32 VVC video stream or an VVC temporal video sub-bitstream conforming to one or more profiles defined in Annex A of Rec. ITU-T H.26X | ISO/IEC 23090-3

Nightly build from 2021-09-08-02-00-23

[bug] Add stream_coding_type

Bug introduced with commit 5558731.
Fixes #454 .

Nightly build from 2021-09-06-02-05-02

Add VVC Codec to Readme

Nightly build from 2021-09-05-02-02-28

Merge pull request #451 from jcdr428/VVC

Add VVC Codec

Nightly build from 2021-09-04-02-01-20

fix AppImage build for Linux

Nightly build from 2021-09-02-01-59-46

quick attempted fix for GitHub action for Mac failing

Nightly build from 2021-06-20-02-13-48

Explicit error that pure E-AC3 is not supported in Blu-Ray

When trying to mux pure E-AC3 in a Blu-ray ISO or folder, tsMuxer aborts without warning in the GUI (the warning is shown only in the console version).
This patch allows the warning to be also shown in the GUI.

Nightly build from 2021-06-10-02-22-51

Fix infinite loop when blockSize = 0 (#442)

A situation can occur where tsMuxer tries to extract data from a block which is not a PG track, and blocksize = 0 results in an infinite loop.

Nightly build from 2021-04-30-02-13-20

Limit number of pos or neg pics (#413)

Early abort when num_negative_pics or nb_positive_pics > 64 (max number of ref. frames).

Nightly build from 2021-02-13-01-46-27 now points to GitHub's nightly releases

Nightly build from 2021-02-11-19-43-56

Use fetch-depth 0 for the nightly-check checkout

actions/checkout doesn't fetch tags by default, so we have no way of knowing if HEAD points at the latest 'nightly' tag.

