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MovieConverter is a set of video tools, Encoding module (for DVD or DV), Detection of anamorphous files (movies won't be deformed after encoding), Detection of interlaced file (like your iMovie projects) and their readout order (broadcasting always display video images in the correct order), Number of frames per second (videos will be converted to your TV standard -PAL or NTSC- WITHOUT jerking), Ability to pause the video encoding, Ability to transform any video from 4:3 to 16:9 (whatever its size or interlacing), Are you sure of your settings? Preview the result (or check readout order of your file) before encoding, Batch mode.

Trialware $23
OS: Mac
File size: 29.5MB
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Latest version

4.01 (May 12, 2018)


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Download MovieConverter Studio 4.01  29.5MB  Mac

Download MovieConverter Studio 4.01 64-bit  ca 29.5MB  Mac

Software License

Shareware (Free download but time limited software. Full version from $23)

Supported operating systems

MacMac OS

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

version 4.01 (2018-05-12) :

Version 4.01, the real version 4.
This version requires a minimum Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks system (until the very last Mac OS X High Sierra).

We encountered a technical / commercial concern that disallowed us every access to the site since the beginning of the year! Without the possibility of intervention, neither some parts of the application nor the serial numbers worked well. So sorry for this -too long- inconvenience and everything is settled now.

For improvements, please refer to the -long- list of new features in version 4.00. This version is mainly a patch from the previous version.
Good videos

version 4 (2017-12-26) :
Version 4 release! A version that has dragged on for too long.. Over 400 improvements and fixes since the previous version.

"Minor" improvement (but essential):
Compatibility MacOS X.13 High Sierra. The window size of the application panicked! …corrected.
Major improvements in version 4:
Video containing multiple audio tracks or multiple subtitles:
Easy access to the contents of your videos, to select the audio or subtitle that interest you. • Choose which audio track you want to keep (…or let MovieConverter automatically select the audio in your language). • Choose if you want to include a subtitle in your video … and which one. Whether your video contains images subtitles, text subtitles, or directly select a text file (.srt, .ass) on your hard drive. Default behavior (automatisms): • MovieConverter will automatically select the audio track of the language you have selected in the preferences • MovieConverter will automatically select the "subtitle of your language with a forced display tag" if existed, to overlay it in your video.
3D management:
Your television handles 3D videos? Convert your 3D videos for use on TV. • Ability to turn a video "Top-bottom" into "Side by side", • Ability of correcting an initially badly encoded 3D video from "right-left" to "left-right" • Automatic subtitles management for 3D display. • …these options remain available regardless of the initial standard of your video (PAL <-> NTSC).
Management of subtitles:
• If your video contained subtitles, the application offers to extract them. • Once extracted to your hard drive, you can embed them directly in the video image during encoding. • From the preferences, you can choose the display size of the subtitles and the font used: with or without serif or with fixed spacing (either "serif", "sans serif" or "monospace" fonts in graphic designer terminology). • From the preferences, You can choose how to overlay the subtitle into the image: with a simple border (for readability purpose) or with a drop shadow. • MovieConverter includes a subtitle checker. Your subtitles are automatically checked before use. You will be warned -by an alert- for any inconsistency in your subtitles (example: a too long length, overlaps, etc). In trouble, MovieConverter-Studio will inform you about it's corrections. So, keep its changes or manually correct your text subtitles before encoding… and the final display of your subtitles will not be random.
Version 4 is compatible with all modern systems from MacOS X.9: compatible with Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra and High Sierra systems. (If you still have an old PowerPC-based computer, stay on MovieConverter version 3). Good videos!
version 3.09 (2015-06-15) :

Mac App Store version - MAJOR BUGFIX!
…Due a concern with Apple's security features/signatures, most of "editing output formats" failed. Fixed, with a valid signature!!!
Notice: This bug occurred a long time ago (since the first version 3)! It "only" affects 2 of the 4 different versions of this app. Sometimes we miss a simple bug like this one (an "simple packaging error" but with huge consequences). So, when you encounter a bug, please inform us about it, to correct it rapidly: app menu > "Report a bug…".
Thanks and good videos.
PS: This version has been submitted to Apple on june 13th. It will not be available until Apple releases it (usually it takes a full week).

version 3.08 (2015-06-01) :

(Mainly Bugfixes)

DV output (for editing) format was broken into the modern version of MovieConverter (aka "64bits") : This video format is no more well handled by recent versions of iMovie… and prohibited with High Definition videos. Fixed, now you can again prepare your videos for iMovieHD ;-)
Optimization: During a conversion of standard (PAL<->NTSC), the audio step is almost twice faster!
Fix a bug with the feature "Hide a television channel logo" : if you created of "blank mask" for your video, during encoding the "channel logo window" was automatically displayed for nothing! Fixed (…now, you can no more validate a blank mask ;-)).
Subtitles - Fix: If the subtitle file characters were not formatted as "utf-8", the app crashed!!! Fixed (…so, various file formats are well managed again).
Subtitles - Improvement: better detection of commented parts in subtitle files.
Ergonomic improvement : With the "easy" mode, changing your preferences will no more change the settings of your current video. Notice: this old behavior did not affect the others modes ("simple" and "expert").
Various minor improvements, 30 changes since the previous version.

version 3.07 (2015-05-18) :

Improvements with some iMovie outputs.
Fix a regression with Mpeg2 files.

Good videos :-)

version 3.05 (2015-05-11) :

62 changes since the previous version:

Beginner mode : you could not manually change the video destination folder. Corrected.
All modes : some encodings failed… if you did not have space enough into your main disk (it usually happened with .mov and .mp4 -DLNA- files). Now your encoded file will not be discarded anymore, because of a concern during the muxer/wrapper/finitions step.
DLNA audio format improvement (the new "universal mp4" format): Better audio compatiblity with most of devices.

Subtitles Improvements:
2 preferences added: One to select the default font type (sans, serif or monospace), the other to select the default font size (mini, regular or big).
Better conversion of many approximated-subtitles files & formats…
Exotic chars are better handled,
Web tags and comments inside subtitle files are discarded,
Resulting DVD subtitles will no more show useless chars (eg: some not compatible styles from your input subtitle file).
Chained subtitles (eg: from a typewriter effect) are now well adjusted, whatever errors in the input subtitle file.
Subtitles from Youtube/dailymotion are now well supported (the old way to insert subtitles and their newest one).
Automatically correct common mistakes done by OCR.
Better detection of embedded mp4/m4v subtitles.

add a splash window at launch of the app (which do not slow down it).

Various corrections / improvements : memory, translations, better video analysis, …
Enjoy !

version 3.02 (2015-03-02) :

New output format "MP4 for all devices":

Fix a failure: depending on characters used by the video file (in its name and path).
Improve quality, depending on the setting: "superior" | "good".

Outputs formats for Editing:
Fix a random failure with files without audio: conversion randomly failed (…depending on the user's system version and the app version).

Increase recognition of the origin of subtitles.
Automatic correction of "more or less correctly formatted" subtitles.

