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ProShow lets you create amazing slide shows that play on your PC or TV. Create VCD, DVD and Blu-ray slide Shows. Use ProShow to easily create stunning slide shows for friends, family, business, or just for fun! Just select your photos and drop them in the show. Add a custom soundtrack or pick from over 280 stunning transition effects to add that final touch.

Trialware $70
OS: Win
File size: 55.2MB
Version history
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Latest version

9.0 (April 19, 2018)


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Download Photodex Proshow 9.0  55.2MB  Win

Software License

Shareware (Free download but time limited software. Full version from $70)

Supported operating systems


Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

What’s New in ProShow Gold 9

All new layer filters let you add photo+video effects easily
Over 45 built-in layer filters
Combine layer filters with other effects like Slide Styles and transitions
Use the layer filter browser to quickly pick filters with a real-time preview
Easily apply effects like sepia, HDR, film, and more
Create photos, videos and captions that move together
Use the follow filter to have one layer or caption follow another
Pick what gets followed – position, zoom, rotation or tilt
Specify custom offsets to create collages and grids
Keep captions pinned to their photos
Create multi-image layouts easier than ever
Add quick animations to any photo or video
Over 150 built-in, professionally designed motion filters
Combine fly in, normal, and fly out motion filters for unique effects
Fly In motion filters animate how a photo or video come onto the screen
Normal motion filters animate the photo or video during the slide
Fly Out motion filters animate how a photo or video leaves the screen
Customize speed and duration of motion filters
Combine motion filters with layer filters, Slide Styles and transition effects
All-new color palettes let you pick from built-in, curated sets of colors
Create your own color palettes with your favorite colors
See complimentary colors to help you create the perfect color scheme
Variations show you slightly different versions of the current color to help you pick the perfect shade
Improved color tool gives you a bigger preview of the current color
See the original color and your new color side-by-side for quick comparisons
Adding video clips to your shows just got a whole lot faster
Up to 3x faster importing for videos
Improved video import quality for many formats
New vignette presets let you apply pre-defined vignettes with just a click
Several built-in vignette presets included
Create your own presets using your favorite vignette styles
The vignette tool now remembers the last used settings
See a list of outputs created for any show
Quickly see what you’ve created, and when
Easily find where published videos are saved
Open published videos, or open their location in Windows Explorer
Prepare multiple outputs in advance and queue them up
Run the queue when you’re ready, and let ProShow create all the output
Perfect for letting ProShow create all your videos while you’re away from the computer
Manage the queue anytime – add, remove, and reorder queued outputs
Create ultra-high definition videos with new 4K video output presets
Easily access from the Video for Web, Devices and Computers window
4K video is 4 times higher resolution than 1080p video
Suitable for creation and use on faster, modern computers
Improved video publishing for many formats
Faster video encoding, up to 1.5x faster than previous versions
Improved support for PAL MPEG-4 videos
New an improved profiles in Video for Web, Devices and Computers
Get up to 2x faster H.264 video encoding on supported computers
Works with dedicated NVidia and Intel video encoding hardware found on many higher-end video cards
New preference to always use a default font of your choosing for captions, instead of the last used font
Improved Remix tool for the Wizard now remembers and maintains single-image/single caption combinations
Improved Wizard preview now lets you save your show from within the wizard, great for trying different versions of a show
Caption Motion Filters have replaced Caption Behaviors, and are now found in the new Filters tab
Easily opt-out of WebM output when creating HTML5 video, which makes creating HTML5 output almost twice as fast
Improved defaults for Synchronize Show to Soundtrack enhances how audio is synchronized in your show
Improved network support makes it easier to use files from network shares, or when folders are mapped to network locations
Improved support for running in virtual machines with folders shared between Mac + Windows
Many stability improvements across the software

What’s New in ProShow Gold 8

ProShow Gold
ProShow 8 provides a wide variety of useful enhancements for making shows faster and easier than ever before. ProShow 8 focuses on text handling, quick show creation through the wizard, and improved output and publishing options, while offering tons of additional enhancements that fit into your everyday workflow.

New! Caption Bounding Boxes

You can now drag the box around a caption after enabling horizontal or vertical constraining to control the size of the text area in any slide.
Text can automatically wrap to fit inside the box. Wrapping can be easily enabled and disabled.
Text can optionally shrink to fit, allowing longer captions to automatically use a smaller font size so that more text is visible.
Bounding boxes give greatly improved control over the exact positing of captions, resulting in better slide layouts.
Bounding boxes can be used to prevent text from running over photos and videos in complex slide designs.
Many of ProShow’s built-in slide styles have been updated to use caption bounding boxes for improved text handling.
Bounding boxes enable more sophisticated Slide Styles that used advanced caption motion.
Bounding boxes are enabled by clicking the icons for Text Box Size in the Caption Placement section of Slide Options.
New! Redesigned and Improved Wizard

The redesigned wizard in ProShow makes it easy to quickly create a show. Just add some photos, videos, titles, and music, and
ProShow will automatically choose effects and build your show.
The streamlined interface lets you manage your photos, videos, titles and music in one convenient interface.
The new wizard window automatically changes size based on your screen, giving you more space to work on larger monitors.
In addition to letting ProShow automatically pick effects, you can now select custom effects for any piece of content. Perfect when you have a few photos you want control over, but want ProShow to handle the rest.
When you’re ready to see your show, just click the Preview button and your show quickly starts playing. Unlike the wizard in older versions, there’s no need to click through several steps just to preview.
Once ProShow has chosen effects, you’ll see the choices it made right in the wizard window. Easily replace effects you don’t like by picking a custom effect, or re-run ProShow’s wizard engine to have ProShow try a different configuration.
The new wizard works great with effects that use the new caption bounding boxes, helping to ensure that your title slides and captions look great even when you’re using lots of text.
The wizard can be started from the New Show window or the Wizard button on the main toolbar. You an even use the wizard on part of an existing show by selecting the slides and using the Remix button on the main toolbar.
New! More Music

We’ve added 35 new music tracks to ProShow’s royalty free music library.
The improved music library now shows you which tracks are already used in your show.
These new music tracks are available now in both ProShow 8 and ProShow 7!
New! Font Browser

Visually browse the fonts available on the system to find just the right one.
Easily scroll through a list of all installed fonts.Sample text is displayed for each font, and the sample text used can be easily customized in the preferences.
The font browser can also show a preview of the current caption’s text, making it easy to find a font that works well for the specific text being used.
A character view optionally shows the standard characters for each font, making it easy to compare how specific characters look.
Frequently use the same fonts? The font browser shows you a list of your recently used fonts, making it easy to quickly grab your preferred fonts.
Getting more consistent captions in your show by using the font browser’s Used In Show list to quickly apply a font that is already used in your show.
Available from the Captions tab in Slide Options.
New! Symbol Browser

The new symbol browser makes it easy to see all the characters and symbols available in a font and insert any selected character into a caption.
Works great with specialty symbol fonts like Webdings and Wingdings, as well as custom fonts that provide unique symbols and characters.
Using the symbol browser lets you quickly discover tons of great symbols you can use in your captions that have been hiding in fonts already on your system.
Available from the Captions tab in Slide Options.
New! Vertical Caption Alignment

Captions can now be top, bottom, or center aligned.
Alignment controls which direction the text expands in when additional lines of text are added.
Vertical alignment is especially useful when combined with bounding boxes.
Found in the Caption Placement section of Slide Options.
New! Caption Line Spacing

ProShow Gold can now control the line spacing of captions.
Custom line spacing can create better text layouts, improving the look and readability of captions.
Line spacing can be customized for each caption, allowing each one to be optimized for the specific font being used.
Available in the Captions tab of Slide Options.
New! AVCHD Output

Create high definition video output for your TV using your existing DVD burner and DVD discs.
AVCHD is a widely supported video format that plays back on any Blu-ray player.
Allows you create Blu-ray quality video even if you don’t have a Blu-ray burner.
Get up to 6 times higher resolution for your shows, providing considerably better quality and clarity on the same DVD discs.
Requires only a DVD burner, DVD discs, and a Blu-ray player.
Available from the Publish menu.
New! Publish to USB

The new USB Flash Drive output option makes it easy to get your show onto a USB memory stick for playback on your smart TV.
Most modern TVs include USB ports and support playing back video from a USB thumb drive.
ProShow’s new USB Flash Drive feature provides a quick way to create a video in the standard format for playback on smart TVs, and will automatically create your video with all the right settings.
USB drives are automatically detected – just pick the USB drive you want to save your show on, and ProShow does the rest.
Available from the Publish menu.
New! Improved Blu-ray Output

ProShow’s Blu-ray output has been upgraded to use newer video encoding, resulting in increased clarity and quality.
Blu-ray resolution and quality presets have been enhanced to help get the best quality possible.
Improved Blu-ray options window now provides estimates of the length of video that will fit on a disc with each preset.
Blu-ray output can be accessed from the Publish menu, the toolbar in the Publish view, or the Publishing Formats pane.
Support for dual-layer Blu-ray discs have been improved, making it easier to publish extra-long HD shows.
New! Automatic Volume Leveling

ProShow’s audio engine can now automatically analyze soundtracks and correct for differences in volume.
Automatic volume leveling helps to create a more consistent volume level across the soundtracks in your show.
Reduces the need to manually adjust the volume of individual tracks.
Allows for the strength of leveling to be adjusted as needed, or even disabled.
Automatic volume leveling is enabled by default on all new shows created in ProShow 8.
Volume leveling can be controlled from the Soundtrack tab of Show Options.
New! Combine Shows

Easily merge any number of different shows into a single new show.
Perfect for taking multiple shows and combining them into one video for uploading to Vimeo or YouTube.
Control the order of shows, the aspect ratio, and optionally include a blank slide between shows.
Available from the Tools menu.
New! Add / Remove Time

Easily add or remove a chosen amount of time from the selected slides.
Perfect when you need to change the overall show length by a specific amount, like when you need an extra 10 seconds of visuals to fill out your soundtrack.
Works with any number of selected slides, so you can modify just a few slides, or adjust all the slides in your show.
Choose to add time to the selected slides, or remove time.
Adjust by any amount of time.
Optionally modify either slide times or transition times.
Add the chosen amount of time to every slide, or let ProShow automatically distribute the time across the selected slides. For example, you can add 5 seconds to each slide, or add 5 seconds across the current slides and let ProShow do the math.
Accessed from the Slide menu in the main window.
New! Improved Presets in Video for Web, Devices and Computers

ProShow’s general-purpose video file output, Video for Web, Devices and Computers has an all new set of video presets and profiles.
Improved defaults for today’s standard video format, MPEG-4 H.264, are listed right at the top, making it easy to output shows in the current standard for video files.
All presets and profiles have been freshly optimized to provide a good balance between quality and file size. Performance of encoding to x264 video formats has been improved.
New categories make it easy to find specific profiles for common uses, like mobile devices, online services, and disc-based formats.
The new Intermediate / Lossless presets let you create video files optimized for importing into other video editors with a minimal loss of quality.
New! ProShow Gold Now Includes the Device Plugin

ProShow Gold 8 includes the additional video output support that was previously available with the Device Plugin (which was a separate purchase).
With ProShow Gold 8, you can now output videos in H.264 video formats with no additional plugin required.
This enables output for modern devices like iPhones and iPads, and enables the HTML5 Video output feature.
New! Additional Preferences to Customize ProShow

New preference in Miscellaneous / Startup lets you automatically load the last used show when ProShow starts.
New preference in Show Defaults / Default Slide Settings lets you create new slides that start with the show’s default settings, instead of the traditional behavior of inheriting the settings of the neighboring slide.
New preference in Appearance / Main Window lets you disable the ability to reposition panes in the main interface, preventing accidental issues with panes getting repositioned or undocked.
All preferences are accessed from Preferences under the Edit menu.
New! Even More…

ProShow Gold can now optionally open shows saved in ProShow Producer, and will automatically strip out any settings that don’t work with ProShow Gold. Perfect if you want to give Producer a try and accidentally overwrite one of your existing shows.
When working with Slide Styles, you can now filter effects by recommended time. Easily find effects that work best with short durations or effects designed to last a little longer.Once you’ve found the perfect effect, you can now apply the effect’s recommended time to the slide instantly by clicking the Apply Timing button. The slide’s time will be automatically adjusted to match the recommended time for the effect.
Always prefer to use the recommended effect times? A new preference sets ProShow to automatically ask you to apply the recommended time when you apply a Slide Style effect.
The Slide Inspector pane (enabled from the Window menu) now lists the fonts used on the currently selected slide, making it easier to figure out which fonts are used where.
New compatibility warnings appear when you access certain older output formats that are no longer widely supported. This helps avoid creating output in a format that may not be easily viewed. Each warning includes a recommendation on the best output format for today’s technology. Of course, you can always continue creating output in these legacy formats if you have a specific need.
Tons of Fixes and Enhancements

Improved video formats used for online sharing service to improve compatibility and quality
Improved video import to automatically correct rotation for videos taken on most cell phones
Improved Collect Show Files feature to detect and warn when the destination path is too long
Improved caption fly in/fly out effect behavior so that custom times are maintained when selecting a different effect
Improved random transition selection to prevent incompatible transitions from being applied
Improved Slide Style creation window now displays selected categories in alphabetical order
Improved the message shown the monitor resolution is too low for ProShow to function to indicate that display scaling may be the issue
Improved the scale of position values for layers and captions in the Customize Menu window to improve usability and consistency
Improved visibility of the expand/collapse icons in the Video for Web, Devices and Computers window
Improved wording in sharing service upload confirmation windows
Fixed application of master volume option on video output
Fixed incorrect tooltip for Preview Zoom in Slide Options window
Fixed status indicator after installing updated package from Download Effects and Content window
Fixed update problem in Slide Options after reordering slides in the Slide List
Fixed issue where Edit Theme window could show the wrong icon for some transitions
Fixed issue with incorrect highlighting of effect filters in the Edit Theme window
Fixed issue where incorrect list of effects could be displayed when Show Enabled is used in the Edit Theme Window
Fixed issue where page thumbnails in the Customize Menu window did not always update appropriately
Fixed issue where toggling caption visibility in the Customize Menu window would not properly update the Loop All / Play All option settings
Fixed issue with incorrect display of menu preview when using 4:3 menus for output
Fixed issues with the display of the grid when using a 4:3 menu in the Customize Menu window
Fixed issue where multiple files could not be dragged+dropped into the Timeline correctly
Fixed issue where the Slide List could incorrectly indicate the open slide after deleting one or more slides
Fixed issue where flagging and unflagging slides did not support Undo/Redo
Fixed issue where select all/none buttons did not properly enable/disable when importing content from a third party service
Fixed issue where shows opened from the Recent menu were not added to the current project
Fixed issue where some images could be flipped when imported
Fixed issue where toolbar for Lightbox could fail to appear
Fixed issue with alignment of text of the Writing Disc window
Fixed issue with incorrect tab changing in Slide Options when toggling caption visibility
Fixed issue with incorrect warning when deleting a Transition Style that had previously been applied to a slide in the current show
Fixed issue with missing entries in the Slide Options captions list
Fixed issue with rendering custom video files when audio is disabled
Fixed issues with extension used in Flash FLV output
Fixed issues with size of output windows on low resolution monitors in Windows 10
Fixed issues with zero-byte videos being created during Blu-ray output
Fixed problem where dragging+dropping a file into a layer that contains missing content wouldn’t properly mark the content as found.
Fixed problem where Find Missing Files could report that files are still missing after they have been found
Fixed problems with audio tracks that use ending trim and negative offset values
Fixed stability issue when creating Blu-ray output
Fixed stability issue when the Music Library does not properly download thumbnails
Fixed stability issue when undoing a change while the Soundtrack tab of Show Options is open
Fixed stability issue with applying certain transitions after a blank slide
Fixed stability issue with setting a custom thumbnail when creating a transition
Fixed stability issue with toggling effect filters in the Edit Theme window

Improvements Since Last 7.0 Release

Changes in the latest ProShow release (since ProShow Producer 7.0.3518)

Fixed incorrect show aspect ratio in HTML5 output
Fixed rare crash that could occur when opening the Music Library
Fixed playback failure affecting longer video layers
Fixed issue where Lightbox could fail to show all slides in the show
Fixed issues caused by the first track in the Soundtrack having a negative Offset
Fixed toggle for Producer-only transitions in the Random Transition Effects dialog
Fixed issue in Show Options where the Soundtrack list could fail to show all tracks
Fixed issue where the Play All action could be incorrect on some DVD menus
Fixed sync problem affecting trimmed video layers in EXE output
Fixed preview playback of PSA audio tracks
Fixed errors caused by automatic selection of DVD bitsetting option
Fixed playback failure affecting Blu-ray output that has no menu

What’s New in ProShow Gold 7

ProShow Gold 7 makes your slideshows look and sound better than ever. Discover a new dimension of convenience and exciting possibilities for bringing your shows to life, including built-in music, free FX & content, new publishing options & more – right at your fingertips.

