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Sefy's DVD Backup Guide v2.6
 Updated October 3, 2004
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Sefy's Complete DVD Backup Guide v2.6
Using - DVDx - Direct from DVD

This program can encode to VCD/SVCD and also output to AVI and use external plugins, in this example, it will be used to access the DVD movie directly from the DVD drive to encode the movie using Video-CD format.

Step 1a - Select "Open DVD root" and then select the drive which contains your DVD movie, and select the VIDEO_TS folder and press the OK button when you are done.

Step 1b - DVDx will automaticly choose the longest running program on your DVD, click on the selected title and press the "Select " button, and this will choose that specific title. (* NOTE: Sometimes the special features are longer then the actuall movie! *)

Input Settings step - After you have selected the currect title, set the "Output Frame Rate", and the "Subtitle" and also here you can choose which Audio Track to use from the pulldown menu in the " Audio" settings, when you are done, press the "OK " button.

Step 2 - Press File and then the "Select Output" option, and select the location of the file and also type the name of the filename.

Step 3a - Press the Settings menu and select "Output settings "

Step 3b - Here is where you select the type of movie you want to do (Video CD / Super VideoCD / AVI), and also how to split the encoding if required, in this example i'm used the "Custom chapter" which is located under the "Volume don't exceed" category, this will split the movie in a chapter break point. Also, make sure you remember to click on the "Whole" button so ALL the frames from the movie will be selected, or you will end up with a movie that contains what you last did with DVDx.

Step 3c/3d - This movie has a total of 44 chapters, so i've selected the first 22 chapters for the first Volume, and from chapter 23 to 44 for the second Volume. (* NOTE: Make sure the volume doesn't exceed the size of your media, under the "Selected Size!" *)
When you are done, press the "Close" button, and this will take you back to the previous settings, press the "Apply" button.

Step 4 - After you have pressed the "Apply" button, you will be back in the main menu of DVDx, press the "Encode" button to start.

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