Fix a bug when loading "QuickTime not-fully compliant" files.
Fix a bug with background images for the DVD menu.
Memory management optimizations.

version 3.01 (2015-02-16) :

Fix a bug with the new output format "MP4 for all devices".

version 3 (2015-01-23) :

Brand New Version 3:
&#9654; New "easy mode" for beginners: Video is very technical domain, but you don't have to be an expert about video or specifications, to obtain a good result.
1 - Load your file
2 - Choose an output format
3 - Start conversion
…That's all, everything is automated, you will obtain a quality video, compliant with the device/format you selected !
&#9654; New outputs for non-Apple devices: from mobile to your game hub, your connected TV, etc.
&#9654; Experts users: adding 2 new "special effects"

Hide the logo of a television channel (load your file, select the feature into the expert drawer, a preview will be displayed, move sliders to mask the logo).
Selective Crop: to trim the top and/or the bottom of a video frame.

…Both effects can be previewed before encoding while clicking onto the "remote control" button.
&#9654; Various bugfixes (e.g.: with mpeg2, with "iPad" output)
&#9654; A lot of internal improvements
…More than 200 changes since the previous version.

version 2.51 (2014-09-22) :


Better: add support of 64-bit.
Nicer: ready for Retina screen displays.
Ready for the forthcoming system Mac OS X.9.5 (…and more).
Faster: on Mac OS X.9 Mavericks (the app will not fall asleep during conversion anymore, due a new Apple system feature).
New feature: Preserve the tone of your audio during a standard conversion PAL-NTSC (nor more acute, nor more dull).
Many bug fixes.
A lot of internal improvements.
Specific to the 32-bit version onto site:
Correct a bug with .mkv video files.
All QuickTime features are now called dynamically. What it means? The next system version is still compliant QuickTime (whatever Apple caprices). But when Apple will decide to fully remove QuickTime features, you could continue to use the app :-).
Improvement: the app now runs in 64-bit mode. Build as a 64-bit app, MovieConverter has better performance, improved safety and reliability, while the software footprint onto the memory of the Mac is less important; the launch of the application is also faster.
Major change: Welcome to a brand new AVFoundation based app!
AVFoundation is a set of pseudo-QuickTime codes, inherited from iOS.
AVFoundation is more modern than QuickTime (it handles some more modern videos and wrappers formats), but only handles a very few limited number of formats.
Which changes for us? …It was a huge work, to adapt some thousands of lines of code :-(
Which changes for you? …No feature less (the internal engine of the app still automatically collects informations about your video, and automatically select -for you- the good way to handle videos). So, you do not notice any functional difference :-).
NEW 32-bit AND 64-bit APPLICATIONS: 2 versions of the (same) app, now optimized for old and new computers
Don't worry, no regression, the app is still compatible with your system and hardware:
The site version (32-bit)
Based on QuickTime,
compatible with processors PPC & Intel,
compatible with systems from system Mac OS X.5(Leopard) to the forthcoming Mac OS X.10(Yosemite).
The app runs in 32 bits mode, so compliant with all computers.
The other site & Mac App Store versions (64-bit)
Based on AVFoundation (a newer set of Apple's tools to manipulate video, the one used in Apple's applications "QuickTime X" or "FinalCutProX"),
compatible with processors Intel,
compatible with systems from system Mac OS X.7(Lion) to the forthcoming Mac OS X.10(Yosemite).
It's the same version as the one in the Mac App Store.
The app runs in 64 bits mode (…and automatically switch to 32bit for less recent computers).
Why two versions? …Features are almost the same! But the "64-bit version" is better optimized for modern computers (so use it if your computer is not too old ;-)).

Version 2.15 (2014-01-15) :

New features:
Encoding module:
&#9654; New preset reserved for playback onto multimedia hard disc: a preset "Standard Definition videos that occupy less disk space than the DVD format but with the same quality " ;-)
&#9654; Handle "interlaced VC1" now (but approximately) (1 of the 3 video formats used in BluRay discs).
DVD-Video module:
&#9654; You do not want a menu? You want a disc that directly starts to play? …Now, you can make a DVD without menu if you had only one video in your Disc (or if you grouped all videos in one, with the "chain" button ;-)).
&#9654; DVD subtitles: Customize the color used for subtitles (select it in preferences panel).
+ various bugfixes.

Version 2.14 (2013-12-07) :

Most of changes in this version are related to the Mac App Store features, except:
&#9654; The conversion of some files with "highly detailed colors" (e.g.: ProRes files) could fail depending on the chosen output. Corrected.
&#9654; Sanitize and cleanup some codes: the application is more reliable.


Mac App Store specific bug fixes: mostly related to every sandboxed apps (the sandbox is a safety feature introduced by Apple in Lion 10.7).

Sandbox prevents to use your private QuickTime codecs (plug-ins to expand QuickTime abilities)*.
So, depending on your private plugins (e.g.: the Perian codec), some features could previously fail.
&#9654; encoding module: fix preview.
&#9654; encoding module: fix check for "comb effects" files.
&#9654; encoding module: fix "editing outputs" (for iMovie or FCPX).
&#9654; encoding module: fix enable of "QuickTime decoder", if the decoder seems available, but will not be compatible in practice.
&#9654; Now MovieConverter warns you at launch about your potential concerns.

*For info, the technical explanation:
If the user has Perian in his user folder, the sandbox feature prevents Perian to load itself…
BUT Perian is registered as the main decoder, so its decoding fails: because Perian is not allowed to be loaded :-(

DVD-VIDEO module:
&#9654; Only the first 6 buttons/movies could be displayed in each menu, instead of theorically 9. Corrected (this bug was not related to sandbox feature, but to another Mac App Store feature).
&#9654; Disc burning: the burning could fail with some users. This random bug is corrected too.

Good videos :-)

Version 2.13 (2013-11-19) :

&#9654; DVD-VIDEO module: allows to extract a menu background from your videos (this feature was broken in a previous version).
&#9654; Encoding module: DV output correction with raw DV: the audio part was not integrated with the video part, so you get two separate files, which is not practical (Notice: raw DV is only produced for the iMovieHD software, if you used a different video editing software, you never encountered have this concern ;-))
&#9654; ProRes codecs: outputs with your favorite ProRes codec (from 4x4 to Lt) are now well managed (previously, the regular ProRes codec was always used).
&#9654; Various minor bugfixes (localizations, optimizations, etc).

Version 2.12 ( 2013-11-08 ) :

Compatibility with Mac OS 10.9 ( minor changes ) .

- New preference : select your preferred language. If your video file (eg from the TNT ) contains several audios, the language you selected will be automatically selected for you (and you will avoid getting the audio - foreign - unwanted ) .
- Module Subtitles: more resistant to file malformed subtitles (they will be automatically adjusted to avoid failure during encoding ) .
- Module DVD : more informative error ( for you to be able to fix it ) .
- Preview ( encoding module ) show a useful extract ( preview the beginning of a film is not very convincing , better preview a sample in the middle of the film) .
- Detection of videos to " comb effects" (or not) in mov files in the format " Apple Intermediate Codec " . . This verification allows you to maintain the highest quality for all encoding.
Various bug fixes specific :
- Better detection of " Frames Per Second" (with " some compatible QuickTime movies " , lasting more than one hour).
- Extracting audio could fail ( if you previously canceled during the encoding of audio extraction stage ... and recommenciez ) .
- Video Enhancement filter : works again.
- Best video analysis of TNT ( some records have legends / Metadata "exotic" , which made the failure analysis).
- All modules Studio : If you delete a file after loaded in MovieConverter , the application no longer crashes .
- Various bug fixes internal (better memory management , ... )

Application users :
- New preference : Can not prevent the end of the encoding ( ... select your favorite set the preferences panel behavior).

