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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for HDPVR Capture

Release 3.11.1
Bugfix: HDPVR File conversions aborting on 10.15 Catalina
Bugfix: HDPVR Audio Select showed improper MPEG1-L2 option
Bugfix: File converstion issue where AC3 content was incorrectly identified.

Release 3.10.9
Bugfix: 2020 iCal entries not being displayed.
Bugfix: HDPVR2 audio glitch related fix.

Release 3.10.1
Bugfix: Some license keys only allow 2 minute recordings.

Release 3.9.0
Change: Display iCal scheduled recordings for 2018 onwards.
Cleanup: OSX 10.10 related API cleanups.

Release 3.8.5
Change: Don't trigger IR Blaster use with schedule recordings, if channel# is zero.

Release 3.8.4
Cleanup: Chasing a bug that causes a random crash, added more debug.

Release 3.8.3
Bugfix: Don't throw a hard assert if the HDPVR2 performs a USB timeout.

Release 3.8.2
Cleanup: Video conversion improvements.

Release 3.8.1
Bugfix: Corrupt video appears in some recordings.

Release 3.8.0
Bugfix: On OSX 10.10, app would crash after downloading a license key.
Bugfix: On OSX 10.10, app would crash when clicking 'record' when no signal present.
Cleanup: Extended the iCal view into 2017.

Cleanup: Codesigning fixes related to xcode8.

Release 3.7.9
Feature: Tested / minor changes for macOS Sierra (10.12).
Bugfix: UDP streaming could become glitchy
Bugfix: Unable to automatically download license keys on 10.12.
Bugfix: Unable to automatically download s/w upgrades on 10.12.
Cleanup: No longer supported on OSX 10.9
Cleanup: Upgraded to the latest HockeySDK crashdump reporter framework.

Release 3.7.5
Feature: Improvements to HDPVR2 firmware loading / slightly faster.
Feature: Tivo Mini network discovery added.
Feature: Improvements that prevent UI popups when calendar / scheduling privileges are revoked.
Bugfix: Improve application performance if the HDPVR 1212 device hangs or is reconnected.
Bugfix: Failure to load the firmware results in a hard application abort.
Bugfix: Improvements to HDPVR2 firmware loading / fault recovery mechanisms.
Bugfix: Various SDK related improvements.
Bugfix: Rocket related stream quality / stability fixes on OSX 10.11.
Bugfix: EventKit / Scheduling adjustments for missing monday-friday schedules.
Bugfix: Fixes for better stability during unusual device disconnect/reconnect situations.
Cleanup: Various SDK related changes to ease firmware loading.
Cleanup: Performance/Monitoring measurements taken at various internal points.
Cleanup: SDK sample application improvements for different inputs / params.
Cleanup: GRABEEHD related changes (disabled by default).
Cleanup: Move work related to removing support for OSX 10.8.

Release 3.7.3
Bugfix: On clean systems, unwanted security popup errors related to the Recording Calendar.
Cleanup: Minor internal rework around free/busy list handling.

Release 3.7.2
Cleanup: Removed Colossus phase 2, reducing application size.
Cleanup: Improvements to encode start/stop generic handling.
Cleanup: Extend the iCal view entries out to end of 2016.
Cleanup: Migrated scheduling framework to EventKit.
Cleanup: Various code analyzer fixups.
Cleanup: Fixed up some small memory leaks.
Bugfix: Rocket hangs when recording at 18Mb/ps with AAC audio.
Bugfix: HDPVR 1212 crashing with long duration recordings.
Bugfix: HDPVR 157xxx frame dropping problem on El Capitan.
Bugfix: AC3 5.1 multi-channel fix-up conversion failures.

Release 3.7.1
Bugfix: HDPVR 1212, loss of signal during recording, could crash on stop.
Bugfix: HDPVR2 Model 157xxx 5.1 audio capture broken.
Bugfix: HDPVR 1212, intermittent crash when recording stopped.

Release 3.7.0
Feature: Additional OSX 10.11 El Capitan compatibility fixes.
Feature: Upgraded the entire application from 32bit to 64bit.
Feature: Added IR Blaster support for Cable-box Cisco-9865HDC.
Feature: Added IR Blaster support for Cable-box Cisco-4742HDC.
Feature: Changed the HDPVR2 157xxx user controls, slightly brighter.
Cleanup: Upgraded to Spark Framework v1.12 for El Capitan Compatability.
Cleanup: Resolved a GateKeeper related code-signing issue.
Cleanup: Removed Colossus product support from the app.
Cleanup: Ensure Spark doesn't download incompatible upgrades, min version is 10.8.
Cleanup: Fixed a gatekeeper issue related to rpath and failing to load a dylib.
Bugfix: 145210 models hang when attempting a recording on OSX 10.10.2 and higher.
Bugfix: In custom mode, using insane, fix an issue where bitrate shifts from 14Mbps to 13Mbps.
Bugfix: Files not overwritten when user explicitly enabled the preference.
Bugfix: HDPVRCapture Narration playlist not being created, and tracks not added automatically.
Bugfix: PS4 HDMI 1080p60 could alternative between signal locked and no signal.
Bugfix: Rocket device could hang when attempting to stop recording.
Bugfix: HDPVR Model 49xxx experiencing El Capitan signal lock related issues.
Bugfix: HDPVR start/stop recording crash.
Bugfix: Issue related to HDPVR2 device detection with OSX 10.11, El Capitan.
Bugfix: Fixed issue related to genuine license keys being incorrectly processed.
Bugfix: Rocket rapid start/stop results in instabilities.
Thanks: Many thanks to GregN for finding / reporting recent HDPVR issues.

