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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for YDL-UI


Add option to disable using current date & time for downloaded files (#87, #83)
Fix crash when opening a deleted download directory (#93)


Add subtitle selector (#82)
Add embed subtitles option (#84)
Add option for custom download arguments.
Use current date & time for downloaded files (#83)
Fix missing scrollbars on command preview.
Updated packaged youtube-dl to 2021.06.06.


Added download command-line preview tab (#81)
Preset dropdown now has dynamic width (#81)
Merged post-processing tab with general tab (#81)
Fixed minor bugs.
Updated packaged youtube-dl to 2021.03.25.


Added language: German
Added language: Portuguese
Fix download columns collapsing (#79)
Updated packaged youtube-dl to 2020.12.14


Added language: Polish
Updated packaged youtube-dl to 2020.11.12
Use youtube-dl instead of fetching directly from GitHub Releases when using Settings > Binaries > Update


Switched to using yt-dlc while the official youtube-dl repository is unavailable.
Updated packaged youtube-dl to 2020.10.31


Update packaged youtube-dl to 2020.09.20 (#69)
Update packaged FFmpeg to 4.3.1 (#69)


Added language: Chinese
Improved video format selector for non-standard aspect ratios.


Add button to show filename keyword dialog. (#66)
Add write subtitle option. (#68)
Update packaged youtube-dl to 2020.07.28.


Added language: Russian (#64)
Added option to add metadata. (#61)
Completed downloads can now be restarted. (#65)
Add localization support for keyword descriptions and update interval text. (#60)
Fix language detection on start. (#60)
Update packaged youtube-dl to 2020.06.16.1.


Add embed thumbnail option (#58).
Fix progress value for completed downloads (#57)
Fix 403 forbidden error.
Updated packaged youtube-dl version to 2020.05.08.
Updated packaged FFmpeg version to 4.2.2.
Updated Italian language - ydl-ui_i18n.


Download List:
Added playlist column.
Added button that clears all download logs.
Fetch video title for added downloads. (#55)
Added frequency option for update checking.
Fixed URL import when using shared options.
Updated packaged youtube-dl version to 2020.03.08.


Fix download columns not being blank (#50)
Fix youtube-dl updater.
Updated packaged youtube-dl version to 2020.01.01


Download List:
Added Download Directory column. (#49)
Added Title column. (#49)
Edit columns by right-clicking column header. (#49)
Columns now remember order/width on restart. (#49)
Fixed bug preventing downloads being added via the command-line.
Updated packaged youtube-dl version to 2019.11.05.


Download list columns now auto-size when changing language.
Updated user-interface to improve support for different languages. (#46)
Fixed window size when switching between basic/advanced mode.
Fixed empty language dropdown.


Fixed bug that prevented startup.


Add multi-language support (#42)
Add cookie support (#39)
Support for adding drag-dropped downloads automatically (#40)
Fix regional decimal separator (#41)
Updated packaged youtube-dl version to 2019.10.29


Allow stopping of download when status is processing
Use hh:mm:ss format for ETA column
Fix progress bar contrast for selected rows (#31)
Fix download log window icon (#35)
Fix download log flicker and jumping issues (#35)
Fix youtube-dl update button during active downloads (#36)
Updated packaged youtube-dl version to 2019.09.01
Misc bug fixes.


Added import/export download feature (#26).
Download URL tooltip is now the video title (#28).
Fixed minimum window size (#25).
Presets now have a simple URL matching option.
Updated packaged youtube-dl version to 2019.07.02.
Bug fixes.


Improved format selector generation (#19, #22)
Added 144p and 8K resolution options
Added 50, 48, and 24 fps options
Added option to remember previous download settings (#21)
Bug fixes.


Added custom format selector.
Added command-line support for video URLs.
Added updater for external youtube-dl (binaries tab in settings).
Fixed tab order for download dialog.
Fixed default focus for "Add Download" dialog.
Misc bug fixes.
Updated packaged youtube-dl version from 2019.04.30 to 2019.06.21


Updated packaged youtube-dl version from 2019.01.17 to 2019.04.30


Added option to clear individual download logs.
Updated packaged youtube-dl version from 2018.12.17 to 2019.01.17


Added stop download option.
Added setting to resume downloads on startup.
Fixed add download window position when changing modes.
Updated packaged youtube-dl version from 2018.11.23 to 2018.12.17


Added download interface presets.
Added "Processing" download status (when ffmpeg is running).
Added filename template keyword library.
Added more suggestions for filename template textbox.
Improved settings interface.
Bug fixes.


Added "Check for Updates".
Added tooltips. (#5)
Added playlist range item editor.
Removed border around download list.
Reduced portable build filesize by removing embedded resources (youtube-dl & ffmpeg).
Portable build now has "Portable" in the title.
Fixed text contrast of selected downloads in the download list. (#6)
Fixed "Add Download" dialog resizing. (#4)
Fixed disabled option in preferences.


Added download list.
Portable mode supported. (#2)
Packaged with ffmpeg and youtube-dl version 2018.11.23.
Resizable windows.
Basic Mode - Provides minimal UI for basic download tasks.
Drag & Drop video links to download.


packaged youtube-dl version from 2018.09.08 to 2018.10.05.


Updated packaged youtube-dl version from 2018.09.01 to 2018.09.08.
Fixed load order of profile settings.


Updated packaged youtube-dl version from 2018.07.29 to 2018.09.01
Added file association for saved profiles. You can now open profiles by double clicking them.
Added extract audio checkbox option.
Prompt to save current profile, when creating a new one.
Bug Fixes.


Updated packaged youtube-dl version from 2018.06.14 to 2018.07.29
Removed "output format" option.
Removed "marked watched" option.
Removed "age limit" filter option.
Added default download directory if one isn't specified.


Added "Check For Update"
Fixed bug relating to presets.


Added presets that can be saved in XML format.
Added functioning options menu.
Added option for default preset.
Added option to close preset on download start.
Added option to save on close.


Updated packaged ffmpeg version to v4.0 32-bit.
Updated packaged youtube-dl version to 2018.06.14.
Added missing tooltips.
Added wiki link.
Custom format selector now syncs with the currently selected video quality presets when disabled.
Fixed installer not updating packaged binaries when updating to a newer version.


youtube-dl version: 2018.06.04

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