Version 2 (2013/10/23)

DO NOT CLICK ONTO "yes" BUTTON TO DOWNLOAD THE NEW VERSION, INSTEAD, GO TO THE SITE (menu item "Help MovieConverter-Studio" > "site…")
MovieConverter-Studio has been rewritten from scratch: the new version 2 is available (the update is not free but not expensive ;-)).
Some informations about new versions

Compatible with new Mac systems (Lion 10.7, Mountain Lion 10.8, …)
And always compatible with older (Leopard 10.5 PPC or intel processors, Snow Leopard 10.6).
All the old features have been preserved … and improved.
Lots of new features:

Multiple files loading (via customizable presets).
Outputs to Standard Definition or High Definition, for iMovie/FCPX or for broadcasting (DVD, mobile phone/iPhone, tablet/iPad, appleTv, … multimédia hard disk).
DVD: menus automatically animated and with sound. Adapted to every TV (whatever flat screen or old "square TV").

Version 2.111 (2013-10-10) :

Minor bugfix: the app refused to start (with an alert) if you previously installed a MovieConverter's beta version. Corrected.


Add a new preset: "Tablet" (for iPad 1, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc).

The bugs hunting:

- Encoding > Normalize: Previously MovieConverter produced a random average loudness (only their peaks were handled an corrected). Now your resulting files have a common loudness (peaks and their average loudness is handled). No need to use the remote control anymore when playing multiples files ;-). This option is now conform to international broadcasting specifications!
- Encoding: faster loading with .mov files
- Encoding > preview before encoding: the preview is extracted inside the movie and no more at its beginning (so, the preview is more useable (not the first seconds), more bug-proof
- Encoding > batch: more accurate selection
- Encoding > for editing: optimized conversions (one step less, so faster).

- Application: add a close button onto the main window. Improve safety when you want to quit the app during a conversion in progress.
- Application cosmetics : the display of your destination folder is now nicer (less cabalistic ;-)), now you can customized your app's background color again, etc

- Subtitles module: lots of improvements (more compliant with malformed subtitle files).

- DVD module: chapters correction (more compliant with the DVD-VIDEO's specifications needs).

- update FFmpeg version (2.01): newer version means "some features more, some bugs less".

And a lot of internal bug fixes (you will not notice them, e.g.: detection of streams language, sanity checks, etc), so the app is more reliable ;-)

Version 2.1 (2013-05-28) :

New feature : the "Subtitle" module

1st part: Add subtitles for DVD purpose
&#10004; Most of text subtitles format are accepted: .srt, .ssa, .ass, from DVD Studio Pro format (.stl), from YouTube's time text subtitles (mpeg4-layer17) …and from images (.png).
&#10004; You can preview subtitles contents before adding them to your video (to avoid a bad characters display).
&#10004; You can re-synch subtitles to your video (when they begin and their playback speed).
…This implementation is not perfect (no progress bar yet when adding subtitles) but works :-)

Subtitles related improvements:

- The Demux module:
&#10004; now extracts subtitles from your 'for DVD' file. So you could re-integrate them (via the Subtitle module) in another video or in your newly converted video (e.g.: reintegrate your original subtitles after a conversion of standard PAL<->NTSC ;-))
- The DVD-VIDEO module:
&#10004; Automatically -well- displays your added subtitles.
&#10004; More compatible with 'approximate files from an external encoder' (e.g.: if your video contained valid subtitles, they will be preserved during the file correction).
&#10004; Now takes care of all your customized menu's titles (some were previously ignored).
&#10004; The 'chapters' feature (automatic or computed from your file infos) is more robust.


Others improvements:

- encoding module:
&#10004; correct an aspect calculation error with anamorphous files (…files to be displayed other than their true size)
&#10004; handle some buggy files more (e.g.: files with multiples aspect informations)
&#10004; correct a uncommon failure (…with an NTSC video file with 5 duplicate frames every second, and converted to NTSC cinema mode!)
&#10004; correct some 'standard NTSC' bad behaviors (so most for american or japanese people).

- FFmpeg tool's update: I sometimes forget to notify the application of the presence of a new version (…and without update, conversions could failed)
- App's windows could not be badly displayed anymore
- Memory leak bugfix, big code cleanup, a lot of minor bug fixes, … the application is more reliable :-)


Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (intel or PPC):

&#10004; the app was badly displayed at launch time (corrected).
&#10004; The DVD-VIDEO module does not fail anymore while generating menus.


This version should be the last one before the official version 2 release (the subtitle part was 1 of the '2 missing feature that already existed in the old version'). PS: naturally, this new subtitle module is far better than the previous one ;-)
So,theorically, this is the last "ßeta version". Enjoy :-)

Version 2.03 (2013-03-08) :

&#10004; Optimizations (next): The step "normalization of level of audio" is now speeder.
&#10004; Correction: some audio could produce some metallic sound. So, limit distorsion …while preserving the synchronisation with the video ;-)
&#10004; Correction: Your customized bitrate for h264 encoding, could not be used during encoding. In a very rare case, but very unpleasant too ;-).
&#10004; …and a lot a minor bugfixes/improvements.

+ some corrections specific for Mac OS 10.5 "Leopard".

Good videos.

Version 2.02 (2013-02-18) :

Speed - Optimizations:
&#10004; The h264 encoding part is from 2 to 3 times faster (or "less slower" if you prefer ;-)).
&#10004; The audio's conversion of standard (PAL / Cinema), is now very fast (5 times faster, and more if you have a computer with many processors).
&#10004; …and a lot a minor bugfixes/improvements.

Good videos.

Version 2.01 (2013-01-14) :

Major BugFixes:
- DVD-VIDEO module: You could not burn the disc (you could prepare the DVD-VIDEO …but not to burn it), corrected.
- Encoding module: AIC outputs could failed (depending on: your system version, your installed applications and the type of input file), corrected too.

Other changes:
- The stop button, during Analysis step, is more reactive now.
- Misalignment of the DVD-VIDEO's menu buttons, if your DVD contained exactly 4 videos.
- Handle some special cases more (e.g.: speed up MPEG files analysis, for users who own the MPEG2 codec, …)

A lot of minor changes, examples:
- Remove some -useless and forgotten- debug's alerts.
- Your resulting file from encoding had a weird name.
- Analysis's progress was sometimes not well displayed.
- etc

Good videos :-)

Version 2 (2012-12-12) :

Some bug fixes more!

And Mountain Lion compatibility (the app is signed now, so your system accept now to launch it).
It's the first version available onto the Mac App Store…

Good videos.

