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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for SVCD2DVD

Version 2.5.5030 (registered) Released 28 Jan 2009

- FIXED: Issue with loading certain mpegs

Version 2.5.5020 (registered) Released 17 Dec 2008

- FIXED: Issue with AviSynth/FFmpeg going incredibly slow and/or crashing
- FIXED: Issue with menu encoder and it's dependent MSCRT system dlls.

Version 2.5.5010 (registered) Released 08 Dec 2008

- FIXED: Issue with PAL to NTSC conversions not actually converting correctly
- FIXED: Issue with two pass encoding on multi core PCs
- UPDATED: ffmpeg updated

Version 2.5.5000 (registered) Released 29 Nov 2008

It’s all about speed and quality in this build....

- ADDED: 100% utilisation of CPU cores (dual, quad, HT) with multi asset projects. Assets are processed in parallel – up to 50% speed increase depending on the project.
- ADDED: Improved Avisynth support. AVSWrapper automatically creates a Avisynth script for your assets.
- UPDATED: ffmpeg updated – improved performance, higher compatibility, higher quality!
- ADDED: Higher bitrate for menus – higher quality menus produced.
- ADDED: Menu button text now defaults to the file name of the first asset in a Titleset.
- FIXED: Shutdown function working as expected now.
- FIXED: Lots of other smaller internal fixes (to many to mention!).

Version 2.5.3600 (registered & demo) Released 09 Dec 2007

- ADDED: Option to force the processing of mpegs (vobs) rather than leaving them as is. This allows for PAL/audio conversions etc.

Version 2.5.3500 (registered & demo) Released 16 Nov 2007

- ADDED: Option to force the audio stream order (based on stream id) on dual audio assets.
- FIXED: Assets on network paths not working.
- FIXED: Deleting of assets is they contained NAV PACKs and "Delete _S2D files" option.

Version 2.5.3300 (registered & demo) Released 25 Sept 2007

- ADDED: Re-encoding of non compliant mpegs to DVD specs - apart from SVCDs.
- FIXED: Missing Menu highlights with certain colour choices.
- FIXED: Missing outline to Image menu buttons.

Version 2.5.3200 (registered & demo) Released 17 Sept 2007

- ADDED: Widescreen menu support. Note 16:9 menus reduce the maximum number of buttons from 36 to 18.
- ADDED: MS-DVR support.
- FIXED: Changing PAL/NTSC mid project wouldn't update the menu size.
- FIXED: MKV files producing over capacity DVDs due to failing to calculate the audio bitrate.
- FIXED: DVD Shrink automation issue on dual core PCs.

Version 2.5.3100 (registered & demo) Released 15 Aug 2007

- FIXED: Display issue on menu screen.
- FIXED: AutoFit not accounting for second audio stream.

Version 2.5.3000 (registered & demo) Released 18 Jul 2007

- Added: Ability to add static text to the menu.
- Added: ISO creation, without burning.
- FIXED: Minimize->Maximize Window persistance bug.
- FIXED: Invalid bitrate in second audio stream if present bug.

Version 2.5.2850 (registered & demo) Released 06 Jul 2007

- FIXED: Bug with 2GB+ mpeg assets not producing chapter points.
- Added output folder name setting.

Version 2.5.2800 (registered & demo) Released 03 Jul 2007

- FIXED: Bug with Vista and certain file paths

Version 2.5.2738 (registered & demo) Released 01 Jul 2007

- Inplace PAL to NTSC pulldown (no need to demux/add pulldown/remux) - significant reduction of PAL->NTSC encode duration!
- FIX: Bug with Vista and certain file paths
- Improved "Large Font" support in the GUI.

Version 2.5.2728 (registered & demo) Released 22 Jun 2007

- Inplace 3:2 pulldown (no need to demux/add pulldown/remux) - significant reduction of Film->NTSC encode duration!
- FIX: Faint vertical "lines" in some encodings.
- FIX: mpeg audio issues.
- Made AC3 the default and recommended audioencoding.
- Better DTS audio handling.

Version 2.5.2725 (registered & demo) Released 18 Jun 2007

- Updated to latest ffmpeg.
- Improved Vista compatability (again!)
- More formats supported: AviSynth scripts (see
- Resolved some threading issues with multi core systems.
- Removed internal DVD player for previews. Now uses default DVD player on PC.

