Tools: TMPGEnc. To edit MPEG2 make sure that you have MPEG2 codec installed.

Launch TMPGEnc and close the Wizard.

0. Select in the menu File->MPEG-Tools and press Merge & Cut.
1. Select Video-CD or if making SVCD select Super Video-CD
2. Add the mpg (if join add all the mpgs)
3. Doubleclick on the mpg if you want cut/split out a part of the mpg. (see below)
4. Select Output and OK.


First hit Play and then Pause or else it wont work so good. (If it freezes check the Problems sections below.)
1. Drag the bar to where the clip should start
2. Hit Start
3. Drag the bar to where the clip should end
4. Hit End
5. OK


If TMPGEnc Freezes when editing

Be sure to Press Play and Pause before editing


"Well I found out a way to get around it. u have to got into the edit screen then move the slider to the 2 positions write down the seconds. tmpge with probably be frozen by now. then u ctrl+alt+del it re-open it then open the edit screen and just put in the numbers DO NOT touch the slider bar, i found that to be the reason it crashes. U should maybe put this info some where on the page because i spent an hour or so messing with it. So it could save people some time and frustration" /Daniel


"Hey i think a way around the freezing in TMPGEnc is to make swap step 3&4. If you put an output before you edit the movie it won't freeze ... at least not for me. It may not work for everyone but it worked on my 2 computers. "


Try to cut with another editor