New Royalty-Free Music Library

New built-in music library gives you access to 200+ songs and dozens of sound effects in a variety of categories:
Family & Kids
Fashion & Glamour
High Energy / Sports
Love & Romance
Party / Celebration
Seasonal / Specialty
Seniors & Graduation
Sound FX
Tribute & Memorial
Vacation & Travel
All tracks are provided royalty-free. Use them in your slideshows with no extra cost.
Includes a variety of vocal and instrumental tracks across a broad range of styles.
Browse tracks by genre, length, tempo, occasion and more.
Mark tracks as favorites for easy access.
Easily preview tracks before you add them to your show.
Tracks are licensed for use in personal shows as well as commercial shows (you may use these tracks in shows you produce and sell to clients).
Automatically remembers the last used category you were browsing.
Easily trim tracks from the library using ProShow’s built-in audio editing tools.
New Download Effects + Content

Never miss new free effects!
New Download Effects + Content window lets you easily install additional free effects and content, including:
Over 300 additional slide styles
Over 25 additional transition effects
‘Always’ wizard theme
Over 150 additional background images
Over 80 additional photo borders
Over 90 photo overlays
Over 200 additional menu themes
Plus easy access to future free content
Now you can download and install free content within the program that was previously available only from the ProShow blog.
Content is automatically downloaded and installed in just a few clicks.
New Modern UI

The updated and refreshed UI has a modern look, while keeping most things in familiar places.
Improved control of user interface colors (found in Preferences) lets you customize the colors used for the software. New built-in color configurations let you easily pick from a variety of interface colors, from functional choices like High Contrast Text to funky options like Analog and Vintage.
New preference options let you set the window size for Slide Options, Show Options and Custom Menu windows from Preferences.
Improved Video Support

Extended support for importing longer video files.
Import 4K video files, which are automatically scaled to 1080p on import.
Improved support for high framerate video files. 60fps videos maintain their framerate on import.
Fine-tune the audio offset of imported videos using the new audio offset option to allow for correcting videos that import with audio out-of-sync.
Improved Wizard Themes

See thumbnails of wizard themes to get a sense of each theme’s style when you’re picking a theme.
Customize thumbnails when you create or edit a theme.
New descriptions for wizard themes give you an overview of each theme.
Add descriptions to your custom themes, or edit descriptions on existing themes.
Fine-tune themes more easily with the new option to show only enabled effects when editing a theme. Perfect for quickly locating an effect you want to remove from a theme.
New Custom Menu Navigation Control

New navigation control for customizing menus lets you control the behavior of up, down, left and right buttons on your DVD and Blu-ray remote.
Control which menu item gets selected when you navigate with the remote.
Specify the default item to be selected on each DVD or Blu-ray menu page.
Automatically warns you when you have items on a menu that are not accessible using the navigation buttons.
Automatically prevents cyclical references (objects that navigate to themselves).
Improved Output

All new support for WebM video output.
New constant rate factoring option for video output (used by default on many formats in Video for Web, Devices and Computers) enables better-looking videos with smaller file sizes.
Enhanced MPEG2 output allows for customizing field order.
Improved EXE output lets you customize the maximum resolution used for playback on older, less powerful computers.
Improved and expanded profiles in Video for Web, Devices and Computers gives you more options for creating great quality videos.
Improved profiles for uploading to social media services (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) provide better quality.
Improved Disc Burning

Improved burn speed control increases reliability of the disc burning process for DVD, Blu-ray and PC Autorun CDs.
Intelligent burn speed selection chooses an appropriate burn speed for each disc to reduce bad disc burns and improve reliability.
New sleep mode prevention avoids problems caused by your computer going to standby while burning a disc.
Improved Slide Editing and Control

New options for browsing slide styles now let you filter by the number of captions used by an effect.
Intelligent caption list sizing automatically reduces the size of the Captions list when few (or zero) captions are used in a slide to maximize the space available for listing layers.
Improved color picker now lets you specify standard colors by name – just type any standard color name in the Hex field when picking a color. Standard names include hundreds of colors used in the HTML color specification.
Improved caption font sizing now lets you reduce caption sizes down to zero – perfect for zooming text all the way out.
Improved OTF font support provides better performance when using complex fonts.
Quickly access the sound for any slide with the new Manage Slide Sound option in the right-mouse-button-menu for slides in the Slide List.
More Improvements

Smarter default show names avoid naming conflicts by creating a more unique name for each show you create in the New Show dialog.
Improved importing from social media services (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) now better supports accounts with large numbers of albums or content.
Set custom thumbnails when creating slide styles, allowing you to override the default ‘middle of slide’ thumbnail.
Multiple categories are now remembered when creating slide styles, allowing you to easily apply multiple frequently used categories when creating effects.
Improved master soundtrack volume avoids problems with audio clipping when volume is set above 100%.
Create screensavers that remove any audio from the show.
Tons of Fixes

Fixed various issues with importing certain video files.
Fixed stability issues with editing captions that have short durations.
Fixed issues with volume changes triggered by silent video layers.
Fixed offset inaccuracy on trimmed soundtracks.
Fixed issues with certain page curl transitions.
Fixed stability issues when scrubbing preview during a transition.
Fixed transparency problems with animated GIFs in video output.
Fixed issue with audio from video layers sometimes playing past the end of a slide.
Fixed stability issue with fullscreen playback in EXE output.
Fixed issues with slide navigation on paused EXE shows.
Fixed issues with sharpened video layers in some output formats.
Fixed issue where background type information in Slide Options would not properly update.
Fixed playback sync issues when running ProShow inside a virtual machine.
Fixed issues with automatic navigation layout in menus.
Fixed stability issues when changing slide time from with in Slide Options caption settings.
Fixed issue where adding multiple audio tracks at once could fail.
Fixed incorrect display of source image name in the Caption Macros dialog.
Fixed interlaced Blu-ray playback on some Blu-ray players.
Fixed issues with logging into some 3rd party services.
Fixed stability issues when returning from Windows lock screen.
Fixed issue with missing highlights on Blu-ray menus.
Fixed missing audio on some AVI video output formats.
Fixed issue with some files not being included when including original files on a DVD.

Changes in the latest ProShow release (since ProShow Producer 6.0.3392)

Added support for importing photos and videos from Flickr
Updated ‘Text Layer Title’ slide styles to fix audio issue
Fixed terminal video output stall affecting some formats
Fixed problems with missing files in default templates
Fixed reset button in Adjustments section of Background tab within Slide Options
Fixed import problem affecting certain interlaced videos (MTS / M2TS)
Fixed codec conflict preventing import of certain M4A tracks on some systems
Fixed problems with audio from some video layers in video output
Fixed the Desaturate option for DVD and other video output formats
Fixed crash caused by copying text layer options to other keyframes
Fixed application of saturation values from slide styles
Fixed issue where EXIF / IPTC options could fail to appear in caption macro dialog
Fixed problems in Slide Options following certain undo actions
Fixed crash in video rendering caused by certain text layer attributes
Fixed issue causing text to be removed when creating a new caption
Fixed issues with adding new masking / adjustment layers
Fixed rendering crash caused by certain text layer configurations
Fixed import problem with videos using the CineForm codec
Fixed import problem affecting videos with variable framerate
Fixed position of video layers during layer transitions in rendered output
Fixed typo in the Set Show Thumbnail dialog
Fixed problem with panes in certain default layouts
Fixed rare Presenter playback crash affecting certain systems
Fixed caption modifiers in slide styles
Fixed problem where video rendering could fail to complete on some systems
Fixed compression artifacting of AAC audio channel in video output
Fixed keyframed soundtrack values on captions in shows created from Lightroom
Fixed highlight on interactive captions in Blu-ray menus
Fixed incorrect navigation caused by blank captions in Blu-ray menus
Fixed inability to upload directly to Vimeo

New in ProShow Gold 6

ProShow Gold 6 is a major release that includes significant new features, an all-new remote app for mobile devices, 75+ new effects, and tons of changes, fixes and improvements.

New! Improved Captions with Motion Effects

Add custom motion effects to captions
Specify starting and ending settings for captions to create effects with text
Create motion by setting different positions
Zoom captions by specifying different font sizes for starting and ending positions
Add color effects by using a different color for text at the starting and ending positions
Rotate captions using the new caption rotation option
Use more fonts with ProShow’s new support for OTF fonts
New Case option lets you automatically convert captions to upper or lower case (without modifying your original text). Perfect for creating slide styles and effects
New! Animated Layer Adjustment Effects

New effect options let you customize adjustments for starting and ending positions
Create tons of new custom effects by animating adjustments for a layer over time
New adjustment effects are available from the layer’s Effects tab in Slide Options
Includes several new effects:
White Point
Black Point
New! ProShow Remote App for Mobile Devices

Work with your shows from your iPhone or iPad
Use the free app to connect your device to ProShow on your desktop
Available as a free download from the Apple App Store
Works with iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches running iOS 6 or later
See key information about the show currently loaded in ProShow:
Show thumbnail
Show title
Number of slides
Total show length
Remote control of show playback
Your show plays back on your desktop, controlled by the app
Play and pause your show
Jump to next or previous slides
Skip to the beginning or end of a show
See a list of your show’s slides in the app
Jump to any slide by tapping it
Toggle fullscreen playback on/off
See overall show progress and the progress through the current slide
On the iPad, see a large still preview of each slide along with any slide notes
Control playback with buttons or gestures by toggling the control mode
Import photos + videos from your device into your show
Easily get content from your device without wires or fuss
Once connected, visually browse content on your device from within ProShow
Import content right into your show, or just download to your computer
Export finished shows to your device
Publish videos to your device without worrying about configurations and formats
No more messing with iTunes or converting/importing videos into your library
Use ProShow on your desktop to create a video and send it to your device in one easy step
ProShow automatically determines the formats supported by your device
Videos are saved on your device, and can be played back anywhere – even without an Internet connection or access to ProShow
Supports HD video up to 1080p, depending on the device
Use the app to save published videos to your device’s Camera Roll
Saved videos can be streamed to your TV using Apple’s Air Play technology
Uses your wireless network to connect
The app automatically finds ProShow on your local network
Customize the name used to identify your ProShow desktop installation
Set a custom access key (password) to prevent unauthorized access
Use a custom connection to connect your app when running on remote networks (and your desktop is accessible from the Internet)
You control when ProShow is discoverable on your network – enable on demand, or automatically enable at startup
New ProShow Remote App options in Preferences let you configure your remote app in one convenient place
New! Import Photos + Videos from Social Networks

Easily import photos and videos from online services
Visually browse your online albums with thumbnails of photos and videos
Import content directly into your show
Optionally download content to your computer without importing into your show
Import content right into the wizard when building show automatically
ProShow can even grab the captions on your photos from social networks
Supports several popular services:
New! Favorites for Effects

Keep your favorite effects handy for quick access
Mark any slide style or transition as a favorite by clicking the star button
Add favorites for slide styles from the Manage Effects window or right from the Slide Style screen in Slide Options
Add transition favorites from the Manage Effects window
Favorites are indicated in Slide Options and Manage Effects with a star icon
The new Favorites category lets you filter your effects to show just your favorites
New! Expanded Adjustments

Add vignettes to layers
New built-in vignette tool lets you easily apply soft edges to photos
Choose between elliptical and rounded rectangle shapes
Use transparent edges to blend into other layers, or choose a solid color or gradient fill to create unique effects
Customize size, shape and color
Add blur and saturation to background images for slides and shows
New motion randomization options include the ability to randomize 3D tilt for quickly adding motion to a show
New! Enhanced Audio Control

Create custom audio control points
Add custom volume points to your soundtrack in the Timeline by clicking the + button
Remove custom volume points using the – button
Drag custom volume points to adjust volume levels
Create custom fades by adding multiple points
Easily increase or decrease volume at any point in your show
Improved audio display in the Timeline graphically shows how your soundtrack will fade in and out
Resize the Timeline view in the main window to make the audio waveform larger
Improved Timeline zoom interface lets you zoom the timeline with sliders
Hold your mouse over any audio control point to see a detail of the volume information
Automatically fade audio at the end of the show
New show soundtrack option lets you automatically fade out the soundtrack at the end of your show
Easily prevent abrupt cuts in audio at the end of your show
Automatically match fade with the last slide or last transition effect
Specify a custom fade time for absolute control of the fade out
New option to prevent default soundtrack fades during video clips
Improved volume control for videos can now amplify volume to 200% to help deal with low-volume video clips
Audio Preview window now includes the total track length
New! Improved Wizard for Better Automatic Shows

ProShow’s wizard now includes an option to customize the crossfade duration
ProShow’s wizard now supports specifying captions on photos, letting you add text to your photos before the wizard chooses effects
Randomizing content in the wizard can now randomize just the selected content
Add content from social networking services
Create a wizard theme from an existing show
Just click the Create button for themes in the Manage Effects window while your show is open
Easily take a favorite show containing effects and create a wizard theme based on the show
Automatically includes all the effects used in the show, including slide styles and transitions
Use your new custom theme to easily create similar shows with different content
New and updated wizard themes:
Collage Dissolve Dark
Collage Dissolve Light
Horizon Line Dark
Horizon Line Light
Simplicity Dark Zoom
Simplicity Dark
Simplicity Light Zoom
Simplicity Light
Zero Motion Fill Frame
Zero Motion Fit Frame
Zero Motion Fit Margin
New! General Improvements

Add multiple layers at once when using the Add Image or Video option in Slide Options
Improved video rendering can now be substantially faster for some combinations of systems and video types
Open any folder in the Folder List in Windows Explorer with the new Open in Explorer right mouse button menu
Open the folder containing a photo/video by right clicking the file in the File List and choosing Open in Explorer from the File menu
New playback controls include the ability to jump to next/previous slide
You can now flag a slide during playback to easily mark the current slide for further review
Improved recent shows list now automatically removes shows that are no longer accessible
New Slide Options dialog size added, optimized for 1440×900 displays
Recommended slide style durations are now shown in the Slide Inspector
New! Improved Device Support and Uploading

Improved YouTube uploading
New privacy option for setting YouTube’s privacy option when you upload
Improved category support for YouTube uploads
Expanded device support includes new profiles for the latest iPhones and iPads (Requires optional Devices Plug-in, a $19.95 add-on)
New! Additional Menu Themes

Over a dozen new menu themes
New themes feature versatile designs that can be used for many types of shows
New menu backgrounds are accessible from the Built-In Content folder under Media Sources and can be used in your shows
New! 75+ New Effects

