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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for SubMagic

March 28th 2009... Version 0.71 has been released. What's new:

* General: Build with Visual Studio 2008 and DirectX 10 SDK (November 2008) to better support Windows Vista and Windows Se7en.
* Portability: Uses a configuration file to store all settings instead of the Windows registry.
* Unicode: Support for Unicode subtitle files added.
* User Interface: several cosmetic changes.
* Video playback: fixed disappearing of video window when resizing, switching tabs or switching applications.
* General: Check for new versions at startup is now performed in the background to prevent some delay before the application could be used.

Version 0.70 is released. What's new:

* Check Page: Fixed several incorrect added and removed spaces.
* General: Changed font of list to the Windows Icon Font for better readability.
* Configuration: Added 2 possible credits.

Version 0.69 is released. What's new:

* Check Page: Fixed a major bug in the duration calculation. Subs were shown way too long.
* Check Page: When splitting a too long 2-line sub the duration was divided according to the length of both lines. No minimal duration was taken into account. Now a absolute minimum of 1 second is forced for the shortest line.

Version 0.68 is released. What's new:

* Check Page: An additional space was inserted incorectly after a '...' at the beginning of a line.

Version 0.67 is released. What's new:

* Build: Build with the latest DirectX SDK (August 2007). Added the required d3dx9_35.dll to the installation. This dll should have been part of the Microsoft DirectX installation but it isn't.
* Sync Page: Fixed a bug when moving a selection and the selection is only the last line. The sub could overlap the previous one.
* Play Movie Page: Fixed a bug where the video display was not updated when the progress bar was clicked when in pause state.
* Check Page: Warnings for extreme short and long durations can now be switched off and their values can be changed.
* Check Page: Fixed a problem of spaces being added incorrectly, eg. ??? -> ? ? ?.
* Options Page: added possibility to set the frame rate when saving a MicroDVD (*.sub) file. Until now 25.000 was always used.
* General: The top position of the listbox is now maintained when switching tabs instead of forcing the selected line to be visible.
* General: Added check for new version at startup.

Version 0.66 is released. What's new:

* Play Movie Page / Edit Page: Added Search and Replace Button (and corresponding Ctrl-H accelerator).
* Play Movie Page / Edit Page: Added Match Whole Word and Match Case options to the Search Dialog.
* Check Page: Lines with all uppercase characters are not joined anymore.
* Check Page: Small performance improvements.
* Check Page: Fixed bug were subtitles with very short durations could become negative.
* Check Page: Added warnings for extreme long (> 10 sec) and short (< 0.5 sec) durations AFTER attempts to fix them. The ranges are fixed for now.
* General: Added some new icons.
* General: Set the version number of the executable to the correct version.

Version 0.65 is released. What's new:

* General: Added Minimize / Maximize buttons.
* File Operations Page: fixed Split function.
* File Operations Page: Added Save Selection function.
* General: Changed font of subtitle edit fields and logging windows for better readabillity.
* General: Added 'synced' and 'resynced' to the list of possible credits to remove.

Version 0.64 is released. What's new:

* General - Fixed an incorrect CR/LF sequence during saving of ASCII files.

Version 0.63 is released. What's new:

* General - Repair incorrect CR/LF ended lines during reading of files.

Version 0.62 is released. What's new:

* Edit Page - Fixed bug when removing a selection.
* Fix Errors Page - Fixed corrupting of stop time of the last subtitle.
* Fix Errors Page - Fixed losing new setting of dynamic duration.

Version 0.61 is released. What's new:

* Play Movie Page - Fixed long delay when re-activating the page.
* Analyze Page - Remember selection when leaving and re-activating the page.
* Analyze Page - Added Save Selection feature (for team LiT).
* Analyze Page - Added invalid displayed numbers option.
* Analyze Page - Fixed crash when selecting Previous Error when the first error is selected.
* Analyze Page - Errors are reset when performing a new Analize is done.
* Translate Page - Added Ctrl-S (Save without any questions asked) accelerator.
* Fix Errors Page - Dynamic duration and number of characters per line are now saved (and restored) correctly.
* General - A file can now be opened with SubMagic by doubleclicking or by selecting 'Open With' from an explorer window.
* Fix Errors Page - Fixed a problem were a space behind a period was added incorrectly: 'Just an example.' -> 'Just an example. '
* Fix Errors Page - Fixed a problem were a triple period was added incorrectly: 'Just an example...' -> 'Just an example...'...
* Edit Page - Fixed a bug when using Remove All.
* Check For Errors Page - Optimized speed for some error checks.
* General - Fixed a rounding error in the milliseconds calculation during saving.
* Fix Errors Page - Extended the Fix Quotes check.

Version 0.60 is released. What's new:

* Play Movie Page - When deleting the last subtitle the application crashed.
* Play Movie Page - Numbers of subs are updated when deleting a line.
* Fix Errors Page - Added some new entries to the list of possible credits to remove (team Lost In Translation &
* Fix Errors Page - Fixed a bug in the internal datastructure after a Fix
Errors was performed possibly causing a crash later on.
* Files Page - Fixed a problem with updating the progress bar during
executing of DVDSupencode.
* Files Page - Fixed a problem with error detecting during executing of
* General - When a file is changed a save request is prompted on exiting.