Version 1.995 (2013-01-12) :

Major BugFixes:
- DVD-VIDEO module: You could not burn the disc (you could prepare the DVD-VIDEO …but not to burn it), corrected.
- Encoding module: AIC / ProRes outputs could failed (depending on: your system version, your installed applications and the type of input file), corrected too.

Other changes:
- The stop button, during Analysis step, is more reactive now.
- Handle some special cases more (e.g.: speed up MPEG files analysis, for users who own the MPEG2 codec, …)

A lot of minor changes, examples:
- Remove some -useless and forgotten- debug's alerts.
- Your resulting file from encoding had a weird name.
- Analysis's progress was sometimes not well displayed.
- etc

Good videos :-)

Version 1.993 (2012-11-13) :

The "bugs hunt" version.

A lot of corrections everywhere (around 350 changes since the previous version).


Some few visible changes, but noticeable…

- a prettier interface,

- an easier access to output formats (they were previously hidden at the left side of the app),

- and some output formats more! MovieCOnverter-Studio is no more limited to DV & DVD ;)
• Editing: add some iMovie export formats (most suitable to newest iMovie's versions than the classical DV format). A output to Standard Definition and one to "iFrame" definition. (What about the real HD? …you will have to wait the release of the real 2.0 version ;-))
• Broadcasting: add an iPhone export format.

Good videos :-)

Version 1.992 (2012-10-01) :

OOps! …I release a version 1.991 which was not functional (it was -more or less- my working version, with a lot of options that did not work :-/)

Here is the real version (its news are listed under the "Version 1991").

Still some new features:
- DVD-VIDEO module:
• …now it works (sorry for the previous version)
• compliant with Mac OSX 10.8 MountainLion (was not really compliant before)
• A new button: to preview your menus without having to generate your disk first ;-)
• Options are re-organized (it's simpler though more powerful).
- Module encoding:
A big mistake with some 'for DVD' output format, and for U.S. television standard (aka NTSC), corrected :-)

Good videos

Version 1.991 (2012-09-21) :

Version …bugfixes!!!

- Adding the 'multiplex' module (the last missing module).

…But most importantly, a very large cleaning: corrections and optimizations.
Eg (correction of multiple "random behaviors" of the application):
- the installation wizard setted an output for iMovie if you chose "for DVD",
- the ability to choose the destination folder does not always work,
- etc (a lot of minor -but annoying-corrections everywhere).

In result? …a far more reliable application :-)

PS: I see no reason anymore to use the old 1.6 version, this one advantageously replaces it ;-)

Version 1.99 (2012-08-20) :

A very late version, sorry:
- 2 hard drives crashed during holidays…
- My main computer system was damaged: I could not compile any application version…
- Recoveries / Backups were more complicated and slower than expected…
- In the meantime, 'Moutain Lion' (new OSX system) was released, and the app needed some changes…
- And after all that finished, I noticed some ugly bugs that I could not ignore (so, they are now corrected).


New version: with DVD-VIDEO module and "HD modue"

- 'Mountain Lion' compliant.

- The new 'DVD-VIDEO module' has finally finished being rewritten (this is -by far- the second largest piece of mc-s's module, after the 'encoding' one, other modules are much simpler!)

- The 'HD module' has finally been separated (it prevented me to develop properly the whole MovieConverter-Studio app). It is now a standalone application called 'MovieCam'. This version is not finished. This pre-release is only …released, to allow you to compensate for the absence of a HD module in MC-S (the 1.6 version, which integrates the HD module, was only partially compatible with systems Lion and Mountain Lion).

- A lot of differences (most of them are hidden), but they make the application more robust and reliable (there was 1143-909 = 234 changes / fixes since the previous beta;-))

About the new module 'DVD-VIDEO':
- Besides the fact that it is more reliable and adapted to the latest Mac…
- Menus now have animated buttons (instead of single still images).
- Menus are compliant with 'wide' TV screens (but remain fully compatible with old 'squared' TV screens). You do not need to choose between one or the other, these new menus automatically manage both (either as commercial dvd).
- New buttons 'group' (and 'ungroup'). So, the ability to link videos.
- …And a preview of the future background menu options (they will be fully available in the final version 2).

+ A lot of of corrections / improvements (eg: if your source had chapters, they will be reused in 'DVD-VIDEO' module, despite the 'encoding' module process ;-))

Good videos.


This preview version expires on September 20, 2012 (…waiting for the next one ;-)).

Version 1.985 (2012-03-11) :

New version: just a few visible differencies for you (but 153 modifications/corrections since previous beta version release ;-))

- the "Modify" module now works (correction of an error in the previous beta version released).
- Preview ("Encoding/Main" module) has no random behaviors anymore (sometimes you could display preview …ans dometimes not). It now handles filters ans user's choices (eg: to obtain a black&white output from a source).
- Handle conversion parts in a more robust way.
- some stuff usefull for next versions ;-)

good videos

Version 1.984 (2012-02-20) :

Sorry I'm late (beta#3 was not usable anymore, but the beta#4 was not ready/available!)

What's new (just some parts of all changes):
- Big changes inside the "application engine" (these changes are not visible for you, but the app is more reliable …and more "updatable")
- a lot of minor corrections
- 2 new modules appear (in the "Studio" part of the app): "Demux" and "Modify" (click onto the icon on the app bottom-left to access to them ;-))
- some localizations.
- etc

Naturally, during their full rewriting, theses modules (already available in the 1.6 version) have evolved.
Example: Demux now corrects audio and video sync during extraction (what is the aim to manage to separate components of a file onto disk? …if you does not manage to group them again while keeping the file's original sync ;-))

Good videos

Version 1.982 (2012-01-06) :

3rd ßeta version, corrections:

- Files only readable with QuickTime, work again (eg: AIC -AppleIntermediateComponent- videos from iMovie).

- "Preview before encoding" (with these same files) is now possible.

- All encodings are correct, even with several videos with no audio (in this particuliar case, the app did not encode all of them).

- A better quality during with output "for DVD".

- A lot of details (including interface details, just to "make it nicer" ;-)).


Version 1.981 (2011-12-30) :

Second ßeta version, corrections:

- Oops! a stupide mistake: if you didn't own the Apple's Prores video codec, the app refused to start. Corrected.

- The end of an encoding does no more last several minutes for nothing.

- Depending on the "letters" into your file's name or your file's path, file's analysis could take more than 1 minute! corrected too.

- …a lot of extra details.

Version 1.98 (2011-12-20) :

First ßeta version 2.00

Version 1.6 (2010/08/09)

* Encoding module: New "secure" automatism: some broadcasters (on DVB-T) have the bad habit to tag some approximate information during broadcasting. Now MCS automatically avoid trouble even in case of bad tags. This special info -real or wrong - will be automatically handled without loss of quality. (More technically, it is about a wrong info included in videos about field order).
* Encoding module: if your video includes chapters (eg: iMovie / FinalCut videos, MPEG4, MKV, ...), MovieConverter keeps them to affect them in the "DVD VIDEO module" (this feature is only available in Leopard and SnowLeopard, sorry for Tiger users).
* Encoding module: first step to handle E-AC3 audio format, especially used on DVB-T (beta-feature only available in Leopard and snowleopard).
* Encoding module: less alerts, some ergonomy more (eg: files for editing should not be normalized by default, but a files for broadcasting has to be, so -example- the normalization is automatically adjusted to each needs ;-)).
* Multiplexer Module: The encoding of your subtitle file (.srt, .ssa) will be automatically detected and applied. You only need to click on "Go".
* Any module: Improved recognition of the number of frames per second for .mov videos (like those from your editing software iMovie or FinalCut).

