Panasonic LF-D311 DVD Writer

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Panasonic LF-D311

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$400 7.6/10
26 votes
Read 36


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2 Accu 1xDVD-R (LD..........) comments, 0 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
2 Bulkpaq 1xDVD-R (PRINCO......) comments, 1 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
1 Discrite 2xDVD-R (TDKG02000000) comments, 0 good, 0 mixed, 1 poor.
1 Fujifilm 2xDVD-R (TAIYOYUDEN..) comments, 1 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
1 Imation 1xDVD-R (CMC00RG200..) comments, 0 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
1 MAM-E 4xDVD-R (MAM4XG02....) comments, 0 good, 0 mixed, 1 poor.
1 Memorex 1xDVD-R (CMC00RG200..) comments, 0 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
1 Memorex 1xDVD-RW (ProdiscDVDRW) comments, 0 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
2 Optodisc 1xDVD-R (OPTODISC....) comments, 0 good, 0 mixed, 1 poor.
6 Princo 1xDVD-R (PRINCO......) comments, 3 good, 0 mixed, 2 poor.
1 Sony 8xDVD-R (SONY08D1....) comments, 1 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
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36 comments, Showing 26 to 36 comments
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well, i wanted to love it, REALLY!

I received a broken drive, sent it back to panasonic, and got a brand new

I bought 50 Princo DVD-R's with it





PrimoDVD gives SCSI error after initializing, Nero won't work, will give "power calibration error" one time out of two.

I'm tired of this shit...
I wish i bought an A04...SHAME ON ME.

Oh yea, i use blanks and they are shit I found out.

If anyone had any clue what's up with "power calibration error", I would be so grateful..

I think I will sell this drive on ebay and get me a spanking A04

Comments posted by max from Other, May 06, 2002. Rated this writer No rating.

I have the same under a different name but same original maker matshita dvdram lf 311 using vivastar name, It is crap I have had it one month and trashed more dvd-r discs that I care to mention, I didn't buy it for the ram and never tried that part nor do I care to. I have a sony dvd+rw that works great just want to use cheaper discs
Windows xp refuses to install the proper drivers doesn't even recognize the drive as a 311 says its a 310 which I have never even seen once through all my searches for drivers in a while which is rare I have managed to burn 3 discs using various burning software, most of time it locks up my computer just trying to read a blank disc when inserted, vivastars tech support is nil, They say they have no problems using it on xp still waiting for a call for a fix, Company purchased from will not take it back.

Comments posted by birdygal from Other, May 04, 2002. Rated this writer 1 of 10.

I bought a SAMSUNG DVD-RAM MR-A02B and guess what? It's the same drive! Costed me 389,00.
Not only does it burns DVD-R as mentioned by other users (with older NeroVersion it's also very usefull for ripping those copy-protected audio CD's! As long as you use "Stomp RecordNow MAX, Version 4.00" powered by VERITAS. The drive perfectly reads the audio disc by Celine Dion - A New Day Has Come (which says it can't be read on a computer : ) )

So far it can't handle DVD-RW's. I'm not sure if thats due to the software or the drive.

I would rated the drive lower at first but since it can rip copy protected audio CD's........

Comments posted by Edwin from Other, May 03, 2002. Rated this writer 8 of 10.

I bought the OEM version LF-D311SC, writes to dvd-ram fine. After 3 weeks it still won't write to dvd-r for me, blarg. I was using Nero and Instant CD/DVD. Ah well I replaced it with a DVR-104 that does fine. I'm off to dvd burning nirvana now.

Comments posted by Naga from Other, April 25, 2002. Rated this writer 4 of 10.

A plus is that it has Bufferunderun protection
and cheaper than the Pioneer. It had a problem
with the Nero 5580 but older version was okay.
Only 1x is a bummer, but otherwise very solid.

Comments posted by Tron from Other, April 23, 2002. Rated this writer 9 of 10.

I bought this a week ago and it works like a charm! I paid $285 for it, not including shipping. It does exactly what I need it to, i.e. burn DVD-R's for playback on a stand-alone.

