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Sefy's DVD Backup Guide v2.6
 Updated October 3, 2004
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Sefy's Complete DVD Backup Guide v2.6
Using - DVD2MPG Squeezer - Direct from DVD

This program is one of the oldest ones, it can only produce Video-CD streams using the External Panasonic Encoder Plugin, which gives it a great quality, but as it is old, you don't have many options to play with, it does not support subtitles, and can only encode the entire movie in one go, which means you have to split it later.

Pre-Step - Before you run this program, make sure you first use the "Enable Decoder", and when you are done make sure you run the "Disable Decoder" or you will not be able to playback MPG files correctly.

Step 1a/1b - Press the "File" menu and select the " Change DVD Root..." and then select one of the IFO files, mainly the "VIDEO_TS"


Step 2a/2b - Press the "File" menu again, and this time press the "Select Output Files..." and select the location and the file name for the Video and Audio parts of the movie. (* NOTE: When this program is done, we will use a program such as TMPGEnc to multiplex the two files into a standard Video-CD MPG file! *)


Step 3a/3b - Now press the "Options" menu, and select "Capture Settings", this is where you setup the program to the type of movie you are doing. (* NOTE: If you want the movie to take Full Screen, remove the "Add bands" feature!*)


Step 4a/4b - Press the "Options" button again and select the "MPV Settings", here you setup the Panasonic Encoder itself for the type of movie, make sure you are using the same options you selected previously in the Capture Settings!


Step 5a/5b - Press the "Playback" menu and select the "Initialize Graph and Encoder", this will popup two test screens, just press on the OK button, and keep going, then you will get the " Panasonic MPEG1 Encoder" screen, press the OK button again to continue.


Step 6a/6b - Now press the "Playback" menu again, and select the "Play" option, this will start playing your DVD Movie just like a regular DVD Player, select what you want to capture, and when you are ready, press the "Playback" menu and then "Start/Stop Capturing ".


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