This method is only good if you want to put your SVCDs on a DVD±R/W, do not use it if you are converting from another source like DVD, DV, AVI or DivX to DVD.

You can not burn as SVCD on a DVD the same way as burning on a CDR/W. But you can convert the SVCD to a "DVD-SVCD" that will work on many DVD Players. Standard DVD do not support the SVCD MPEG2 standard but you can anyway make some kind of xDVD without reconverting the video that will work on many DVD Players. If you want a fully compatible DVD reconvert your SVCD to DVD instead. The DVD standard requires 48 khz audio(SVCD is 44 khz) so it requires some preparation before authoring and burning the xDVD.

(Note! If your DVD Player supports MPEG1/2 ISO files, you could just copy the SVCD MPG files to your HD and burn them directly on a DVD±R/W as standard data. You should then be able to select and play the MPG files from the file browser on your DVD Player. But this DVDSVCD will only work on DVD Players that supports MPEG1/2 ISO. )


Use DVD-lab or SVCD2DVD.