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Sefy's DVD Backup Guide v2.6
 Updated October 3, 2004
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Sefy's Complete DVD Backup Guide v2.6
Special Credits (Names Sorted in Alpha Bet Order)

Credit Goes where credit is due, these are the people who helped me with the guide, in HTML code, Java Script, Ideas and everything in between, and of course i'll check each program maker and their name as well, they all deserve their credit! and there's alot of them too, so it's split to categories as well, you can jump to each category from here:

Guide Helpers!

  • Adam ( - I've learned a lot from him during my first encounters with DVD and VideoCD and still learning a lot from him to this day!!.
  • Antonio S ( - For explaining how to use the new SubRip utility for adding true Subtitles to an MPG file.
  • Baldrick ( - If it wasn't for him, this guide would propably never have existed! and not to mention the great VideoHelp webpage!! and let us not forget the best Forum on the net! keep up the great job man!
  • ColtWalker (from VideoHelp Forums) - Thank to him i've learned how to create Forced Subtitles!
  • Daniel Burnett - For Optimizing all the new images in the guide, helping making it much smaller and faster to load, and having patience to go over 200 images on the guide!
  • Ilan Shalem - Optimized the HTML code and arranged the Menu Bar, and although he finaly fixed so the menu will work on Netscape 4.x! I still can't see the links properly! (i give up! atleast it works on v6 and up) so you better damn fix it! ;-)
  • Judeo Lim ( - For Helping me with the guide, and explaining on how to use the VFAPI Converter (hey! i'm a newbie too!) and telling me how to use it with Panasonic Encoder!
  • kwag (from  - For assisting me with the CladDVD XP section of the guide and taking the images and explaining what each step does!
  • Roy Weiss - He's the guy working on making the Standalone Installation Version of the guide! Also for putting up with me and my crap during the writing process, for being a scapegoat when things got bad and for being forced to read the guide 'till knowing it by heart ;)
  • Vitualis ( - For helping me learn more about MPEG Encoding and how to improve and make it work for everyone, and for all the lovely arguments you keep having with me on the forum!

To the Web Hosting Guys!

Without these guys, you'd all be croweded on a single webpage for reading the guide, thanks to them, you can access the guide from several locations, and having a decent enough transfer to view all those images!

  • Jim ( - For agreeing to host the guide as well, and I apologise in advance for all the updates you'll be getting! and telling me on how to correctly set my HTML files for those snicky little Unix servers!
  • Judeo Lim( - For Helping me with the guide, and explaining on how to use the VFAPI Converter (hey! i'm a newbie too!) and telling me how to use it with Panasonic Encoder and also for providing webspace to host the guide!
  • Lordsmurf ( - Latest Host For providing a a fast webspace and has his own great guides as well!
  • Oscar Poermono ( - For providing a a fast webspace to host the guides not to mention for a great website!
  • Paul ( - For providing a a fast webspace for the Australians/New-Zelanders to host the guides! Not to mention he is assisting me with my Immigration to New-Zealand! Big Personal Special Thanks!
  • Petteri Pyyny ( - This is "Da Boss" of AfterDawn, and thanks to him, the guides are now hosted there too!
  • Xiao ( - For hosting the guide for all of us, and I apologise in advance for all the updates you'll be recieving on the guide!
  • TheJake420 ( - A new Host for the Guide, he will be using the Guide in his Tutorials Section!
  • Vile ( - I Actually "caught" his webpage using my guide without asking, but now he has one too ;-)

To the Program Authors!

Lets face it, without these guys we wouldn't have all the variety of programs, and not to mention free, these guys put alot of effort into giving us everything, and most of us just love complaining, I figured the decent thing to do was atleast to thank these guys in public!

