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Sefy's DVD Backup Guide v2.6
 Updated October 3, 2004
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Sefy's Complete DVD Backup Guide v2.6
Using - DVD2AVI

This program basicly makes it possible for TMPGEnc to read the VOB files since TMPGEnc can only load one VOB file a time it does not seem to be able to read them all at once directly, it also gives you the ability to select which Audio Track you want the movie to have and create the appropriate WAV file for it. ( NOTE: The MP3 Option NO LONGER exists in the new versions of DVD2AVI! )

Step 1 - Press "File" and "Open" (1a), Select the first VOB file of the movie (1b), and This will automaticly select all the VOB's that follow (1c).

1a ) 1b )

1c )

Step 1d - This is an Optional Step! - Some movies may come in the Film format which is 23.976 fps instead of the regular NTSC 29.976, so you might want to enable the Force Film feature of DVD2AVI, go to the "Video" menu and select "Field Operation" and then press on the "Forced FILM" and this will create a D2V file using 23.976 fps.

Steps 1e/1f - Go to the "Audio" menu and select " Track Number" and then select which track from the Movie you want to create as a WAV (most movies have the English Track on the Track 1). Click again on the "Audio" menu and select "Output Method" and make sure you are selecting "Decode to WAV (AC3, LPCM)" option, so it will create a usable WAV file for TMPGEnc and not AC3 track!

1e) 1f)

Steps 1g/1h - This is an Optional Step! - Press the "Audio" menu and select the "Dolby Digital Decode" and choose if you want to create a "Dolby Surround Downmix", some users report better sound quality and surround with this option enabled. Also you can have DVD2AVI convert the 48Khz Audio Sample into a 44.1Khz, by selecting the "48 -> 44.1KHz" submenu, and selecting how high quality you want the convertion to be. ( NOTE: This takes alot more processing time and slows down the creation of files, and also creates a lower quality WAV file, so I recommand you AVOID using this option! )


Step 2a/2b/2c - Press "File" and select "Save Project" ( 2a), a popup window will appear, here you will input the filename ( 2b) this part takes awhile, so when you see in Status near Remain: FINISH, you are done (2c), next you will check that all the files needed for TMPGenc are present, the VOB, D2V & WAV (2d).

2a )

2b ) 2c)

Step 2d - If you managed to follow all instructions correctly, you should now have a WAV file and a D2V file in your VOB's folder.
(* NOTE: Do NOT delete the VOB files! they are still required for the encoding! *)

2d )

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