Release 3.6.5
Feature: Added IR Blaster support for Cable-box Cisco-9865HDC-4742HDC.
Feature: Added IR Blaster support for Cable-box Cisco-4742HDC.
Cleanup: Upgraded to Spark Framework v1.5b for El Capitan Compatability.
Cleanup: Resolved a GateKeeper related code-signing issue.
Cleanup: Removed Colossus product support from the app.

Release 3.6.4
Bugfix: Issue related to HDPVR2 device detection with OSX 10.11, El Capitan.
Bugfix: Fixed issue related to genuine license keys being incorrectly processed.

Release 3.6.2
Bugfix: Post processing jobs aborting on OSX 10.8.

Release 3.6.1
Feature: Enable support for new 157310 GE model.
Feature: Enable IR Blasting on GE-Plus (cable required).
Changed 1080i recording on 157xxx models, no longer records 540p.
Bugfix: HDPVR 1212 1080i conversion problem fixed.
Bugfix: Green video with model 145xxx models (see FAQ).
cleanup: Internal SDK refactoring related to Linux.

Release 3.5.2
Bugfix: Hauppauge Rocket device hangs on OSX 10.10

Release 3.5.1
Warning: Dropped support for OSX 10.7 and lower.
Feature: Added support for OSX 10.10.
Feature: Automatically record 1080i50/60 recordings as 1080p25/30.
Bugfix: 10.10 visual glitches in UI related to 10.7 and Core Animation.
Bugfix: Extend iCal searching into 2015.
Bugfix: iCal related crash. (3.4.5)
Bugfix: Bling graphic missing when no device attached. (3.4.5)
Bugfix: Enable the latest encoder firmware. (3.4.6)
Bugfix: OSX 10.10 Yosemite hangs on startup. (3.4.6)
Bugfix: In some cases 1080i and 1080p recordings fail to convert to mp4.
Bugfix: Extremely rare crash during post processing fixed.
Bugfix: Replaced some deprecated functions as a result of moving to 10.8 base.
Bugfix: Ensure Preferences titles are correctly aligned.
cleanup: Minor adjustment to increase the Rocket default brightness.
cleanup: Abbreviated two conversion task names to prevent truncation.
cleanup: Added support for OSX 10.10 Yosemite.
cleanup: Gatekeeper 10.9 related changes.
cleanup: Minor UI change. Abbreviate conversion names.
cleanup: Minor UI change. Pref titles realigned.
cleanup: Various Static Analyzer cleanups.

Release 3.4.4
Bugfix: Regressed to older HDPVR firmware due to 1080p conversion issues.
Bugfix: BufferOverRun related fixes.
Bugfix: Rocket could allow a recording to occur with no signal.
Bugfix: UI bug when recording finished and app was minimised.

Release 3.4.3
Bugfix: Some iCal entries not visible on startup.
Bugfix: Magnum 400MHz clock adjusted, helping to resolve recording issues.
Bugfix: 1080i video field ordering issue on Component.

Release 3.4.1
Bugfix: VLC related crash when preview begins.
Bugfix: Avoid crash when filesystem is 100% full.
Bugfix: PID table takes a long time to recognize codecs.
Bugfix: Device hangs when recording starts.
Bugfix: Debugging related cleanups.
Bugfix: Some iCal entries not visible on startup.

Release 3.4.0
Feature: Official support for the Hauppauge Rocket USB2 Encoder.
Bugfix: HDPVRCapture hangs when recording begins, shows 'Initializing'.
Bugfix: Fixed a potential hang during signal lock check.
Bugfix: Prevent signal check from occuring during encoder startup (rare).
Cleanup: New A/V input images for the Rocket encoder.
Cleanup: Post Processing label names changed.
Cleanup: Network Tab, small cleanup when features enabled/disabled.
Cleanup: Ensure Rocket firmware is .28 or higher.
Cleanup: Small internal macro related cleanups.
Cleanup: Show error if Rocket firmware version is less than

Release 3.3.13
Feature: Added beta support for the Hauppauge Rocket USB HD Encoder.
Cleanup: Disable Sharpness user control when not required.
Cleanup: Disabled none-functional HDPVR1212 user controls.
Bugfix: Crash when loading exceptionally large license keys.
Bugfix: HDPVR1212 Images blurred in OSX 10.9.
Bugfix: HDPVR1212 Bling images were missing.
Bugfix: GE Plus detection issue / flash light issue fixed.

Release 3.3.12
Feature: Added support for GE Plus model 157320.
Feature: Added support for HDPVR2 model 157321.
Cleanup: Various internal cleanups.

Release 3.3.11
Bugfix: Spurious errors during recording fixes.

Release 3.3.10
Bugfix: Check For Updates software mechanism greyed out.
Bugfix: Spurious errors during recording fixes.

Release 3.3.9
Bugfix: 1080p conversions are aborting.

Release 3.3.8
Bugfix: Black or no video on startup.

