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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Magix Movie Edit Pro

Version 2021 (

MOVIE EDIT PRO CREATE BETTER VIDEOS, FAST THE FUTURE IS NOW INFUSION ENGINE 2 | FILM LOOKS | 8K UHD | HIDPI INTERFACE With the new 2021 version of Movie Edit Pro, the future of video editing is now. Discover a whole new level of image quality thanks to the HiDPI program interface and full 8K Ultra HD support. Enjoy hardware acceleration for Intel, NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards as well as a new workflow for smartphone videos. Improved image quality. Faster editing. More possibilities. The new Movie Edit Pro 2021. NEW SINCE AUGUST 2020 INFUSION Engine 2 Intel, NVIDIA & AMD support The biggest leap in Movie Edit Pro performance in years is noticeable right away!* Version 2 of the INFUSION Engine now offers support for Intel, NVIDA and AMD graphics cards. The result is a seamless project preview without the need for time-consuming rendering or creating proxy files. Less waiting around during editing. More time for creating amazing videos. * INFUSION Engine 2 supports video acceleration for AVC and HEVC on Intel, NVIDIA or AMD GPUs with Intel Graphics HD 630, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 and AMD Radeon RX470 or higher. NEW SINCE AUGUST 2020 A look that's truly unique NewBlue Filters 5 Ultimate | 250 templates in 27 filters Give your videos the perfect look: The comprehensive effects pack Filters 5 Ultimate provides all the right tools for professional color correction, impressive color grading and making motifs stand out in your footage. These can be applied automatically via pre-made templates, or more precisely by using effects supplied by 27 video filters. Create impressive films by applying atmospheric colors, light effects and a custom film look. Included effect packs: NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus | Recreate | Recolor | ColorFast 2 * Premium version plug-ins are included upon purchase of new software or extension of the Update Service, or when you upgrade. Program language for plug-in is English. Exclusively in Premium Always razor sharp 8K | Ultra HD | HiDPI GUI Movie Edit Pro 2021 delivers video editing and films that are at the highest level of video quality. High-resolution. Rich in detail. Razor sharp. The same can be said of the new HiDPI program interface too. NEW SINCE AUGUST 2020 8K Ultra HD Edit and present films in 8K Ultra HD. The new, one-of-a-kind INFUSION Engine 2 allows you to play your new high-resolution video material in realtime.** This means you can view your footage during the editing process – no waiting around. ** Dependent on the graphics card used. For more information, contact the card manufacturer. NEW SINCE AUGUST 2020 HiDPI program interface Do font and dialogs appear too small on-screen at higher resolution? No problem. With the new HiDPI program interface, everything on-screen looks razor-sharp at all times, even when you zoom in. Redesigned icons, preview videos and control elements all make Version 2021 the most aesthetic Movie Edit Pro yet. Everything you need for your smartphone videos Automatic alignment | Templates | Image border effects NEW SINCE AUGUST 2020 Improved workflow Vertical videos made using smartphone are recognized directly upon import and are automatically rotated to the mode in which they were originally filmed. As well as project and export templates, the program now includes templates for vertical videos. NEW SINCE AUGUST 2020 Social media templates and image border effects Ready to showcase your videos online? New project templates for social media clips in vertical