tsMuxeR 2.6.16 Nightly
Fixed a an issue so that Dolby Vision EL stream type is now correct
Fixed a bug with HEVC streams when an HDR10+ SEI payload is too short
Fixed a bug where the first 2 frames of the first video track are muxed before anything else
Introduced an improvement so Single Track Double Layer files now can properly handled
Fixed a bug so that if no MOOF atom is met we stop atom parsing at the next MDAT atom
Fixed an issue with HDR flags, so we only set them if an HEVC stream is detected
Introduced correct ATSC descriptor for pure EAC3 tracks
Introduced correct HDMV TS descriptors for MPEG-2 streams
Fixed an issue where Blu-Ray movies will loop rather than stopping after reading
Introduced being able to include Dolby Vision descriptors in TS or M2TS mode
Fixed the order of streams so that video streams always come first
Introduced a GUI option for adjusting PIP transparency
Fixed an issue where translated strings appeared in the meta file
Fixed a bug in the output paths of the MXE build scripts
Ensured we keep M2TS descriptors in TS files (temporary until a long-term solution can be found)
Fixed a bug where filenames were being truncated prematurely if there were dots in the filename
Introduced putting overnight builds into OBS, to build for various Linux platforms
Improved the documentation to fix a broken URL for the test files
Introduced a simplification of the method used to play sounds in the GUI
Fixed an issue with broken ISO labels when using non-ASCII characters
Introduced a refactoring that moved the About page into an external HTML file for the GUI
Introduced a code cleanup that removed all usages of std::wstring
Fixed an issue with incorrect subtitle spacing on Windows
Introduced support for M4V files
Fixed issue with subtitle timestamps when joining multiple M2TS files together
Fixed incorrect usage of POSIX APIs in Windows builds
Fixed a bug with encoding errors when dealing with SSIF files
Fixed a bug where we could read over the end of an MP4 file
Introduced keeping the track order when multiple video tracks are added
Introduced support for reading fragmented MP4 files
Introduced support for specific AVC and HEVC descriptors in TS files
Introduced support for Dolby Vision atoms in AVC or HEVC streams
Introduced a changelog and improved general documentation
Fixed an issue with garbled subtitles being displayed
Introduced translation support, as well as a full Russian translation of the GUI
Introduced getting the HDR10 information from the SPS VUI in HEVC
Introduced detection of UTF8 in subtitle files
Fixed usage of WinMain, which lead to issues with console output on Windows
Introduced converting meta files using active code page if UTF8 fails
Improved the documentation for building with Msys2
Fixed bugs in the handling of non-ASCII characters in paths on Windows
Fixed bugs in subtitles PIDs for BD V3 M2TS with HDR
Fixed bug with the display of bitrate and channel numbers for EAC3 and AC3 tracks
Fixed bug with GUI not correctly allowing to select DTS Express 24-bit as a secondary track
Introduced an error message when an output file longer than 255 characters and reduced overall file length
Fixed bug where 3D plane information was showing for 2D BD-ROMs
Fixed a bug with uneven width between characters in subtitles on Mac and Linux
Introduced the ability to detect audio delays in MKV files
Fixed a bug where the 3D planes were not detected in specific cases
Fixed a bug with alignment of the subtitle tracks and 3D planes
Removed unnecessary floating point conversion code from the GUI source tree
Added support for frame rates of 50, 59.94 and 60
Fixed an issue with HDR10 HEVC streams where the maxCLL and maxFALL values were set incorrectly
Fixed typos and improved the clarity of certain wording in the GUI
Fixed typos and grammar issues with the readme and usage information
Introduced the git revision to the version string in the GUI and CLI
Introduced automatic selection of BD V3 for HEVC in GUI
Fixed an issue with compiling on Mac
Fixed an issue with the handling of wav64
Introduced a workaround for QTBUG-28893
Performed another round of GUI code cleanup
Introduced a uniform code formatting style
Fixed a bug with reading the FPS information from certain streams
Fixed a typo in the GUI settings for the font family setting
Introduced a warning when a V2 video format is used for a V3 Blu-ray
Fixed a bug with incorrect stream ID for TS stream
Fixed typos in the source files
Introduced UHD Blu-ray as an option in the GUI
Fixed a bug where invalid font files could crash tsMuxer
Fixed an issue with HEVC stream detection in the GUI
Introduced reading the FPS info from VPS or SPS, rather than VPS only
Fixed a bug with the CPI table I-frame thresholds with UHD
Introduced Dolby Vision support
Fixed compiler warnings on return value overflows
Fixed an issue with the stream ID being incorrectly set for BD V3
Fixed an issue when spaces where in the path to the temporary meta file in the GUI
Fixed an issue with buffer overflows on HEVC streams
Fixed an issue so that TS descriptors are the same as on commercial Blu-rays
Fixed an issue where numbers were shown instead of language codes in the GUI
Introduced nightly builds, hosted on Bintray
Fixed a bug where the tsMuxer executable could not be found on Windows in the GUI
Fixed a bug where muxing a SRT results in a segfault on Linux
Introduced support for UHD HDR10 and HDR10+
Introduced a migration from "override" to "virtual" keywords in the code to conform better to C++14
Introduced a migration from "QObject::connect" syntax to Qt5 equivalent in the GUI
Fixed an issue with the min and max functions when compiling on Windows
Fixed an issue calculating the AAC frame size
Introduced UHD (width >= 2600) support in the MPLS and CLPI
Introduced a clean up and reformatting of the documentation
Introduced UHD BD V3 support
Fixed an issue with EAC3 bitrate, sampling rate and channel information not being set correctly
Fixed a bug with parsing of AC3
Fixed an issue with the stream type not being set correctly for H265
Fixed an issue when parsing MP4 AAC 5.1 where the channel output is not read correctly
Fixed an issue with parsing the AAC frame length
Introduced an update of the C++ standard from 11 to 14
Introduced a cleanup of precompiled headers
Introduced using std::thread for the TerminatableThread in libmediation
Introduced cross-platform CMake build system
Introduced a cleanup of libmediation that removed condvar, mutex and time from the library
Introduced a translation of comments from Russian to English
Introduced a migration from Qt4 to Qt5

tsMuxeR 2.6.15
Fixed mkv parser a bit. I've got unparsed file example

tsMuxeR 2.6.13
update SEI correction: do not correct SPS/PPS if stream contains different PPS with same pps_id

