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Sefy's DVD Backup Guide v2.6
 Updated October 3, 2004
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Sefy's Complete DVD Backup Guide v2.6
What's New ? - History!
This page will keep you updated about what changed were made to the guide itself, and if certain programs were updated during that time, and if you want to know what may come in the future, check the Future Plans!

Changes in Guide v2.6 (Includes latest daily updates)
1) INFO: This release contains updates for programs, and new Encoding and DVD to DVDR programs.

2) CHANGES: Thanks for latest donations, I have done many changes in this release of the guide, here are the most obvious ones:
  • The Introduction page has been changed, also the bottom frame includes a link to the Disclaimer page.
  • Comments/Suggestion Page has been added to the guide, you can access it using the "Help" section. Now it's possible for you to make a suggestion or leave a comment.
  • I've removed the TMPGEnc Manual mode from the "Encoding" (it's still accessible within the guide) and i've added TMPGEnc XPress instead. Also added are Canopus ProCoder, Cucusoft, HonesTech and Sceneo encoders to the "Encoding".
  • Added Nero Recode to the "Backup!" and also to the "Copying" as a tool that encodes from DVD to DivX, also added to the "Backup!" are "InstantCopy" and "DVD Copy 2"
  • I've added two "sub" categories to cover ripping of Subtitles from your DVD Movie and also Multiplexing, these will be on the "Authoring" section of the guide, since you need these steps before you actually burn your backup movie.
  • I've replaced the "Future Plans" page with a "Term Glossary" page, as i've figured it's more important to understand the terms being used throughout the guide. All the definitions are taken from AfterDawn glossary page.
  • Finally added the "VCDEasy - Menus" creation to the guide, and since chapters are required before the menus, you will find the menus as a Sub-section in the Chapters area and once you are done creating the Menus it will take you back to the guide.
3) ADDED: The following programs have been added to the guide.
  • SubRip v1.17.1
  • DVDFab v1.90
  • AnyDVD v3.6.2.4
  • Nero Recode v2.0
  • ImagoMPG-Muxer
  • RM Converter v2.21
  • MaestroSBT v2.4.3.5
  • WinSubMux v0.2.0.2
  • Sceneo Vcopy v1.1.02
  • bbMPEG v1.24 beta 18
  • Pinnacle InstantCopy v8.0
  • Canopus ProCoder Express
  • TMPGEnc XPress v3.0.4.2
  • I-Author Deluxe for SVCD v2.0
  • Cucusoft Video Converter v4.29
  • HonesTech MPEG Encoder v6.0
  • InterVideo DVD Copy 2 Platinum
  • Womble MPEG Video Wizard 2003
4) UPDATED: The following programs have been updated in this guide release
  • VCDEasy v2.0.2
  • DVD2SVCD v1.2.2 b1
  • Video Server Plugins v1.0.0.2

Changes in Guide v2.5
1) INFO: This release contains updates for programs, and DVD Backup and Burning which will be under the DVD Source section.

2) CHANGES: Thanks for latest donations, I have done many changes in this release of the guide, here are the most obvious ones:
  • All the HTML pages have been re-done to have the appearance more readable, and to represent this change, the background has been changed to white and the menu and title/bottom bars are more colorful! (so I can know which page I updated!)
  • There is a new Category in the Menu bar at the top and on the Main Download links to include "DVD Backup" from DVD to DVDR.
  • I have joined an Affiliate program with some of the Program Authors, so if you buy their program through this guide, you will recieve an email from me with a download link to a Standalone Version of the Complete DVD Backup Guide.
  • The "Programs Used" page has been altered to provide you with basic information regarding the programs in the guide and also a quick link to Donate or Buy the program from within the guide. The Programs which i'm Affiliated with are marked in Green.

3) UPDATED: The following programs have been updated in this guide release
  • Alcohol 120% v1.4.8.1222
  • BlindWrite Suite v5.1.6
  • GoldenHawk CDRWin v3.9F
  • DVD Decrypter v3.2.1.0
  • ImTOO DVD Ripper v2.0.12
  • MainConcept Encoder v1.4.2
  • Nero Burning ROM v6.3.1.6
  • NTI CD&DVD Maker v6.7
  • Panasonic MPEG1&2 v1.10
  • TMPGEnc / Plus v2.
  • VCDEasy v2.0.1
  • VCDwizard v2.8.5.0
4) ADDED: From this version, there are also DVD to DVDR backup programs included
  • ReJig v0.5e
  • DVD2one v1.4.0
  • DVD Shrink v3.1.7
  • CloneDVD v2.0.8.4
  • DVD Copy Suite v1.12.001

Changes in Guide v2.4
1) INFO: This guide mostly contains updates for programs, and i'm preparing it for a QuickTime and DVD to DVD Media backup