and square formats make it easy to create videos for any kind of portal or app. Creative image border effects conceal distracting black borders in videos with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Edit videos faster than ever before Start dialog | Color Picker | Cutting modes A range of new optimizations to workflow allow you to achieve outstanding results, easily and in no time at all. This frees up more time for what's important: Creating amazing videos. NEW SINCE DECEMBER 2019 Color picker in title editor Fast color matching for image and titles Find the right title color for each and every scene. The color picker lets you easily select a desired color from an image and transfer it to the title. This can be done quickly using the pipette or more precisely with manual color settings. No matter the method, image and title are perfectly matched. NEW SINCE AUGUST 2020 More intuitive start dialog Find the right project template faster The new start dialog features a clearer, scaled back layout. Project templates are now named and arranged more clearly in the program, so you can find the ideal project settings faster and start editing your videos right away. NEW SINCE AUGUST 2019 Split and trim 1-click editing with direct preview This new tool is designed to save you lots of time. Viewing and cutting your video material can now all be done via the timeline. A real-time preview can been seen in the video monitor at all times. You can cut or trim your videos per mouse click. NEW SINCE DECEMBER 2019 Optimized transition menu 1-click selection for transitions Built-in transition icons enable you to find the transition you're looking for at a glance. Quick access for previously used transitions as well as your favorites is included. You can also try out the random transition selector, which includes a search filter for specific transition types and groups. Latest effects Layer masks | Travel route animation | Titles With a fantastic range of new effects, you can enhance your movies in no time at all. From image effects to travel route animations and dynamic titles – get creative and give each and every one of your videos a captivating look! NEW SINCE DECEMBER 2019 Layer masks Combining various image layers in exciting ways – a core focus in video editing – can now be easily done in a dedicated area using a wide range of templates. Create custom picture-in-picture effects, use cutting dies or define the precise moment for a title to appear. Exclusively in Plus | Premium NEW SINCE AUGUST 2019 Travel route animations with MAGIX Travel Maps One of the most popular functions in Movie Edit Pro has been redesigned. It now features more details and hand-drawn animation, and can be used with any map of your choice. Add your favorite photos to individual stations and stops. 9 maps and a whole range of painstakingly designed vehicle types are available – ready for you to bring them to life. Exclusively in Plus | Premium NEW SINCE APRIL 2019 New fonts and title animations 30 high-quality fonts are now included in the program – perfect for creating a custom touch in your films. Choose between styles ranging from handwriting to modern minimalist. In addition, you can access 15 new dynamic title animations to create the perfect intro for your videos. 15 dynamic title animations exclusively in Plus | Premium All new features at a glance INFUSION Engine 2 with support for Intel, AMD and NVIDIA Edit and export 8K Ultra HD video HiDPI program interface Improved workflow for smartphone videos Redesigned start dialog Project and export templates for vertical videos and social media videos NewBlue Filters 5 Ultimate (exclusively in the Premium version)

