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Submagic is an application to convert, edit sync, create movie subtitles. It supports several formats, has a lot of features and kunctions, is easy to operate and best of all... it's free!

Released:Mar 28,2009
File size:2.4MB
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Latest version

0.71 (March 28, 2009)


Download SubMagic 0.71  [2.4MB]

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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

March 28th 2009... Version 0.71 has been released. What's new:

* General: Build with Visual Studio 2008 and DirectX 10 SDK (November 2008) to better support Windows Vista and Windows Se7en.
* Portability: Uses a configuration file to store all settings instead of the Windows registry.
* Unicode: Support for Unicode subtitle files added.
* User Interface: several cosmetic changes.
* Video playback: fixed disappearing of video window when resizing, switching tabs or switching applications.
* General: Check for new versions at startup is now performed in the background to prevent some delay before the application could be used.

Version 0.70 is released. What's new:

* Check Page: Fixed several incorrect added and removed spaces.
* General: Changed font of list to the Windows Icon Font for better readability.
* Configuration: Added 2 possible credits.

Version 0.69 is released. What's new:

* Check Page: Fixed a major bug in the duration calculation. Subs were shown way too long.
* Check Page: When splitting a too long 2-line sub the duration was divided according to the length of both lines. No minimal duration was taken into account. Now a absolute minimum of 1 second is forced for the shortest line.

Version 0.68 is released. What's new:

* Check Page: An additional space was inserted incorectly after a '...' at the beginning of a line.

Version 0.67 is released. What's new:

* Build: Build with the latest DirectX SDK (August 2007). Added the required d3dx9_35.dll to the installation. This dll should have been part of the Microsoft DirectX installation but it isn't.
* Sync Page: Fixed a bug when moving a selection and the selection is only the last line. The sub could overlap the previous one.
* Play Movie Page: Fixed a bug where the video display was not updated when the progress bar was clicked when in pause state.
* Check Page: Warnings for extreme short and long durations can now be switched off and their values can be changed.
* Check Page: Fixed a problem of spaces being added incorrectly, eg. ??? -> ? ? ?.
* Options Page: added possibility to set the frame rate when saving a MicroDVD (*.sub) file. Until now 25.000 was always used.
* General: The top position of the listbox is now maintained when switching tabs instead of forcing the selected line to be visible.
* General: Added check for new version at startup.

Version 0.66 is released. What's new:

* Play Movie Page / Edit Page: Added Search and Replace Button (and corresponding Ctrl-H accelerator).
* Play Movie Page / Edit Page: Added Match Whole Word and Match Case options to the Search Dialog.
* Check Page: Lines with all uppercase characters are not joined anymore.
* Check Page: Small performance improvements.
* Check Page: Fixed bug were subtitles with very short durations could become negative.
* Check Page: Added warnings for extreme long (> 10 sec) and short (< 0.5 sec) durations AFTER attempts to fix them. The ranges are fixed for now.
* General: Added some new icons.
* General: Set the version number of the executable to the correct version.

Version 0.65 is released. What's new:

* General: Added Minimize / Maximize buttons.
* File Operations Page: fixed Split function.
* File Operations Page: Added Save Selection function.
* General: Changed font of subtitle edit fields and logging windows for better readabillity.
* General: Added 'synced' and 'resynced' to the list of possible credits to remove.

Version 0.64 is released. What's new:

* General - Fixed an incorrect CR/LF sequence during saving of ASCII files.

Version 0.63 is released. What's new:

* General - Repair incorrect CR/LF ended lines during reading of files.

Version 0.62 is released. What's new:

* Edit Page - Fixed bug when removing a selection.
* Fix Errors Page - Fixed corrupting of stop time of the last subtitle.
* Fix Errors Page - Fixed losing new setting of dynamic duration.

Version 0.61 is released. What's new:

* Play Movie Page - Fixed long delay when re-activating the page.
* Analyze Page - Remember selection when leaving and re-activating the page.
* Analyze Page - Added Save Selection feature (for team LiT).
* Analyze Page - Added invalid displayed numbers option.
* Analyze Page - Fixed crash when selecting Previous Error when the first error is selected.
* Analyze Page - Errors are reset when performing a new Analize is done.
* Translate Page - Added Ctrl-S (Save without any questions asked) accelerator.
* Fix Errors Page - Dynamic duration and number of characters per line are now saved (and restored) correctly.
* General - A file can now be opened with SubMagic by doubleclicking or by selecting 'Open With' from an explorer window.
* Fix Errors Page - Fixed a problem were a space behind a period was added incorrectly: 'Just an example.' -> 'Just an example. '
* Fix Errors Page - Fixed a problem were a triple period was added incorrectly: 'Just an example...' -> 'Just an example...'...
* Edit Page - Fixed a bug when using Remove All.
* Check For Errors Page - Optimized speed for some error checks.
* General - Fixed a rounding error in the milliseconds calculation during saving.
* Fix Errors Page - Extended the Fix Quotes check.

Version 0.60 is released. What's new:

* Play Movie Page - When deleting the last subtitle the application crashed.
* Play Movie Page - Numbers of subs are updated when deleting a line.
* Fix Errors Page - Added some new entries to the list of possible credits to remove (team Lost In Translation &
* Fix Errors Page - Fixed a bug in the internal datastructure after a Fix
Errors was performed possibly causing a crash later on.
* Files Page - Fixed a problem with updating the progress bar during
executing of DVDSupencode.
* Files Page - Fixed a problem with error detecting during executing of
* General - When a file is changed a save request is prompted on exiting.