------------ Network Optix tsMuxeR 2.6.12 ----------------------
- several minor bugs fixed

------------ Network Optix tsMuxeR 2.6.11 ----------------------
- fixed saving UI settings to a registry. Also, if file tsMuxerGUI.ini found, UI will switch settings to an ini file instead of registry
(you can create empty ini file at the beginning).
- UI: change control for cut start/end time
- fixed SEI processing for 'force' mode ( it doesn't work correctly for some movies)
- fixed bug in the wav demuxer (first audio frame has mixed up channels)
- fixed timings for PG streams. Timings was inaccurate for amount of several ms (for some movies only, it depended of the first PTS of the file)

------------ Network Optix tsMuxeR 2.6.9 ----------------------
- inserting SEI did not work for some H.264 stream at all
- add more correction for VUI parameters if option insert SEI is active (it helps to open some H.264 streams in the Scenarins
and solve PS3 problem for some sources)
- fixed channels for 7.1 and 7.0 wav files
- fixed combined H.264 streams read from Elementary Stream
- BD Bitrate control improved a little bit

------------ Network Optix tsMuxeR 2.6.4(b) ----------------------
- Add secondary video support

- fixed mp4 files with MPEG-DASH
- fixed SEI again
- fixed DTS-ES recognition
- fixed font renderer (a little bit wrong text position)
- several minor improvments and bug fixes

------------ Network Optix tsMuxeR 2.5.7(b) ----------------------
- fixed bug with SEI messages for some movie
- fixed problem with some movies where problem occured during processing several last video frames
- several minor bug fixes

------------ Network Optix tsMuxeR 2.5.5(b) ----------------------
- add HEVC video codec support
- UI improvment: Save settings for General tab, Subtitles tab and last output folder

- Fixed file duration detection for ssif and some m2ts files
- Fixed bug if mux playlist and several sup files (it is a very olg bug, but it became much more often since 2.4.x)
- Several minor bug fixes

Version replaced to 2.4.1(b). Chapter list did not updated correctly if join MPLS. Fixed.

------------ Network Optix tsMuxeR 2.4.0(b) ----------------------
- Add secondary audio support for bluray muxing. Due to standart It is allowed only for DTS-Express and DD+ codecs.
- Filter out H.264 filler packets
- UI improvment: option for MPLS offset can be entered either as time or as 45Khz clock value
- UI improvment: UI displays opened file duration
- UI improvment: chapter list correctly updated if join several files. Also joining for MPLS is enabled.
- Add help if run tsMuxeR without parameters

- Fixed muxing for 96Khz TRUE-HD tracks
- PCM inside VOB was anonced before, but actually did not work. Fixed.
- UI fix: if open MPLS, then close, track list is not cleared. It is broken in previous build only.
- Subtitles renderer fixed (broken in previous build only after in/out effects)

------------ Network Optix tsMuxeR 2.3.2(b) ----------------------
- Support PG subtitles inside MKV
- Support MKV tracks with zlib compression
- Support 3D MP4 and MOV files (combined AVC+MVC stream)
- Add option 'line spacing' to subtitles renderer
- Add fade in/out effect to subtitles renderer
- Fixed ability to drag&drop files directly to tsMuxerGUI shurtcut (it worked before in version 10.6)
- Fixed splitting operation if no video track present
- bug fixed: tsMuxeR can't create output directory for UNC path (for instance .Volume{E5FB13D8-5096-11E3-B9C4-005056C00008}folder1test.ts)
- bug fixed: message "file already exist" appeared if open several files from a folder with '(' in the name