A Photo Border Landscape Caption 1
A Photo Border Landscape Caption 2
A Photo Border Portrait Caption 1
A Photo Border Portrait Caption 2
A Photo Border Square Caption 1
A Photo Border Square Caption 2
Backdrop Dark Caption 1
Backdrop Dark Caption 2
Backdrop Dark Framed Caption 1
Backdrop Dark Framed Caption 2
Backdrop Light Caption 1
Backdrop Light Caption 2
Backdrop Light Framed Caption 1
Backdrop Light Framed Caption 2
Birthday Balloons Title 2
Celebration Title 2
Collage Dark Landscape Single Still
Collage Dark Landscape Single Zoom
Collage Dark Portrait Single Still
Collage Dark Portrait Single Zoom
Collage Dark Square Single Still
Collage Dark Square Single Zoom
Collage Light Landscape Single Still
Collage Light Landscape Single Zoom
Collage Light Portrait Single Still
Collage Light Portrait Single Zoom
Collage Light Square Single Still
Collage Light Square Single Zoom
Depth Pan Blur 1
Depth Pan Blur 2
Depth Pan Dark 1
Depth Pan Dark 2
Depth Pan Light 1
Depth Pan Light 2
Fill Frame Title Center Dark 1
Fill Frame Title Center Dark 2
Fill Frame Title Footer Dark 1
Fill Frame Title Footer Dark 2
Fill Frame Title Footer Light 1
Fill Frame Title Footer Light 2
Horizon Line Blur Dark 1
Horizon Line Blur Dark 2
Horizon Line Blur Light 1
Horizon Line Blur Light 2
Love and Hearts Title 2
Music Video Captions Dark 2
Music Video Captions Dark
Music Video Captions Light 2
Music Video Captions Light
Night Out Title 2
Portrait Classic Title 2
Scrolling Credits Simple
Simple Title Dark 01
Simple Title Dark 04
Simple Title Light 01
Simple Title Light 04
Simplicity Dark Caption
Simplicity Dark Single
Simplicity Dark Zoom Caption
Simplicity Dark Zoom Single
Simplicity Light Caption
Simplicity Light Single
Simplicity Light Zoom Caption
Simplicity Light Zoom Single
Simplicity Title
Soft Edge Zoom 1
Soft Edge Zoom 2
Storyteller Title 2
Vignette Blend Dark 1
Vignette Blend Dark 2
Vignette Blend Light 1
Vignette Blend Light 2
Zero Motion Fill Frame
Zero Motion Fit Frame Dark
Zero Motion Fit Frame Light
Zero Motion Fit Margin Dark
Zero Motion Fit Margin Light
Tons of Fixes and Improvements

Fixed problem where certain video layers could become out of sync
Fixed problems with caption text layout in shows created by the wizard
Fixed issue where Open button could fail to function after loading an auto-saved show
Fixed problems with audio on secondary DVD menu pages
Fixed playback failure caused by DVD menu audio on some players
Fixed looping behavior for audio on DVD menus
Fixed problems returning focus to full screen preview playback
Fixed crash caused by preview playback in Slide Options after transition selection
Fixed playback crash caused by transitioning between very complex slides
Fixed incorrect fade behavior in soundtrack following a slide sound
Fixed soundtrack volume when playback initiated after start of show
Fixed problems with blank captions on Blu-ray menus
Fixed crash caused by playing very complex shows
Fixed thin black vertical lines that could appear on layers during playback
Fixed intermittent layer oscillation that could occur in rendered output
Fixed drop shadow on rotating layers with transparency in DVD output
Fixed issue where unseen captions could be selected in Slide Options preview area
Fixed crash when using video for intro show
Fixed labels for Easing motion defaults in Preferences
Fixed unintended transparency in white areas of GIF images
Fixed problem with video link delivered after YouTube upload
Fixed problem with dropping files into show from Windows Explorer
Fixed issue that could reset caption fly in / fly out durations to default values
Fixed issue causing video layers to be cropped in video output
Fixed crash caused by attempting to copy files into a zip archive
Fixed error message seen when copying files to folder that no longer exists
Fixed issue where video trim points were lost when remixing a show
Fixed crash caused by applying certain transitions while Slide Options is open
Fixed issue where full screen preview playback could fail to appear
Fixed status bar updates for Blu-ray output
Fixed audio fade issue that could occur with long automatic fade durations
Fixed burn failures caused by system going to sleep during burn
Fixed unnecessary update notification in output dialogs
Fixed lack of audio for trimmed video layers in Presenter based output
Fixed placement of duplicated audio tracks
Fixed loss of trim, volume, and fade settings in duplicated audio tracks
Fixed issue where motion easing changes could be applied to the wrong caption
Fixed issue that could cause content imported from a remote location to fail
Fixed crash caused by closing ProShow while Lightbox is detached
Fixed crash that could occur when deleting the slide currently open in Slide Options
Fixed issue where slide name was not properly reset when applying slide styles

Changes in the latest ProShow release (since ProShow Gold 5.0.3297)

Fixed display problems in GPU accelerated shows caused by certain NVIDIA drivers
Fixed crash conditions caused by playing certain shows through Presenter
Fixed problem where installation could fail on some systems
Fixed crash condition caused by certain PNG images
Fixed import failure affecting some MP3 files
Fixed issue where some MP3 tracks could end prematurely

Changes in the latest ProShow release (since ProShow Gold 5.0.3296)

Fixed crash problem with large shows (in version 5.0.3287).

Changes in the latest ProShow release (since ProShow Gold 5.0.3280)

Support for Windows 8
New profiles for Video for Web, Devices and Computers. (Available to all 5.0 users by updating devices from the Video for Web, Devices and Computers window).
iPhone 5
iPad Mini
iPad (3rd generation)
iPad (4th generation)
Added option to log out of Twitter service.
Added option to log out of Vimeo service.

Changes in the latest ProShow release (since ProShow Gold 5.0.3256)

Fixed playback sync issue associated with certain monitor refresh rates

Changes in the latest ProShow release (since ProShow Gold 5.0.3222)

Added new details about slide contents to the Slide Inspector pane
Number of unique replaceable photos/videos
Number of non-replaceable photos/videos
Improved support for GPU acceleration with certain integrated video solutions
Fixed audio fading issues affecting the main soundtrack
Fixed layer aspect ratio setting for tilted layers
Fixed layer sharpening under GPU acceleration
Fixed crash that could occur when selecting a layer / caption from Slide Options
Fixed installation failure caused by menu themes with missing fonts
Fixed startup failure caused by menu themes with missing fonts
Fixed preview of applied slide style in Slide Options navigation panel
Fixed problems with automatic update of show thumbnail
Fixed issue where certain complex shows could fail to load
Fixed intermittent crash caused by playing multiple web shows in sequence
Fixed several issues that could cause large shows to crash during output
Fixed crash caused by show pause during caption fly-out
Fixed crash under GPU acceleration related to playback controls
Fixed limited display area in output for some older shows
Fixed default Slide Options size for certain display resolutions
Fixed issue where some videos could import at the wrong aspect ratio
Fixed issue where some video layers could have incorrect trim in output

New in ProShow Producer 5
ProShow Producer
ProShow Producer 5 is a major release that adds hundreds of new features and a complete redesign of the user interface.

New GPU Accelerated Rendering

ProShow 5 uses your graphics card (GPU) to speed up show playback
Allows for higher resolution shows, including full-resolution HD playback
Reduces distortion in photos due to rendering resolution and scaling
Reduces jitters and jerky playback by balancing workload between CPU and GPU.
Automatically falls back to non-GPU rendering on older systems.
New 3D Tilt

Add 3D perspective to layers
Control horizontal and vertical title independently
Use keyframes to create complex effects using tilt
Apply tilt by dragging the icons centered on the edges of each layer
Get precise tilt control using the scrollbars and edit fields
Control easing (how tilting speeds up or slows down)
Copy tilt options between keyframes, layers and slides
Add modifiers to tilt values
All New User Interface

New Build, Design and Publish workspaces optimize the main window for each part of the show creation process.
Enhanced color configurations give more control over colors used in the user interface.
Set colors for text editors
Darker color scheme makes photos stand out more, and increases contrast of white text.
New Tools menu puts general tools like Collect Show Files and Manage Effects in one place.
Improved Project options are now located with other file operations under the File menu.
Access recently used projects from the ‘Open Recent’ menu.
Create, save, and open projects from the File menu.
Projects are now more seamlessly integrated and don’t prompt when switching to Project mode.
New ‘Save Project As’ lets you save a copy of a project.
Easily access project options by right-clicking on the Show Info bar.
New ‘Add Show’ button in the Show Info pane lets you easily add additional shows to an open project.
All new toolbars for Build, Design and Publish workspaces provide quick access to common tools.
New buttons for Combine Slides, Menu, Blank/Title slides, and more.
New Reset Slide button lets you wipe a slide with one click.
Improved Folders list uses modern style icons and arrows.
Improved File List
File list can now be repositioned
Can be hidden and shown
Highlight of selected item is now more obvious.
Enhanced ‘Used in Show’ indicator now shows how many times a photo is used in the show.
Added ability to jump to the first slide that uses the selected file.
Remodeled Slide List provides a cleaner list of slides and more detail
Updated design removes some of the visual clutter from older version.
Improved thumbnails are now larger
A tab interface lets you switch between Slide List and Timeline modes.
New ‘Open’ indicator shows which slide is currently open in Slide Options.
Slides containing slide styles will show the style name in the Slide.
Slide sounds are now displayed in the timeline even when there is no soundtrack
Slide sounds now alternate colors to improve visibility and make overlaps more obvious
Easily delete files from within ProShow from the right-click menu
Easily duplicate soundtracks by right-clicking on them
Slide list now maintains positions when switching between shows in a project
Added option to copy applied slide style to other slides.
Redesigned preview control bar gives more control and detail
Completely redesigned control bar for the main preview.
Now allows pause as well as the traditional stop.
Adds a one-click full screen button.
Improved, wider seek bar makes progression through the show more obvious, and provides more granularity when dragging.
All new playback stats provide detail about the slide, transition, or file being displayed in the preview.
Get the name of the file or slide.
Get information about the selection (number of slides/files, total duration/size, etc).
Get the name of the slide style or transition effect being played.
Status bar (along the bottom of the window) has been removed to allow more room for other areas.
Improved tooltips help identify options in the preview control bar.
All new Slide Inspector provides detailed information about a slide from the main window.
Name and number of slide
Name of slide style, transition in, and transition out.
Duration information for slide, including slide time, transition times, and total duration
When the slide starts and ends, from the start of the show very helpful in timing to music.
Number of layers and captions, plus information about how many have effects or motion applied.
Slide notes
All new Publishing Formats pane provides fast access to all output formats from the Publish workspace
Includes every output format ProShow supports
See a quick summary each format.
Double-click to create.
Improved keyboard shortcuts provide faster workflow
Improved Show Info bar provides more functionality
New tooltips provide information about the show.
Expanded right-click options let you easily save or rename shows.
Create and manage projects from the right-click menu.
New ‘Add Show’ button when working in a project lets you easily add shows to a project.
All New Effects Manager

New Manage Effects window (Tools > Manage Effects) replaces the Manage Slide Styles and Manage Transitions windows from 4.x.
Manage, create, and apply effects from one window.
Apply slide styles to any number of selected slides at once.
Manage themes without opening the wizard.
Import any number of styles, transitions and themes at once.
Improved importing lets you resolve conflicts for all, rather than having to click OK for each one.
Improved exporting lets you simply specify a folder when exporting multiple items.
Export and import themes.
Hide / show any number of selected styles or transitions at once.
Create styles and transitions directly from the Manage Effects window.
Easily show or re-hide hidden items with a couple clicks.
Multiple window sizes let you see more effects at once on larger screens.
More Magical Wizard

New ‘Automatic’ energy level forces your music and content to end at the same time.
New Remix feature lets you open selected slides (or an entire show) in the Wizard to remix them.
Improved support for square images makes it easier to use photos from services like Instagram.
General Enhancements

Improved default show title gets right to the point: “ProShow Slideshow”
New default save location for new installs in ‘My Documents’ helps new users find their shows.
Improved default web browser detection properly selects the default browser for links.
For new installations, ProShow will now start full screen on most systems.
ProShow will now let you know if you load a show that contains missing fonts.
Improved ‘Find Missing Files’ window includes paths to files and gives more space to the filename.
New preference lets you disable the warning when opening PSG shows in Producer
Improved save confirmation
When closing an unsaved show, confirmation now provides some detail about the show.
When closing an unsaved project, confirmation now makes it obvious which items are shows, projects and menus.
Improved audio syncing tool now remembers selected options
ProShow 5 now requires an active Internet connection for registration and activation.
Slide Styles are now cached during installation, removing the delay when running when opening Slide Options the first time.
Added a preference to preview audio files using the default system player.
Improved file properties window now shows the path to the file.
New media source manager and support
Use the new Media Source Manager to add and remove media source entries.
Use media sources as shortcuts to sources of content on your computer.
Improved media source system prevents overwritten media sources during ProShow installation that could lead to missing content.
New Find Empty Placeholders tool helps identify empty layers.
Easily locate empty layers caused by slide styles or show templates.
Quickly open slides from the dialog to add missing content.
Improved Collect Show Files

Collecting show files now ensures that your show is saved before you start.
After collection, ProShow lets you open the newly collected show, or return to the original copy.
Improved collection system now collects unused content that’s still referenced (such as backgrounds and watermarks that are hidden).
Redesigned Show Options

New dialog allows for multiple window sizes, automatically selects a larger size on bigger screens.
New Show Options navigation panel lets you navigate show options from a list of show elements, instead of tabs.
Navigation panel is visible in all Show Options screens.
One-click access to settings, watermark, background and tracks from anywhere in Show Options.
Visual indicators in the navigation panel show thumbnails of the show, watermark and background.
No more tabs.
Show Captions have been removed from Show Options, and merged into the Slide Options window.
New watermark image preview lets you see the original, unmodified image being used.
New background preview shows the original, unmodified background of the show.
New soundtrack interface provides better visibility of tracks
The add button for soundtracks now supports adding multiple tracks at once.
All new waveform view in Show Options lets you visualize the track, including trims, fades and color feedback on how much is used in your show.
Easily duplicate soundtracks by right-clicking in the Soundtrack list.
New Show Info panel provides a summary of your show.
Location of the show’s PSH file.
Last modified date.
Which version of ProShow was last used with the show.
Number of flagged slides.
Total duration of the show.
Average slide duration.
Slide rate – the average number of slides per minute.
Number of empty placeholders (empty layers added by slide styles or show templates that need to be filled)
Totally Remodeled Slide Options