Version 2.5.2718 (registered & demo) Released 12 Jun 2007

- .Net 2 build
- Improved Vista compatability
- More formats supported: aac, mkv, h264/x264, dts
- Undo/Redo added to menu designer
- Improved encoding quality (no real need for 2 pass now)
- 30% Faster then v2.1

Version 2.1.2474 (registered & demo) Released 10 Oct 2006

- Added more comprehensive ImgBurn command line switches.
- Max bitrate for encoding is now 9000kbs (was 7800kbs).
- Added setting for reducing max bitrate to 8000kbs.
- Fixed an issue with letterbox/pan & scan on 4:3 material on certain DVD players

Version 2.1.2421 (registered & demo) Released 18 Aug 2006
- ImgBurn 2+ support. DVD Decrypter/ImgBurn 1 support replaced by ImgBurn 2 support and its ability to "build and burn". Now the recommended burning method due to its superior burning engine.
- PAL HDTV sources (50 fields per sec / 25 frames per sec) now supported. PAL or NTSC DVDs can be produced from such source material.
- "Force 16:9 DVD" override setting for AVI sources that have no aspect ratio info.
- Updated GUI.

Version 2.1.2308 (registered & demo) Released 06 May 2006
- 1088 HDTV sources are cropped to 1080 - removing extra 8 pix encoded garbage.

Version 2.1.2294 (registered & demo) Released 13 Apr 2006
- MAJOR FIX: DVDs from HDTV sources had wrong dimensions if using overscan.
- MAJOR FIX: Encoded AC3 audio no longer quieter than source audio.
- Added option to disable multiple threading (in "video encoding settings")

Version 2.1.2284 (registered & demo) Released 03 Apr 2006
- Fixed positioning of the preview window.
- Improved Nero detection: quashes previous exceptions.
- Fixed bug regarding project names and saving

Version 2.1.2278 (registered & demo) Released 28 Mar 2006
- Fixed two menu bugs. Including "buttons not working" in certain scenarios.

Version 2.1.2272 (register & demo) Released 22 Mar 2006
- New Settings pages (with tips & advice)
- NTSC/PAL menu nomaly fixed (affected a few DVD players)
- Displays encode bitrate on tooltip over DVD size
- Updated GUI controls
- "Save as" from projects
- Initial background folder setting
- CRT overscan setting
- Better integration with Nero via NeroBurner 2.0 (included in release).
- Lots of bugs have been fixed (too many to mention)
- Updated ffmpeg build
- improved ffmpeg configuration and options

2.0.2146 (Registered)
+ Added multi processor support for various processes. Encoding (avi, hdtv, pal2ntsc), in particular, can be around 50% quicker on HyperThreaded or Dual Core or Dual CPU machines.
+ Preview screen now resizes with the application window.
+ "Play All" bugs now quashed. (Old project files may need updating if you have had problems before)
+ AVI files with no audio streams were causing crashes - FIXED.
+ HDTV material now support in both 16:9 & 4:3 aspect ratios.

2.0 RC 9 - Released 28 April 2005
+ “Pulldown” is now used, by default, for NTSC (film) and PAL to NTSC conversions.
* Several improvements to the GUI.
! Several bug fixes.

2.0 RC 8 - Released 06 April 2005

! AVI to MPG and PAL to NTSC encoding buffer underflows resolved – resulting in better DVD player compatibility.
! Mono source files now produce stereo audio.
! Quick DVD now works with BIN and mpegs assets.
! Play All is now working 100%
+ Optional merging of Titles in a TitleSet. This resolves issues where some DVD players stop at Title boundaries (Sony, Apex)
* AutoLayout now orders the TitleSets according to the Asset Bin order.
+ Column sorting and row reordering supported in the Asset Bin.
+ Snapshots from the Title preview window can now be taken & saved. (Useful for menu buttons.)

2.0 RC 7 - Released 21 March 2005

! Image menu button selection bug when loading a second image – fixed.
+ NeroBurner now has a burn speed option.
! pixilation on some mpegs from capture cards – fixed.
* slightly different avi to mpeg encoding to improve quality.

2.0 RC 6 - Released 15 March 2005

+ Images as menu buttons. Use DVD covers/screenshots etc as your buttons
+ Verify option for NeroBurner in Burning Settings.
+ New audio pass-through options. More control over leaving the source audio untouched.
* AVI2DVD encoding massively improved in quality.
* PAL2NTSC encoding improved.
! Undersized file size on avi encoding fixed.
! Several other bugs which were flagged are now fixed.

