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This guide helps you to convert SVCD or MPEG2/MP2 files to VCD (or SVCD or DVD), for example if your DVD Player does not support SVCDs. But before you do this you could try this other VCD Header trick to fool your DVD Player to play a SVCD as a VCD with no reconverting at all which means no quality loss compared but it may not work on all DVD Players.

Note! You can also open MPEG2 directly in TMPGEnc if you have a MPEG2 codec installed but it may sometimes not work with SVCD MPEG2s and you may get audio sync problems.


Tools required: DVD2AVI 1.76+ (or download from here), TMPGEnc and the TMPGEnc VFAPI Plugin.

Note! DVD2AVI does not convert the MPEG2/SVCD to an AVI, it is just decoding the MPEG2/SVCD so you can open it in TMPGEnc.

Step 0 Preperation

Install TMPGEnc to a folder.

Download DVD2AVI and extract the DVD2AVI.exe and the DVD2AVI.vfp to the same folder as TMPGEnc.

Last be sure download the VFAPI plug-in for TMPGEnc and extract it to the TMPGEnc folder and run the install.bat file.

Step 1 Decoding the MPEG2/SVCD

Launch DVD2AVI.

Select File->Open to open the SVCD/MPEG2s videos (select under File Types View All files to open .mpg files).
When finished, press OK. It should look something like this:

If everything went OK, the movie should appear in the preview window

Select under Option->Preview and a statistics window appear, note the Video Type. We will use it later. Press ESC or select File->Stop to stop the preview window.
If the Video type is FILM select under Video->Field Operation->Force Film, if Video type is PAL or NTSC leave everything to default.

Last select File->Save Project and save the project to any folder.
This will take some time, the program will decode the audio into a mpa--file and the video to a very tiny .d2v file. Just wait until it is finished and then close DVD2AVI.
Note: DVD2AVI does not convert the MPEG2//SVCD to an AVI, it's just makes so you can open it in TMPGEnc.

After DVD2AVI has saved the project you should have two files.

Something like this:
test MPA T01 DELAY -86.mpa

Step 2 Encoding

Launch TMPGEnc and close the Wizard.

1. Select Video source and open the .d2v file as the Video source
and select Audio Source and open the .mpa file as the Audio source(select View all files to open the .mpa).
(if you receive any errors when opening the video or audio read the problems section here).

2. Now you need the Video type that you noted here in DVD2AVI. Hit template Load at the bottom right to load the correct Template:

if making VCD load
VideoCD(PAL) if the video type is PAL or
VideoCD(NTSC) if the video type is NTSC
VideoCD(NTSCFilm) if video type is FILM.

if making SVCD load
SuperVideoCD(PAL) if the video type is PAL or
SuperVideoCD(NTSC) if the video type is NTSC
SuperVideoCD(NTSCFilm) if video type is FILM.

if making DVD load
DVD (PAL) if the video type is PAL
DVD (NTSC) if the video type is NTSC
DVD (NTSC) if the video type is FILM and also load the unlock template and change under Settings->Video->Frame rate to 23,967 and then the Encode mode to 3:2 pulldown when playback.

3. Select Settings.
Under Video you can select quality, Use High Quality for great quality.
Under Advanced, GOP, Quantizer matrices, Audio and System need no changes.

4. Hit Encode and it will start encoding. You could stop after a while and play to check that it is okey and then restart the encoding.


Step 3 Cutting and Burning

Now you can burn the mpg as a VCD (or SVCD or DVD) or first you maybe have to cut or join the mpg then read the edit mpgs.


The video looks like shit in DVD2AVI

If you are adding a SVCD in DVD2AVI you may have to demultiplex it, to this open the video using TMPGEnc File->MPEG-Tools Basic Multiplex. And hit Start, it will take some time. Then open the .m2v in DVD2AVI and skip the audio part.

If you receive an error when opening the video or audio in TMPGEnc
If you can't open the .d2v file please try copy the dvd2avi.vfp from the dvd2avi folder to the TMPGEnc folder and also check that you have installed the VFAPI plug-in for TMPGEnc to the same folder and run the install.bat file.
If you can't open the .mpa file try to change the codec reader settings in TMPGEnc under Option->Environmental settings->VFAPI plug-in and right click on the DirectShow Multimedia File Reader and increase the priority to 1 or 2 and try reopen the video and audio.

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