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Version 2020 (

New in this version: Fast INFUSION Engine Video resolution is increasing all the time, along with the standard of effects. The new INFUSION Engine ensures that everything runs smoothly despite these higher processing requirements. Discover the INFUSION Engine Professional video stabilization Even professionals can produce shaky videos. But to stabilize them, they need less time than amateur filmmakers. The program's fully redesigned image stabilization is the reason why. Learn more about image stabilization Captivating animated travel routes Because getting there is often half the fun, Movie Edit Pro includes travel route animation. These have been completely new designed and feature a fresh new, exciting look with more detail.

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Version 2019


BRAND NEW! CINEMA QUALITY RIGHT FROM THE GET-GO Entertainment from start to finish. Make movies that impress right from the start — with all-new title animations. And keep the suspense turned up all the way to the end with an extensive selection of effects. NEW! Dynamic title animations They're finally here No other feature has been requested as frequently by the Movie Edit Pro community as new title templates. And now they're here: custom titles. Individually animated. Letter by letter. Programmed to impress. Up to 1,500 effects Endless ideas Keep your audience on the edge of their seats right to the end. 1,500 effects — 1,500 ways to impress. Includes soundtrack music Perfect accompaniment for all your movies Sound is every bit as important as image. Movie Edit Pro now features an amazing selection of movie music and sound effects you can use to bring your visuals to life. Chroma key for everyone! For movies from another world An expedition to Everest, ending with you at the summit? The new chroma keying feature makes it all possible — and incredibly easy. BRAND NEW! FULL CONTROL Movie Edit Pro is with you every step of the way. Precise cutting tools react to your command to modify everything the way you want. It's a new smoother, faster video editing workflow. Active destination track Import with total precision Activate a destination track. Insert videos, effects and music to the exact position you want in the Timeline. All this can be done easily using copy & paste. This helps you save a ton of time when working on video projects. 1. COMPLETE! Perfect track handling Perfekt für immer Your movie — just like you imagined. Experience the freedom of being able to rearrange, delete and completely reorder your tracks any way you want, whenever you want. Even retrospectively! Chapter export Export with shortcuts Only need to touch up part of your movie? Save time and energy by exporting individual chapters as you edit them, instead of your entire movie. Plug-in dialogs More than just a touch up The new version features a completely redesigned effects area to give you a better overview of the effects and the freedom to customize how you work with them. Plug-in dialogs let you preview your movie as you apply effects. NEW! Coloring freedom Get ready for great things Match color for tracks and objects in the same project. Group audio, video or effect ranges for a clearer overview of all your content, even in larger projects. Video and audio track With a modern, flexible grouping Grouped, yet with enough freedom: The new, flexible grouping options for video and audio tracks. The new J-L cut – an impressive time-saver for overlapping objects, for example, in documentaries with narration lasting several scenes. Move object contents Faster video editing Move object contents instead of cutting! We're revolutionizing video editing, so that your film is finished faster. Find the right scenes by intuitively scrubbing through footage – directly in the corresponding video object. BRAND NEW! A POWERFUL DYNASTY Movie Edit Pro now features the same power as its big brother, MAGIX Video Pro X. For improved performance you can feel. You'll notice the difference in image quality right away. With significantly faster video processing and award-winning program stability. Adieu Moiré! Improved image quality Full quality during recording and in your final movie! Your 4K footage now contains fewer visible artifacts and Moiré patterns when exported as FullHD video. CPU acceleration Supersonic speed Take advantage of your processor's full potential for improved editing performance. Get accelerated video processing and enhanced output quality with extensive AVX optimizations. GPU accelerated Record-speed export Switch up a gear: INTEL GPU hardware acceleration is now activated for export. Made possible by our partnership with INTEL. BRAND NEW! ADDITIONAL EFFECTS IN THE MOVIE EDIT PRO STORE Fully equipped for any kind of project. Find new effects that are perfect for use in your film projects in the Movie Edit Pro Store, directly within the program. Now with a complete effects bundle for your vacation videos and even more editing templates for the popular automatic video editing feature. NEW! Automatic editing templates Let Movie Edit Pro take the reins. Sometimes you need to finish a film fast. Select music – add a title – and Movie Edit Pro does all the editing work for you. Movie Edit Pro is easy and fast to use – that's why it's popular with so many users. In addition, there's now 25 new editing templates in the Store. Don't miss your chance – discover them now! NEW! Ultimate Travel Package 350+ travel effects – all inclusive – now available in the Store Get the new complete effects package for your travel videos. From hand-drawn travel maps, and country-themed intros/outros to smaller playful details such as suitcase stickers, postcards or decorative elements – over 350 effects are included for creating the perfect video of your travels. NEW! Accelerated Store download Access new effects in 1 click Get the perfect effects in the Movie Edit Pro Store – now just a single click away. Then, access your effects right away directly in the list view all thanks to the new single item download feature. And if you reinstall Movie Edit Pro or use a different PC, a click is all you need to restore all your previous purchases.

