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Sefy's DVD Backup Guide v2.6
 Updated October 3, 2004
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Sefy's Complete DVD Backup Guide v2.6
Using - FlaskKMPEG - Direct from DVD

This used to be one of the more popular programs out there, as it supports many functions, however, this is more of a shell for other programs, as it required external plugins to work, and most of those plugins are not free (except I believe bbMPEG) and unless you have access to a diffrent plugin, you would be rather limited.

Step 1a/1b/1c - Select "File" and press "Open Media" ( 1a), select the movie IFO file (1b) and then select the options you want for the movie, such as DVD Audio Tracks and DVD Subtitles ( 1c).


Step 2a - Press "Options" and then "Select Output Format" and choose "Panasonic MPEG1"

Step 2b - Press "Options" and then "Output Format Options". This will bring you the settings of the Plugin you selected, Click on the  "Panasonic MPEG1 Encoder Plug-In" or the "CinemaCraft Encoder Plug-In" for examples on how to set those Plugins.

Step 3a - Press "Options" and select "Global Project Options" (3a), this will bring up the "FlasK MPEG Options " windows (3b) which has several settings.

Step 3b - first one is the "Video", use the " Profile Manager" to setup according to your movie source, or manually.

Step 3c - Second one is the "Audio", in the "Audio Mode" select "Decode audio", unmark the "Same as input" and select only the "44100 Hz" for a Standard VCD/SVCD output.

Step 3d - In the "Post Processing" you select the quality of your movie and the appearance (Wide Screen or Full Screen)

Step 3e - In the "Files" category you select the " Output Files" and type the "Output video file" name which will be created.

Step 3f - In the "General" settings you select if you want to encode the entire movie or just part of it.

Step 4(a/b) - Press the "Run ..." menu item and select " Start Conversion" (4a), and when the actuall encoding starts, you will be able to follow it and increase/decrease priority or hide/unhide the details (4b)


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