2.0 RC 5 - Released 23 Feb 2005

- Fixed: AVI’s with NTSC (Film) framerate produce larger than expected DVDs
- Video Elementary stream mpegs are now able to update the DVD capacity indicator.
- Auto Layout for Assets is improved with smarter logic.
- Menu looping is back – I broke it back in RC1

2.0 RC 4 - Released 22 Feb 2005

- Improved menu encoding for compatibility.
- Changed asset analysis routines.
- Can use AVI without audio streams
- Can use Video Elementary stream mpegs.
- Auto Layout for Assets
- Quick DVD and Quick DVD & Burn presets for the one clicker
- Priority: Now SVCD2DVD runs at low priority.
- Set default menu fonts in the menu settings.
- Several other bug fixes.

2.0 RC 3 - Released 10 Feb 2005

! Fixed missing chapters bug.
! Fixed audio encoding skipping logic
! Fixed orphan menu buttons after deleting VTS
! Several other bug fixes.

2.0 RC 2 - Released 04 Feb 2005

+ Added DVD size indicator.
+ Added “Auto Fit” feature for AVI titles. When used, your AVI assets will be encoded in the best quality to ensure DVD capacity is not exceeded.
+ Added optional two pass encoding for AVI assets to improve quality.
+ Added CPU priority selection.
+ Warning/Prompt to overwrite existing VIDEO_TS folder.
+ Extracted mpegs are loaded as assets when processing BIN images.
+ Added registration wizard for FULL version.
* Optimised GUI layout for 800x600 resolutions.
* More compliant DVD output (no skipping with short GOP lengths).
* PAL->NTSC conversion occurs even if Nav Packs are present in files.
! 64 Character filename limit bug fixed.
! No renaming of files if they are DVD compliant.
! Several other bug fixes.

2.0 RC 1 - Released 17 Jan 2005
- Fixed setting PAL->NTSC as a default option in the settings.
- Fixed random crashing when loading assets.
- Fixed various “focus” bugs.
- Fixed AVI to MPG ignoring audio settings.
- Fixed closing application during operation not stopping all processes.
- Added Pan & Scan (Pioneer Fix) for MPEG 2 (SVCD) assets.
- Improved Pan & Scan (Pioneer Fix) over v1.5. Quicker and bugs resolved.
- Added minimise to tray. Save memory this way!
- Added various GUI improvements.
- Added RIFF header support. Mpegs with RIFF headers are converted when added to the asset window.
- Several other bug fixes.

2.0 Beta 8 - Released 05 Jan 2005
- Fixed a PAL->NTSC bug when AC3 audio is selected in the settings.
- Added PAL->NTSC conversion for AVI (Xvid/DivX) sources.
- Added PAL->NTSC conversion for VCD sources.
- Added AVI to DVD encoding using SVCD resolution (smaller files)
- Added an enhanced AVI to DVD-SVCD option for Widescreen TVs.
- Several other bug fixes.

2.0 Beta
Can handle multi-stream audio mpegs
Can handle mpegs with AC3 audio
Mpegs are analysed on the fly to give info about the files
Easier visualisation of the DVD structure
Title Preview (individual mpegs)
Save & load SVCD2DVD projects
Integrated Menu designer:
Numerous alignment options
Different fonts for different buttons

Menus with audio (AC3, MP3, MPEG Audio)
Play all facility.
Menu Preview
Use AC3 audio silence or Mpeg-Audio silence for menus with no audio (this is beneficial to US/NTSC users)
Integrated DVD burning if Nero 6 is installed.
Batch ripping of BIN images.
Batch demultiplexing of mpegs
Batch demultiplexing & audio resampling of mpegs
Batch demultiplexing, audio resampling & multiplexing of mpegs
Set defaults for your menu audio/background and other processing options
AVI files can be used as assets. They will be encoded to FULL resolution DVD mpgs. Thus a 700MB avi will become a 3GB+ mpeg.
Nearly 50% faster than v1.5
AV sync is maintained. I.e. if your sources are in sync, so will be the DVD. (Unless you have multi-stream audio mpegs. In this case, like v1.5, you should check your sources and fix accordingly)

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