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Version 2018


Movie Edit Pro Smooth-flowing preview Mediapool: Plug-ins for a special low price Direct import from the cloud Movie Edit Pro Plus Also included with Movie Edit Pro Additional effects worth a total value of $49.95 200 Multimedia tracks Improved 360° video editing Movie Edit Pro Premium Also included with Movie Edit Pro Plus NewBlue Elements Overlay ($99.00 value) iZotope RX Elements ($129.00 value) NewBlue ColorFast 2 ($99.00 value) HitFilm Movie Essentials ($99.00 value)

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Version 2016


Right in the middle of the action Perfectly arranged from every angle: Movie Edit Pro 2016 Premium is the first editing program to support 360° editing for videos made with panorama cameras. Never lose track of anything Improved object tracking lets you follow objects even more precisely. Pin text to objects, place black rectangles in front of faces and blur out license plates. Even more action Take advantage of automatic video editing, 25 customizable templates and effects made specifically for action-packed footage. Configurable effect transitions 20 extraordinary transitions, including blur features. Watch video Modern title templates Brand new templates sorted according to opening/closing credits, subtitles and captions. Beat-based video editing Edit your videos to fit the beat of the music. Watch video Support for the latest cameras Compatible with new video formats, such as HEVC** and XAVC S. H.264 hardware acceleration Enjoy faster import and smooth playback. New snap markers Trimming, moving and synchronizing objects is now even easier.

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Version 2015
New in this version:

Red Giant Retrograde
Give your videos an authentic 8mm or 16mm film look! Choose from a large selection of adjustable presets – created from original Kodak film scans!

Red Giant Chromatic Glow
It doesn't matter if you're working with individual texts or entire surfaces: Colorful lighting accents make every video a special highlight!
Brilliant videos guaranteed.

Red Giant Knoll Light Factory
Hollywood's number one for light reflections now available exclusively in Movie Edit Pro. All effects have been personally designed by ILM Visual Effects Supervisor John Knoll.

Redesigned user interface
Premium video editing deserves a
Premium design: Movie Edit Pro's interface has been completely redesigned to meet the high demands of our customers.

Native 64-bit support
The fast lane for Premium video editing: Thanks to 64-bit support, Movie Edit Pro 2015 Premium now uses the full potential of your PC's memory and processor.

The plus in Premium: Titler plug-in
The NewBlue Titler EX is perfect for creating dynamic Hollywood-style titles, captions and rolling credits directly in Movie Edit Pro 2015 Premium.

Automatic fisheye correction
With Movie Edit Pro 2015 Premium you can automatically correct all optical distortions in your videos and photos from any action cam or video camera.

Multicam editing: For 4 cameras
Edit recordings from up to four cameras at the same time in Movie Edit Pro 2015 Premium. All videos are automatically synced according to your audio tracks.

Practical movie wizard
Raise the curtains on your videos:
The movie wizard gives your videos a cinema quality look – animated templates for birthdays, weddings and other events.

WLAN transfer
of projects
With Movie Edit Pro 2015 Premium you can wirelessly transfer your mobile video projects from the Movie Edit Touch app to your computer via WLAN – all accompanying project files are transferred as well.

Edit XAVCS video files

The new XAVCS video format supports resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD and is used in the latest camera models. Realize the full potential of your camera now.

Automatic loudness adjustment
Does the background music in your video have different volume levels?
Movie Edit Pro 2015 Premium can automatically adjust the loudness of the songs and even out the volume – no more problems with tracks that are too loud or too quiet!

object editing
Movie objects can be cut out even more easily or moved. All changes are automatically taken into account in all MAGIX mouse modes.

Version 2014
Professional color correction.
NewBlue ColorFast combines professional color correction with detailed color grading in a single workflow.
You can precisely control color adjustments and apply them to individual image areas or the entire video picture.

Watch sample video
Amazing animated titles.
Use proDAD Heroglyph V4 Pro and create impressive title animations with templates for a wide variety of themes.
Every preset can be adjusted using sliders and buttons.

Incredible footage. Smooth editing.
Edit 4K and HD footage as simply as DV footage.
With the new proxy editing feature, Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium automatically creates easy-to-edit versions of your video files. This enables smooth editing even on low performance computers.
When exporting the program use the original files.
Combining workflow and impressive output quality.