Release 3.3.7
Bugfix: 10.9 packaging issue.

Release 3.3.6
Feature: I2C Debugger now has a network interface for remote debugging.
Cleanup: Upgraded the HDPVR2 firmware to 05/06/2013.
Cleanup: 10.9 - Show appropriate error if the user blocks Calendar access.
Cleanup: 10.9 - Codesign all dependant libraries.
Cleanup: Added support for Model 157222.
Bugfix: iPad 3rd Gen HDMI out 1080p60 not detected or glitchy video.
Bugfix: XBOX 1080p60 glitchy video with some content fixed.
Bugfix: UI controls disappear when using preferences during recording.
Bugfix: Non-default UI controls lost when open/closing preferences.
Bugfix: TitanTV listings related UI bugfix.
Bugfix: Overwrite file dialog would should gibberish, not the filename.
Bugfix: Video Preview window appears but doesn't always show running video.
Bugfix: Video Controls for GE/GE-Plus were non functional.
Bugfix: 10.9 Image transform issues leading to disturbing UI effects.

Release 3.3.4
Feature: HDPVR2 GE Plus - Auto detects HDMI PCM or Dolby 5.1, no user selection required.
Bugfix: HDPVR2 GE Plus - Fixed occasional issue with noise during HDMI recordings.
Bugfix: Occasional exception during start of HDPVR 1212 recording.
Bugfix: PCR related issue with the HDPVR 1212.
Bugfix: UI duplicate errors if the hardware became unstable during startup.
Cleanup: Minor improvements to the default HDPVR2 default video levels.
Cleanup: Renamed the audio input names when using the HDPVR2 GE Plus.
Cleanup: Removed unused functions and various if0 code.

Release 3.3.3
Feature: Added support for capturing HDPVR2 SPDIF PCM Audio.
Feature: Auto detect SPDIF PCM vs Bitsream audio modes during capture.
Bugfix: HDPVR 1212 Bling ring did not illuminate.
Bugfix: Application can crash during the iTunes CreatePlaylist.
Bugfix: Occasional crash when adding a voice recording to iTunes.
Bugfix: V2 license key warning message shown when v2 and v3 license keys are installed.
Bugfix: A/V sync issues or missing audio after conversion.
Cleanup: Changes to the HDPVR2 HDMI Hotplug handling.

Release 3.3.2
Bugfix: GE Model 145xxx YPRPB showed lock when green sync missing.
Bugfix: GE Model 145xxx YPRBR 1080i50/60 fluctuates between lock and unlock.
Bugfix: Captures bytes UI indicate could report larger than expect values briefly.
Bugfix: HDPVR2 could hang during recording in a busy system.
Bugfix: AC3 5.1 Channel remapping output filename related fix.
Bugfix: HDPVR2 Aspect Ratio support for SD recordings.
Bugfix: HDPVR2 Random crashes during recording.
Bugfix: Rare (potential) crash related to signal lock check when recordings start.
Bugfix: Recordings were interrupted unnecessarily by the main UI controls.
Bugfix: HDPVR2 GE Noisy audio during recording.
Bugfix: Conversion window popup menu didn't appear for multiple jobs.
Bugfix: A/V sync issue during job conversion resolved.
Bugfix: HDPVRCapture application crash when recording from the HDPVR 1212.
Bugfix: HDPVR 1212 PAL/Secam related fix.
Bugfix: Colossus video glitches intermittently during recording.
Cleanup: Presents a 'hardware failed' message if the HDPVR2 hardware stops responding.
Cleanup: Removed various debugging messages.
Cleanup: Added various sanity checks on HDPVR2 buffer handling.
Cleanup: Upgraded HDPVR2 firmware to March 2013 release.
Cleanup: Upgraded ffmpeg conversion tool.

Release 3.3.1
Added: Support for the Hauppauge Colossus PCIe Encoder now out of beta.
Added: Colossus IR Blaster support.
Added: Colossus Driver updated to v1.0.11.
Bugfix: Fixed intermittent crash when adding audio recordings to iTunes.
Bugfix: Fixed transport packet parsing crash.
Bugfix: Colossus IR could send repeated channel changes.
Bugfix: All IR had a small race condition related to startup and channel change.
Bugfix: Fixed a crash when attempting to use Audio Voice recording.
Bugfix: Report an error if the output directly or file cannot be created.
Cleanup: Minor improvement to the IR channel change timing.
Cleanup: Colossus NIT/PMT displayed incorrectly in the pid viewer.