A completely redesigned Slide Options window focuses on easier navigation, fewer screens, and improved workflow.
Allows multiple window sizes, automatically selects a good size for your screen, and supports widescreen dialogs.
New ‘always available’ toolbar at the bottom of the window.
The same buttons and tools are always available, regardless of where you are
Next / previous slide, start / stop preview playback, edit slide time, open the keyframe editor, change window size, and more.
Improved Copy button provides faster access to copy options from anywhere in Slide Options
New Slide Options navigation panel replaces the two-level tab system with a logical display of the structure of your slide.
Always visible, with instant access to any slide element from anywhere in Slide Options.
Mimics the structure of your slide, with Captions appearing above Layers, above Background, etc).
Add/remove layers or captions from any screen in Slide Options.
Tabs are now only used for Captions and Layers
Switching between a layer and caption will try to keep you similar screens. If you’re on the Layer Effects screen, selecting a caption will put you on Caption Effects.
Thumbnails for the slide, applied style, background, and slide sound provide visual feedback about the contents of your slide.
See which slide style is applied from any Slide Options screen.
Slide name is now displayed in the navigation pane, making it visible from anywhere in Slide Options.
Improved Captions List
Now mimics the look of the Layers list
Clearly indicates when a caption is a global Show Caption
Removes confusing Show Caption and Above/Below toggles (now moved into the actual dialog)
Addition of caption numbers to the list makes it easier to differentiate between similar captions
Easily hide/show all captions using the new Visibility options in the Caption List right-click menu
Duplicate the selected caption with the CTRL+D shortcut
Captions added by Slide Styles are now clearly identified
Quickly edit caption text by right-clicking on a caption and using Edit Text
Improved Layers List
Refined look is cleaner and easier to read.
Updated information in the list focus on filenames instead of file types.
Layers added by Slide Styles are now clearly identified
Missing files are more clearly identified
Improved notes indicator now displays notes in the tooltip, making notes accessible from any screen.
Improved drag indicator makes it more obvious that mask depth is controlled by dragging the mask line in the list
Easily hide/show all layers using the new Visibility options in the Layers List right-click menu
Improved tooltips now include image dimensions.
Duplicate the selected layer with the CTRL+D shortcut
Duplicating a layer now duplicates in place, without changing layer position
New ‘Send to Top’ and ‘Send to Bottom’ right-click options make moving layers a snap.
New background navigation item shows a preview of your background in the navigation panel
See a preview of your background image, color, or gradient, even if it comes from your show.
Easily tell if a slide is using a custom background, or the show default.
New sound navigation item shows a waveform preview of your slide sound, including fades and offsets.
New Slide Info panel shows a summary of the slide.
Flag slides to help with workflow
New slide flag lets you mark a slide as ‘flagged’.
Use a flag to note a slide that still needs work or requires attention.
Flags appear in the Slide List, Slide Inspector, and Slide Options.
Easily jump to the next flagged slide.
Control flags from the Slide menu, by right clicking on a slide, within Slide Options, or from keyboard shortcuts.
Reduced number of screens makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.
Video Settings tab has been completely removed. These options are now available from Layer Settings (when a video is selected).
Adjustment Effects and Motion Effects have been merged into Effects, allowing you to work on all keyframe attributes from one place.
Redesigned Slide Style screen brings a bigger preview and better browsing.
Slide Style preview is now the focus (replaces the slide preview on this screen).
More room for style description and a list of the applied categories.
New category list replaces the category menus from 4.x, allows faster browsing when you’ve got tons of categories.
Double-click a style in the list to apply it.
Type in the style list to jump to styles beginning with those letters.
Improved layer filtering now filters based on ‘real’ layers ignoring layers in your slide that were previously added by a style.
Updated Slide Style list now clearly indicates which style is applied by marking it with ‘applied’.
See which styles are applied anywhere in your show from the Slide Styles list, which now indicates which styles are ‘used’.
New style reset button lets you reset your slide and apply the ‘No Style’ style even if ‘No Style’ isn’t visible.
Applying a slide style now leaves any crop values you applied to your photos untouched.
Improved slide style preview now takes transition times into account, providing a better representation of the style.
New Methods for Resetting Options
New ‘group’ resets let you reset an entire box of settings with one click on the reset icon in the box’s title bar.
Added hundreds of additional reset options for individual options. Nearly every option in Slide Options can now be reset independently.
Moved individual resets to the RMBM. Just right click on any option and choose reset. With so many reset options, there were just too many to put them right in the window.
Improved Caption Options
Added ability to copy caption alignment via right-click and Copy Settings.
New Show Caption checkbox makes it easy and obvious to make a caption visible on all slides.
New Slide Transition checkbox makes it easier to have a caption affected by the slide’s transition
Improved font combo box hides duplicate font variants that start with ‘@’.
Added ability to copy caption easing via right-click and Copy Settings.
Added ability to copy caption ‘Slide Transition’ via right-click and Copy Settings.
Caption styles now support exporting and importing
Added options to copy caption starting position to the previous slide.
Captions now default to center alignment.
Added ‘Stretch to Caption’ scaling for caption textures.
Added ‘Fill Frame’ scaling for caption textures.
Improved Layer Options
Masking options have been greatly simplified.
The Invert option has been combined with the mask type selection
Multiple ways of controlling mask depth have been streamlined to just dragging the mask depth line in the Layers List
Simplified Adjustment Layer options merge the Invert option with the adjustment type selection
New Chroma Key window moves the chroma key transparency options to their own window
Improved Background Options
New background preview lets you see your selected background even if it isn’t visible in the main preview.
New background source options make it more intuitive to switch between default show background and customized backgrounds.
New slide sound waveform shows what portion of your sound is being used in the current slide.
General Slide Options Improvements
Added ability to copy Slide Timing Lock via right-click and Copy Settings.
Added ability to copy Slide Name via right-click and Copy Settings.
Added ability to copy Layer Name via right-click and Copy Settings.
Use the Spacebar to start/stop preview playback in Slide Options
Zoom the preview in or out to get a closer look, or to see the canvas outside the frame of your show.
Icons next to horizontal and vertical values (such as Pan) help distinguish the difference between the two values.
Holding SHIFT while dragging a layer or caption keeps it locked to the horizontal or vertical axis
Improved Video Options
Video options are now only shown when the selected layer is a video layer
Improved ‘Lock Slide Time to Video Length’ now takes video speed into account when setting timing.
Trimmed videos now show their original duration and their trimmed duration.
Updated video trimmer now displays the trimmed duration.
Redesigned Keyframe Previews
The ‘Starting’ and ‘Ending’ keyframe system has been replaced by a single ‘Selected’ keyframe system.
See your current keyframe front and center in the large preview.
See the previous and next keyframes in smaller previews to the left and right.
Click on the next or previous previews to instantly jump to those keyframes.
Hide/show keyframe icons and motion paths independently.
Improved playback indicator for keyframe control is more obvious during playback and shows current time.
New keyframe toolbar across the top of layer/caption keyframe screens provides easy access to keyframe features.
Add, remove, insert time, and navigate keyframes from the toolbar.
New reset options let you reset a keyframe (or all keyframes), removing effects without adjusting timing.
Prefer to see two keyframe previews at once? New dual-keyframe mode shows two keyframe previews.
Easily switch between single keyframe and dual keyframe previews.
New keyframe indicator ribbon connects the preview to the current keyframe, providing a clear indication of which keyframe is being edited.
Improved keyframe scrubbing shows the current time when clicking clicking and dragging in the keyframe timeline.
Expandable keyframe option areas let you expand a box of keyframe settings to see more information.
See values for next and previous keyframes.
Access inline reset options.
Available for Motion, Adjustments, and Caption keyframes.
Redesigned easing options for effects replace the ‘Motion Speed’ settings from 4.x with clickable names next to individual effects.
New ‘Copy to Next/Previous’ keyframe options easily copy the selected keyframe’s settings with just a couple clicks.
New ‘Copy to Preview Slide’ keyframe options mirror the classic ‘Copy to Next Slide’.
Reworked auto/manual toggle is now presented as a check to better indicate that it turns the setting on/off, but still automatically checks if you mess with the setting.
Enhanced Keyframe Editor
Now shows layer/caption numbers to help distinguish between similar captions and layers.
Enable/disable layers and captions directly from the Keyframe Editor
New and Improved Publishing Options

The ‘Create’ menu has been replaced by ‘Publish’, since creating a show is so much more than just the final output.
All new SmugMug support
Create and publish videos to in HD.
Supports creating albums
Improved support for Apple device output can automatically create a Slideshows playlist and add your show, streamlining the process of opening your show in iTunes.
Desaturation is now off by default for video output.
Improved Capture Frame makes snapshotting a show easier
Now accessible from the main Publish toolbar
Capture Frame now remembers the last used settings, making repeated captures effortless
Improved workflow for capturing a single frame removes the need to deal with the File/Save dialog.
Improved menu loading now warns when loading a menu that uses a missing font.
Video for Web and Devices replaces Output to Device
This updated interface combines creating video for devices with creating video for a variety of other tasks.
Preset-oriented video creation removes the confusion for newer users, or those looking for standards-based output.
Easily create and add your own presets.
Tons of new presets for common desktop video formats.
Improved default filename selection automatically suggests your show name as the video filename.
Simplified EXE options
The often-confusing options for EXE creation have been simplified and streamlined to make it easier to get the right settings.
ProShow automatically handles rendering resolutions, removing the need to specify these options during EXE creation.
Improved image and video quality settings are more intuitive and easier to understand.
ProShow automatically sets audio quality, removing the need to set audio quality.
Fixes and Improvements: General Show Tools

Fixed issue where autosave could be older than the current show
Fixed problem where show recovery used project mode
Fixed problem with file references after using Collect Show Files
Fixed location used for animated GIFs in Collect Show Files process
Fixed problem with file format in Capture Frame save dialog
Fixed file save issue in Capture Frame dialog for Current setting
Fixed problem where slide style caching could trigger transition caching
Fixed warning message that appears when canceling Collect Show Files dialog
Fixed issue where collecting show files could not find a layer if the layer had been replaced since the last save.
Fixes and Improvements: New Shows, Loading and Saving Shows

Fixed problem with gradient angle for show backgrounds
Fixed problem with Slide Style preview area after loading a show
Fixed issue where New Show dialog prevented program from closing
Fixed problem where New Show dialog could appear above Windows file open dialog
Fixed overwrite warning when saving over the first listed show template
Fixed aspect ratio update of current show when opening new show dialog
Fixed issue with missing symbols in auto-generated PSH filename
Fixed problem where missing layers could be stripped out of a show
Fixed problem where font size change did not mark show as having been updated
Fixes and Improvements: User Interface

Fixed problem with selection state in Soundtrack area of Show Options
Fixed update problems in certain dialogs causes by show processing
Fixed problem with flip checkboxes for Watermark option
Fixed drawing problem affecting Rotate and Edit buttons in the Wizard
Fixed problem where audio sync dialog would not remember the last used settings
Fixed problem where Save Video dialog could appear after closing Device dialog
Fixed update problem affecting sliders with associated number boxes
Fixed selection issue when clicking from one active text box to another
Fixed problems with loading window layouts
Fixed problem where some video formats did not appear in file open dialog
Fixed problem with keyboard links in File menu
Fixed problem where options for main toolbar did not maintain checked state
Changed format for Window Layout configuration files. Window layouts created in earlier versions are no longer supported.
Fixed various issues with flickering in the UI.
Fixed issue where position of preview control bar position indicator could be inaccurate.
Fixed issue where Live Image could be enabled for non-replaceable layers.
Fixed issue where tooltips would not appear for undocked panes.
Fixed problems with Slide List thumbnail after changing slide / transition duration
Fixed missing MTS/M2TS file types in Open dialogs.
Fixed issue where ESC key did not close the Keyframe Editor dialog
Fixes and Improvements: Rendering, Encoding, and Other Internal Stuff

Fixed encoding options used for videos in transitions
Fixed issue where captions could fail to disappear after their final keyframe
Fixed problem with opacity of show captions
Fixed drop shadow on layers with vignette applied
Fixed problems with Producer only caption effects in Gold compatible styles
Fixed preview problems caused by removing slide image backgrounds
Fixed problems with colorize effects in static previews
Fixed problem with modifiers in slide styles after multiple applications of the style
Fixed problem with variable amount based modifier layer reference in slide styles
Fixed problem where layer could be out of position during layer transitions
Fixed crash in video output caused by certain transitions at zero duration
Fixed problems with layer scaling during transitions in some video output formats
Fixed problem with playback segments for video thumbnails on menus
Fixed problems with desaturate and chroma key transparency in video output
Fixed problems with pause position in “Action at End of Slide” feature
Fixed problems with modifier effects while scrubbing
Fixed issue where easing could be omitted from scrubbing preview
Fixed problems with menu background image in Presenter based output
Fixed problem where list based menu could include show thumbnails
Fixed problems with slide sounds in adjacent slides
Fixed problem with fade out volume for some slide sounds
Fixed problem in preview playback where slide sounds could fail to end properly
Fixed problem where slide sounds could fade out too early
Fixed preview / thumbnail update problem after changing masking layer order
Fixed problem where masking layer could flash in video output
Fixed problem where masking layer depth could appear incorrectly
Fixed problem where masking layers could appear as non-masking layers
Fixed problems with selection highlight in DVD output
Fixed problems with importing 32-bit BMP images
Fixed problems where download extras content could fail to appear.
Fixed issue where media source locations could get lost.
Fixed issue with color saturation in video output.
Fixed issue where Report a Problem could fail on some systems.
Fixed problems with modifiers in slide styles that reference lower order layers
Fixed various issues with caption textures
Fixes and Improvements: Slide Options

Fixed problem switching keyframe option to manual mode after changing value
Fixed update problems affecting duration options in Slide Settings area of Slide Options
Fixed problems with character rotate when using copy options
Fixed problems with slide time locks when replacing a layer with a video file
Fixed problems with font size in Choose Caption Behaviors dialog
Fixed problem where first and last keyframes of a gradient could be moved
Fixed problems with caption text entry and certain keyboard shortcuts
Fixed problem with tooltips when switching layers
Fixed keyframe area for disabled captions
Fixed some gradient presets that had unintended color values
Fixed the Above / Below Transition option for captions in slide styles
Fixed slide style highlight when double-clicking on a different slide
Fixed problems with copying text to slides with no captions
Fixed copy options for caption interactivity highlight color
Fixed issue with style details displayed when switching between slides
Fixed problem with removing reference for missing background images
Fixed problems caused by using periods in slide style names
Fixed layer matching that could result from undoing layer deletion
Fixed problem where masking layer appears incorrect after toggled off / on
Fixed problems with copying Italic option to other captions
Fixed after preview update error in Slide Options for solid color / gradient edits
Fixed issue where double-clicking a slide to open Slide Options could toggle a checkbox
Fixed issue where sliders could have missing right-click menus
Fixed issues with default aspect ratio of gradients.
Fixed issues with default aspect ratio of solid color layers.
Fixed issue where angle of a gradient layer could be loaded incorrectly.
Fixed issues with darkening of inactive layers while editing captions.
Fixes and Improvements: Slide List

Fixed issue where slide transition duration could change incorrectly
Fixed problems with slide focus after using Combine Slides
Fixed problem where Shift key prevented files from being dropped into a show
Fixed problem with slide highlight after deleting a slide from the Slide List
Fixed problems with Paste Into and empty shows
Fixes and Improvements: Stability

Fixed crash caused by slide style / transition caching
Fixed crash caused by saving music from a CD directly to a customized menu
Fixed crash caused by loading a show from a location with no write permissions
Fixed crash caused by entering an extremely large font size
Fixed crash when loading menu containing only a background image
Fixed crash caused by dragging masking layer outside layers list
Fixed rare crash that could occur when caching transitions while loading a show
Fixed stability issue caused by adding too many shows in a project
Nearly a Hundred New Styles and Transitions