Bug fixes:

* Encoding module: An error in 'calculation of the additionnal black borders with anamorphic some sources', most often with the aspect 4 / 3 (that an old nasty bug but I had not noticed it and no one notified it to me).
* Encoding module: multiple corrections with the DV output (DV NTSC mainly). The bug occurred during the simplest conversions. I suspect that few people were using MCS to do these so simple conversions; so the reason why just few people noticed it ...
* Encoding module: The loading of some MPEG-TS (not from EyeTv) could block the application when loading / parsing file.
* Mux / Demux modules: subtitles are correctly extracted from your mpeg (Demux module), those subtitles could be reinstated with Mux module (so if you need to demux an subtitled MPEG, you could integrate them back ;-)).
* + Some small errors (not really significant)…
* And for the brave souls who have read the whole "what"s up" and wonder if this version deserved its 1.6 numbering and not 1.55, I would say ... I was tired of 1.5x numbering, it just too much lasted ;)

Good videos

Version 1.54 (2010/02/05)
I have not really kept traces of updates/corrections. So, here is the approximate What's New:

* Setup Wizard: When you first start the application, a wizard will help you set your preferences.
* Encoding module:
o The DVD preset "quality: superior" now produces a higher quality, while being faster and more compatible than previously.
o Your HD editings (from iMovie or FinalCut) are better converted to DVD.
o FinalCut nomore complains while giving to it a DV file from "DV output" (end of FinalCut's silly lament :-)).
o Correction: Cut the beginning of a file could cause a very noticeable decline in quality (in some cases)!
o Correction: The 5.1 audio from your .mkv will be no more converted to mono during standard conversions.
o Correction: No more out-of-synch with DVB containing H264 video + AAC audio.
o Correction: No more concerns with these same files captured via EyeTV and its Program Guide (audio extraction failed).
o Gadget (?): Set up a new specific output for TiVo (recorder / broadcaster mainly distributed in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia). PS: Currently, this is only an output preset (without any future evolutions until somebody provide a sample to me and his associated Mac key :-P).
* Multiplexing module: Multiplex elementaries streams usually failed (I made a typo in the code!).
* All modules: Better management of audio and video starts within a single file (to keep them synchronized). A case has not yet run -in-theory (I have no example with this feature). If the start of your file is not handled yet, an alert will notify you and notify you the information necessary for my management (inform me about it, and your file will be managed in the next version ;-)).
* All modules: Small corrections to the engine, internal changes that you will not even see but are more reliable to use, a lot of AppleScript code replaced by more robust code in Cocoa (PS: once replaced the remaining 56.000 lines of code in AppleScript, the application will be entirely written in Cocoa …estimate end in 25 years :-D).

… And everything I forgot to note.
Good videos.

Version 1.53 (2009/10/02)
Snow Leopard compatibility (MacOS 10.6).

And for all (even under Tiger or Leopard):

* Encodage SD module:
o Option to remove "hardcoded pulldown. This option eliminates duplicate images of "badly FILM NTSC files, encoded in NTSC VIDEO" (eg. all 640px wide trailers, available on Apple's site).
Explanation: Some videos NTSC VIDEO (30fps) only contains 24 different frames per second (in fact they are NTSC FILM), on which was replicated 6 frames per second (30-24 = 6) to conform to NTSC VIDEO.
In practice: to encode such a file in NTSC VIDEO is interest-free, to encode this kind of video in PAL damages fluidity :-(
To remove this error, identify (yourself) the NTSC VIDEO badly encoded and click on "force the framerate" > "NTSC FILM". Pour supprimer cette erreur, identifiez (de vous-même) la vidéo NTSC VIDEO mal encodée et cliquer sur "forcer le framerate" > "NTSC FILM". The process for finding and removing duplicate images will be automatic ;)
o Improved compatibility with some cameras that do video (videocodec JPEG OpenDML).
o DV output: Fixed an old bug! (you will not have some failure regardless of the characteristics of your audio file).
o Fixed 2 bugs with the option "cut begining of your file" (=scissors button):
- the cut option was no more available when starting the encoding and canceling it.
- in very rare cases (and only with QuickTime decoding), this option could degrade quality.
o QuickTime Decoding: Yay, you could no longer alter the geometry of the image (even with a non-sense choice in the "aspect alert" ;))

* Mux/Demux/DVD-Video modules: fixed a bug concerning the management of video with several audios (depending on the last ffmpeg tool update).

* Mux module :
o Fix/add compatibility of AC3 files from a bad RIP.
o Fix/add compatibility of buggy AC3 files from Compressor2.
o Ability to mux a .m2v with an .aiff or .wave file (it will be pre-converted to AC3 before mux ;)).
o Subtitles: preview "character encoding" of your .srt file BEFORE to encode it (this boting technical feature that replales your nice letters by unreadable characters).
o Subtitles: option to synchronize when they will appear, fix their "delay".

* All Studio modules: fixed a bug when drag'n'drop on the MCS icon in the Dock.
* …and some others improvements I forget to note.

Version 1.52 (2009/08/16)
Fixed an error when loading files by drag'n'drop.

Version 1.51 (2009/08/15)
Major bugfixes version
Bug fixes:

* Global:
o Compatibility of new MacPro (processors Nehalem) with all modules.
* Encoding SD Module:
o Fix a wrong aspect detection with DV files and "DV in a .mov" (the default button of an "aspect alert" didn't purpose the best choice to you!).
(maybe it's a detail for you, but accuracy with defaut button is very important for me… and for the next major version ;)).
PS: and this bad detection could cause a lose of quality if you selected the "default button". Corrected!
o QuickTime decoding improvments: fix an old bug, introduced in MCS 1.3 (but nobody reported it to me). PS: as usual, it only occurs with QuickTime versions &#8805; 7.4 (earlier versions… you don't mind ;)).
Maximum quality in all cases.
o Easier with AIC files: no more boring alert (about field order) if you load a "well known progressive video" (720p or 960x540 pixels from iMovie per example).
o Aspect "4:3->16:9" was "sometimes wrong with some anamorphous files" (eg: some DV or mp4). Should be 100% reliable now.
o Fix artefacts, generated during NTSC FILM<->PAL conversions with DivX files and the FFmpeg decoder (artefacts were generated on parts of the video with high contrasts, eg: white text on black background …like a movie generic).
o Remains an other bug (not important) with some QuickTime decodings: In very rare cases, the geometry of the image may be distorted. You will encounter it if you make non-logical choices in an "aspect alert" ;) (to do…)
* DVD-Video Module:
o Oops! I forgot to remove a debugging alert (and not localized) when burning a DVD-Video. Now MCS will inform you -before burn- if you made a bad compatibility choice…
o Fixed an error, when you select a different duration than the default one, for menu thumbnails.
* HD Module:
o an error made it unuseable with intel Mac on Tiger (but worked on Leopard PPC&Intel, and Tiger PPC).
o Fixed a tool update error, if you had tried MCS "a long time ago", or didn't update it "for a long time", the module might not HD function.
o A bug with the AIC codec.
* Oddity: if you don't have access rights on your own "QuickTime home folder", the app will run anyway.
* Some minor "cosmetics" corrections, cleaned up codes, …
* New site and new address, so bookmark it:

PS: If you earlier requested some improvments/others corrections, contact me again now: somebody talked to me about Module HD multithreading with octo-cores MacIntel (will be useful for G5 with 4 processors too), somebody had a concern with a Sanyo camcorder but didn't sent me the extract, black borders of videos with a too wide color range than specified by DV and DVD norm, etc
And if I forgot to answer to you… sorry, and do not hesitate to send me again your previous mail.