Release 3.3.0
Added: Add support for the Hauppauge HDPVR2 GE Plus model 1504.
Added: Updates to the HDPVR2 1512 boot/firmware images.
Added: HDMI 5.1 recording support.
Added: Record AC3/Bitstream when user selects SPDIF or HDMI 5.1
Added: Enable the Zilog IR Blaster on the HDPVR2 model 1512
Added: Menu option to show all connected USB devices.
Added: New artwork for the HDPVR2 2 GE Plus and HDPVR2 1512 video/audio inputs.
Added: New images for error popups.
Added: Popup a thank you message in demo mode when the recording completes.
Added: VLC download hint added to the encoder drop-down.
Added: Allow license keys to be easily removed in the Preferences dialog.
Added: Display helpful message if the hardware permenantly fails to initialize.
Added: Change the application title bar based on license edition.
Added: Enhanced the popup errors, added icons and cleaned up the UI presentation.
Added: Further changes to match the license key server changes.
Cleanup: Show 'no device connected' artwork when no HDPVR detected.
Cleanup: Enable support for multiple license keys.
Cleanup: Reworked the Preferences license key dialog.
Cleanup: UI improvements to the popup error messages.
Cleanup: Changes to the help button to route the browser to the most appropriate page.
Cleanup: Removed the dependency on libcrypto.
Cleanup: Various static analyzer cleanups.
Cleanup: Removed deprecated functions.
Cleanup: I2C debug features cleanup for debug builds.
Cleanup: Re-cycle the HDPVR power if the unit fails to initialize correctly.
Bugfix: HDPVR should abort gracefully if the hardware fails to initialize.
Bugfix: GE Plus Blink ring related fixes.
Bugfix: Crash (rare) when changing inputs during lock detect checking.
Bugfix: Right click in the conversion window with no active records raised exception internally.
Bugfix: Fixed various asserts.
Bugfix: PID Viewer weas slow to deliver PAT/PMT statistics.
Bugfix: HDPVR PNP detection fixups.
Bugfix: Various order of operations fixups related to captures sources.

Release 3.2.1
Bugfix: Internal statistical changes and small code cleanups.

Release 3.2.0
Feature: Adding support for the HDPVR2 1512 PVR Edition. (No blasting or SPDIF support yet)
Feature: Adding support for the newer HDPVR2 GE (productid 0xe524).
Feature: Adding newer HDPVR2 GE HDMI 1080p50/60, 640x480p support.
Feature: Adding newer HDPVR2 GE HDMI 1080i50/60 support.
Feature: Adding newer HDPVR2 GE HDMI 720p50/60 support.
Feature: Adding newer HDPVR2 GE HDMI 640x480p xbox support.
Feature: Adding newer HDPVR2 GE HDMI 480i/576i support.
Feature: Adding newer HDPVR2 GE YPRPB 1080p50/60 support.
Feature: Adding newer HDPVR2 GE YPRPB 1080i50/60 support.
Feature: Adding newer HDPVR2 GE YPRPB 720p50/60 support.
Feature: Adding newer HDPVR2 GE YPRPB 480i/576i support.
Feature: Adding newer HDPVR2 GE YPRPB 720x480p support.
Feature: Adding newer HDPVR2 GE Composite 480i/576i support.
Feature: Automatically download the license key and activate when a new device is detected.
Feature: In demo mode, upload anonymous statistics for product improvement purposes on startup.
Bugfix: Signal Monitoring was not disabled after a device was removed.
Bugfix: Crash related to PARAM_AUDIO_BOOST.
Bugfix: Rare app hang when stopping a Colossus recording.
Bugfix: Cable disconnect and format detection related bugfix for HDPVR2.
Bugfix: Record button created 0 length file when no device attached.
Cleanup: Moved the AC3 5.1 track remapping 32bit code into it's own process.
Cleanup: Cleanups related to removing the HDPVR from the running application.
Cleanup: Cleanups related to internal device detection.
Cleanup: Added support for the original HDPVR 1212 IRBlaster.

Release 3.1.1
Bugfix: Selecting CBR without changing the bitrates would lead to a crash.
Bugfix: VLC image disabled in Custom mode.
Cleanup: Ensure long filename are displayed correctly during conversion.

Release 3.1.0
Feature: Added support for the Hauppauge Colossus PCIe HD Encoder.
Feature: Added the ability to record voice to an external audio track.
Feature: Small improvements to the on screen error handling.
Feature: Automatically add the narration track to iTunes in a custom playlist.
Cleanup: Various fixups related to iPod transcoding.
Cleanup: Visual improvement to the About box.
Cleanup: Simplification of internal view / controller handling.
Cleanup: Cleaned up the tool tips and assisted help for aspect ratios.
Cleanup: Added internal debugging features related to I2C control.
Bugfix: Preferences menu some fields miss-aligned.
Bugfix: Split files on recording not working as expected.
Bugfix: Colossus controls miss-configured resulting in black video.
Bugfix: Calendar entries after 2012-12-31 missing from calendar view.
Bugfix: Ensure post processing tasks show 'Running' state.
Bugfix: Clicking stop would occasionally cause the application to hang.
Bugfix: HDPVR1212 would not detect video when the input was changed.
Bugfix: HDPVR1212 bugfix related to AUDIO Front/Rear selection.
Bugfix: HDPVR1212 Missing video inputs in some cases.
Bugfix: HDPVR1212 Count hang during the stop recording operation.
Bugfix: Video Preset setting not being rememebered in custom mode.
Bugfix: Video Preset bug caused the bitrate chart to be incorrectly drawn.

Release 3.0.15
Bugfix: Rare crash when the device is disconnected.

Release 3.0.14
Feature: Add options to start/stop scheduled recording 1min early/late.
Bugfix: Auto-start of Video Preview was not working reliably.
Bugfix: Handful of users experiencing intermitten crashes.
Bugfix: Resolved an issue that caused a hang during stop.
Bugfix: Scheduled recordings had occasional bad durations.
Bugfix: Correctly handle filenames after a scheduled recording.
Bugfix: Issues where come preferences were not stored in custom mode.
Bugfix: 10.7 issues created by enabling Auto-layout, removed.
Cleanup: Aspect ratio support not being propagated in all cases.
Cleanup: Preperations for localisation, small UI changes.