New slide styles take advantage of 3D.
Backdrop Dark Framed Zoom In 3D
Backdrop Dark Framed Zoom Out 3D
Backdrop Dark Zoom In 3D
Backdrop Dark Zoom Out 3D
Backdrop Light Framed Zoom In 3D
Backdrop Light Framed Zoom Out 3D
Backdrop Light Zoom In 3D
Backdrop Light Zoom Out 3D
Contact Sheet Landscape Dark
Contact Sheet Landscape Dark 4×3
Contact Sheet Landscape Light
Contact Sheet Landscape Light 4×3
Contact Sheet Landscape Reverse Backlit
Contact Sheet Landscape Reverse Backlit 4×3
Contact Sheet Portrait Dark
Contact Sheet Portrait Dark 4×3
Contact Sheet Portrait Light
Contact Sheet Portrait Light 4×3
Contact Sheet Portrait Reverse Backlit
Contact Sheet Portrait Reverse Backlit 4×3
Flip and Glide 3D Dark 1
Flip and Glide 3D Dark 2
Flip and Glide 3D Light 1
Flip and Glide 3D Light 2
Full Length Landscape
Full Length Landscape 4×3
Full Length Portrait 1 Centered
Full Length Portrait 1 Left
Full Length Portrait 1 Right
Full Length Portrait 2
Full Length Portrait 2 4×3
Momentum 3D 1 Blur
Momentum 3D 1 Dark
Momentum 3D 1 Light
Momentum 3D 2 Blur
Momentum 3D 2 Dark
Momentum 3D 2 Light
Momentum 3D 3 Blur
Momentum 3D 3 Dark
Momentum 3D 3 Light
Simple Tilt and Zoom 3D Dark 1
Simple Tilt and Zoom 3D Dark 2
Simple Tilt and Zoom 3D Light 1
Simple Tilt and Zoom 3D Light 2
Storyteller Title
Tilted Revolution 3D Landscape 1
Tilted Revolution 3D Landscape 2
Tilted Revolution 3D Portrait 1
Tilted Revolution 3D Portrait 2
Tilted Singles 3D Dark
Tilted Singles 3D Dark Backdrop Blur
Tilted Singles 3D Dark Framed
Tilted Singles 3D Light
Tilted Singles 3D Light Backdrop Blur
Tilted Singles 3D Light Framed
Vertical Center Pan Singles Dark
Vertical Center Pan Singles Light
Dozens of new transitions
Curved Path 3D – Down
Curved Path 3D – Left
Curved Path 3D – Right
Curved Path 3D – Up
Flash Cards 3D – Backward
Flash Cards 3D – Backward – Cascade
Flash Cards 3D – Forward
Flash Cards 3D – Forward – Cascade
Fly Zone 3D – Bottom Left
Fly Zone 3D – Bottom Right
Fly Zone 3D – Top Left
Fly Zone 3D – Top Left – Reflection
Fly Zone 3D – Top Right
Fly Zone 3D – Top Right – Reflection
Folding Turn 3D – Down
Folding Turn 3D – Up
Inverted Tracks 3D – Left
Inverted Tracks 3D – Left – Blur
Inverted Tracks 3D – Left – Light
Inverted Tracks 3D – Right
Inverted Tracks 3D – Right – Blur
Inverted Tracks 3D – Right – Light
Perspective Push 3D – Left
Perspective Push 3D – Left – Glow
Perspective Push 3D – Left – Light
Perspective Push 3D – Left – Light – Shadow
Perspective Push 3D – Right
Perspective Push 3D – Right – Glow
Perspective Push 3D – Right – Light
Perspective Push 3D – Right – Light – Shadow
Spin Dissolve 3D – Center Stop
Spin Dissolve 3D – Center Stop – Glow
Spin Dissolve 3D – Center Stop – Light
Spin Dissolve 3D – Continuous
Spin Dissolve 3D – Continuous – Glow
Spin Dissolve 3D – Continuous – Light
Tilt Drift 3D – Down
Tilt Drift 3D – Left
Tilt Drift 3D – Right
Tilt Drift 3D – Up

ProShow Producer Version 4.52

Version 4.52.3048
May 18, 2011

Please Note: ProShow 4.52 provides a number of fixes and adjustments. Many of these changes may be be available to users of older versions by updating the burning support (Help > Upgrade DVD/Blu-ray/CD Support) and updating the Device support (Create > YouTube, click on the green Upgrade bar).

Added new profiles to Device output option
Removed direct Vimeo upload option due to change in service (now focuses on creating Vimeo-ready file and saving to disk)
Fixed problem with optical drive detection on some systems which could prevent DVD, CD and Blu-ray burning from working properly.
Fixed rare installation failure affecting some systems
Fixed rare crash caused by Internet connections on some systems
Fixed crash affecting Presenter based output formats
Fixed crash when opening certain existing shows
Fixed crashes in video rendering
Fixed problem with MPEG4 based Flash output, now supports Flash 10.x.
Fixed problem with M4A audio files
Fixed problem where some valid audio files could fail to import
Fixed problem where Random Transition Effects could corrupt show
Fixed problem where Facebook output could fail
Fixed problem with YouTube tags
Fixed problem with Save Window Layout dialog
Fixed typos in help documentation
Fixed missing EULA in help documentation
Fixed reference to Legal Notices in help documentation
Fixed audio menu shortcut (Alt+A) in help documentation

ProShow Gold Version 4.51

Version 4.51.3003
December 6, 2010

Improvements to the Wizard

* Enhanced logic used in wizard to apply slide styles / transitions
* Enhanced logic used in wizard to determine transition durations
* Added confirmation prompt when closing wizard using ESC key
* Enhanced response time when retrying a show in the wizard

Other Changes and Improvements

* Fixed problems with outputting to Vimeo
* Fixed problems with outputting to Twitter
* Fixed tooltip for Video File option in Create Output dialog
* Fixed problem where Blu-ray output could include the wrong files
* Fixed problem with video trim ranges
* Fixed problems with macroblocking on some interlaced videos
* Fixed crash problem caused by adjustment layers in transitions
* Fixed problem where some videos could be seen as audio files
* Fixed problems with flipped video layers

Changes in Version 4.5.2949
What's New Since 4.5.2929

* Added option to cancel content import processes within the wizard
* Added ability to select multiple pieces of content at once in the wizard
* Shows created from wizard now include theme and energy values in Show Notes
* Fixed video import problem where multiple crash reports could occur
* Fixed problem where slide sounds could end prematurely
* Fixed crash problem that could occur while loading a slideshow
* Fixed problem where ProShow could appear to hang if closed while minimized
* Fixed problem where some MP3s were being reported as invalid
* Fixed crash caused by having too few layers when applying a slide style
* Fixed problem where some video layers could playback too quickly
* Fixed problems with layer order in shows created by the wizard
* Fixed problem where blank shows could be created with the wrong custom aspect ratio
* Fixed problems caused by changing title of Blank Show in New Slide Show dialog
* Fixed crash condition that could occur after applying a slide style
* Fixed problem where slides could become blank after sending a Problem Report

Version 4.5.2929
September 22, 2010

New! Create Shows Automatically

* Wizard effortlessly builds complete shows with photos, videos, music and effects
* Wizard intelligently adds effects and builds a custom show with your content
* Nearly instant preview of your show - no need to wait for rendering
* Wizard shows can be edited in ProShow for full creative control
* Add photos, videos, text and music
* Control order of content, trim videos, and edit text
* Add your own custom soundtrack
* Pick from 14 different themes
* Create your own themes, and edit existing themes
* Bias the energy level to create shows that are calm, or shows that are a little crazy

New! Over 110 New Transition Effects

* New effects you can use in any show
* Page curl, camera flash, gloss, curved path and more
* ProShow Gold now includes over 390 transition effects
* Add even more transitions with new Transition Packs

New! All New Transition Chooser

* Completely redesigned interface for browsing and selecting transitions
* Categories let you easily search similar effects
* See the name and description of the selected effect
* Single-click to preview, double-click to apply (or just select, and click 'Apply')
* Drag the Transition Chooser to any spot on your screen
* From the preferences, configure ProShow to open the Transition Chooser where you left it
* Resize the Transition Chooser to control how much you see at once

New! New Interface for Creating a New Show

* Improved New Show interface provides more options for starting a new show
* Launch the wizard to build a show automatically
* Create a new blank show, and specify the title and aspect ratio
* Open any recently used show
* Browse for an existing show to open
* New Show interface opens automatically at startup (can be disabled)

New! Over 90 New Slide Styles

* Apply these new effects to any slide
* Focused on elegant and essential effects that work well in all shows
* ProShow Gold now includes over 140 slide styles

New! Improved Video Creation

* Support for HD uploads to Vimeo
* Support for YouTube shows up to 15 minutes (previously limited to 10 minutes)
* Enhanced the overall quality of several video formats when using the Device Output feature
* Improved quality of MPEG 4 based video output

Other Changes and Improvements

* Video trim values are now maintained when applying Slide Styles
* Folders list now provides access to Windows Music and Videos folders
* Fixed problem with audio clicks / blips at the beginning and end of audio tracks
* Fixed crash condition in output processes caused by trimmed / cropped video layers
* Fixed problems where layers in some shows could appear black
* Fixed missing save confirmation process when opening show from outside ProShow and show is already open
* Fixed quality problem affecting left channel of AAC based video output
* Fixed problem where Windows Taskbar could cover Choose Transition dialog
* Fixed video thumbnail option for Blu-ray menus
* Fixed rare problem where progressive encoded video output could be interlaced
* Fixed problem where layer Flip options could be reset when changing source files
* Fixed typo in Synchronize Show to Soundtrack dialog
* Fixed problems with AAC audio in video output
* Fixed problems where the Total Time field in Slide Options could fail to update
* Fixed startup problem caused by text setting in Windows 7
* Fixed video import failure affecting some MOV files
* Fixed the Pause button in DVD disc rendering dialog
* Fixed problem where video rendering could appear to stall on some shows
* Fixed problem where changing the source file for a video layer could incorrectly update slide time
* Fixed label in list of caption texture scaling options
* Fixed problem with missing right click menu for slide background image field
* Fixed problem where current slide name could fail to appear in Rename Slide dialog
* Fixed problem where MP4 files could fail to show in open file dialogs
* Fixed problem with Vimeo output
* Fixed problems with show backgrounds set to solid color
* Fixed problem where some MP3 files could fail to import properly

Changes in Version 4.1.2737
What's New Since 4.1.2712

* Fixed problem where some MP3 tracks could fail to play and appear with a flat waveform
* Fixed problem where video layer could appear transparent in Ending Position preview
* Fixed problem where video layers could scrub poorly after being added to a slide
* Fixed problem where video layers could fail to appear in slide list thumbnails
* Fixed problems with clarity of some video layers
* Fixed problem where very large images could fail to fully preview from File List
* Fixed crash problem caused by rendering to certain formats from Device output
* Fixed problem where certain Nvidia graphics drivers could cause image previews to become corrupt
* Fixed problem with display of trimmed video layers during drag through preview
* Fixed problem where Facebook uploads could fail
* Fixed problem where 'used in show' flags within File List could fail to update after opening a show
* Fixed audio problems affecting some video layers
* Fixed crash problem caused by flipped video layers
* Fixed problems with quality of FLV and WMV output
* Fixed crash condition caused by cancelling the file save process while in the process of outputting a show
* Fixed problem where preview playback could appear at the wrong aspect ratio
* Fixed problem where incorrect error dialog could appear after changing slide style categories
* Fixed problem where captions in Customize Menu dialog had incorrect options
* Fixed problem with manually entered pan values in the Precision Preview
* Fixed problem where layers rotated in crop dialog could fail to be displayed
* Fixed problem where deleting a layer did not properly undo layer matching
* Fixed problem where video layer could play at wrong speed after being flipped

Changes in Version 4.1.2712
What's New Since 4.1.2711

* Fixed problem with Presenter plugin installation when installing on a computer which has never had a copy of Presenter installed before.

Changes in Version 4.1.2711
What's New Since 4.1.2710

* Fixed issue where Presenter plugin would not playback properly in Firefox and Chrome

ProShow Gold Version 4.1

Version 4.1.2710
December 10, 2009

Improved Preview in Slide Options

* New! Improved preview performance makes working with multi-layer slides faster.
* New! New layer and caption control outlines
o Improved outlines are easier to see
o Grab any knob to change the size
o New rotation icons in each corner let you easily rotate layers and captions
* New! Added snap-to rotation when the SHIFT key is held during rotation. Layers will snap to 45 degree increments.
* Caption previews now support the 'Select caption with mouse click' and 'Show caption controls' options (right click on the preview to adjust these settings).

Improvements for Adding Content to Shows

* New! Double-click any photo in the File List to add it to your show.
* New! Added 'Add as One New Slide' to right-click menu in the File List and to the Insert menu under main Slide menu. Adds the selected files as layers on a single new slide in the show.

Additional Output Options

* New! Facebook Support
o Create output for your Facebook page
o Built-in support for uploading directly from ProShow
* New! Vimeo Support
o Create videos for the Vimeo sharing site
o Upload HD video to Vimeo from within ProShow
* New! Announce Shows on Twitter
o Tweet an announcement about your show after uploading to Photodex, YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo
o Fully integrated - just enter your login information
o Automatic shortening of long URLs
* New! Output video files in the Theora format, supported by most HTML 5 web browsers
* Improved Photodex Uploading now provides a link to the show after uploading
* Added option to pause video rendering
* Added completion message to Web Show output to let you know when its complete
* Enhanced menu theme list in output dialogs to remember the selected category and selection.

All New Help Documentation and Manual

* New! Entirely new documentation written from scratch.
o Based on user feedback, we scrapped the entire manual and help file and started over.
o New documentation takes an instructional approach, rather than simply describing buttons and features.
o Filled with examples of key features and concepts.
o Organized by concept, rather than interface layout.
o Reviewed, edited, and critiqued by real users.
* New! Full manual available as a PDF from the Photodex website
o Over 300 pages of all new documentation
o PDF version available free, includes same content as found in the printed book.
* New! Built-in help included with every copy of ProShow 4.1
o Includes the same content found in the new manual
o Provided in the industry standard Windows Help format, which allows searching and printing.

Improvements to Working in Slide Options

* New! Enhanced timing control
o New! Total time for slide is now displayed at the bottom of Slide Options
o New! Click the total time indicator to change timing
+ Set slide time and transition times
+ See the new total time based on the changes you are making
+ See the difference between the new and old timing
o New! Improved timing control in Slide Options > Slide Settings
+ Set transition times in addition to slide time
+ See the total time based on the changes
* New! Added button in upper right corner of Slide Options to allow direct access to any Slide Options screen.
* New! Added keyboard shortcut for playing / stopping Slide Options preview areas (CTRL + Q)
* New! Added "Copy End to Start" option to the copy menu in Effects tabs
* Added reset option for background image fields to remove the background image.
* Changed the "Motion Styles" feature to "Motion Speed" to increase clarity of function

Improvements to Slide Styles

* New! Redesigned slide style list makes it easier to browse for a style
o Enhanced the look of the Slide Styles list to make the layers and aspect ratio information more readable.
o Added the recommended timing to each item in the list.
o Improved layer # indicator in slide styles list to improve visibility and better indicate when it matches the slide
o Added new Slide Styles list mode which shows only the style name, aspect ratio, and layer count, enabling more styles to appear in the list at once
* New! New multi-category support lets you better organize your styles
o Styles can now have multiple categories applied at once.
o New categorization interface
+ Adjust categories for multiple styles at once
+ Change categories quickly without having to access each style individually
+ Add or remove categories at will
* New! Improved style filtering options
o Added bar above slide styles list to show the number of Slide Styles shown by the current filter settings. Can be clicked to show all.
o Added option to filter slide styles by aspect ratio of current show. Select Match Show to display only styles that match the aspect ratio of the current show.
o Expanded the layer filter to let you filter by a wider range of layer numbers.
o Improved slide style filter for aspect ratio to provide more accurate results and better handle custom aspect ratios.
o Enhanced the Slide Style filtering options to use drop-down menus instead of combo-boxes, allowing for more descriptive text to be displayed.
o Category filter options now show the number of styles in each category.
* New! Easily add slide styles
o Double-click any PXS file in Windows Explorer to install it in ProShow.
o When downloading PXS files from the web, choosing 'Open' (instead of 'Save') will automatically install into ProShow.
o Import multiple styles at once from the Manage Styles window. Just select multiple PXS files when browsing for a file.
* New! Quickly browse styles with 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons
* Improved style storage, reducing the need to reinstall styles with each ProShow update
o Slide styles are now stored in the Windows AppData/ProgramData folder
o Multiple installations of ProShow on the same computer can now share one repository of styles
o Easily backup styles by copying just the AppData/ProgramData folder
* Greatly improved speed of using styles when you have a large number of styles installed
* Added ability to access the Slide Style Manager from the main interface via Slide menu. Allows you to manage styles without going through Slide Options.
* Enhanced Manage Styles dialog now appears larger, and displays a variety of information about the selected style.