  • Aenema Tool ( - For creating the amazing TSCV program and giving us all an easier and not to mention cheaper (it's FREE!!) way of adding menus and chapters to our nice Backups!
  • Andreas Mueller - Developer of the CDRDao program which is used by many programs such as VCDEasy, TSCV and others!
  • Betamax (VCDwizard at LabDV) - Creator of  the VCDwizard program!, and has given me permission to use it in the guide!
  • Bob Marietta (IgD Software) - Creator of  the FireBurner program!, and has given me permission to use it in the guide!
  • Brian ( - Creator of  the SubRip program!, and has given me permission to use it in the guide!
  • Christophe Paris ( - Creator of  the Chapter-X-Tractor program!, and has given me permission to use it in the guide!
  • Delphi.stuff ( - Created the VCDEasy Chaptering and Authoring program!, and have given me permission to use it in the guide! and also gave me a Commercial Version so I can keep on updating to the latest version!.
  • DVDFab Team ( - They have given me permission to use DVDFab in my guides.
  • EasyDivX Team ( - Creator of the EasyDivX program, a DVD to DivX easy to use program! and even I could use it! and have given me the permission to create a guide for it.
  • Edwin van Eggelen ( - Created the Premiere Video Server Plugin!, and choose me for making a guide for it, it is my honour and hopefully it is good enough and approved by you!
  • Fabrice Meuwissen [vso-software] - Creators of the BlindWrite Suite and many other products! allowed me to include in the guide!
  • Heyday S@toh ( - Gave me the "Go Ahead!" for using Cinema Craft Encoder in my Guides! Big Thanks!!
  • Imago-X ( - Author of the fast MPG-Muxer tool, he has given me permission to write a guide on it!
  • Jamie ( - Author of the burnatonce freeware program, and has given me permission to use it on the guide!

  • Joe Bezdek ( - He's from the DivXNetworks who gave us the great DivX® video and the Dr. DivX program, i've asked and recieved permission to create a guide for it. Please note, I am not in any way affiliated with DivXNetworks!
  • John Schlichther ( - Author of AVI 2 VCD program, great work, and it's being used here with his permission!
  • Kaspar Ko ( - From the guys at Canopus which brought us the ProCoder/Express encoders. Not only has he given me permission to write the guide, but he is shipping over a boxed version of Canopus ProCoder Express as well! Personal Special Thanks!
  • Kelly ( - From the Cucusoft Team, has allowed and given me permission to include Cucusoft Encoder in this guide, and also offered any assistance if I need.
  • Mark Gallo ( - Not only has he given me permission to Integrate EO-Video in the guide, but also gave me the ability to test the program without limitation! special thanks!!
  • Muzaffer Beygirci ( - Gave me the "Go Ahead!" on using MainConcept Encoder in my Guide! Big Thanks!!
  • Oliver Graves ( - He is from the Sales & Planning devision of one of the best Encoders around that we all know as TMPGEnc / Plus / XPress and other great software. I've recently managed to contact him and he has advised me on the Copyright issues and also gave me permission to keep using and include any other future TMPGEnc products in the guide. Give him a big applause! Thank You! :-)
  • Quinton ( - In Charge of Marketing and Sales of Alcohol 120% Burning Software and has given me his permission to use it in this guide.
  • Rob Ferguson ( - For giving me permission to use his program Eazy VCD v1.15a, great work!
  • Rene Bakx ( - He has given me permission to use DVD2One in this Guide, and approved it.
  • Stephanie Messer ( - She's the Sales, Marketing and PR for Elby Products, the people who brought us the excellent CloneCD and CloneDVD (and DVD Region Killer!) and she has given me permission to use CloneDVD in this guide and even provided me with a full version for the testing! Big Special Thanks! :-)
  • Tom Xiang ( - Gave me the "Go Ahead" for using AnyDVD in the Guide and is also including a link for my guide on their homepage!
  • Wayne Unknown ( - Created the CladDVD and CladDVD XP programs!, and has given me permission to use them in the guide!

  • Wimpy & Lightning UK ( and - Who created the Sector Extractor and DVD Decrypter programs!, and have given me permission to use them in the guide! 
  • Xuesong ( - From the Guys who brought you ImTOO DVD Ripper! not only have they given me permission to use their program, but also let me have a full version for the testing and writing of the guide!
  • ( - Makers of the AVI-MPEG-ASF-WMV Splitter program which can cut just about any file type!

Guide Translators!

Well, I never thought i'd see the day come myself, but here it is, my guide gets other language translations, hopefully there will be alot more people who will volunter to translate, but you gotta start somewhere, who knows, maybe the guide will even see my own native language translation, although the guy who is supposed to do it, is pissed at me that I won't allow him to use Micro$haft programs to edit ;-)

  • 3S (~d.docter) - Is now working on translating the entire guide into Dutch! so all those who are interested, you can view his page in the link above, since I can't really read dutch, all I can say is, it's looking good doc! ;-)