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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Foto2Avi

What's new in ver. 4.4 :
Fixed : Logo effect
Updated : Gui inteface
Updated : bug fixed version

What's new in ver. 4.3 :
Added : ConvertFPS feature (synch problems fixed)
Fixed : howmanyframes bug
Updated : EffectsMany
Updated : TransAll
Updated : AddGrainC
Updated : AviSynth 2.6.0 [150114]
Updated : FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 2014-09-29 [ffdshow_rev4533_20140929_clsid]
Updated : FFMPEG [ffmpeg-20150218-git-8bc8001-win32-static]
Updated : dvdauthor 0.7.1

Whats new in ver. 4.2 :
Added : Hard (permanent) subtitle support for file mode (avi/mkv/mp4/flv/mpeg)
Added : Soft (selectable) subtitle support for mkv
Added : srt,ssa,ass subtitle support
Fixed : Progress bar
Updated : ffmpeg version [ffmpeg-20121105-git-c995644-win32-static]

Whats new in ver. 4.1 :
Info : A bugfix release
Fixed : Time calculator
Fixed : Problems with RAW video
Added : Deinterlace (Use it on interlaced sources)

Whats new in ver. 4.0 :
Info : This is major update
Added : Better Windows 7 Vista support
Added : Better x264 support
Added : Higher bitrates can be set. The old limit was 9800 kbps
Added : New version of ffmpeg [ffmpeg-git-4082198-win32-static]
Added : Insert time values from HH:MM:SS calculator to Foto2Avi
Updated : Previewer. Totally new version
Updated : Ported to new compiler
Updated : Installer's informations

Whats new in ver. 3.4 :
Added : Audio from video / audio from sound files mix level added at settings
Added : Better file sound audio level on muted videos
Fixed : Drag and drop option under Win7 and Windows Vista
Fixed : Audio Gui sec labels added
Updated : Better support for Win7
Updated : Update option
Updated : About Box

Whats new in ver. 3.3 :
Added : Capturing (FFV1) input supported
Added : Disable thumbnail preview
Added : 360p and 480p 16:9 Youtube resolutions (640x360 and 864x480)
Fixed : transmask effect
Updated : Donation button
Updated : About Box

Whats new in ver. 3.2 :
Added : Surround Sound 5.1 input and output support. From now on you can produce Dolby Digital Surround Sound video files.
Added : Dvd with 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound
Added : WAV 5.1, AC3 and OGG 5.1 input audio support
Added : MKV and MP4 output support
Added : Easier load and unload media process
Added : Horizontal and vertical splitter bars
Added : Disable form on the preview and convert process
Added : Better drag and drop option (clear selecte button added)
Updated : animation 9999 from 999
Fixed : Backspace allowed in chapter edit box
Fixed : About box
Fixed : The vertical splitter on the file list box

Whats new in ver. 3.1 :
Added : f2a extension can be associated with foto2avi from the General Settings. (Registry modification is needed so you have to run foto2avi as administrator under Vista and Win7)
Added : Handy hh:mm:ss.mmm to ms converter in video and audio form
Added : Confirmation needed when saving the same f2a project
Fixed : Xvid output option fixed (aspect ratio)
Fixed : Bug saving over the same f2a file

Whats new in ver. 3.0 :
Added : Sound Effects. Fade in, fade out and echo are the first three audio effects supported. More audio effects to come later.
Added : HD output support, 1080p supported
Added : Encode with the x264 codec. Now you can get excellent HD quality results with this option.
Added : Audio AAC is supported as output.
Added : Mkv and mp4 formats are supported as input.
Updated : EffectsMany
Updated : Transall
Updated : ffmpeg ver 18639
Updated : avisynth 2.5.8

Whats new in ver. 2.2 :
Fixed : On load duration bug
Fixed : Save settings
Fixed : Save latest resolution
Updated : Improved preview window

Whats new in ver. 2.1 :
Added : Resize/Aspect Ratios with ITU-R BT.601-4 standards
Added : Drag and drop support
Added : Dvd bitrate
Added : Select Dvd size
Added : Select Dvd aspect ratio
Added : Select Audio Format in dvd mode
Added : Select Audio Bitrate in dvd mode
Added : Select Audio Language in dvd mode
Added : Two pass encoding in dvd mode
Fixed : Abort option