Release 3.0.12
Feature: Add an anonymous crashdump upload feature, optional for all users.

Release 3.0.11
Feature: Added Component passthrough/recording support for 720x480i and 720x576i.
Feature: Added Component passthrough/recording support for 720x480p60 (PS3).
Feature: Added Component recording support for 1920x1080p50/60, passthrough not working correctly.
Cleanup: Enabled anonymous user statistics during software update.
Cleanup: Internal changes to how we track pid statistics.

Release 3.0.10
Cleanup: Debugging features.

Release 3.0.9
Feature: Add support for XBOX360 640x480p60 (XBOX lists as 480p).
Bugfix: Tivo HDMI shows pink video.
Cleanup: Detect vendor name and brand of upstream HDMI device.

Release 3.0.8
Bugfix: Issues where pink video was being passthrough and recorded.
Bugfix: Some control settings were not being saved in custom mode.

Release 3.0.7
Cleanup: Prevent the system from going into sleep in certain circumstances.
Bugfix: VLC v2.x preview sessions would never terminate, multiple VLC windows.
Bugfix: Changes related to hardware detection on startup.
Bugfix: Issues where pink video was being passthrough and recorded.
Release 3.0.6
Feature: Added HDMI 480i support.
Feature: Added HDMI 576i support.
Feature: Added Composite 576i auto-detect support (blue wire).
Feature: Added HDMI 1080p50 support (Records as 1080p25).

Release 3.0.5
Bugfix: Fix a crash on startup if the application has been renamed.

Release 3.0.4
Feature: When a video input changes, auto select a useful audio input.
Cleanup: Ensure the blue status LED is illuminated.
Cleanup: Ensure user controls work reliably for component video.
Cleanup: Ensure video controls work reliably for component video.
Cleanup: Small UI cleanups in various parts of the application.
Bugfix: Video controls default button uses the incorrect defaults.
Bugfix: On record, trigger the tivo and external channel changer scripts.
Bugfix: HDPVR (original) fixed miss-detected framerates.
Bugfix: Video inputs occasionally confused at startup.

Release 3.0.3
Feature: Added support for 1920x1080p60 via HDMI, recorded as 1080p30.
Cleanup: Only show the IR Blaster Prefs panel when a blaster is installed.
Cleanup: Improved the bling artwork for the HDPVR2.
Cleanup: Improve application responsiveness during back to back start/stop attempts.
Bugfix: Enable AC3 encoder support only if the hardware cannot support it.
Bugfix: HDPVR was exposing AC3 encoder support but was not functional.
Bugfix: Replaced composite artwork with reasonable visual placeholder.

Release 3.0.2
Network upgrade testing.

Release 3.0.1
Feature: Added support for Composite 720x480 capture and passthrough.

Release 3.0.0
Private build for internal review

Release 2.14.1

Added: Official support for OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion.
Added: HDPVRCapture is now formally code signed for additional user security.
Bugfix: The Show Media window had visual issues during window resizing.
Bugfix: Preview button was enabled even when VLC was not installed.
cleanup: Removed support for OSX 10.5.

Release 2.12.3

Bugfix: Sporadic recording start times with the March 2012 firmware.
Bugfix: Fixed 'No Video Detection' errors with 2012 firmware.
Bugfix: Some UI controls occasionally disappeared on 10.6.8.
cleanup: Moved to xcode 4.3.2 ahead of the 10.8 incremental changes.
cleanup: DAC3 atom replacement improvements for larger files.
Added: Support for recording SD video in 16:9 or 4:3 modes (highly experimental)

Release 2.12.1

Added: A generic log viewer instead of presenting logfiles in TextEdit.
Added: A specific help button to the main application window.
Added: Storing the firmware date inside the recording stats packets.
Added: New post processing task to split M2TS files into 4GB chunks.
Added: Experimental post processing task to 'transcode to iPod' (640x480) task if VLC is installed.
Added: New post processing task to remove the DAC3 atom from MP4 files.
Bugfix: Related to launching tasks which could later crash.
Bugfix: Showing logs on 10.7 would generate sandbox errors and fail.
Changed: Redirect the Menu / Help item to
Changed: Bumped the software upgrade tool to query instead of

Release 2.11.2

bugfix: Fixed a 10.5 specific crash on startup.

Release 2.11.0

Enable video preview when streaming to the network.
Restart VLC for video preview every time the Preview button is pressed.
Removed a compiler define for FILTER_TAB, no longer required.
Update the user preferences (default and custom) with good sensible video defaults.
Enable the video controls for support with the July 27th 2011 firmware.
Code cleanup to the usb handler, globals and some common functions.
Various mutex cleanups, make sure we take the mutex during device removal.
Re-instate mutex locking on device structure.
Support VLC in /Applications or on the users desktop.
bugfix: 10.7 Replaced /tmp tmp files with ~/Documents.
bugfix: 10.7 bug where writing to /tmp is prohibited.
bugfix: custom video control values were not being restored correctly.
bugfix: record recording LED remained on with July 27th Firmware.
Added a single click defaults button to restore video controls easily.
Disabled the warning if Perian is not installed.
bugfix: Preferences windows would often not appear when selected.
cleanup: Only allow a single VLC instance to run concurrently.
cleanup: Stop the associated VLC instance when encoding stops.