version 2.2.3(b)
- Add support for DTS-HD elementary stream with extra DTSHD headers
- Add support for mkv with 'Header Stripping' compression
- Add 3D MKV support
- Add PCM inside MKV support
- Add PCM inside VOB support
- Fixed option 'bind to video fps' for subtitles
- Improved font renderer quality
- Fixed file splitting option (it was disabled since v.1.11.x because of was not implemented for ISO and 3D-blurays)
- Several minor bug fixes

version 2.1.8(b)
- Fixed join files problem with True-HD track
- introduce MAC build

version 2.1.6(b)
- Add support for combined AVC+MVC streams
- Output file size slightly reduced
- Fixed bug if mux AVC+MVC tracks to m2ts file. Some 3d m2ts movies did not play on Samsung Smart TV
- Fixed minor bug in a SSIF interleaving for some movies

version 2.1.4(b)
- Same problem fixed again. Sometimes tsMuxeR get access to file with wrong name during mpls processing.

version 2.1.3(b)
- Previous version introduce a new bug. Sometime tsMuxeR showed error message "file not found". Fixed.

version 2.1.2(b);
- fixed bug in MVC stream recognition. MVC from Intel Media Encoder now work.
- SSIF files is not required any more if you open 3D MPLS file
- Add Stereo subtitles basic support. If source PG stream has stereo format, same stereo PG stream will be created in a output file
- Add tag <force> (or <f>) to srt parser. This tag force to show subtitle message. For instance:

00:00:10,440 --> 00:00:20,375
<b>Senator</b>, we're making
our final approach into Coruscant.

------------ Network Optix tsMuxeR 2.0.8(b) --------------------
- fixed subtitles bug: "3d-plane" option was inaccessible for many disks

------------ Network Optix tsMuxeR 2.0.7(b) --------------------
- add control for select/unselect all tracks at once

bug fixes:
- extract ac3 core from e-ac3 track fixed
- fixed option --m2tsOffset (was broken in version 2.x.x)
- fixed 'bufer overflow' error message if simultaneously mux several m2ts files and one of them has PSG tracks only
- fixed problem with too long file names in demux mode for large mpls files

version 2.0.6(b):
- bug fixed: removing overlapped frames for HD audio fixed

version 2.0.5(b):
- add direct ISO output

version 1.12.14(b):
- bug fixed: 'right-eye' option was broken and was always turn-on
- tsMuxeR speed increased by 15% (you should have fast disk to feel the difference)

version 1.12.13(b):
- bug fixed: for some movies with H.264 video join operation cause video glitches in join point (added code to remove End Of Sequence nal unit)

version 1.12.11(b):
- fixed H.264 stream parser. Same fix as in previous version but more careful
- fixed subtitles color selection in UI

version 1.12.10(b):
- fixed H.264 stream parser. It cause video distortion for some movies.
- add DTS-express support. Is not fully complete yet, tsMuxeR doesn't produce subpath for secondary audio

version 1.12.9(b):
- fixed file join for mov/mp4
- fixed bug in SEI unit processing (if enable options 'insert picture timing'). Bug may cause video distortion.
- fixed distortion for VC1 codec if join several files
- seamless audio fixed. Extra audio frame correctly removed.

version 1.12.6(b):
- fixed 3d subtitles. Add ability to select 3D offset plane for subtitles
- add new parameter '--start-time'. This parameter define time for first video frame in output file. This parameter is filled automatically (too keep same input time) if open MPLS file.
- several more minor fixes in transport stream to improve Blu-ray compatibility
- fixed E-AC3 codec

version 1.12.3(a):
- fixed problem with ssif muxing
- add addition check for 'insert picture timing' parameter. For MVC depended view used same value as for primary video stream
- add new parameter to GUI and tsMuxeR core: 'right-eye'. Parameter is used for 3D blurays only. If parameter is set then MPEG-4 MVC Base view video used for Right eye. This parameter filled automatically in GUI if open MPLS file.

