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Sefy's DVD Backup Guide v2.6
 Updated October 3, 2004
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Sefy's Complete DVD Backup Guide v2.6
Using - DVD Master 2002

This is a copying program I recenetly came across on the net, it has a pretty easy to use interface, and although it didn't copy as many movies as other programs, it could get better soon, so watch out for this one too!

Step 1 - Place your DVD movie in your drive (DVD drive, NOT a CD drive!), Press "Rip movie only", and this will automaticly select all the titles and all the chapters/scenes, and all you need to do is select the audio track (Language) for the movie. If you are going to do a DVD to DVDR, then you better use NOT enable the "Rip movie only" feature and select all the titles!

Step 2 - Select the Target Location where the files will be copied to, and then press the "Rip Movie" button to copy the movie VOB's.

Step 3 - Press the "Rip" button and the program will start copying all the Movie VOB's into your Target Location, gives information on DVD Speed, Time, and the Used Key for decrypting.

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