Version 1.501 :

2009/04/24 - minor version
Bug fix: an useless bug alert, when you switch from Studio modules to Encoding module, without selecting any Studio module.

version 1.5 (January February March April !!! 2009)
…This version was complicated to release!
New features:

* FontExplorerX compatibility: MCS could not even get started if FontExplorerX had deleted the fonts in the system.

* HD Module: (still free ;))
o For all: bug fix of AVCHD sources with many images per second (50 or 60): the video was slowed down.
For all: compatibility with new cameras:
- TOSHIBA GigaShot A40FE
- SANYO Xacti HD700
- …
o "Comfort options" for registered users:
- Batch mode
- Option to convert the AVCHD files 3 times faster without quality lose (see web site, Studio chapter).

* Encoding module: for all registered users:
o DVD and LCD/Plasma TVs: better quality/compatibility with flat screen televisions, but remaining 100% compatible with cathode televisions and DVD-Video specification.

Non-interlaced videos are automatically written as "progressive contents" (like the sticker on your DVD players ;-))

In Practice: the DVD-Video norm requires some subtleties, sometimes incompatible with display automatisations of your LCD or Plasma television (especially if your DVD player is not correctly set/plugged). MCS now informs your DVD player about your video content. So, your TV always displays it at its best. You do not have to play with remote controls of your TV / DVD player to display the best quality.
(Bonus: encoding of these sources will be faster :-))

* Encoding module: for a not "personal & private use" (Pro, …):
3 new modes to force a progressive output (if interlace is not compatible with your needs):
o 1 - Non-interlaced sources: Ability to force output as progressive, even if conversion of standard (ie PAL<->NTSC VIDEO).
o 2 - Interlaced sources: Adding a method of selective deinterlace: only deinterlace interlaced parts of each frame, and preserves the remainder (eg of use: a video with content both progressive and sometimes interlaced).
o 3 - Interlaced sources: Adding a method of full deinterlace: deinterlace systematically (this mode is not very subtlety, but if you need it…)

* Better h264 decoding, new version of FFmpeg: you could read h264 videos that QuickTime can not handle (DVB-T HD for example).
Same kind of version as used by VLC and Handbrake :-).
* "For DVD", new version of mpeg2enc: quality and compatibility, a great one!
You can enable it in MCS preferences window as default encoder:
o with a quantizer set to 7 (new default value), resulting encodings will be approximately 10% larger on disc than with FFmpeg,
o a little slower than FFmpeg, setting: "quality good",
o BUT equivalent to the FFmpeg "quality superior", on optimizing images (motion estimation and size of the GOP),
o AND with a better bitrate regulation, better conformity with DVD-Video specifications (mpeg2enc directly encode "double pass" ;-)).

New features and minor bug fixes:

* Encoding module:
o FFmpeg encoding was often restrained, oops! (if your processor was powerful enough you could now encode faster than real time).
o Some DVB-T (h264 + aac) are now synchronized.
o Ultimate(?) anamorphic detection: geometry of your videos will be better respected (bonus: encoding from 16:9 to 4:3letterbox should be always available).
o Some interlaced files decoded by QuickTime were deformed.
o The "PanScan" aspect was broken (personal opinion: this aspect has no real interest, I'm not surprising that nobody reported it to me, I guess nobody uses it ;-)).
o Audio extraction of .mov files with audio mono/8bits could fail.
o Encoding of AVCHD files from camcorder (.MTS) did not work if the field order (auto or forced) was set to "progressive" (eg: shoots from Canon-HG21).
o Encoding of AVCHD files from camcorder (.MTS) was buggy in 'Demo-mode' (and we don't care, the conversion process has been completely rewritten ;-)).
o Failure during mux if MCS window was "Minimize" in the Dock.
* Encoding module & HD: preview will be a little more fluid on small configurations (PPC for example).
* Encoding module & Mux: fixed a bug with character "%" in the name or path of the file (it was blocking the batch).
* Mux module:
o fixed a bug with image subtitles.
o fixed a stupid alert if you muxed more than one video in an mpeg.
* DVD-Video module:
o Now you could include a subtitled video as DVD-Video introduction (before, this subtitle appears in black on black ;)).
o Fixed a bug according to the size of some "background images" for menus.
o For those who still have an old mac: if your graphic card is too old, an alert will prevent you. Follow the instructions that will be displayed, and you will access to nice menus and sub-menus for your DVD-Video, too.
* Miscellaneous: the switch from encoding module to Studio modules, works with a monitor away from the central unit by 15 meters of cableo (very rough but it does it job ;-)).
* And lots of other stuff that I forgot to note…

Version 1.41 (november 16th 2008): corrections

* Checking the version of Perian codec could prevent the launch of MC.
* MC chose the wrong decoder with .mov from FinalCut.
* "Cosmetics" improvements (one alert less, better font display).

version 1.4 (november 12th 2008)
New Features:

iAuthoring (continued):
Always quick to implement ("let all your settings in less than 3 minutes to make a DVD-Video with menus and thumbnails, and not too ugly.")
o Directly burn your DVD-Video to the most compatible DVD-Video format for your Home DVD Player (no more need to create a disk image).
o The burn code comes from the the great software LiquidCD. Ability to add audio to your menus (and pre-listening it).
o Ability to add a background image to your menus (and preview it).
o New ergonomics: Easily manage files inside your DVD.
+ Load your MPEG one by one, or load a folder (abilty to drop it on MC icon in the Dock).
+ Delete a file, add another, …
(The old version was not practical: impossibility to remove or add a video during settings).
o Adding localization for DVD menus in Russian , Norwegian , Finnish , Dutch

New free module "SuntaicHD": convert videos from your camcorder HD into QuickTime compatible files (ready for iMovie / FinalCut).
PS: FREE MODULE (free access to all without registration)
Runs on PPC as on Intel.
(and you will avoid to use iMovie'08 poor quality)

+ load a video AVCHD
(camcorders SONY HDS-CX6 / HDR-CX11 / HDR-SR1 / HDR-SR11, Canon HF10 / HF11 / G10 / HR10 / HG20 / HG21 Panasonic HDC-SD1 / HDC-SD5 / HDC-SD100 / SD9 / HS9, …)
# MovieConverter generates to you a thumbnail (these files cannot be preview in Finder, it will be more convenient to check what they contain).
# Click the preview (the "eye" button) and MovieConverter will display an excerpt of this illegible video ;).
# Choose your output format (a file for iMovie, for FinalCut, un 720p, un 1080i, …)
# Convert :)

+ Bonus (still free and not even proposed by the other soft*):
# Converts .TOD files from JVC camcorders (JVC GZ-HD5, JVC HD30, …).
# and .MP4 from Sanyo HD1000, HD1010 (including 1080i mode).