version 1.12.2(a):
- add 3d bluray support. Bluray muxing activated automatically if MVC substream appears in input tracks. To reduce HDD space, tsMuxeR doesn't produce ssif file, only a couple of .m2ts files. ssif files can be creted on the fly in DVD fab using "create mini iso" menu item.
- add ability to mux to ssif file directly. It is not supported in GUI, but you can provide .ssif file extension
- fixed bugs in SEI message processing and add MVC sei message support
- fixed several bugs in the Transport Stream to improve compatibility with Blu-ray standart.

version 1.11.6(b):
- fixed bug in SSIF file demuxing. It cause a problem for subtitles tracks.

Version 1.11.5(b):
- added SSIF files support for blu-ray play lists (MPLS)

Version 1.11.4(b):
- detect language for audio/subtitle tracks fixed for SSIF files (it's work if ssif file is opened from Blu-ray disk structure)

Version 1.11.3(a):
- bug fixed in MVC parsing

Version 1.11.0:
- add support of SSIF files and MVC codec (3d Blu-ray compatibility)

Version 1.10.6:
- keep original position of resized sup
- fix resized sup color
- avchd output includes BDJO/JAR/META empty folders for compatibility
- add input command for tsmuxergu

Version 1.10.3:
* Added MOV/MP4 container support
* Added ability to rescale PGS subtitles
* Added MPL file support
* Several minor bug fixed

Version 1.10.1 beta:
add MP4 support
add AAC support
add support for bold (/b) and italic (/i) in srt
fix freeze when minimizing gui

Version 1.9.9:
* Bug fixed: Fixed problem with DTS-HD Master Audio on Popcorn player.
* Bug fixed: Fixed problem with interlaced VC-1 streams (stream not detected).
* Added compatibility with H.264 camcorders(pic_order_cnt_type 2 now supported).
* added option "--insertBlankPL" which allows to add short black video (near 0.5 second) before main video. It is sovles the problem of "green bar" for cropped video on some players such PS3.
* Added options --mplsOffset and --m2tsOffset for changing M2TS and MPLS files enumeration.
* video_format field in MPLS file now always filled, including cropped video.
* Empty folders are no longer created in AVCHD mode (CERTIFICATE, JAR e.t.c)

Version 1.9.7(b):
- now video resolution field in CLPI file always filled. Previus versions does not filled this field for cropped video.

Version 1.9.1(b):
* Feature: Sony wave64 support
* Feature: mkv chapters support

Version 1.8.35(b):
* Feature: Two modes is supported now: "Create Blu-ray disk" and "Create AVCHD disk". The mode "Create AVCHD disk" is recommended for DVD disks. Use mode "Create Blu-ray disk" if you want to write files to blue-ray disk.
* gcc is linked statically, for improvement of compatibility with different Linux versions.
* Bug fixed: Incompatibility of VC-1 tracks with Panasonic players was fixed. User mode "Blu-ray disk" for playing VC-1 tracks with Panasonic players.
* Bug fixed: Incorrect splitting of files, if size of part is more than 4Gb. This bug appears in Linux version only.
* Bug fixed: Incorrect extraction of VC-1 track from some mkv files.

Version 1.8.30(b):
* Bug fixed: ts/m2ts splitting fixed
* Bug fixed: FINE/COARSE table in clpi file fixed
* Bug fixed: track type for DD+ fixed
* Bug fixed: Append button in GUI fixed
* Bug fixed: Drag&drop for macOsX fixed
* Bug fixed: some other minoir bug fixed

Version 1.8.24(b):
* Bug fixed: Plenty of minoir bug fixed
* Bug fixed: Dolby True-HD issue on hardware players fixed
* Feature: Tags for SRT subtitles support - tags for changing font, color, size, etc.; tag's syntax is similar to HTML;
* Feature: United cross-platform GUI - Windows, Linux, MacOS.