2) CHANGES: There has been many changes in this latest release, here they are:

  • DVD Decrypter has now also been added to the Burning Programs list, as it is a fully capable burning program for ISO and BIN images, and very easy to use!
  • The VirtualDub section has been changed, it only shows the FrameServing, and if you want to use VobSub, there is a Link within that section to the VobSub explanation.
  • FlaskMPEG and MPEG Mediator pages modified, the Plugins are no longer part of that page, but are in different pages. This way, I can add other filters/plugins in another HTML file and simply link to them, instead of having to rewrite the whole page again, which also saves time on loading the images.
  • Another change is the MENU bar at the top, i've added DVDx (Direct) and ImTOO DVD Ripper into the "Copying" section, and also moved the EazyVCD and EasyDivX into the "Copying" category since they all access the DVD directly.
  • A Minor change would also be the "Bullets" used instead of the "Using -" infront of each program, I think it looks nicer that way and also makes everything easier to read and more ordered ;-)

3) ADDED: The Following programs have been added:
  • Dr. DivX v1.0.4
  • ImTOO DVD Ripper v2.0.6
  • VCDImager Tools GUI v1.1.270
  • Cinema Craft Encoder Basic v2.67
  • AVI-MPEG-ASF-WMV Splitter v2.31

4) UPDATED: The Following programs have been updated:
  • burnatonce 0.99b
  • VirtualDub 1.5.10
  • VCDEasy v1.1.7.2
  • VCDwizard v2.8.3.0
  • Alcohol 120% v1.4.7
  • DVD Decrypter v3.1.7
  • BlindWrite Suite v5.0.2
  • DVD2SVCD v1.2.1 b3
  • MC MPEG Encoder v1.4.1
  • NTI CD&DVD Maker 6.5 Platinum

Changes in Guide v2.3

1) INFO: Since i've managed to fix all the HTML's in the previous version, i'm now working more on enhancing the guide so it will be easier to do navigation in it, you may notice there is now a bottom frame which is permenent and gives you immediate links to the Troubleshooting and to the Main Introduction page, so no need to go to the bottom of each page for it.

2) FIXED: Everyone who viewed the Guide in Full Screen, had lots of space wasted because of the way the Frames were set, this time i've made them into permenent sizes, so even if you enlarge the guide, the Title/Menu and Bottom frames will ALWAYS stay the same size, giving more view for the main pages to load.

3) ADDED: The Following programs have been added:

- EasyDivX v0.82
- DVD2SVCD v1.2.1 b2

4) UPDATED: The Following programs have been updated:

- CladDVD 2.5.0
- VirtualDub 1.5.4
- burnatonce 0.99a
- VCDEasy v1.1.5.2
- VCDwizard v2.8.2.0
- FireBurner v2.21 WE
- Alcohol 120% v1.4.6
- DVD Decrypter v3.1.6
- BlindWrite Suite v4.5.7
- MC MPEG Encoder v1.4
- Nero Burning-ROM v6.0

Changes in Guide v2.2

1) INFO: Since most of the updates to programs have been made in all the daily updates for the v2.1 of the guide, in this release i've been working on fixing links and the navigation between all the pages, i've also contacted every program author, and those who replied back i've put their names in the "Special Credits" page, there has also been another Donation, which is why i'm even working on updating the guide.

2) INFO: All the HTML's in the Guide have been Re-Written and Corrected, and have been checked by the W3C MarkUp Validation Service to be compatible with the HTML 4.01 Standard! this should hopefully make loading of the guide faster and also be alot more compatible with all kinds of browsers.

3) NEW: The guide now covers AVI/DivX and RealMovie inputs, not just a DVD Movie!

4) UPDATES: The following programs have been updated for Complete Guide:

- EO-Video v1.312
- Eazy VCD v1.1.5a
- BlindWrite Suite v4.3.0
- NTI CD Maker v6.0 Platinum

5) ADDED: The following programs are added to the Complete Guide:

- DVD2SVCD v1.2.1

6) NEW:  Internal Link in the VirtualDub section will show you how to create "Forced Subtitles" instead of "Regular Subtitles"

Changes in Guide v2.1

1) CHANGED: The main page has been altered to give direct links to other internal guides ( * TMGPEnc / DVDx / VirtualDub+LSX * ) that are based on the Complete Guide, the more guides combination I add, will have links through them to the other guides for easy switching access.