Improved Layers List

* New! Redesigned layers list makes it easier to work with layers in your slides.
o Cleaner design provides improved readability
o Notes icon appears in the list for layers which contain notes
o Improved display of hidden layers to make their state more obvious
* Work faster and easier
o Easily add layers by right clicking anywhere in the list
o Quickly rename a layer by right clicking on it
o Greatly improved performance of list when many layers exist in a slide

Improved Captions List

* New! Redesigned Captions List makes it easier to work with captions on your slides.
* Captions are now displayed in the font you've selected for that caption, making it easier to spot captions in the list.
* Captions that start with a blank line now show their first line of actual text in the list, instead of just '...'
* Caption list in Show Options now shows the global caption icon to indicate the captions appear on all slides.

Improved Slide List

* Added ability to rename a slide from the slide list by right-clicking on the slide.
* Added tooltip to Slide List that displays details on slide content, including number of layers, types of content, etc.
* Increased right click area for slides in the Slide List - options for the slide now appear if you right click anywhere on the shaded slide. Previously, you need to click on the thumbnail itself.
* Improved highlighting when dragging additional layers into a slide. Highlights now indicate when you're dropping into a slide vs. inserting a new slide.

Improved File Listing

* New! Double-click any photo to add it to your show.
* New! Customize thumbnail sizes
o Added options and preferences for thumbnail size in File List.
o You can now select from a variety of different thumbnail sizes
o Create and use multiple custom sizes for thumbnails
* Improved indicators for what's used in your show
o Checkmarks on thumbnails and icons show which files are already used
o Added the Used in Show indicator for audio and video files in File List
o Added to Details view in the File List a column that indicates which files are used in the show.
o Added ability to sort by what's used in your show already
* Improved Details List
o Improved column names in Details view of File List to make them more easily understandable
o New Megapixel column lets you see the resolution of your photos in megapixels
o Improved size column shows size in kilobytes instead of bytes

Improved Status Bar

* New! Enhanced the Status Bar to information about the currently selected slides.
* The Status Bar now displays the total time of the selected slides and the number of selected slides.
* When only one slide is selected, additional information is displayed, including slide number, name, and layer count

Additional Improvements and Enhancements

* Added option to set Random Transition Effects from Preferences
* Added preference to disable warning dialogs when adding files to templates and the template size and selected file count don't match.
* Added preferences to turn off confirmations for copying and moving multiple files.
* Added icon for files associated with ProShow, appears in Windows for PSH and PXS files.
* Added safe zone toggle to Show Settings tab of Show Options
* Changed 'Options' and 'Slide' buttons on main toolbar to 'Show Opt' and 'Slide Opt', and repositioned a few buttons to make the functionality more obvious.
* Changed default size meter setting from VCD to DVD on new install.
* Enhanced video import process by reducing dependency on external codecs
* Enhanced visibility of icon buttons in most dialogs when the cursor is over them. Buttons now properly overstate (light up) when you mouse over them.
* Improved performance of checking files used in a show for changes, which can greatly improve general responsiveness of ProShow in some situations.
* Improved the 'remove' option for slide sounds to make it more obvious what the feature does.
* Increased limit for manually set fade times for audio tracks, from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.

Audio Fixes

* Fixed audio failure caused by muting show from a menu page
* Fixed audio stuttering problem caused by playing multiple Presenter based shows at once
* Fixed problem where slide sounds could incorrectly continue into other slides
* Fixed problem where some Quicktime videos could have bad audio once imported
* Fixed problem where soundtrack volume did not get saved properly when set to zero

Stability Fixes

* Fixed stability problems caused by very large shows
* Fixed stability problems caused by certain memory usage situations
* Fixed crash condition caused by long MP3 files
* Fixed crash issue caused by importing certain Quicktime videos
* Fixed crash issue caused by importing video from Kodak Zi6 pocket camera
* Fixed crash problem when creating output that can occur when one or more slides contain exceptionally long captions.
* Fixed rare crash problem caused by dragging multiple images into a show
* Fixed playback crash affecting some web based shows that are played back at 16:9, but contain 4:3 menus, video thumbnails, and no intro show.
* Fixed rare crash condition caused by Slide Style names that begin or end with a space.

Interface Fixes

* Fixed error message regarding 'cannot display page' seen when opening Help
* Fixed incorrect label in Shows tab of output dialogs, which incorrectly referred to the filename as the location.
* Fixed issue where using the Edit Fades and Timing dialog would not check the 'Custom' checkbox for slide sounds, causing the changes to appear as though they were not applied. Custom checkbox is now automatically checked for you when you use the Edit Fades and Timing dialog.
* Fixed play / pause icons in Slide Styles tab of Slide Options to indicate the action to be performed if they are clicked, rather than the current state.
* Fixed problem in Show Options / Background where color picker wasn't disabled properly for Colorize when colorization was turned off.
* Fixed problem where Slide Options could open partially off screen
* Fixed problem where buttons could be displayed incorrectly
* Fixed problem where caption fly-in / fly-out options were not properly disabled when working with matched captions.
* Fixed problem where layer copy options could fail to become enabled
* Fixed problem where long audio files would display their length incorrectly in Slide Options and Show Options.
* Fixed problem where screensaver output dialog contained options for setting show titles and thumbnails, which don't apply for screensavers.
* Fixed problem where the soundtrack list in Show Options could incorrectly appear empty in some situations.
* Fixed problem where using arrow keys to nudge a layer in the Slide Options preview would move the layer, but changes would not be immediately reflected in the related text fields for pan.
* Fixed problems with some caption control buttons
* Fixed several layout problems in Precision Preview dialog which caused control buttons for adding / removing layers to be missing.
* Fixed several sliders in Slide and Show Options to behave correctly when clicking on the left / right arrows (stepping) or in the scrollbar itself (paging).
* Updated description of Include Original Files feature more accurately describe the functionality of the feature.

General Usage Fixes

* Fixed problem where "Add to Selected Slides" option would fail to mark a photo as 'Used in Show'
* Fixed problem where Collect Show Files would list total size of show content incorrectly.
* Fixed problem where Configure Image Editor dialog could fall behind the main window, causing ProShow to appear locked up.
* Fixed problem where MediaSource references could get lost after uninstalling ProShow
* Fixed problem where auto-rotated layers could not be cropped properly using the Crop tool under Editing.
* Fixed problem where duplicated layers could end prematurely
* Fixed problem where entering certain single-digit sizes in the caption size combo box would incorrectly select the wrong size.
* Fixed problem where image field for show backgrounds could become blank
* Fixed problem where layers could not be dragged by their center point
* Fixed problem where slide style names could not include certain legal characters
* Fixed problem where some imported videos could appear with an incorrect aspect ratio
* Fixed problem with slide style names that could prevent those styles from being edited or applied
* Fixed problems that could cause File List to update improperly
* Fixed problems where macro based captions could fail to update as slide positions changed
* Fixed problems with MPEG2 video layers caused by malfunctioning codecs
* Fixed quality issue in MPEG4 videos created with Video File output

Playback Fixes

* Fixed playback problems caused by looping animated GIFs that were cropped
* Fixed problem where layers could appear incorrectly at very low Zoom values
* Fixed problem where layers with a zoom value of zero could still be seen
* Fixed problem where layers with very low zoom values (0-1%) could appear to momentarily 'pop' to 100% zoom during playback.
* Fixed problem where preview would appear blank in trial installations if playback was started from certain parts of a show
* Fixed problem where preview in Slide Options could loop in certain situations (instead of playing once and stopping)
* Fixed problem where slide background could incorrectly disappear during playback.

Output Fixes

* Fixed issue where YouTube uploads could function properly but appear to fail
* Fixed problem where audio on Blu-ray menu could loop incorrectly
* Fixed problem where layers could appear incorrectly when High Quality encoding is used to create video output.
* Removed the 720i option for HD video output, as it is an unsupported standard

Changes Added in 4.0.2549
Revisions since 4.0.2548

* None
4.0.2549 was released to keep build numbers in sync with Producer.
There are no notable changes in ProShow Gold 4.0.2549.

Changes Added in 4.0.2548
Revisions since 4.0.2542

* Fixed problem with show buffering process
* Fixed issue with stalling when opening Trim Video dialog
* Fixed problems caused by saving over an existing Slide Style

Changes Added in 4.0.2542
Revisions since 4.0.2533

* Fixed playback problems affecting DVD output on some players
* Fixed issue with YouTube not handling some tags correctly
* Fixed rare problem affecting Open File dialogs

Changes Added in 4.0.2532
Revisions since 4.0.2479

* New! Added option to save YouTube output
From the YouTube dialog, you can save the file to upload later

* Enhanced warning message in YouTube dialog
* Improved quality of video layers internally and in Presenter based output
* Enhanced seeking process for Presenter based shows
* Fixed problem where YouTube upload could fail based on manually entered details
* Fixed problems with image orientation in some slide styles
* Fixed warning dialog that appears when applying a slide style
* Fixed titlebar label in Help dialog
* Fixed problems with Sharpen values in Presenter based output
* Fixed crash condition related to cropping animated GIFs
* Fixed rare problem where some video output could fail
* Fixed crash condition caused by very long captions
* Fixed missing Half Size thumbnail option
* Fixed problem with Replaceable Image option in Slide Options
* Fixed problems with thumbnail updates in Slide List and Timeline
* Fixed quality issues with video thumbnails in executable output
* Fixed problems with the aspect ratio of Web Show menus
* Fixed problem with scaling for rotated videos in some output formats

Changes Added in 4.0.2479
Revisions since 4.0.2477

* Fixed problems that could cause video output to fail on some systems
* Fixed problem where slide lock settings could be lost
* Improved compatiblity and stability of Device output

Changes Added in 4.0.2477
Revisions since 4.0.2462

* New! Added option to combine slides
Right click on selected slides and choose 'Combine Slides' to merge them into one slide

* New! Added option to paste contents of one slide into another
Copy a slide in the Slide List, then right click on a slide and choose 'Paste Into'

* New! Added preference for default slide name
From Preferences > Appearance, change what text is displayed in the Slide List for each slide
when no slide name exists. Choose between standard 'Slide #' text, name of top layer
(like in version 3.x), or no text

* New! Added option to drop multiple files into show as layers a new slide
Hold CTRL+ALT when dropping files into the Slide List to add them as layers to a single new slide.
Now you have the following drag/drop options:
o Drag/Drop (with no keys pressed): Adds the dropped files as new slides, one file per slide
o CTRL + Drag/Drop: Adds the dropped files as new layers in the slide you drop them on
o CTRL+ALT + Drag/Drop: Adds a news slide where you drop, and adds the dropped files
as layers to the new slide

* Increased compatibility of Blu-ray output
* Improved import process for some audio files
* Fixed problem where YouTube output could succeed but also give error message
* Fixed issue with some systems not showing bold text in File List for files that exist in the current show
* Fixed problems with captions in menu layouts
* Fixed display of Flash output with disabled playback controls
* Fixed problem with On-Screen Controls option for Web Show output
* Fixed upload problem affecting some Share Show accounts

Changes Added in 4.0.2462
Revisions since 4.0.2442

* Improved Slide Styles Interface
o Categories are now supported for styles
o Styles are now labeled when they support both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios
o Filter by aspect ratio
o Filter by number of layers
o Style info now includes preferred timing
o Added option during style creation to flag that the style works with any ratio
o Added ability to edit information for Styles
* Added an Options button to the Presenter plug-in control bar for accessing additional options
* Added option to loop video files (or animated GIF files)
* Improved video import process
* Added support for custom layer and slide names in Copy Settings dialog
* Added rotation center option to Precision Preview
* Enhanced the YouTube output process
* Added intelligent download progress indicator to Presenter on-screen controls
* Added new Slide Styles
o Photo Print Edge
o Vignette Dramatic
o Vignette Subtle
* Fixed problem with manually entered motion Pan values
* Fixed problems with non-standard installation paths
* Fixed rare Presenter based crash condition
* Fixed problem with time displayed in Presenter control bar
* Fixed problem with slide lock option on blank slides
* Fixed crash condition caused by DVD output and very long file paths
* Fixed problem where animated GIFs could lose transparency in output
* Fixed the options menu in Motion Effects tab of Slide Options
* Fixed crash condition related to audio importing
* Fixed several incorrect tooltips
* Fixed problem audio offsets could get lost after sync process
* Fixed problems with video speed option
* Fixed problem where some layers could flicker during show playback
* Fixed problems with Slide Style filtering following style creation
* Fixed problems with captions in menu layouts
* Fixed problem that could occur when replacing certain layers with new content

Changes Added in 4.0.2442
Revisions since 4.0.2437

* Added support for latest YouTube high quality and HD profiles
* Added option to the File List context menu to open selected file in an external editor
* Fixed issue reported by a small number of users where Presenter could crash while playing certain shows
* Fixed issue where Play/Pause menu time in Presenter plugin's context menu wouldn't show 'Play' correctly when a show begins playback
* Fixed issue where some systems would not open the help file correctly

Version 4.0.2437
December 9, 2008

New! Slide Styles

* Apply effects to your show with just a couple clicks
* Choose from over 50 pre-built styles
* Create, save, and share your own effects
* Apply pre-built slide effects to any show
* Any slide can be made into a style
* Minimize work by re-using your favorite slides

New! On-Screen Controls for Playback

* New control bar for Web shows, EXEs, PC Autorun, Share Show
* Auto-hiding integrated toolbar appears only when you need it
* See the length of a show, and your current position
* Seek to any point in the show using the seek bar
* Control volume and mute
* Switch between full-screen and windowed view
* Use output options to disable the control bar for your shows

New! Animated GIF Support

* Add animated GIF files to any show
* Put all that clip-art to good use
* Use the Video Trimmer to trim the length of animated GIFs

New! Improved Audio Sync Tool

* Get greatly enhanced control over how your show syncs to audio
* Match to the entire soundtrack length, or length of any combination of tracks
* Modify slide times, transition times, or both
* Limit the amount of change to transition times so they don't get too big
* Make all your times the same, or maintain proportions between slides
* Time that are locked get left alone - so your complex slides aren't fried

New! Updated User Interface

* New Slide Options interface groups tabs into categories
* Refreshed Slide List display shows icons for locked time, layers, notes, and more
* View Timeline in seconds or minutes/seconds
* Add, remove and manage layers from most Slide Options tabs
* Easily access related show options from within Slide Options via links
* Configure colors used for the interface
* New 16:9 preview areas give you larger previews for today's hottest output formats
* Use keyboard shortcuts to switch Slide Option tabs and layers
* Menu buttons for previews, layers and captions put more features at your fingertips

New! Names and Notes

* Specify names for layers and slides to help you stay organized
* Specify notes for layers, slides and shows.
* Use notes to track your progress as you work on a show

New! Lock Times

* Lock slide time to prevent changes, even during audio sync
* Lock slide time to the length of a video layer
* Lock slide time to the length of a slide sound

New! Improved Audio Control

* Trim / Crop Audio Visually in the Timeline
* Audio Trimmer Displays Relative Show Timing
* Control fade in/out for audio contained in video layers

New! Collect Show Files Listing

* Use the Collect Show Files dialog to save a list of content in your show

Additional Changes and Improvements

* New! Randomize Pan, Zoom, and Rotate Motion Independantly
* New! Option to Remove All Captions from a Slide
* New! Automatic Check for Updates, with Preferences for Frequency
* New! Preferences for Auto-Save Frequency
* New! Preferences for Number of Backups to Save
* New! Preferences for Text Displayed for Files in the File List
* New! Preferences to enable/disable confirmations when you are closing Slide Options

Slide Styles Inlcuded with Version 4

Included Styles:

* A Moving Backdrop
* A Photo Border
* A Photo Border 4x3
* Coasting
* Colorize Grayscale
* Colorize Sepia Antiqued
* Display of Five
* Display of Five 4x3
* Display of Five Still
* Display of Five Still 4x3
* Display of Nine Collapsing
* Display of Nine Expanding
* Display of Nine Still
* Display of Three Collapsing
* Display of Three Expanding
* Display of Three Still
* Filmstrip Border
* Filmstrip Border 4x3
* Filmstrip Border Still
* Filmstrip Border Still 4x3
* Images of Love
* Images of Love Still
* Photo Stack 1 Collapsing
* Photo Stack 1 Expanding
* Photo Stack 1 Still
* Photo Stack 2 Collapsing
* Photo Stack 2 Expanding
* Photo Stack 2 Still
* Scrolling Credits
* Single Snapshot
* Single Snapshot Still
* Spin and Grow
* Spin and Shrink
* Still Photo Black
* Still Photo White
* Swap Left 1
* Swap Left 2
* Swap Right 1
* Swap Right 2
* Swap Still
* Three to One
* Three to One 4x3
* Three to One Still
* Three to One Still 4x3
* Title with Four Images
* Title with Four Images
* Title with Four Images Still
* Title with Four Images Still 4x3
* Triptych
* Triptych 4x3
* Triptych Still
* Triptych Still

Version 3.5.2279
October 24, 2008

* Enhanced Blu-ray menu compatibility
* Improved rendering speeds for some systems
* Fixed problems with crop position in executable based output
* Fixed issue in which Contents of Slide list could flicker
* Fixed problems with crop orientation in executable based output
* Fixed problems with some caption fade effects
* Fixed problems with DVD menu navigation affecting some players

Version 3.5.2268
October 3, 2008

* Fixed rare crash condition caused by some Text Effects
* Fixed problem where caption outlines could fail to appear

Version 3.5.2266
October 1, 2008

* Enhanced Blu-ray menus to improve playback on some devices
* Enhanced quality of Share Show output
* Fixed issue affecting caption highlights on executable based menus
* Fixed rare crash condition that could occur when using certain caption Fly In effects
* Fixed problem with missing Cancel button in Slide Options
* Fixed issue where Web Show HTML could use incorrect resolution
* Fixed problems with PAL based Blu-ray formats
* Fixed problems with caption spacing
* Fixed problem with resolution fields in View HTML dialog
* Fixed rare crash condition affecting Blu-ray output

Version 3.5.2249
# September 17, 2008 Added Blu-ray output
# Added option to close Slide Options without saving changes
# Added ability to drop images / videos into "Contents of Slide" list in Slide Options when at least one layer exists.
# Changed default layer outline color to white
# Enhanced DVD output to properly exclude Simulate option for DVD media
# Improved display of Safe Zone to increase usability
# Fixed bitsetting problem affecting some DVD burners
# Fixed problem where Video File output could ignore Include Audio option
# Fixed problem in Record Sound dialog related to illegal characters
# Fixed crash condition caused by layer duplication
# Fixed sync problem affecting some video output
# Fixed retrieval of track information for audio CDs
# Fixed display of outlines and drop shadows on Show Captions during playback
# Fixed issue where drop shadows could be drawn incorrectly on rotated video layers
# Fixed issue where outlines could be drawn incorrectly on rotated video layers
# Fixed crash condition related to 50 fps video output
# Fixed video layer sync problem affecting some formats
# Fixed rare crash condition that occurred when collecting show files to DVD/CD
# Fixed problems with audio volume in some output formats
# Fixed issue with display of layers in Slide Options
# Fixed blurry menu display for Share Show content when using some browsers
# Fixed problems with cropping video layers
# Fixed problem with reported length of HD-preset video files
# Fixed issue in which WMV output could exhibit jerky motion
# Fixed problem where some caption options failed to use decimal values
# Fixed problem with files created in Record Sound dialog
# Fixed problem with display of video thumbnail rendering dialog

Proshow Gold
Version 3.2.2047
December 3, 2007

* Added option to save audio tracks in MP3 format
* Fixed problem where certain audio files could not be added to slides
* Fixed problems with audio options in menus
* Fixed sync problem that could affect Flash output

Version 3.2.2042
November 19, 2007

* Updated to keep in sync with Gold and Producer versions.

Version 3.2.2040
November 14, 2007

* Fixed problem with Download More Menus link in Menus tab of output dialogs

Version 3.2.2039
November 13, 2007

* Enhanced the Download Extras feature to increase usability

Version 3.1.2018
October 15, 2007

* Fixed installation problem affecting older editions of Windows

Version 3.1.2015
October 11, 2007

* Fixed problems with Download Extras feature

Version 3.1.2010
October 5, 2007

* Added feature for downloading additional content from within ProShow (instead of including the content in the installer)
* Reworked main toolbar to focus on creating shows instead of output
* Reworked some elements of the user interface to improve workflow and reduce learning curve for new users
* Fixed problem where Sync Show to Audio option did not check for audio in show
* Fixed problem where Undo could fail to affect check box selection

Version 3.0.1992
September 11, 2007

* Enhanced the import process for some audio files
* Fixed problem where Presenter could fail to install properly on some Vista systems
* Fixed rare crash problem in Edit Fades and Timing dialog
* Fixed problem where PSH files could fail to load when opened from outside ProShow
* Fixed problems with audio trim values in executable based output
* Fixed problems with playback in Edit Fades and Timing dialog

Current Revision - 3.0.1974
August 14, 2007

* Fixed thumbnail display problems affecting some editions of Windows

Current Revision - 3.0.1967
August 1, 2007

* Released to keep build numbers in sync with Producer and Gold versions

Current Revision - 3.0.1966
August 1, 2007

* Fixed "Add to Show" so it now inserts objects after the selected slide
* Fixed problem where show thumbnail change did not register as change to show
* Optimized dialogs to make them more responsive
* Fixed problem with time stamps for backup files
* Fixed label for Close / Cancel button in Record Slide Timing dialog
* Fixed problem where track information was not retrieved properly for audio CDs
* Fixed crash condition related to scaling which only affected some images
* Fixed problem where screen saver output would not loop properly
* Fixed problem where trimmed audio was not included in Executable based output properly
* Fixed display problems affecting some editions of Windows
* Fixed problem where File List could fail to indicate which files are used in the show
* Fixed problem where background images on menus could be reset incorrectly
* Fixed crash condition which could occur on older editions of Windows

Current Revision - 3.0.1942

* Changed the Auto option under Adjustments into a button
* Fixed problem with drop shadows on partially transparent menu objects
* Fixed problem with menu thumbnails that contain transparency
* Fixed problem where the Resolution field in Video File dialog could fail to update
* Fixed problem where video rendering dialog could display incorrect aspect ratio
* Worked around problems with DirectShow

Current Revision - 3.0.1935
March 15, 2007

* Version updated to keep product in sync with Gold and Producer products

Current Revision - 3.0.1934
March 14, 2007

* Fixed problem where captions could fail to appear during preview playback

Current Revision - 3.0.1932
March 9, 2007

* Fixed problem where disabled captions could cause UI anomalies
* Fixed problem where shared shows would only use show thumbnails from a show

Current Revision - 3.0.1931
March 6, 2007

* Version updated to keep product in sync with Gold and Producer products.

Current Revision - 3.0.1930
March 5, 2007

* Fixed problem where Video CD menus could be numbered incorrectly
* Fixed rare condition where audio could end early in video based output
* Fixed problem where some dialogs failed to recognize PSA as an audio file type
* Fixed problem where Include Original Files failed to function for Background images
* Fixed problem where show thumbnail could fail to be set after pasting slides into an empty show
* Fixed problem where layer Drop Shadow color could be reset incorrectly

Current Revision - 3.0.1924
February 23, 2007

* Fixed rare condition that could occur when including original files in Video CD output

Current Revision - 3.0.1923
February 22, 2007

* Added support for Windows Vista
* Added completion notification dialog for Video File output
* Added Outline and Shadow options to Captions tab of Customize Menu dialog
* Added content size warning message to appear when disc based output dialogs open
* Enhanced video rendering dialog
* Enhanced playback efficiency of Presenter
* Enhanced graphic for ProShow splash screen
* Enhanced accuracy of estimated size bar in output dialogs
* Enhanced the way Undo / Redo function with drag / drop actions
* Fixed various stability problems in Presenter
* Fixed problem where Presenter could fail to play web shows
* Fixed problem where List based DVD menus could function incorrectly
* Fixed problem where ProShow could use an incorrect preview resolution
* Fixed various problems with dropping audio files into the Slide List / Timeline
* Fixed problem where audio fades could occur out of place during preview playback
* Fixed problem where slides and audio could get out of sync during preview playback
* Fixed problem where Undo shortcut would remove Undo / Redo details from Edit in Menu Bar

Current Revision - 3.0.1907
January 28, 2007

* Fixed crash problem with using extended characters in captions.

Current Revision - 3.0.1906
January 25, 2007

* Fixed problem where caption selection could become difficult after changing the Aspect Ratio of a show
* Fixed problem where some menu options were not stored properly in saved menus
* Fixed problem where drop shadows would not appear properly on menus
* Changed each Add / Browse option to include "Add From Media Source Option"

Current Revision - 3.0.1904
January 19, 2007

* Fixed problem with EXE based output where Limit Display Size of Images would not affect menus properly
* Fixed problem where the caption control rectangle in Slide Options would fail to appear
* Fixed problem where focus would shift to the File List after using Go To Slide #
* Fixed problem where stopping preview playback via slide selection could result in the wrong slide being selected
* Fixed problem where a menu thumbnail could fail to appear after being selected via the Set Show Thumbnail dialog

Version 3.0.1902
January 12, 2007

* Fixed problem where some caption macros would not auto-update properly
* Fixed crash condition caused by copying slides from show to show
* Enhanced the quality of text rendering
* Fixed various problems where object control rectangles would appear incorrectly
* Fixed problem where the Slide Duration field in Slide Options would accept incorrect values

Version 3.0.1897
December 22, 2006

* Fixed additional problems with quickly starting / stopping preview playback in the Slide Options

Version 3.0.1896
December 21, 2006

* Fixed problem where some EXIF fields were not displayed properly
* Fixed problem where font size could not be changed by typing in a value
* Fixed problem where changing Slide Duration in Slide Options did not update the Slide List / Timeline properly
* Fixed crash problem which occurred when exiting ProShow
* Fixed crash problem which occurred when opening Slide Options
* Fixed crash problem which occurred when loading a show with a very long filename
* Fixed crash problem with opening Soundtrack options after moving a file using a soundtrack
* Fixed crash problems with quickly starting / stopping the preview
* Fixed some small memory leaks

Version 3.0.1891
December 15, 2006

* Fixed crash condition which would happen when loading a show

Version 3.0.1890
December 13, 2006

* Fixed playback problem caused by commas in EXE and SCR filenames
* Fixed playback problem caused by commas in folder names
* Fixed problem where the Share Show feature did not function

Version 3.0.1887
December 12, 2006

Main Interface

* Redesigned all program dialogs
* Improved look of main interface
* Improved style of progress bars
* Added startup tutorial
* Added new dialog for intial setup when creating a new show
* Added new drop-down sliders
* Added new 'Favorites' pane with options to add favorites manually or automatically
* Added check mark toggles to the File List Display section of the Window pull down menu
* Added option to hide/show the close buttons on main window panes (now hidden by default)
* Added wait cursor for ProShow 'busy state'

Slide List

* Added new 'Timeline' view (press Tab in the main window)
* Added new waveform display of audio in the Slide List
* Added 'Paste' option to right click menu for slide position following last slide
* Added ability to drag audio in Timeline for control of timing, volume and fades

Slide Options

* Added keyboard shortcuts for slide navigation to Slide Options dialog (Page Up / Page Down)

Slide Options Preview Control

* Added preview playback feature to Slide Options interface
* Added new control of image size and rotation using Slide Options previews
* Added new 'Show Safe Zone' option to right-mouse menu of Slide Options previews
* Added new option to show image outlines in right-mouse menu of Slide Options previews


* Added new Font selection box for captions which shows the actual font style
* Added new caption alignment mode: Fill

Slide Content

* Added last folder recall to 'browse for image' feature


* Added new Crop feature to crop the contents of a layer
* Added new Red-eye removal

Menu Creation

* Added 100+ new menu themes
* Added new option to 'Customize Menu' interface for easy configuring of background images
* Added new option to create widescreen menus for output

Disc Burning

* Improved burn library to avoid conflicts with other software (DLA, InCD, DragtoDisc, etc.)

Misc. Features

* Added new 'Find Missing Files' feature to simplify process of locating missing content
* Added new 'Select Random Transition Effects' option for shows, allowing you to specify which transitions can be used by the 'Random' feature
* Added M4A extension to list of recognized audio files
* Added a status window for 'Collect Show Files' feature
* Added feature where ProShow will now ask you to copy files to a local folder if they are added to a show from removable media

Built-In Content

* Added new built-in backgrounds


* Fixed application freeze resulting from canceled MPEG rendering
* Fixed application freeze which occurred after ripping an audio track
* Fixed audio popping problems in video encoding
* Fixed crash problem in undo of "delete caption"
* Fixed crash problem when canceling 'save' from video output dialog
* Fixed crash problem when encoding video
* Fixed crash problem which occurred after clicking in the Slide List
* Fixed crash problem which occurred during preview playback
* Fixed crash problem which occurred when Undo was used after moving slides
* Fixed crash problems in audio trimmers
* Fixed crash problem in the Customize Menu dialog after selecting options in 'Captions'
* Fixed memory leak with rotated images
* Fixed problem where 'Select File' in Slide Options doesn't repaint image thumbnail
* Fixed problem where Contents of Slide list would not update when copying layers
* Fixed problem where ESC would no longer stop playback in the main Preview area if Slide / Show Options was closed during that playback
* Fixed problem where File List did not indicate which audio files were used in a show
* Fixed problem where Scaling would not be recalled when loading saved menus
* Fixed problem where background image would flash briefly at end of show if last slide had custom background
* Fixed problem where drag / drop of slides in Slide List would result in duplicated or lost slides
* Fixed problem where main preview for a slide would be incorrect after altering duration
* Fixed problem where mouse cursor would fail to appear after preview playback
* Fixed problem where mouse cursor would not auto hide during preview playback
* Fixed problem where preview playback would fail to stop when selecting a file in the File List
* Fixed problem where selecting toolbar or menu options were delayed by one or more selections
* Fixed problem where stopping the preview would briefly cause a title bar to appear inside the preview area
* Fixed problem where the "Go To Slide #" feature would not scroll the Slide List correctly
* Fixed problem where the Choose Transition dialog preview was incorrect for blank slides
* Fixed problem where the Choose Transition dialog would disappear too quickly
* Fixed problem where the Go To Slide dialog would drop behind Slide Options
* Fixed problem where the Slide List would flicker during drag through preview
* Fixed problem where the warning message indicating insufficient screen resolution was hidden
* Fixed problem where video rendering could become unresponsive
* Fixed problem with "PC High Quality" and "PC Extra High Quality" video output
* Fixed problem with Customize Menu interface where captions would get repositioned incorrectly after clicking in preview area
* Fixed problem with Image tab of Customize Menu interface where some buttons would not function
* Fixed problem with Slide Options preview when using certain aspect ratios
* Fixed problem with Slide Options. Slide Options would close after clicking on the selected slide in the slide list.
* Fixed problem with adding audio files to slide show from File List using right click menu
* Fixed problem with audio trimmer.
* Fixed problem with display of color profiled JPGs
* Fixed problem with drag / drop positioning for multi-slide selections within Slide List
* Fixed problem with images being rotated incorrectly when dropped into an existing slide
* Fixed problem with navigating through Slide List using arrow keys
* Fixed problem with performance of large shows
* Fixed problem with placement of new captions
* Fixed problem with right clicking on transition icon in Slide List
* Fixed problem with setting selections in the Lightbox when right-clicking
* Fixed problem with show thumbnail selection using the right click menu
* Fixed problem with slide focus when dropping a file onto the Slide List
* Fixed problem with slide ordering when dropping in unsupported files.
* Fixed problem with web plug-in that caused the plug-in to sometimes hang when starting a show
* Fixed problems with Background Adjustments not initializing with correct percentages
* Fixed problems with EXE playback where audio would get out of sync
* Fixed problems with ProShow becoming unresponsive in certain situations until the mouse is moved
* Fixed problems with caption character spacing and alignment
* Fixed problems with changing menu title from Customize Menu interface
* Fixed problems with insert location when using right click menu options "Add to Show" and "Add All Files to Show"
* Fixed problems with menu backgrounds
* Fixed problems with option / preview updates in Captions tab of Slide Options
* Fixed problems with previews when aspect ratio of image is not 'Auto.'
* Fixed problems with slide selection in the Slide List
* Fixed problems with various fade based caption effects
* Fixed various crash problems related to web based playback
* Fixed various crash problems with playback of web show (PX) files

July 28, 2006 - Version 2.6.1777

* Fixed stability issues caused by loading images containing EXIF fields.