+ The "Suntaic" module uses the same open-source tools (credits) that the other soft (you will have exactly the same quality and the same slowness ;-)), namely:
# xport (GPL license): an MPEG-TransportStream demuxer (wrapper of AVCHD).
# ldecod (GPL license): a video decoder to YUV format.
# ffmpeg (GPL license): an encoder from YUV stream to mpeg4 video.
# movencoder (3clause-BSD license): a QuickTime video converter to AIC (video format suitable for editing).

* Edit: …since the public beta version of MovieConverter 1.4, "the other soft" included tod support. Yeah, he does not just know how to "use" free code from others developpers, but he "use" ideas of others too :-D

New GUI 'Studio' (and renamed):

* Prettier
* More readable (I did not have enough space).
* Ready for future versions (…to follow ;))

Major bugfix for Tiger:

o Exotic characters (like accents) in the name of yours files/folders/disks will not produce errors anymore (Apple only corrected this bug in Leopard).
…Now you can name your files with these characters é, ï, ñ, ß… ;).

Minor new features and bug fixes:

o Better memory management.
o Fixed a bug introduced in the previous version with non-saveable .MOV.
o Handles anamorphic mpeg4.
o Correction of "The Ben-Hur correction" (see MC version 1.3)
o Lot of details…

version 1.3, release august 28th 2008
New features:

Select a MPEG file (or a folder full of MPEG) and let all your settings in less than 3 minutes. MovieConverter will do for you automatically a DVD-Video with menus and thumbnails (and not too ugly :-)).

o Aspects 4:3 and 16:9 are managed within a single DVD (MC will isolate videos for you according to their aspect).
o If your MPEG was not DVD compatible, MC will propose to you to correct its wrapper (it's fast and it avoids the predictable failures).
o Creating a menu with thumbnails for easy access to each track.
o If you author more than 9 videos, MC will create as many sub-menus as necessary, so that each track will have its direct access (and always its thumbnail).
o Each sub-menu will let you read -in 1 click- all the videos contained in a sub-menu (button "read all").
o Display automatically the subtitles you patiently included in your MPEG (but you can always turn them off with the remote control ;)).
o Automatic selection of button in the menu -at the end of reading- on the track you just readed (it is for lazy people like me who do not want to play continuously with the arrows of the remote control, to simply access to the next track).
o The sequence of a 4:3 video to another 16:9 one will not produce distortion, temporary one but usually visible during broadcasting.
o and many others ergonomic details…

o In addition to the all-automatic, you can:
+ Quickly chapterize (1 chapter each xx minutes).
+ Choose your thumbnails (you just put a .jpg file with the same name than the MPEG, beside it (…like the one MovieConverter generates for you during each encoding ;)).
+ Personalize each thumbnail caption (via the "eye" button).
+ Reorganize tracks order by simple drag and drop (via the "eye" button).
+ Add an introduction picture (or mpeg video).
+ Generate a disk image (which you can directly burn with "Disk Utility"). PS: This option is recommended, there are several "DVD-Video" formats and the one produced with the image disk is the most compatible with DVD-readers.

o Limitations:
+ A DVD with 9 videos maximum will always be "safe", even if you mix audio formats and video sizes (the best compatibility is not promised if you mix more than 9 too different videos on a single disc, example: standard MPEG + MPEG DVB-T + …).
+ You will only get direct access to the first 9 sub-menus (aka the first 81 videos on your DVD). For the remainder of the sub-menus, you will need to navigate through the "MENU NEXT" buttons, included in each sub-menu (you will lose some ergonomics, but I have already authored more than 110 short-movies on a disc with this tool ;)).
+ If possible, avoid "PCM" audio format (non-compressed audio, the one generated by iDVD). Apart from the fact that it occupies too much space on the disk for nothing, it has no real interest and is only partially managed (You should use your remote control to select your audio during playback).
+ Your DVD menus are already well localized in Japanese, English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Chinese and Spanish.

+ Your DVD menus are approximately localized in Russian, Dutch, Korean, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese Brazilian, Chinese traditional. If you want to add your language or correct an approximate localization, contact me (you will not spend more than 5 minutes to do it).

New minor features:

o Main window: Lots of temporized alerts: what's more irritating than launching "Batch encoding" before going to bed, and to realize the morning that a stupid alert has blocked the interface (and encoding has not advanced). Most alerts are now delayed: if you are in front of your computer, select the answer that suits you, without any answer, the safest one will be chosen for you ;)
o The "Read Me" file now indicate the encoding settings you used (user request).
o At the end of "Batch" encoding, you opportunity to shut down your computer or set it to sleep (user request).
o Leopard (MacOSX.5) only: Management of disks formatted in "Windows Fat" and output DV: your DV encoding will be complete (and no more truncated to the first 20 minutes).

o Tools: Demux: now works correctly (and also demux "pcm").
o Demux: Adding an option to force subtitle extraction (in fact, if your subtitle does not start at the beginning of the track, it will not be detected otherwise).
o Mux: Oops! Mux didn't know anymore re-mux subtitles extracted by the demux tool since the last version (corrected).
o HD to iMovie/FCE (ALPHA version): a M2TS converter for all and free. Same process (same open-tool used) than a soft paying called Volta*c but for free and legal (which is not cases with the other).
Note 1: this is very slow -like with the other soft- but it's good (PPC are able to use their HD camcorder too :)).
Note 2: No need to send me bug-reports if it fails, this is a pre-feature (which will be finalised in the next major version of MC). (Reported to the next version of MC, too much code to re-check and not enough time...)

Minor bugfixes:
o The "check field order" tool was not QuickTime 7.4 or later compatible.
o Modification of some interface behaviors (to limit users mistakes and to avoide some Apple's AppleScript bugs).
o In one case, there was possibility to launch again "batch mode" during a "batch mode".
o Better framerate detecton of long .flv.
o Better extraction of some rare audio files (such as old trailers from the french web site "").
o Better detection of some rare interlaced files detected as progressive (the DVB-T from the French channel "France4" for example).
o "The Ben-Hur correction": even your very, very long movies will no longer be truncated (and try with other apps to see what they do ;)).
o Tools Pulldown: more robust process (though it remains somewhat uncertain with mpeg files, if you have time enough, prefer to demux - correct your video elementary stream - and to re-mux them).
o A new management of .mov files to limit Perian 1.1 side effects.
o In the Main window, an approximated BUT QUICK management of .m2ts (videos from HD camcorder or Blu-Ray).
o "Batch mode" was buggy if it contained several files with the same name to encode.
o Full management of files containing "%" in their name or their path (previously they was not multiplexed and no thumbnails was produced).

version 1.2 (Happy New Chinese year 4705 of the Earth Rat*)
* …with a little late (and in french)…

New features:
o Compatible with the unpleasant "great" QuickTime 7.4 version and later (available for Tiger and Leopard). If you still use an earlier version, MC remains compatible.
o Conversion from interlaced NTSC VIDEO->PAL has now the same quality than other processes (it wasn't true before).
o A far better compatibility with output for DVD and very strict DVD Hardware Players (do not dream, better does not mean perfect, but the rate of "possible freezes" are reduced by 5 to 8).
o (Intel only) Speed: the "good" quality with FFmpeg encoding is now almost as good as "superior" (but much faster :-)).
o New interface, same on Tiger and Leopard (the drawer's look differed between system versions, thanks to Apple designers).
o New button to access to "Tools (MC's Additional functions)" (nobody realized they existed ;-)).
o Management of subtitles (cf "Tools": see below).