2) ADDED: The following program has been added to the Complete Guide:

- Eazy VCD v1.14e
- BurnAtOnce v0.95b
- Alcohol 120% v1.4.1
- MainConcept MPEG Encoder v1.3.1

3) UPDATED: The following programs have been updated for both the Classical & Complete Guide:

- VCDEasy v1.1.4
- DVD2AVI v1.77.3
-ChapterXtractor 0.962

4) UPDATED: The following programs have been updated for only the the Complete Guide:

- DVDx v2.2
- VirtualDub v1.5.1


- VFAPI Reader v1.05

- FlaskMPEG 0.78.39
MPEG Mediator v1.5

DVD Decryptor v3.1.4
DVD Master 2002 v1.5
- BlindWrite Suite

5) UPDATED: All the download links on the main page have been updated

6) ADDED: New "Guide: Mirror Links" has been added to the Help section, and also a Donation page has been added.

7) UPDATED: Most of the Help pages have been updated with new information and links

Changes in Guide v2.0

1) CHANGED: The apperance of the guide has been changed again, you may not notice it at first since all the images are basicly the same, but there has been alot of cosmetic changes, giving you the option to choose which route you want to take, hopefully, will make things easier!.

2) UPDATED:  The Menu bar should only be used to access the programs on the guide, newbie's should use the links IN the guide for correct order of backing up the DVD. You may also notice the structure of the menubar has changed, not all intermediate steps are accessible through it (for the time being).

3) UPDATED:  TMPGEnc - Wizard Mode from v2.53 in the Encoding Section.

4) UPDATED: VCDEasy in Chapters/Imaging and Burning all to v1.0.9.

5) UPDATED: CladMdec has been replaced with CladDVD XP v1.3 in Copying (thank to kwag!).

6) UPDATED: TSCV in Chapters and Menus to v0.85 Beta 1

7) UPDATED: FireBurner in Burning to v2.17 / BlindWrite in Burning to 1.2.5.

8) ADDED: VCDWizard v2.0.0.2  - a VCDImager GUI in the Chapters section.

9) ADDED: Nero DVD Authoring  - for those who want to do a DVD to DVD media backup (not accessible through the menubar!).

10) ADDED: Intermediate Step for cutting large MPEG files, using TMPGEnc and M-Editor (not accessible through the menubar!) .

11) ADDED: MPEG Mediator v1.0, it's a flask clone shell which uses Premiere Plugins (accessible through the Encoding on the menubar)

12) ADDED: VirtualDub v1.4.x and VideoServer v0.93 (accessible through the FrameServing on the menubar)

13) ADDED: CCE SP Standalone v2.64 & LSX MPEG Encoder v3.5 (through VirtualDub and VideoServer in the FrameServing menubar)

Changes in Guide v1.9

1) FIXED: Switched between the Chapters and Menus pages, so it will have in a more correct order, since first we create Chapters and only then we create the Menus based on those same Chapters.

2) CHANGED: The What's New will now also reflect the changes between the guide versions.

3) ADDED: TMPGEnc - Wizard Mode from v2.50 in the Encoding Section

4) ADDED: VCDEasy using CDRDao to the Burning section.

5) UPDATED: CladMdec in Copying to v1.5 / Smart Ripper in Copying to v2.41

6) UPDATED: VideoServer in FrameServing to v0.93 

7) UPDATED: TSCV in Chapters and Menus to v0.83 Beta 1 / VCDEasy in Chapters to v1.0.5

8) UPDATED: FireBurner in Burning to v2.12 / BlindWrite in Burning to

Changes in Guide v1.8

1) UPDATED: DVDx section now reflects the latest version 1.6! also updated DVD Decryptor, Smart Ripper and added CladMdec to copying.

2) ADDED: Menus & Chapters - New sections to help you create your own Menus and Chapters on VideoCD and SuperVideoCD discs using different tools.

3) ADDED: CDRDao, FireBurner and BlindWrite to the Imaging and Burning.

4) UPDATED: Updated TSCV Chapters to v0.82 Beta 2 (Adding TSCV Menus to guide soon...)

5) ADDED: VCDEasy, as it supports True Chapters on VCD/SVCD, it was added to Chapters section.

6) ADDED: VFAPI Converter to the FrameServing section, used for letting programs access VOB files.

7) ADDED: XingMPEG Encoder / Panasonic MPEG1 Standalone and CinemaCraft 2.62 Plugin to the Encoding Section.

8) ADDED: NTI CD Maker 2000 Professional to the Burning Section.

9) RESTORED: VCDImagerGUI to Imaging section, don't know why, but it was requested, so it's back.

10) UPDATED: Completly redesigned the guide so it will give you easier navigation and faster loading times, and also easier for me to update and add new programs, also replaced the Menus, currently not working properly in Netscape 4 version, but will be fixed soon!!, also, all the
JPG images were replaced with the much smaller PNG images, the whole guide is now only 1.3mb (compared to 5mb before!) and this will
speed up the entire loading of the guide!

11) FIXED: The whole previous 1.6 Guide was full of incorrect links on alot of the pages, i've went over page by page and fixed all the bad links, if you do happen to find one I missed, please let me know, I can't fix what I don't know, and having so many pages doesn't make it easier.