Better performance on all tracks.
Work even faster. The optimized multi-track feature in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium provides a more efficient use of the multi-core processors
Edit your videos on multiple tracks faster than ever before. High speed video decoding made possible by saving unnecessary quality processes when playing videos in realtime.

4K – The revolution for your videos.
Twice as big, four times as sharp.
The new 4K Ultra HD format can display images in more detail than Full HD.
Experience your videos in unparalleled quality. Only MAGIX Movie Edit Pro offers the perfect workflow for editing your own Ultra HD videos. Whether it's footage of sporting events from a GoPro or holiday videos from your camcorder, take full advantage of the potential of your video camera and get the best image quality possible.

New touch design.
For the first time unique touch elements have been integrated into the MAGIX Movie Edit Pro interface.
Use the color wheel the easy way thanks to large buttons and touch gestures. Or simply click using the mouse. The toolbar in the timeline has been redesigned and now provides direct access to the most important mouse modes.

All transitions in one location.
The transition dialogs from previous versions have been directly integrated into the Media Pool. Save time and click through fewer submenus.
All 3D and HD transitions are now fully calculated using your graphics processor and run smoothly during previews.

Now the graphics processor comes into use.
Acceleration for effects
Effects such as blur or focus in your videos are now calculated by the graphics processor which means that with suitable hardware they can be calculated faster than ever before.

Screen transfer Wireless
The new Intel Wireless Display Technology (WiDi) allows you to watch the previews in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium on devices like TVs and projectors. Check your results on the big screen. No cables needed.

Mobile video editing at your fingertips.
Get started on the go. Perfect at home.
With MAGIX Movie Edit Touch for Windows tablets you can now edit your videos right where you made them – on vacation, at family celebrations or at a live show.
Quickly and easily remove unwanted scenes, change the scene order and add some text and titles. When you get home you can import and edit projects in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium.

Realistic special effects and templates.
Unique contrast values
Incredible yet so simple. High Dynamic Range effects (HDR) allow large, detailed differences in brightness to be displayed in pictures and videos.
You can even get the best out of your underexposed footage using the HDR effect. Take advantage of excellent image quality with unique contrast values.

Templates that will amaze everyone
Impress your viewers with the new menu, film, and intro/outro templates that are ideal for birthdays, weddings or holiday videos.
The wide range of high-quality templates and decorative elements give your videos a professional look no matter what style you choose.

The new toolbar.
You asked for it. We completely redesigned the toolbar in the timeline to allow for a fully optimized workflow. The most important mouse modes are now accessible with a single click, making the editing process faster and more efficient.

Version 2013
More than 50 new features
Improved timeline display with video and audio
on one track
Support of the new video standard AVCHD Progressive (60p)
Accelerated export of AVCHD videos with automatic
graphics card recognition
Improved user interface with quick access features
New high-quality decorative elements and intro/outro templates
Fast and direct GPU calculation of all essential video effects
New Chroma Key Engine for perfect object extraction

Version 18
More than 60 improvements in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX Plus/Premium