April 6, 2006 - Version 2.6.1775

* Fixed problems with some images containing color profiles.

March 11, 2006 - Version 2.6.1774

* Fixed problems with creating CD output on some systems
* Fixed various problems with creating ISO files from shows
* Fixed a few stability problems
* Fixed problem with moving the 1st caption 'down' on a customized menu
* Fixed problem where red 'X' icon that resets the end time for an audio track was disabled after adding a new track
* Fixed problem where 'drop shadow' didn't work on thumbnail images on customized menu
* Fixed crash problem while decoding corrupted EXIF data
* Fixed problem loading saved menu files.
* Fixed problems with disappearing menu thumbnails after canceling encoding
* Fixed crash problem with encoding video from shows that use a lot of image corrections (brightness / blackpoint / etc.)
* Improved the way Proshow rotates images based on EXIF orientation fields

January 21, 2006 - Version 2.6.1753

* Fixed problem with installing under Windows 98/Me on some systems.
* Fixed general stability issues.

January 10, 2006 - Version 2.6.1752

* Fixed problems with CD burning.
* Fixed problem with ProShow (standard) not being able to import WMA audio tracks.
* Fixed problem where viewing properties for a file would sometimes crash.
* Fixed problem where clicking the Play button twice would sometimes crash.
* Fixed problems with sending a problem report using the Help menu.
* Fixed problem with incorrect thumbnail showing after using the Collect Show Files option.

December 14, 2005 - Version 2.6.1745

* Fixed problem with length of audio tracks not being set properly.
* Fixed assorted other problems reported since release of 2.6.

December 8, 2005 - Version 2.6.1740

New Slide Layer Adjustments

* Sharpen
* Contrast
* Opacity

Improved Captioning

* Easily add special characters macros and EXIF information to captions with the new Insert Macro tool.

Enhanced Audio Timing

* Crop and fade audio with the new visual Audio Trimmer.
* Displays waveform for audio track.
* Point and click to set start / stop times and fade times.
* Preview sound playback

Improved Menu Authoring

* Create customized menus for your output.
* Save menus for later use.
* Customize show thumbnail sizes and layouts for each page.
* Customize text on any menu page.

And More...

* Launch external applications for editing audio, video and images.
* View and change slide duration from the Slide Options dialog.
* Access file properties and meta-data information from Slide Options
* Save and load custom window layouts for ProShow's main window.
* Set defaults in the Preferences for default timing and transition.

* First empty slide can now be selected for pasting slides / inserting empty slides at end of show
* Fixed redraw problem in slide list when selecting the last visible slide
* Fixed problem with decoding CMYK TIFF files
* Fixed order in which images are inserted when dropped from Windows Explorer
* Fixed problem with playback of WMA files
* Fixed redraw problem with time slider below preview
* Fixed bug in video encoder that caused the last frame to be missing. Especially a problem with VCD still shows
* Fixed stalling problem if you cancel importing files
* Fixed problem where making brightness/contrast adjustments to slides would cause thumbnail and playback to be black
* Fixed problem with playback of WMA files
* Fixed problem with editing imported .ogg audio files (the wave form graph would be squeezed to about 70% of the duration).
* Fixed crash problems with executable and web playback
* Fixed performance problems with transitions on still images
* Fixed crash problems with importing resources from shows that had missing files
* Improved playback performance of web shows and EXEs.
* Added right mouse button menu for lightbox when clicking outside a slide
* Fixed crash problem with 'Copy Caption Style' on caption text field's right mouse button menu
* Fixed problem with the first slide of a show having a time of 0 sec and a transition time of 0 sec causing backgrounds and layers to carry to other slides

April 22, 1005 - Version 2.5.1635
* Fixed problem where window title was incorrect after loading autosave at startup
* Preview area is now correctly scaled to aspect ratio during preview playback.
* Soundtrack fading options now accept values larger than 10 seconds when typed in manually
* Outlines now scale with the size of the show
* Fixed problem with Slide List not displaying correctly after dropping files into it.
* Fixed problem with editing transition times in Light Box view

April 7, 1005 - Version 2.5.1630
# Added 'Recently Used Files' to File menu
# Added 'Add All Files to show' to right-click menu in File List
# Added Photodex Presenter plugin support for Netscape 8
# Added dialog showing status when dropping files into a show.
# Thumbnails in file list now draw a checkmark over them if the file is included in the current show
# Changed filename to bold for files that are included in current show (in thumbnail view and details view).
# Improved performance of importing large numbers of files into a show
# Fixed problem with editing slide or transition times in Light Box view
# Fixed problem with files being added to the slide list in reverse order.
# Fixed problem with preview size when resizing preview during playback
# Fixed problem with importing 22KHz ogg files
# Fixed problem with preview drawing every image when doing multiple select in Light Box view
# Fixed problem with soundtrack ending too soon if there are sounds that had an endtime set that's longer than the sounds actual length.
# Fixed problem with soundtrack not being correctly displayed in Light Box view.
# Fixed problems with VCD menus not playing correct shows

March 10, 1005 - Version 2.5.1621
* Fixed problem with dragging and dropping files from Windows Explorer into the Light Box.

March 8, 2005 - Version 2.5.1620
* Fixed crash problem with Video CD and Autorun CD creation when 'Include Original Files' option is enabled.
* Fixed positioning problem with the preview window which might cause the main preview to be misaligned in some situations
* Fixed problem with mouse-wheel and arrow keys not working in combo boxes

March 3, 2005 - Version 2.5.1619
* Fixed problem with numbers on VCD for first show on multi-show disc
* Fixed problem with docking/paning behavior which made it very confusing to resize floating panes
* Fixed problem with manual input for X-Offset of image not working

February 28, 2005 - Version 2.5.1617
* Fixed problem with preview sometimes stopping on certain slides
* Fixed problem with preview showing wrong position in the show (total show time wasn't recalculated after certain undo / redo actions)
* Fixed crash problem in audio sync feature
* Fixed crash problem with [exif xxxx] macros on blank slides
* Fixed various problems with caption macros on blank slides

February 25, 2005 - Version 2.5.1615
* Fixed problem which might cause ISO creation for CDs to crash on some systems.

February 24, 2005 - Version 2.5.1614
* Added option in Save Music from CD dialog to automatically add the track to soundtrack.
* Fixed problem with total show time being incorrect after certain undo / redo actions.
* Fixed problem with Collect Show Files feature prompting for missing files when new show is loaded.
* Fixed problem with EXE creation when output filename contains a period.
* Fixed problem with rendering video files using 'square pixels' aspect ratio
* Fixed problem with Light Box initially displaying at incorrect size.
* Fixed problem with backgrounds in preview
* Fixed a small number of places which did not properly launch the new help.

New in Version 2.5

Changes in the Current Revision of ProShow 2.0
January 13, 2005 - Version 2.0.1595
* Fixed problem with importing audio hanging at 98% under Windows ME, 98, XP
* Fixed problem with importing large audio files (over 2 GB)

Changes in the Current Revision of ProShow 2.0
January 8, 2005 - Version 2.0.1594
* Fixed memory leak affecting performance and stability on some machines.
* Fixed problem with image offsets on discs output with build 1592.
* Fixed alignment problem with drop shadows and outlines when used on images with motion

Changes in the Current Revision of ProShow 2.0
December 20, 2004 - Version 2.0.1592
* Fixed problem with some panoramic images becoming overly blurred when used in show.s

Changes in the Current Revision of ProShow 2.0
November 29, 2004 - Version 2.0.1591
* Fixed problem with stall / lockup during video rendering.

Changes in the Current Revision of ProShow 2.0
Novemeber 23, 2004 - Version 2.0.1589
* Fixed crash problem with some captions
* Player now maximizes to correct monitor on multi monitor machines
* Fixed problem with record slide timings stopping after about 16 minutes.
* Changed buffering logic at start of show to improve problems with stuttering at startup.
* Shows which haven't been saved no longer default to the same filename as the last saved show
* Mouse button down events on the slide list now halt preview playback
* Fixed problem where record slide timings wouldn't work if started from the middle of the show
* Fixed problem with audio not fading if fade time is longer then slide duration

Changes in the Current Revision of ProShow 2.0
September 26, 2004 - Version 2.0.1583
* Audio now loops in EXE menus
* Fixed audio fading problems
* Fixed problems with stills / video options not appearing on VCD menus when both still and video shows are included
* Fixed problem where still VCD shows only contain first audio file. Subsequent audio files do not play.
* Fixed problems with VCD still shows
* Fixed problem with show backgrounds going to black during transitions
* EXEs and Web shows now hide mouse cursor during playback
* Fixed problem with screensavers not looping
* Added new overstate effects to EXE and Web show menus
* Fixed crash problem with record slide timings feature
* Fixed problem with record slide timings only playing first track of the soundtrack
* Prevented blank slides from becoming the show thumbnail, unless the user specifically set it.

Changes in the Current Revision of ProShow 2.0
July 27, 2004 - Version 2.0.1571
Improved VCD compatiblity
Fixed several reported stability issues.

Changes in the Current Revision of ProShow Gold 2.0
June 10, 2004 - Version 2.0.1557
Fixed 15 reported stability issues.

Changes in Previous Revisions of ProShow Gold 2.0
June 9, 2004 - Version 2.0.1556 - Fixed 15 reported stability issues.
June 8, 2004 - Version 2.0.1555 - Fixed 48 reported stability issues.

Added improved feedback of stability problems
Fixed assorted stability problems
Fixed problems with captions popping on 16:9 shows
Fixed aspect ratio problems with mixing menus with 16:9 and 4:3 shows
Fixed problems with Loop All / Play All not working on EXEs
Fixed problems with Slide Options dialog sometimes appearing off-screen
Fixed problem with soundtrack disappearing after reloading a show
Fixed crash problem with AMD K6-2 based systems
Fixed various stability issues
Numerous stability issues corrected and improved
Improved DVD/CD burning support
Added progress indicator when files are dropped into a show
Improved video encoding speed on dual processor and hyper-threaded machines
Improved image quality on DVD and PC playback when image is scaled
Fixed problem with DVD-R writing not working properly
Fixed crash problem when choosing DVD, VCD or PC Autorun output option
Fixed problem with custom background options not working properly on blank slides
Fixed problem with disc burning stalling before complete on some machines
Fixed problems with panning across panoramic images
Fixed problem with PAL video being encoded at incorrect framerate
Fixed problems with DVD output - now 100% compliant
Fixed problems with show sharing and certain firewalls
Fixed problems with menus on EXEs
Fixed installation error on Windows Me/98/95
Fixed problems with using video in slides
Fixed problems with PCM audio for DVDs not working correctly
Fixed problems with screensavers containing menus
Fixed several issues with slide sounds, sound fading, and offsets
Fixed alignment issues with outlines on images
Fixed issues with VCDs not working on some DVD players

New In ProShow Gold 2.0
March 24, 2004

Create DVDs with ProShow Gold
Fully integrated DVD authoring - no additional software necessary
ProShow Gold handles everything, from video encoding to disc burning
Unmatched DVD video quality
Add multiple shows to a DVD, and include a PC autorun EXE
Support for a variety of DVD formats - HQ, LP, SP, and more
Supports NTSC and PAL
Supports both widescreen (16:9) and fullscreen (4:3) shows

Publish Streaming Slideshows on Your Website
Create streaming web shows you can post on your own site
Requires no server software or configurations
Provides perfect quality playback from within any webpage
Highly configurable, including options for scaling, protection and more

Online Show Sharing at
Publish your show online at
Fully integrated with ProShow Gold 2.0
Free show sharing for registered users

Add Caption Effects
Over 70 high quality caption effects
Apply effects to any caption or global show caption
Control effects for fly-in, fly-out, and normal behavior

Slide Motion ('Ken Burns') Effects
Bring shows to life with slide motion
Pan, zoom and rotate slides
Combine panning, zooming and rotation on the same slide
Intuitive, real-time, 'before-and-after' interface for configuration
Easily move from one slide to the next with motion matching

Add Video to Slides
Use a video clip in any slide
Add motion effects to video - pan, zoom and rotate video real-time
Overlay captions and apply transitions to video clips
Apply all the same effects to video that are available for images, including color correction, scaling and more
Easily crop video to just the desired segment with starting and stopping offsets

Improved Executable and Screensaver Creation
Create smaller executables with automatic audio compression
Improved font support in EXEs now allow any font to be used

All New DVD / CD Writing Engine
Improved DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, and CD-R/RW drive support
Additional drive support can now be added on-demand when available
New DVD / CD writing engine removes issues reported with previous versions

More Transition Effects
Now over 280 transition effects
Easily access recently used transition effects
All new 'soft-edge' transitions
Redesigned transition selection window

All New Display Engine
Higher performance and smoother display
More responsive real-time preview

Improved Interface
All new slide customization interface
Improved show output dialogs

Improved Video Encoding
Higher quality video output
Uses Lanczos scaling to maximize image quality
High speed video rendering
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DVD slideshow GUI

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How to create a slide show in ProShow Gold 2.0

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ProShow Slide Show Tutorial

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Photodex Proshow video tutorials

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ProShow, Proshow Gold, ProShow Producer

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Review by Barry on May 15, 2019 Version: 9 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 6/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 2/10

I bought this program when it first came out. At the time it was very good but, limited in functionality. Later I switched to VideoStudio where I had multiple sound tracks, full control of sound, plus many other extras not present in this program. I would not recommend this program for slide shows as I see continued problems with sound exist. This was alluded to in a previous comment.

Review by pepegot1 on Sep 22, 2010 Version: 4.5.2929 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 5/10 Value for money: 4/10 Overall: 5/10

One of the best photo slide show programs around. Does just about everything a person could want. However, they should really consider multiple sound tracks.. if you try to add extra sounds to the music track, as for instance a camera click or any other type of sound, it distorts the music playing. It is very hard to believe a program of this quality only has (1) ONE Sound Track to work with??? The only other fault is the price $$ of their Producer Pack, for that price you would think they would add another sound track option.

Review by SparkyKid on Jan 11, 2010 Version: 4.1.2712 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 4/10 Functionality: 4/10 Value for money: 3/10 Overall: 4/10

Just completed my second show, this one much more complex than the first. I found to make full use of this program that you should consult not only the progrms "help" section but also familiarize yourself with the many helps on the Photodex website and, when necessary, the technical support people. Just looking at a few of the programs on the featured list on the website gave me a lot of ideas that I incorporated in the show that I just finished.

Review by kendp on Oct 28, 2007 Version: 3.1 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 9/10 Overall: 9/10

This program brings to life digital photos and makes creating slideshows easy, fast and professional.

The previous commentor has completely missed the intended use of this software. It is NOT for creating full featured DVDs. IT IS FOR CREATING SLIDESHOWS!!!!!

I have used a number of slideshow apps and this is by far the best!

Review by videomaniac on Feb 24, 2007 Version: 3.01906 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

47 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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