1.8.18 - fixed bug with "bitstream exeption" occurring in some streams
1.8.16 - fixed bug with long srt subtitles
1.8.17 - fixed bug with extracting TRUE-HD core (bug appear in mux mode only, demux works fine)
1.8.15 - fixed bug with TRUE-HD stream

The GUI is still version 1.8.8 but the tsmuxer.exe CLI is 1.8.18.

* Version 1.8.4(b)
- Ability to convert SRT to PGS added.
- Some minor bugfixes.

* Version 1.7.6(b)
- Ability to open Blu-ray playlist (MPLS) files added. Also, when MPLS file is opened, chapters list automatically imported.
When MPLS is processed, "Clean Break" for connection_condition=5 correctly processed. It is actually for large playlists (10 M2TS files and more).
- bug fixed: some H.264 streams in version 1.7.1/2/3 did not work in PS3. It is the same problem it was corrected in version 1.7.3. Fixed again.
- bug fixed: Issue with muxing PGS stream from several source files (i.e. append mode) fixed.

* Version 1.7.4(b)
- now tsMuxeR will be less sensitive to bad frames in H.264.

* Version 1.7.3(b)
- Improved M2TS splitting in Blu-ray mode
- bug fixed: some H.264 streams in version 1.7.1/1.7.2 did not work

* Version 1.7.2(b)
- Issue with demuxing PGS to SUP format fixed.

* Version 1.7.1(b)
- Bug fixed: Now pulldown info correctly processed.
- Ability to remove pulldown info from stream added. All video codecs are supported: H.264, VC-1, MPEG2.
- Some small bug fixes and improvements. Also tsMuxeR package size is decreased and dependings to other libraries have been removed.

* Version 1.6.3(b)
-Bug fixed: PTS/DTS timing for MPEG2 streams without GOP headers filled wrong
-Bug fixed: CBR muxing mode since version 1.6 worked wrong
-Bug fixed: trim function did not work for minutes measure unit
-Ability to detect audio delay for TS/M2TS/MPG/VOB/EVO sources added
-Drag&drop for GUI added

* Version 1.6.1(b)
- Option to split output file added.
- Option to cut source files added.
- Bug fixed: TS PTS/DTS timing filled wrong for some progressive H.264 streams, if frame data was ahead SPS/PPS data in source stream.

* Version 1.5.1
- Issue with TRUE-HD tracks demuxing fixed.

* Version 1.5.0(b)
- Added LPCM support

* Version 1.4.6
- Fixed a bug with synchronization of a H.264 stream and audio. This bug was appear on some streams only. When there was this bug, In a log were printed many messages "B-pyramid level 2 detected","B-pyramid level 3 detected" e.t.c.

* Version 1.4.5
- Fixed blu-ray folders names
- Added chapters for Blu-ray muxing

* Version 1.4.3(b)
- Added Blu-ray muxing mode
- Added demuxing mode
- Added Presentation Graphic stream support
- Added language descriptor support

* Version 1.4.0 alpha
test new ver with subs support, and remember it's alpha version

* Version 1.3.5 beta
added demux
fixed ac3 2.0 bug (detection & muxing)
small mkv fixes
and etc.

* Version 1.2.9
- Fixed MKV parsing module. Some MKV files did not work (lace sice invalid detected for xiph laces, this cause access violation error)

* Version 1.2.8
- Fixed AC3 stream detection. Some AC3 streams were not recognized (broken in version 1.2.6 only)

* Version 1.2.6:
- Added Dolby True HD support
- Added MPEG audio layer 1/2/3 support
- Fixed a bug in the M2TS parsing module. Sometimes TS frames were lost.
- Fixed a bug in the Matroska parsing module. Short NAL unit len codes for H.264 tracks did not work.

* Version 1.2.3 beta:
New beta version of tsMuxer with "Dolby True HD" support available. I have only one small clip with True HD, so I don't sure that this version work stable.

* Version 1.2.0:
- Added M2TS muxing
- Fixed stream type detection function (sometimes some audio/video streams were not found)

* Version 1.1.5
- The first release

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