Whats new in ver. 2.0 :
Added : Animated subtitles !
Added : Animation free effect. (Really cool effect)
Added New MaskTransition
Added : New transitions can be made by the users (Look on our forums to learn how to do your own transitions. You can share them with us !)
Added : New Dissolve transiion
Added : 24 New Transitions
Optimized : Order of the Video List
Fixed : Focus on listviews
Fixed : Animations
Fixed : Loading older projects

Whats new in ver. 1.8 :
Fixed : Main form of Foto2avi at 120 Dpi (Large Size) on windows now should look quite well
Fixed : Avi was not generated if the output fps was 23.976 or 29.970
Fixed : Now the option "avi (xvid)" should work

Whats new in ver. 1.7 :
Added : First non beta release
Added : Input support for mov files.
Added : Input support for wmv files.
Added : Input support for flv files. On all of these input files (mov/wmv/flv) you need the correct directshow filters . Please take a look on our forum to find out how you can load correctly these kind of files on foto2avi !!!
Added : Output support for dvd author. Now Foto2Avi can generate dvd projects. In order to burn the dvd compilation take a look at our forums.
Added : Two output modes. File mode / Dvd mode
Added : 'Keep aspect ratio' on Photos and on videos option (add bars in order to keep the correct aspect ratio)
Added : Color option of the aspect ratio bars
Added : Two pass convertion on file mode
Added : Chapters possibility on dvd mode
Updated : New version of ffmpeg [ver. rev9767]

Whats new in ver. 1.6 beta :
Added : Logo motion mask (avi) added (with this trick you can do some spectacular video effects . Guides can be found later on our forums.) This option is really cool !
Added : Order Effects option. Again this feauture is a must ! Now you can order your effects ;)
Added : Video at 30 fps option
Added : Zoom at 900%
Added : No filter registration. Dynamic use of them.
[The only exeption is the registration of oggDS.dll]. This option makes foto2avi 100% compatible with avi2dvd
Added : Previewer has now two modes : VmNormal and VmVmr.
VmVmr is the default option.
With VmNormal you can use the previewer with remote desktop applications (like vnc). (With the VmVmr you see only a black screen).
Fixed : Logo tolerance attribute.
Fixed : Some values were not correctly refreshed (subtitle size etc...)
Fixed : Minimization previewer window

Whats new in ver. 1.5 beta :
Updated : Foto2Avi is now indipendent from avisynth's errors (Stabler version)
Fixed : Indipendent Previewer (new process).
Even if avisynth crashes Foto2avi will not crash anymore (Important update)

Whats new in ver. 1.4 beta :
Fixed : Basic Effects YUV Support (for seppia,tweak)
Fixed : Advanced effects errors

Whats new in ver. 1.3 beta :
Fixed : Optimized preview window
Fixed : Safer seeking
Fixed : Preview window did not showed avisynth errors
Fixed : Blank preview window is some cases
Fixed : jpeg/avi memory leak
Fixed : Sound memory leak
Fixed : Reload projects did not refreshed subtitle size
Fixed : Transitions properties did not refreshed correctly
Fixed : Advanced effects properties did not refreshed correctly
Fixed : Duration of advanced effects can be equal to the duration

Whats new in ver. 1.2 beta :
Added : Animated Logos [avi] support (Guides will be added on our forums soon)
Added : Logo has MaskColor attribute for dynamic transparency
Added : Logo has MaskTolerance attribute for dynamic transparency
Added : Two new animate effects (Zoom Rotation Clock/Anti)
Added : More images added on the installer
Fixed : Custom colors could not be reloaded from the saved *.f2a projects
Updated : Subtitles can now have size up to 999
Updated : Better File location

Whats new in ver. 1.1 beta :
Added : Transparency Mask on logo effect (Guide will be posted soon on our forums)
Fixed : Logo Effect (Transparency problems)
Fixed : Preview window
Fixed : Avs script faults under conditions (Not correct script production when sound is loaded before an photo)
Fixed : Save Video window
Updated : Optimized Avs

Whats new in ver. 1.0 beta :
First public release.

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