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Sefy's DVD Backup Guide v2.6
 Updated October 3, 2004
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Sefy's Complete DVD Backup Guide v2.6
Using - DVD Copy Suite

A Simple to use Shareware which gives you near total control over how to Backup your DVD Movie. You can select to remove Extras you do not want. Or just backup the Main Movie. Create Image File or Burn Directly to your DVDR media.

NOTE: I Recommand using "AnyDVD" to get a direct access to your DVD Movie without needing to copy it to your HDD!

Step 1) Click on "Backup Video-DVD"

Step 2(a/b/c) - Select the "Source" for your DVD movie (a), this can be a DVD disc, a folder on your HDD (b) or an "image file" and if your Movie is larger then DVDR media capacity, use the "Compress DVD" option (c), and then click on "Next" to conintue.




Step 3 (a/b) - Now you can select the "Audio" and "Subtitle" on how to compress the Titleset on your DVD. By Default the "Automatic" is on (a), select the "Manual" to be able to change options. Then click on the "Title Set" you want to change, when done click on "OK" and then press "Start" to begin.

Step 4 - This process will take away, if you wish to abort it, just click on the "Cancel" button.

Next - Burning To DVDR Media!