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Sefy's DVD Backup Guide v2.6
 Updated October 3, 2004
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Sefy's Complete DVD Backup Guide v2.6 Donations

By donating you help me keep this guide alive and updated. It takes alot of time and efforts to cover all the new programs that keep on popping up on the web, not to mention update the old ones when they decide to do some interface changes, I'm not forcing any one to donate, the guide will always remain free of access on all supporting hosts, but when you donate, you keep me encouraged to continue my work on the guide, not to mention to keep the internet connection alive.

There are now three ways of donation, by using PayPal, Kagi or NoChex, they are very secure and safe ways of donating and they also work in most countries. You can sign up and donate using any of them. You can donate anything from $1 and up! I appreciate any donation! below will be a table of everyone who donated, it will include the person name (or nickname, depends on you) the amount that was donated (if you'll allow) and the date the donation was made.

: Standalone version of the Guide! Those who donated or will buy from the mentioned affiliate will get it for free!

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Donator Name (or Nick)
Date (Month/Day/Year)
NickSteel 20$ January 02, 2003
Eric Grabb
March 03, 2003
Angel Cruz 25$
April 07, 2003
drsoandso 2$ May 14, 2003
Robert Carlson
30$ May 29, 2003
Jason Bokar 10$
June 13, 2003
Robert Carlson 30$ July 01, 2003
Michael Ruiz 10 November 16, 2003
Luigi Bastardo
November 26, 2003
January 08, 2004
William Thomas 10 March 25, 2004
Jim Malenko
April 23, 2004
George Andersen 5$
April 28, 2004
Robert Carlson 30$
June 22, 2004
Neil Lubin
1 July 5, 2004

A donation will be split equally with one of the authors which will support the guide (fair is fair!). I Only wrote the text, So the Special Thanks to the Authors who wrote the programs themselfs! and if you are curious which to buy or donate, just see the Programs Used in this guide page.