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Sefy's DVD Backup Guide v2.6
 Updated October 3, 2004
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Sefy's Complete DVD Backup Guide v2.6
FrameServing & Encoding:

After you have successfully copied your DVD Movie VOB files to your local HDD, you can now start the encoding job itself, however, some of the encoders cannot access the VOB files directly, or they can only load a VOB file at a time, for those type of Encoders, there are programs which create a "dummy" file which allows access to all the VOB files, however, there are even older Encoders that don't support the frameserving files, and for those, you create an additional "fake" AVI file which is supported, and that is how they can access the movie.


  • DVD2AVI - This program creates a D2V Project and WAV file which can be used by TMPGEnc to access all the VOB files you ripped earlier.
  • VFAPI Converter - This program can use the D2V file which was created by DVD2AVI, to create a "fake" AVI file for older encoders such as the Panasonic Standalone or the XingMPEG which can only use AVI files as their input.
  • VirtualDub + VobSub - These two programs will take the "fake" AVI file created by VFAPI and FrameServe it to the encoder while giving the ability to add filters, for example: SubTitles

Encoding from Local HDD!