Tools (MC's additional functions): Subtitles (access via tool "Mux"):
o Handles text subtitles (srt, ssa).
o Support every encoding, from MacRoman to japonese, cyrillic,… (but the first loading of an .srt will be a little slow).
o Keep subtitle synchronization even in case of standard conversion.

Major bugfixes:
o iMovie decoding (interlaced videos decoded by QuickTime) was "broken" since the last FFmpeg update (so during version 1.1).
o A stupid failure with the NTSC Film encoding with quality "fast" (living in Europe I test more PAL than NTSC).
o In some cases, the MC's ability to cut introduction of your videos, induced an out-of-synch.

Minor bugfixes:
o New encoding optimizations = faster (with majority of simple processes).
o New version of the tool to extract audio via QuickTime (it now handles audios from flv and mkv via Perian codec).
o More reliable decoding of wmv (and avoid to force the default decoder assigned to you by MC).
o A "less false" announced duration for .VOB (to obtain the real duration during analysis, it would be necessary to lose 1 minute per hour of video with a recent INTEL Core2Duo… imagine the necessary time with a PPC ;-)).
o Audio process optimization for DV output (it could be extremely long).
o Black borders added to videos were too dark since v1.1
o Stop a process from the tools window AND during a paused encoding in the main window, does not stop anymore the paused encoding (you didn't understand circumstances? …you did not encounter this case yet ;-)).
o Batch mode is activate by default for registred users.
o Better recognition of anamorphous files (I will keep this sentence, I think I will use it again with all new version ;-)).
o A lot of other stuff… (in bulk and incomplete: better management of exotic characters, of .eyetv duration, MC does not monopolize some file extensions, internal code more reliable, encoding progress bar didn't display on PPC, better FCP compatibility, better .mkv decoding, reorganization of some Menu items, i you encounter an error -and in order to correct it- MC will guide you automatically to report the bug, etc).

OpenSource Tools:
o New version of FFmpeg (some features more).

january 2008 (Happy New Year)
OpenSource Tools:

o january 17th - New build of FFmpeg
I forget to remove a debug option in MC before to release it. This new version of FFmpeg compensates for my lapse of memory without changing MC, magic isn't it? :)

o january 06th - New build of mpeg2enc
The previous version crashed depending on a scientist cocktail: (duration of the file to encode) * (quantity of RAM available in the computer) => crash. No more crash… but MC's code still need an update in a forthcoming version.
PS: As usual, the update of these tools is automated, if you kept "Check for update" in preferences.

version 1.1 (Christmas)
New features:
o Compatibility Leopard (step 1: the code is fully compatible).
o A better management of DVB streams (DigitalVideoBroadcasting), included HD streams.
o Handle "EyeTV" meta-packages (now MovieConverter accepts the drag'n'drop of ".eyetv" files on its icon).
(and MovieConverter can still correct the -often- buggy DV export produced by your EyeTV ;-)).
o Now the site and the help "speak" in english (and not in "froggy" english, thanks John).
o Better controls to avoid the innumerable bugs in files produced by the ®DivX™ Pro encoder.
o Full management of the interlaced files with an odd height (do not laugh if you understood this sentence … I encountered some!).

Major Correction:
o "field rate": the encoding of videos with many frames-per-second (50fps in PAL and 60fps in NTSC) is now treated correctly (including in the event of conversion of standard PAL<->NTSC).

Minor corrections:
In bulk:
o The display of the progress bar -on intel- with the encoder mpeg2enc.
o Some random behaviors with some "Cancel" buttons.
o An improvement of the detection of the anamorphous MPEG-TS (DVB and cie). And in premium: an useless alarm less!
o A better management of the sizes of the iMovie projects in HD.
o A correction of the update code (oops! if you read these infos directly in MovieConverter, avoid to click on the "stop" button during the download ;-))
o Correction of the expert's option "force framerate" for NTSC outputs.
o Some cosmetic corrections (some texts disappeared sometimes, …).
o Some files with "very very weird" names (containing "`" for example) work now.
o An error with memory management, that crashed MC after the encoding of 50 video files.
o etc, etc, …

OpenSource Tools:
o New build of the mjpegtools (some bugs less).
o New version of FFmpeg (some features more).

version 1.00
o First international (non french) release.
(REM: MovieConverter's users generally use PAL output. NTSC works but it was not fully tested since … some time.)

…and previous
o Resume: some stuff more, some bugs less.
o The "what's new" was not in english, if you understand french, take a look to the French link (you will see the features from version 0.81 to 0.99).
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Great tool, I've used many for converting encoding and such. I agree it is so easy any democrat in the country could use it with ease.

Review by nmt on Oct 2, 2009 Version: 1.53 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

This is a FANTASTIC program! So simple a Florida Republican could use it! My favorite thing about it is that it re-synchronizes audio and video FLAWLESSLY. It makes a very high-quality conversion of almost any format you can think of (including mkv), lets you choose interlace field (upper or lower) or progressive (or none), with preview so you can check with your own eyes. Applies black bars as needed for 4:3 or 16:9 aspects (choose PAL or NTSC as well), and will even allow cross-conversions in any manner you wish. Lets you crop intros, force ffmpeg or QT decoder and mpeg2enc or ffmpeg encoder, apply light or heavy noise reduction for VHS-to-DVD, choose AC3 or WAV audio, and finally - it has the coolest batch mode EVER. Set up each vid exactly as you want, then runs in the background. It even gives you screencaps in jpeg format automatically!

I use it on everything these days. I love taking dvix files (700-800 meg), running them through this puppy to convert to mpeg-2 (1.5-2gig) and then I can slap two on a DVD and they'll match perfectly! It really makes a high-quality conversion that burns a DVDr in just a minute or so! How cool is that?

Immediately after I donated, the developer contacted me and asked my opinion, then responded to my suggestions with an upgrade incorporating them! Class act all the way.

Review by EdZeppelin on Mar 15, 2008 Version: 1.1 OS: MacOSX Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

New version 1.1 avaible, compatible Leopard, ...
See here for details

(PS for administrator: you can delete my partial rating ;) , I just wanted to update the description and I only found this form. But the form need a rating, so there is mine :D )

Review by Herve on Dec 29, 2007 Version: 1.1 OS: MacOSX Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

3 reviews, Showing 1 to 3 reviews

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