RM to MPG or AVI

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valign="top"> Converting RealMedia to AVI, DivX or MPG VCD,SVCD

-EO Video (15 day trial available, download from here if the main site is down).
-TMPGEnc (if making compliant VCD,SVCD)

Install and launch EO Video.

Use the Explorer and drag your RM file(s) to the Playlist to the right.

Click on Convert at the bottom.

Click on Profile, select VCD MPG or DivX AVI
if VCD MPG, under Video select 352 x 240 and 29,97 fps if you wanna make NTSC VCD or 352 x 288 and 25 fps if PAL VCD and constant bitrate 1150 kbit/s, under Audio select MPEG layer2, Stereo and 224 kbit/s.
if DivX AVI, unde Video select compression latest DivX and you can use any size but best to use the same as the RM, under Audio use for example MPEG3 Layer compression or DivX Audio.

Click on Output and select output folder and also maybe if you wanna join all clips or cut them when converting.

Click on Convert and the CONVERT button.


If you have converted to MPG and want to burn as VCD you must multiplex the MPG to compliant VCD format, use TMPGEnc, start TMPGEnc and select File->Mpeg Tools, select Simple Multiplex, select under Type MPEG1 VideoCD, select under Video and Audio source you created MPG and under output where to save the new made MPG and last hit RUN. Now you can burn the new MPG as VCD.



The quality sucks?
Crap in crap out! RM videos are often very very compressed and the image quality is not the best then and converting it to another format will make it even worse but it might be the only way if you want it to play on a standalone DVD Player or if you want it in DivX format.

Encoding to MPG takes forever and the result is bad?
Try convert to DivX or uncompressed AVI and then to MPG with TMPGEnc.

Other RM Converting methods

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