On average up to 3 times faster AVCHD export compared to previous version thanks to NVIDIA® CUDA™ and AMD® OpenCL support
Noticeably accelerated program start
Accelerated project loading
Accelerated loading of recording dialogs
Accelerated closing of program settings after making changes as well as accelerated export start in large projects
Shorter reaction time of the timeline play marker when "Image size and position" effects section is open
Faster image generation in Media Pool for large media directories
More precise miniature display in timeline objects
Optimized background processing, enabling faster program reaction such as marker movement, rewinding and editing operations on AVCHD clips.
Optimized image stabilization for multicore PCs - up to 10 times faster on Intel® Core™ i7 systems compared to the previous version
Multicore optimization for image sharpness and feathering effects
Use of expanded memory on 64-bit systems for GOP and bitmap caching
Calculation of dynamic object effects on GPU with activated anti-flicker effect
Video effect rendering on GPU (incl. special read back for NVIDIA® systems)
Calculation of standard transition on GPU
Navigation with keyboard and external controllers such as Contour shuttle is more fluid
Preview rendering with automatic recognition of critical areas (only in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX Plus/Premium)
Stereo3D (only in MAGIX Movie Edit pro MX Plus / Premium)
File import from new 3D camcorder models Sony TD-10 and JVC TD-1*
Configurable output for line-by-line interpolation
New output modes "over/under" in order to take advantage of full resolution of devices with line-by-line interpolation
Export for lens array images (lenticular, or "wiggle" images)
Perspective correction in stereo 3D alignment
New functions
Professional movie templates for quick trailers (only in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX Plus/Premium)
MX functionality for faster media and project exchange
Dynamic speed sequences within one video clip with synchronized pitch sequences
Intermediate image calculation for noticeably smoother slow motion playback
Miniature display in Media Pool with zoom
New categories for crossfades with improved display and preview
Direct effect editing in the timeline for multiple object selection
Redesigned export assistant with simplified operation and new export options
Redesigned burn selection with simplified operation
Simple interface layout adjustments with a new cursor and a large, sensitive area for manipulation
Direct display of project contents in the Media Pool
Program presets for FullHD video
New presets for movie settings and export of 24p material
New, multicore-optimized blur effect
Individually adjustable track width
Metadata display from AVCHD recordings and EXIF information from photos in object properties
Various minor improvements in the program interface, content display, etc.
Improvements in the travel route module (only in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX Plus/Premium):
- Redesigned interface for easier use
- Minute handling improvements, including.waypoints and points of interest
- New animated vehicles and objects
Program presets for FullHD video
Additional information during export with smart rendering for an exact compatibility analysis
Optimization of AVCHD imports:
- Performance optimizations
- Optical media will display only if it's an AVCHD disc
- Find folder is a preset if no AVCHD camcorder is found
- Scanning can be interrupted by pressing ESC
- Thumbnails from AVCHD special folder are opened as large icons only during viewing
- Optimized color display for improved recognition of individual recording sessions in large directories
- Recordings on the camera can be deleted manually
- New status info for camcorder disk capacity
28 new backgrounds: animations loops and static templates
35 new disc menus (20 in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX)
4 new title templates
4 new transitions
15 new fonts
12 new effect transitions (only in MAGIX Movie Edit pro MX Plus / Premium)
15 movie templates (only in MAGIX Movie Edit pro MX Plus / Premium)
New bonus programs (only in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX Premium)
NewBlueFX Light Blends
Red Giant Magic Bullet Quick Looks
proDAD Vitascene 2 MAGIX Edition

Version 17
More than 50 new features:

* Improved performance during video editing
* Faster loading times for video projects
* Upload videos directly to Facebook®
* AVCHD import assistant with preview function
* Redesigned user interface in modern design
* Redesigned export assistant with clear selection
* Video monitor zoom and tracker outside the monitor window
* Effects masks: Apply video effects to selected areas
* Optimized memory usage on 64-bit systems
* and much more...

Version 16

* Secondary color correction for impressive color effects
* Blu-ray™ and AVCHD discs with animated menus
* Completely revised DVD menu design
* Title editor with improved quality and direct previewing
* Object zoom function for even more precise effects control
* Unique travel route animation
* Upload videos to YouTube™ directly in HD quality
* Flexible track number selection
* Level display for audio file import
* Upload videos to the new Vimeo video portal
* Generation of color fields/test images
* PC performance benchmarking for optimized presets
* Music Editor 3.0 with optimized user guidance
* Improved audio monitoring option in the timeline
* Free selection of audio track in multi-audio VOBs
* BONUS! proDAD Adorage starter package (with 155 effects)
* Countless improvements in details

