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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Gaupol


Fix invalid entry in AppData file (#219)


Change the icon for the toggle video player toolbar item to an action icon (not mimetype) that has a symbolic version available
Fix installation on Python >= 3.12 by using distutils from setuptools


Add IBM858, ISO-8859-11 and ISO-8859-16 encodings
Fix displayed line lengths being incorrect for subtitles with special characters such as apostrophes


Fix playing selection (#188)


Fix subtitle display when seeking to selection start (#181)
Fix search dialog result sometimes not being selected
Fix rare RecursionError with spell-check


Add framerates 30, 50, 59.94 and 60 fps (#164)
Add selecting next/previous from video position (#154)
Allow shifting positions of all open projects (#66)
Fix error dialog when video playback fails (#153)
Fix the order of audio tracks in the menu (#129, qnga)
Fix spell-check split words correction task to not hang (#171)
Add Dutch translation (Heimen Stoffels)


Add action set start from video position (#148)
Add and fix English spell-check special cases
Add and fix OCR spell-check special cases
Add Interlingue translation (OIS)
Add Portuguese translation (Hugo Carvalho)
Update translations


New app icon, as full-color and symbolic SVGs (#119)
Better initial preview experience (#136)
Disable loading of problematic gstreamer-vaapi (#79)
Use gspell for spell-check instead of PyEnchant and GtkSpell (#12)
Use the reverse domain name "io.otsaloma.gaupol" for desktop file,
appdata file and icons


Add text correction pattern to unpack ligatures
Don't show video files in recent file menus (#130)
Update translations


Add support for building a Flatpak
Highlight changed parts in "Correct Texts" (#34)
Add keybinding Ctrl+I for toggling italic (#118)
Add keybinding Ctrl+I for toggling italic while editing (#118)
Change keybinding for Invert Selection to Ctrl+J
When opening multiple files, skip ones already open
Adapt to various GTK+ deprecations
Add 64x64 and 128x128 icons
Update AppData XML file
Bump iso-codes dependency to >= 3.67
Update translations


Fix TypeErrors due to video player pipeline queries failing (#78)
Make --record include compiled extensions as well (#91)


Update the --video-file argument to not just select the video
file, but also load it in the internal video player (#75)
Fix subtitles with special characters not being displayed by
the internal video player (#74)
Fix seeking to selection start if at less than one second (#76)
Fix pasting texts from outside Gaupol, e.g. from a text editor
Update checks for required GStreamer elements (#73)
Update translations


Fix pattern file syntax to not be corrupted by msgfmt (#70)


Use gtksink instead of autovideosink with the integrated video
player, making it work on Wayland too (#60)
Add a hidden preference to disable autoplay (#57)
Allow loading video by drag-and-drop (#59)
Fix missing icon in GNOME shell on Wayland (#62)
Fix unhandled exception when adding recent menu items
Fix video player actions being sensitive when playback
initialization fails (#52)
Fix Gaupol freezing after changing audio track (#58)
Fix error quitting if a file is still being loaded (#54)
Fix duplicate tags when decoding MPL2 (devcompl, #68)
Install appdata XML file under /usr/share/metainfo
Prefer iso-codes JSON files over XML files (#10)
Bump GStreamer dependency ≥ 1.6
Drop build dependency on intltool (use gettext instead, #13)
Add donate button to about dialog
Update translations

@otsaloma otsaloma released this on Apr 23 · 2 commits to master since this release

Add support for the WebVTT file format (#46)
Add support for the LRC file format (#39)

@otsaloma otsaloma released this on Mar 18 · 10 commits to master since this release

Fix error when using the Save All As dialog to save all time-based
format documents as frame-based or vice versa
Fix unhandled exception when trying to write non-numeric data into
integer or float cells
Add Icelandic translation (Sveinn í Felli)
Remove severely incomplete Catalan, Polish and Swedish translations
Update translations

@otsaloma otsaloma released this on Oct 29, 2016 · 25 commits to master since this release

Fix size of custom font with GTK+ 3.22 (#40)
Show an error dialog if the integrated video player fails
to initialize playback due to e.g. missing codecs
Fix error trying to undo more actions than exist when holding down
Ctrl+Z (#38)

@otsaloma otsaloma released this on Aug 20, 2016 · 32 commits to master since this release

Fix error saving document from a time-based format to a
frame-based or vice versa (#28)
Fix error clicking undo or redo button dropdown arrow when no
document is yet open (#29)
Fix action states after subtitle cell editing cancelled (#30)
Fix recent file menu states to update correctly (#31)
Fix save as dialog to always add filename extension (#32)
Update AppData file
Update translations