Release 2.10.1

Feature: Simplified all-in-one menu in the conversion tab.
Feature: More flexible timing control over manually scheduled iCal recordings.
Feature: Add support for Tivo Channel Changing via the network remote interface.
Feature: Improvements enabling app to by used by Accessibility controls.
Bugfix: Custom Audio Boost setting was lost when the user selected a different audio input.
Cleanup: Fixed a small handful of memory leaks.
Cleanup: Switched the project compiler from gcc to lvm gcc 4.2 and xcode 4.0.2
Cleanup: Removed bare-bones Applescript support.
Cleanup: Removed spurious console message.

Release 2.9.2

* Bugfix: Recordings would occasionally abort during conversion to MP4.

Release 2.9.1

* Feature: Broadcast system wide channel change notifications.
* Feature: Support for the Firewire 'Channel Changer' app by
* Feature: Added support for IR control of Satellite Box Sky-Plus Amstrad
* Feature: Added support for IR control of Satellite Box Sky-Plus Pace BSKYB3100
* Feature: Added support for IR control of Satellite Box Sky Pace 2500B
* Feature: Added support for IR control of Satellite Box Sky Pace DS445NB
* Feature: Added support for IR control of Cable Box Cisco Explorer 4642HD
* Feature: Added support for IR control of Cable Box BT Vision
* Feature: Minor face lift to the UI, improvements to image rendering.
* Feature: Remember the previous time duration after restart.
* Bugfix: Selecting 1, 2 or 3 digit IR blasting could result in a crash.
* Bugfix: IR blaster often sent additional leading zero digits.

Release 2.9.0

* Feature: Allow the network address / ip to persist when custom settings enabled.
* Feature: New preferences - Move files to Trashcan after mp4 conversion (def disabled).
* Bugfix: Fixed a crash related to the IR blasting keycodes
* Bugfix: iCal scheduling generated popup errors and failed to record.
* Bugfix: TitanTV tvpi files failing to load into HDPVRCapture.
* Bugfix: Higher than necessary CPU load when HDPVRCapture is idle.
* Bugfix: Fixed a small memory leak related to USB handling.
* Bugfix: Avoid signal detection handling during recordings, leading to intermittent stalls.
* Cleanup: Remove small amounts of redundant code.
* Cleanup: Truncate the displayed filename if it overflows the dialog.
* Cleanup: Encoder stop improvements, minor performance improvement.
* Cleanup: Replaced a deprecated function.
* Cleanup: Adjusted the threshold that triggers the 'no audio or video' message for low bitrate streams.
* Cleanup: HDPVRCapture now needs to be running for scheduled recordings to trigger correctly.

Release 2.8.2

* Feature: Enable Return/Enter key to start/stop capture.
* Feature: Added support for infinite recording time.
* Feature: Added support for recording to be split into file chunks based on time.
* Bugfix: HDPVR had to be power cycle during startup else not detected.
* Bugfix: Fixes related to file conversions that abort.

Release 2.8.1

* Bugfix: Ensure appropriate message is shown when HDPVR Firmware fails to start.
* Bugfix: Ensure HDPVRCapture correctly handles removal of HDPVR.

Release 2.8.0

* Feature: Added support for a new revision of the Hauppauge HDPVR hardware
* Feature: Added a real-time stream to network capability
* Feature: Added the ability to disable recording data to disk
* Feature: Show on screen error during capture if audio/video signal is bad
* Feature: Show error if video signal disappears
* Feature: Added Tivo IR support
* Changed: Make Rear RCA jacks the default audio input method
* Changed: Make AAC 2 channel audio the default codec when recording analog audio
* Cleanup: Disable video preview if ONLY streaming captured video to network
* Cleanup: Disable post processing if ONLY streaming captured video to network
* Cleanup: If EyeTV is installed then inform user another app is using the HDPVR.
* Cleanup: Warn user if the output directory does not exist.
* Bugfix: Avoid crash when recording and HDPVR is disconnected
* Bugfix: Crash related to miss-handling of preference data with 2.7.1 beta#1
* Bugfix: Don't disable the Ui controls until the hardware has begin streaming.
* Bugfix: iCal scheduled recordings lost the notes field and show information.

Release 2.7.0

* Bugfix: iCal errors when application starts
* Bugfix: iCal errors when TVPI is opened.
* Bugfix: HDPVRCapture creates iCal events with incorrect dates and/or times.
* Feature: Alterations to the iCal view for faster display of your iCal schedules
* Feature: Alterations to the 'Schedule Entry' dialog to improve performance with large lists of schedules.
* Cleanup: Removed support for 10.4
* Cleanup: Removed support for the iCal Applescript interfaces

Release 2.6.0

* Bugfix: Avoid restarting the encoder after extended fade-to-black on the PS3/360.
* Cleanup: Changed the default audio encoder format from 2 Channel AC3 to AAC for easier customer use.
* Cleanup: Minor on-screen text cleanup in the Audio panel.

Release 2.5.7

* Cleanup: Minor wording change in the Preferences / Misc panel.
* Feature: Allow .zip and .txt file formats during 'Add License' procedure.