It's comparable to any of the Pioneer products for DVD burning. If you need it to burn CD-R/CD-RW then go for the Pioneer.

I use it with Ulead DVD Moviefactory, and Ulead DVD Workshop. No problems whatsoever.

Comments posted by Matt from Other, April 10, 2002. Rated this writer 9 of 10.

The best price/performance DVD burner unit today.
It works great for me especially with Windows XP.
I'm writing both DVD-R (Apple) and DVD-RAM disks.
The DVD-R's can be played on all DVD players.
DVD-RAM is very good for data backup and creating
working/test copies of my DVD's before burning a DVD-R.
What's more Hitachis's DVD camcorders use DVD-RAM technology as well. A couple of standalone DVD players are also capable of reading DVD-RAM disks.

Comments posted by Miklos Nemeth from Other, March 27, 2002. Rated this writer 8 of 10.

bought for £ 400-00 this machine is not bad could be better will not write unbranded discs or disc planets dvd-r does not recocnise the die
on the disc. quallity on branded discs is un questionable i cannot fault it

Comments posted by allycat from Other, March 24, 2002. Rated this writer 7 of 10.

I just bought one from a guy for $250. dvdram is useless, but dvd-r is the best! I'm having so much fun burning. The price is awesome too!

Comments posted by Major Scud from Other, March 21, 2002. Rated this writer 10 of 10.

Got this on sale for $250 after a $50 instant rebate + $100 mail-in rebate at CompUSA. Normal price there is $400.

Works great with STI , Memorex, Pioneer and Apple DVD-R media.

The DVD-Rs play fine on my Apex AD-703

It also packet writes to DVD-RAM media, which is reusable 100,000 times, as opposed to only 1,000 for DVD-RW (which this unit doesn't support by the way).

If you don't mind burning at 1X, don't use DVD-RW and already have a CD-RW burner, then this unit is great!!

It also has buffer underrun protection according to Nero.

Comments posted by JohnB from Other, March 17, 2002. Rated this writer 9 of 10.

This is a very good DVD burner. I have made 15 DVD backups of movies
that I own and they all play flawlessly in my pioneer DV-440.

The only drawbacks are it only burns at 1x and it does not only supports DVD-RAM for re-writting which is not compatible with most standalone DVD players.

Comments posted by Lazerick from Other, February 21, 2002. Rated this writer 7 of 10.

36 comments, Showing 26 to 36 comments
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1 DVD Writer hits, Showing 1 to 1 DVD Writers
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Single Layer(4.7GB) write speeds
1x (CLV) = about 58 minutes
2x (CLV) = about 29 minutes
2.4x (CLV) = about 24 minutes
4x (CLV) = about 14.5 minutes
6x (CLV/ZCLV) = about 10-12 minutes
8x (PCAV/ZCLV) = about 8-10 minutes
12x (PCAV/ZCLV) = about 6.5-7.5 minutes
16x (CAV/ZCLV) = about 6-7 minutes

Dual/Double Layer(8.5GB) write speeds
1x CLV = about 105 minutes
2.4x CLV = about 44 minutes
4x CLV = about 27 minutes

Single Layer (4.7GB) read speeds
1x read speed is 1.321MB/s = ~56 minutes
6x CAV (avg. ~4x) read speed is max 7.93MB/s = ~14 minutes
8x CAV (avg. ~6x) read speed is max 10.57MB/s = ~10 minutes
12x CAV (avg. ~8x) read speed is max 15.85MB/s = ~7 minutes
16x CAV (avg. ~12x) read speed is max 21.13MB/s = ~5 minutes

DVD Write types
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CLV = Constant Linear Velocity, the DVD is written at a constant speed.
ZCLV = Zone Constant Linear Velocity, the DVD is divided into zones. After each zone the write speed is increased.
PCAV = Partial Constant Angular Velocity, the DVD is being written at an increasing speed until a certain speed. After this speed it will not increase anymore.

Desktop = Standalone desktop DVD Recorder
EIDE = Computer DVD Writer with EIDE/IDE connection
SCSI = Computer DVD Writer with SCSI connection
USB = Computer desktop DVD Writer with USB 2.0 or/and 1.1 connection
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