Version 15

* Multicam editing (for 2 cameras)
Perfectly synchronize recordings from 2 different cameras
* Animated menus for Blu-ray Discs™
Created professionally animated menus for Blu-ray Disc™
* 3D presets for realistic 3D title effects
Over 100 templates for top-quality three-dimensional effects
* Easy color correction (color wheel)
Conveniently adjust the color of your recordings with just a click
* Native AVCHD editing
Import & edit AVCHD recordings without recalculation
* Supports Flip Mino and Flip MinoHD ("Flip HD")
Import, edit, dub and burn recordings from your Flip Video Camcorder
* Simplified effects control
All video effects have been concentrated centrally and clearly laid-out in the new Media Pool
* Flexible user interface
All user interface elements can be adjusted and moved individually
* Quick navigation via shortcuts
Navigate at lightning speed with the help of keyboard shortcuts like J, K, and L through your project
* Batch conversion (for complete folders)
Convert entire folders containing videos into any format you like
* Many new DVD menu templates(also for Blu-ray Discs™)
Choose from many professionally designed menu templates for DVDs and Blu-ray Discs™

Version 14
* NEW! Direct YouTube™ upload
* NEW! Screen capturing feature
* NEW! Support for NextGen consoles
* NEW! 3D real-time animation with iClone 2 SE
* NEW! Optimized scene recognition
* NEW! Online media integration (photos, music, texts)
* NEW! Batch processing for groups of files
* NEW! DVD projects as high-resolution PC shows

Version 12
NEW! Supports videos with Dolby® Digital sound
NEW! Creates video discs in high-resolution HD-DVD video format
NEW! Reads video DVDs from DVD camcorders and recorders
NEW! Automatically generated background music
and much more

Version 11
The most important new features:

• Fantastic 3D power effects
• Burns high-definition discs with menu
• Add humorous touch to scenes
• Free photo & video websites with a click
• Double-layer DVD burning
• Intelligent burn assistant for the appropriate disc type
• MAGIX Smart Design for easy and intuitive use
• Integrated scene overview for fast selecting and sorting
• DVD menus with realistic 3D image fonts and new animations
• Innovative DVD menu
• Design your own DVD menu elements and background pictures
• Virtual original soundtrack normalization for impressive sound
• VHS Copy Assistant for scene recognition and chapter markers
• Quick optimization for failed recordings
• Take advantage of external audio effect plug-ins (VST)
• Transition effects for 16:9 widescreen format
• Flawless video mix effects with Alpha Channel keying
• Now with object curves also for selective brightness (Gamma function)
• "Freeze" project areas as individual objects
• Clever object synchronization with snap points
• Exits automatically after burning
• Clean-Up Wizard removes unnecessary files
• MAGIX Photo Manager for your digital photos

Version 10
The most important new features:

* Fully automatic MovieShow Maker including rhythmic cuts
* MAGIX Story Maker breathes life into your recordings
* Time-saving automatic VHS copying
* Generates videos with surround sound
* Supports 16:9 widescreen format (incl. 16:9 crossfade effects)
* Enhanced real-time control on TV and PC
* Improved Title Editor incl. many creative templates
* Optimize complete video movies lightning-fast
* Global optimization for all recordings
* Dolby® Digital multi-channel support
* Uses external audio effect plug-ins (VST)
* Supports high-definition video
* Expanded MPEG2 capabilities
* Scanning of digital TV streams (DVB)
* Easy on-disc editing
* Helpful Task Assistant
* Burns autoplay CD/DVDs via drag-and-drop
* Ingenious 1-click video optimization
* Dynamic picture-in-picture effects
* Useful combination effects
* More options for CD/DVD authoring
* DVD menus with realistic 3D image titles and new animations
* Crystal-clear video mixing effects with alpha channel keying
* “Freeze” project ranges as independent Objects
* Convenient disk memory indicator
* Burns extended play CD-ROMs
* “Overburning” of CD-R(W)s
* Comfortable multiple CD/DVD copying
* Even more user-friendly and intuitive operation
* Many additional one-of-a-kind new features

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