Release 2.5.6

* Bugfix: Converting .m2ts recordings to .mp4 would abort on 10.4 Intel.
* Feature: Added a 'load-license' button to simplify license key handling.
* Cleanup: Avoid a crash (hopefully) when HDPVRCapture co-exists with EyeTV.
* Feature: Added support for the Next YE1500 STB IR Blasting.
* Feature: Added a 'Preview Video' button to the recording panel.
* Cleanup: Reduced the maxbitrates and reset the default to 16000.
* Cleanup: The actual hardware encoder maxes at 16000.
* Cleanup: Removed the MP4 embedded comment field from mp4 converted files.
* Bugfix: New version of FFMPEG to fix AC3 transcode issue.

Release 2.5.3

* Cleanup: Removed the long-term disabled IR blaster test controls.
* Bugfix: Avoid a crash (hopefully) when HDPVRCapture co-exists with EyeTV.

Release 2.5.2

* Bugfix: Glitches in video recordings at high bitrates under some circumstances.

Release 2.5.0

* Advanced version from 2.5.0-b3 to 2.5.0.

Release 2.5.0-b3

* Bugfix: iCal view hangs after multiple calendar entries are removed.
* Bugfix: Repeating schedules had incorrect launch dates/times.
* Bugfix: Odd task related bug when post processing related to translating ~, possibly new in 10.5.7.
* Bugfix: Automatic conversion of 5.1 after recording did not have 5.1 passthrough enabled.
* Bugfix: Multiple AC3 5.1 conversion tasks running concurrently hung the app. (Quicktime hang)
* Cleanup: Functional change, limit AC3 5.1 task conversion to a single concurrent instance, to avoid a Quicktime hang.
* Feature: Rewrote the internal scheduler to specifically allow any number of AAC or AC3 2.0 conversions concurrently.
* Feature: Warn the user if Perian is not install.
* Feature: Added support for external channel changing, see prefs. Scripts called with args -c -d -f
* Known Issues: Zap2it schedule entries can be wrong by 12 hours, you need to verify the time at entry time.
* Known Issues: PPC post processing can be buggy.
* Known Issues: .mp4 files don't play on the PS3 (Workaround: play the native .m2ts instead)

Release 2.5.0-b2

* Bugfix: Crash/hang during blasting if no 'Enter key codeset' for the selected STB
* Bugfix: No video captured if we're blasting and not using Component, first time around.
* Bugfix: Buffering related fixes when video is lost, to preserve the packet alignment.
* Bugfix: Buffering related fixes if the encoder has to be restarted.
* Bugfix: Related to high CPU load with the new buffering scheme.
* Bugfix: Related to out of order buffers being written to the recording, causing corruption.
* Bugfix: Mutex deadlock between threads on los of signal.
* Cleanup: Removed spurious debug messages.
* Regression: Added Video Control view (Brightness/Contrast controls) (Not working).
* Feature: Updates to the IR database - Added support for the UK BSKYB Thomson STB.

Release 2.5.0-b1

* Increases the number of allowable outstanding USB buffers to compensate for bursty storage drives.
* Improve performance of Stop Recording function.
* Added Ability to split file into 50MB chunks to help with diagnostics.
* Automatically maps the correct AC3 channesl during conversation, when using Quicktime 7.6 and higher.
* Preparation code to re-enable network streaming (not functional yet)
* Bugfix: Removed Video Control view (Brightness/Contrast controls), these don't work with recent HDPVR firmwares.
* Bugfix: Motorola 6412 IR selected selected the incorrect codeset, results in IR blaster failure.

Release 2.4.1

* Bug: Scheduling via zap2it was broken after a recent zap2it website update. (It's better now but not perfect yet).
* Feature: Added option to query the files metadata and produce a report.
* Feature: Starting with Option key depressed enables two debugging / customer support features to analyze files.
* Feature: Ensured Menu / Help launches browser and navigates to online FAQ.
* Feature: Major speed improvements to to post processing capabilities, a 3GB 2 Hour movie now takes 40 seconds to convert on a MacPro, instead of 10-15 minutes.
* Feature: Major resolution changes to the post processing mechanism, all supported resolutions (1080i/720p/480i) and audio codec types (AAC 2.0, AC3 2.0 and AC3 5.1) can now be converted correctly into .mp4
* Feature: Converted files (1080i/720p/480i with AAC or AC3 2.0 or 5.1) are now compatible with the following applications:
* Compatible with: iMovie '09
* Compatible with: MPEG StreamClip v1.9.2
* Compatible with: FrontRow (Tested 10.5.6)
* Compatible with: Final Cut Pro v6.0.5
* Compatible with: QuickTime Player / QuickTime Pro v7.6

Release 2.3.0

* Feature: Added support for scheduling in using for Canadian customers.
* Cleanup: Compensate if the video glitches to avoid stability issues with Roxio Toast.

Release 2.2.1

* Bugfix: Recordings do not show the correct duration when viewed on the PS3

Release 2.2.0

* Feature: Allow manual recordings to be accurate to the minute.