Version 0.59 is released. What's new:

* Development environment - Moved to Visual Studio 2005 with MFC 8.0 Library and full Unicode support.
* Play Movie Page - Duration and Position microscrolls are now enabled when a subtitle is selected and playstate is not Playing.
* Edit Page - Duration and Position microscrolls and Auto button functions are now fully implemented.
* Edit Page - Changed to graphical duration and start time displays.
* Framerate Page - PAL2NTSC and NTSC2PAL buttons now immediately perform the corresponding framerame conversion.
* Synchronize Page - Fully translated.
* Framerate Page - Fully translated.
* General - Fixed a crash when a new subtitle was loaded and the last selection was higher than the number of subtitles in the new file.
* Look & Feel - Replaced the bitmap of the Exit button.

May 15th 2006
Version 0.58 has been released. A hugh list of changes:

- General: Fixed crash when trying to autoload a previous file which is renamed or removed.
- General: Fixed saving of ASCII file resulting in adding extra Carriage Returns due to the used UNICODE libraries.
- Synchronize Page: a single selection or the first in of a multi selection is now passed to other pages.
- Synchronize Page: Selecting a range now forces the Selection radio button.
- Synchronize Page: Fixed a crash when split a subtitle in the play movie page and switching to the Synchronize page.
- Play Movie Page: Fixed incorrect display of second and higher columns when inserting a new subtitle.
- Check For Errors Page: Added a check to fix split numbers. eg. 1 997 -> 1997.
- Check For Errors Page: Select All and Select None buttons now actually update all checks.
- Play Movie Page: First frame is shown when Stopped instead of last played one..
- Edit Page: Fixed starting position when searching for new text.
- Edit Page: Fixed crash when deleting last subtitle.
- Play Movie Page: Fixed starting position when searching for new text.
- Play Movie Page: Added accelerators for [CTRL-F] (find first), [F3] (find next), [INS] (insert line), [DELETE] (delete selected line), [HOME] (move to first line) and [END] (move to the last line).
- Play Movie Page: Last position of last used AVI is now remembered and restored.
- Play Movie Page: Selected line of last used subtitle is now remembered and restored.
- Play Movie Page: Subtitle in video screen is now directly changed when the text in the edit fields is eddited.
- Play Movie Page: Hitting [ENTER] when edditing the second line now advances to the next subtitle and still put the focus on the first line.
- Play Movie Page: Insert now inserts at exact current location when playing or directly after the current selected subtitle when stopped or in pause.
- Play Movie Page: The Auto Duration button now uses the setting of the Fix Errors page
- Play Movie Page: Browsing through the list with the cursor keys now also updates the movie position, time display and edit fields.
- AVI Info Page: Fully translated.

March 28th 2006
Version 0.57 has been released:

- Check For Errors Page: Insert no space behind period in case of .' .
- Main Window: Size and position were not remembered.
- Play Movie Page: Fixed Move and Stretch (SubSync) functions.
- General: some more user interface items translated. Still a lot to do :(
- Synchronize Page: Added extra Move and Stretch buttons.
- Synchronize Page: Selection is remembered when switching between pages.
- Synchronize Page: Check for overlapping and negative times when moving.
- General: Added full UNICODE support !!!

Version 0.56 has been released:

- Moved from DirectX 8.1 to DirectX 9.0c
- Changed the updating of Color Listboxes to reduce flickering.
- Fixed a drawing error for clickable text items in analize tab.
- Added subtitles to the video display. Still have to add outlines for better readability.
- Credits to remove and OCR errors are now customizable via configuration file.
- Improved "Subsync" features to shift and stretch subtitles during playback.
- Initial support for language files. Dutch translation partially done.
- Fixed bug when starting with AVI info tab when previous AVI was deleted from your hard drive.
- Added check for invalid timings in check for errors.
- Initial color theme support.
- Swapped order of 'removed trailing dashes on first line' and 'Triple Periods' during fixing of errors.
- Algorithm of resizing of application window and all controls improved.
- Analise is now called Analyze ;-)
- Several cosmetic fixes.

november 8th 2005 - Version 0.55

- Long waiting time for selecting the Analize tab is solved.
- Analize tab is extended with additional checks. All results can be clicked on to jump directly to the corresponding subtitle.
- Beautify tab (formally known as Check for Errors) is now called 'Fix Errors'.
- new application icon.
- The algoritm to parse invalid srt files is now much more robust.
- credits FTC added to the internal list of credits to remove.
- Improved / cleaned up the code for resizing the pages and rearranging the controls.
- Windows XP Visual Styles support.
- Crash with closing the application with the cross on the upper right corner fixed.
- New header on every tab.
- New check for double (incorrect ripped) subtitles.
- Enter in Edit and Play Movie tabs now move focus to next edit field.
- Hang in Fix errors for"-> GA 'M ZIEN IN DE BIOSCOOP !!! <-" solved.

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