@otsaloma otsaloma released this on Jul 16, 2016 · 44 commits to master since this release

Use header bars for dialogs
Migrate from deprecated Gtk.UIManager, Gtk.Action etc.
to Gtk.Application, Gio.Action etc.
Add mpv for preview with precise seek (--hr-seek=yes)
Make mpv the default preview video player on non-Windows systems
and set the default preview offset to one second
Make seek length configurable in the preferences dialog
Add find and replace to the toolbar
Have both Ctrl+F and Ctrl+H open the find and replace dialog
Have both Ctrl++, Ctrl+- and numpad equivalents control volume
Remove external video player output window (if you want to see
that output, start Gaupol from a terminal)
Use a monospace editing font by default
Add support for IBM273, IBM1125, KOI8-T and KZ1048 character
encodings (whether these are actually available depends on your
version of Python)
Drop the bookmarks extension
Fix Cancel button behaviour when quitting Gaupol by closing the
main window and having unsaved changes (#14)
Fix line length measure em to be narrower (#763589)
Have the text view right-click spell-check language menu
set the language permanently
Don't show the "Use Shift+Return for line-break" help message
if it's likely to overlap with the text being edited
Only force theme variant if dark_theme in config file is
true, thus respecting any global settings (#753315)
Make GTK_THEME=Adwaita:dark gaupol work correctly
Move web pages to
Move releases to
Move bug tracker to
Move documentation to
Close mailing lists, use Gitter instead:
Use Transifex for translations:
Update AppData file
Bump GTK+ dependency to = 3.12
Bump PyGObject dependency to = 3.12
Drop optional dependencies on PT fonts
Add Serbian translation (Miroslav Nikolic)
Update French translation (Jean van Kasteel)

@otsaloma otsaloma released this on May 16, 2015 · 209 commits to master since this release

Fix text view size in spell check dialog

@otsaloma otsaloma released this on May 9, 2015 · 211 commits to master since this release

Have the spell-check dialog remember its size
Work around a destructive override in gst-python that broke
Gaupol's built-in video player (#748813)
Update Hungarian translation (Andrássy László)
Update French translation (RyDroid)
Update Brazilian Portuguese translation (Rafael Ferreira, Felipe Braga)
Update Czech translation (Pavel Fric)

@otsaloma otsaloma released this on Apr 6, 2015 · 231 commits to master since this release

Add target in the position shift dialog to shift subtitles
from selection to end (#734198)
Center tab labels
Fix mouse use in the cell text editor to not cause losing focus
and thus cancelling editing
Fix bookmarks not being cleared when a file with bookmarks
is closed (#740481)
Remove buggy text-shadow use from CSS (#740527)
Use markdown for documentation files (README etc.)
Update Spanish translation (Carlos Mella)

@otsaloma otsaloma released this on Apr 6, 2015 · 247 commits to master since this release

Hide tabs when only one tab is open
Expand tabs to fill window width, use 24 characters at minimum
Fix dialog paddings with GTK+ 3.14
Fix text view line length display with GTK+ 3.14
Pack video player toolbar and seekbar horizontally
Avoid column resizing upon opening file
Fix IndexError: list index out of range when undoing or redoing
by holding Ctrl+(Shift)+Z pressed
Remove use of deprecated stock items, Gtk.Alignment,
gi.types.Boxed.__init__ and non-transient dialogs
Update Spanish translation (Carlos Mella)

@otsaloma otsaloma released this on Apr 6, 2015 · 311 commits to master since this release

Update file selection dialogs to work better with GTK+ 3.12
Default toolbar style to icons only (due to gtk-toolbar-style
being deprecated since GTK+ 3.10)
Allow using the dark GTK+ theme variant (you need to edit
~/.config/gaupol/gaupol.conf to enable this)
Fix errors and lack of updates in multiline text cells and their
line length calculation and display (#728575)
Fix initially incorrect row heights after opening a file
Fix updating subtitle numbers when inserting or removing subtitles
Fix overlapping column header right-click menus
Fix saving enumeration values to configuration file
Use Gtk.render_layout instead of deprecated Gtk.paint_layout to
render line length margin in text views
Remove header editing dialog
Remove non-functional speech recognition menu item
Drop support for the MPsub format
Add GTK+ (3.2 or greater) to list of dependencies in the README
file (GTK+ has always been a dependency, its explicit mention was
just forgotten when migrating from PyGTK to PyGObject)
Update Brazilian Portuguese translation (Rafael Ferreira)
Update Czech translation (Pavel Fric)

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