Release 2.1.0

* Bugfix: Video signal wasn't detected correctly on cold boot.
* Feature: Lowered the Video Signal check interval to improve performance on low end CPUs
* Feature: New Preferences / Misc option to disable signal detection, lowering CPU overhead.
* Feature: Added time controls to make manual recordings easier.
* Feature: Abort recording if the HDPVR is connected to a low speed USB port.
* Feature: New Preferences / Misc option to override and allow recording on low speed USB ports.
* Cleanup: Minor updates to the tooltips on the Preferences panels.
* Cleanup: Reduced the default recording time from Infinite to 1 hr 30 mins.
* Cleanup: Removed small sections of unused internal code from the early betas.
* Cleanup: Track USB device speed and monitoring options internally for future debugging.
* Cleanup: Track statistics for USB1.1 recordings that exceed 8Mbps and risk stalling.

Release 2.0.12

* Bugfix: Conversion panel task menu did not default correctly in all cases.
* Bugfix: PPC systems would abort during post processing conversion.

Release 2.0.11

* Removed the Get_Video_Format from the recording code, it was causing a long term stall.
* Moved the 'populate iCal view call' from startup to where the user clicks the iCal view, to speed up application startup _and_ to avoid issues where the app will not start because of unknown iCal / Applescript issues.
* Added some prep code to find the users HDPVR Recordings calendar directory.
* Added more configurable debugging options for customer support.

Release 2.0.10

* Added new defaults int to allow various advanced debugging features (internalstate) to be set aiding field support.
* Fixed a major bug with post processing #4 where I was calling quicktime to convert files, but quicktime was loading those files in asynchronous mode, meaning I was getting audio truncated.
* Added support to analyze files for errors.
* Added support for disabling video signal status.
* Added some wallclock performance debugging.

Release v2.0.9

The v2.0.9 demo is out of beta and available for download here. The application is fully function except that recordings are limited to a maximum time of 2 minutes, note that the IR Blaster is not enabled in demo mode.


* Bugfix: Post processing conversion #4, with missing audio, is now working.
* Bugfix: Added internal logging to help diagnose video signal issues for one customer.
* Bugfix: A space in the bundle name caused post processing to abort.
* Bugfix: Fixed a default menu selection bug after a drag and drop operation.

Known Issues:

* The test controls on the Preferences / IRBlaster page do not work, and have been disabled in this release.

Release v2.0.8

The v2.0.8 demo is out of beta and available for download here. The application is fully function except that recordings are limited to a maximum time of 2 minutes, note that the IR Blaster is not enabled in demo mode.


* Bugfix: Video signal reports errors and encoder stalled during recording.
* Bugfix: Removed some spurious debug messages.
* Bugfix: Minor cleanup of tooltip messages.

Known Issues:

* Post processing AC3 into .MOV files is buggy, often resulting in missing audio.

Release v2.0.7-b1

The v2.0.7-b1 demo is available for download here. The application is fully function except that recordings are limited to a maximum time of 2 minutes, note that the IR Blaster is not enabled in demo mode.


* Bugfix: Applescript error causing a hang during iCal schedule creation.
* Bugfix: Odd popup error if iCal scheduled a recording but no event existed.
* Bugfix: Ensure the Monitor via VLC option is only enabled if VLC is installed.
* Feature: Changes the preferences panel tabs to resize dynamically.
* Feature: Automatically lookup the channel name if the user enters a channel number.
* Feature: Added the preservation of the IR Blaster setting in custom mode.
* Cleanup: Removed the unused Status column form the iCal view.

Known Issues:

* Post processing AC3 into .MOV files is buggy, often resulting in missing audio.

Release v2.0.6-b1

The v2.0.6-b1 demo is available for download here. The application is fully function except that recordings are limited to a maximum time of 2 minutes, note that the IR Blaster is not enabled in demo mode.


* Bugfix: Running on PPC no video would be detected or captured.
* Bugfix: Fixed a rare kernel panic case on PPC.
* Bugfix: The application started in the incorrect tab.
* Bugfix: When no hardware is connected, Video Signal Detection how shows an appropriate message.

Known Issues:

* Post processing AC3 into .MOV files is buggy, often resulting in missing audio.

Release v2.0.5-b1

The v2.0.5-b1 demo is available for download here. The application is fully function except that recordings are limited to a maximum time of 2 minutes, note that the IR Blaster is not enabled in demo mode.



Known Issues:

Release v2.0.4-b1

The v2.0.4-b1 demo is available for download here. The application is fully function except that recordings are limited to a maximum time of 2 minutes, note that the IR Blaster is not enabled in demo mode.


Release v2.0.3-b1

The v2.0.3-b1 demo is available for download here. The application is fully function except that recordings are limited to a maximum time of 2 minutes, note that the IR Blaster is not enabled in demo mode.


Release v1.3.3

The v1.3.3 demo is available for download here. The application is fully function except that recordings are limited to a maximum time of 2 minutes, note that the IR Blaster is not enabled in demo mode.


Release v1.3.2

The v1.3.2 demo is available for download here. The application is fully function except that recordings are limited to a maximum time of 2 minutes, note that the IR Blaster is not enabled in demo mode.


Release v1.3.1

The v1.3.1 demo is available for download here. The application is fully function except that recordings are limited to a maximum time of 2 minutes.


Release v1.3.0

The v1.3.0 demo is available for download here. The application is fully function except that recordings are limited to a maximum time of 2 minutes.


Release v1.2.0


Release v1.1.0


Release v1.0.0

The application is fully function except that recordings are limited to a maximum time of 2 minutes.

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