Version 0.59 is released. What's new:

* Development environment - Moved to Visual Studio 2005 with MFC 8.0 Library and full Unicode support.
* Play Movie Page - Duration and Position microscrolls are now enabled when a subtitle is selected and playstate is not Playing.
* Edit Page - Duration and Position microscrolls and Auto button functions are now fully implemented.
* Edit Page - Changed to graphical duration and start time displays.
* Framerate Page - PAL2NTSC and NTSC2PAL buttons now immediately perform the corresponding framerame conversion.
* Synchronize Page - Fully translated.
* Framerate Page - Fully translated.
* General - Fixed a crash when a new subtitle was loaded and the last selection was higher than the number of subtitles in the new file.
* Look & Feel - Replaced the bitmap of the Exit button.

May 15th 2006
Version 0.58 has been released. A hugh list of changes:

- General: Fixed crash when trying to autoload a previous file which is renamed or removed.
- General: Fixed saving of ASCII file resulting in adding extra Carriage Returns due to the used UNICODE libraries.
- Synchronize Page: a single selection or the first in of a multi selection is now passed to other pages.
- Synchronize Page: Selecting a range now forces the Selection radio button.
- Synchronize Page: Fixed a crash when split a subtitle in the play movie page and switching to the Synchronize page.
- Play Movie Page: Fixed incorrect display of second and higher columns when inserting a new subtitle.
- Check For Errors Page: Added a check to fix split numbers. eg. 1 997 -> 1997.
- Check For Errors Page: Select All and Select None buttons now actually update all checks.
- Play Movie Page: First frame is shown when Stopped instead of last played one..
- Edit Page: Fixed starting position when searching for new text.
- Edit Page: Fixed crash when deleting last subtitle.
- Play Movie Page: Fixed starting position when searching for new text.
- Play Movie Page: Added accelerators for [CTRL-F] (find first), [F3] (find next), [INS] (insert line), [DELETE] (delete selected line), [HOME] (move to first line) and [END] (move to the last line).
- Play Movie Page: Last position of last used AVI is now remembered and restored.
- Play Movie Page: Selected line of last used subtitle is now remembered and restored.
- Play Movie Page: Subtitle in video screen is now directly changed when the text in the edit fields is eddited.
- Play Movie Page: Hitting [ENTER] when edditing the second line now advances to the next subtitle and still put the focus on the first line.
- Play Movie Page: Insert now inserts at exact current location when playing or directly after the current selected subtitle when stopped or in pause.
- Play Movie Page: The Auto Duration button now uses the setting of the Fix Errors page
- Play Movie Page: Browsing through the list with the cursor keys now also updates the movie position, time display and edit fields.
- AVI Info Page: Fully translated.

March 28th 2006
Version 0.57 has been released:

- Check For Errors Page: Insert no space behind period in case of .' .
- Main Window: Size and position were not remembered.
- Play Movie Page: Fixed Move and Stretch (SubSync) functions.
- General: some more user interface items translated. Still a lot to do :(
- Synchronize Page: Added extra Move and Stretch buttons.
- Synchronize Page: Selection is remembered when switching between pages.
- Synchronize Page: Check for overlapping and negative times when moving.
- General: Added full UNICODE support !!!

Version 0.56 has been released:

- Moved from DirectX 8.1 to DirectX 9.0c
- Changed the updating of Color Listboxes to reduce flickering.
- Fixed a drawing error for clickable text items in analize tab.
- Added subtitles to the video display. Still have to add outlines for better readability.
- Credits to remove and OCR errors are now customizable via configuration file.
- Improved "Subsync" features to shift and stretch subtitles during playback.
- Initial support for language files. Dutch translation partially done.
- Fixed bug when starting with AVI info tab when previous AVI was deleted from your hard drive.
- Added check for invalid timings in check for errors.
- Initial color theme support.
- Swapped order of 'removed trailing dashes on first line' and 'Triple Periods' during fixing of errors.
- Algorithm of resizing of application window and all controls improved.
- Analise is now called Analyze ;-)
- Several cosmetic fixes.

november 8th 2005 - Version 0.55

- Long waiting time for selecting the Analize tab is solved.
- Analize tab is extended with additional checks. All results can be clicked on to jump directly to the corresponding subtitle.
- Beautify tab (formally known as Check for Errors) is now called 'Fix Errors'.
- new application icon.
- The algoritm to parse invalid srt files is now much more robust.
- credits FTC added to the internal list of credits to remove.
- Improved / cleaned up the code for resizing the pages and rearranging the controls.
- Windows XP Visual Styles support.
- Crash with closing the application with the cross on the upper right corner fixed.
- New header on every tab.
- New check for double (incorrect ripped) subtitles.
- Enter in Edit and Play Movie tabs now move focus to next edit field.
- Hang in Fix errors for"-> GA 'M ZIEN IN DE BIOSCOOP !!! <-" solved.
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8 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

I couldn't use it. It crashed all the time I tried to open it.

Review by Earthman on Mar 20, 2011 Version: 0.71 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

Tried opening an SSA file with UTF-8 text, but the program won't take, giving me an error. Tried many other subtitling programs before this and they all open without a problem.

Review by Windows 7 user on Jul 26, 2010 Version: 0.71 OS: Windows 7 Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 5/10 Overall: 1/10

Have been using Submagic since 2005 as my main subtitle tool and never had a problem (ie crashing like previous comment). I find it versatile with many functions from sync issues to editing and fixing many other problems. It is and will remain one of those essential pieces of software in my video tools.

Review by dweeb52 on Jan 5, 2010 Version: 0.71 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Can't get it to work at all. It crashes all the time after about 10 seconds of running.

Review by branch on Jan 4, 2010 Version: 0.71 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

*.VOB files work fine for me!!

Review by Beezer1971 on Sep 13, 2009 Version: 0.71 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 5/10 Overall: 8/10

8 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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