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Introduction: Hello again! Is your audio and video out of sync? Then follow this guide to fix it! If your video file is different than mpeg you'll have to convert it to mpeg with your favourite encoder before you continue.


Open up TMPEnc and go to File>MPEG Tools. Select Simple De-Multiplex and choose your mpeg file. Now choose where you want your output m1v and mp2 files to be. Now hit run! It should only take a few seconds, after its done close TMPGEnc.

2. Open up GoldWave and select File>Open. Point to where you saved your .mp2 file in the previous step and under Files of Type select All Files. Open up the .mp2 file.

3. (a) If the audio is before the video: Go to Edit>Insert Silence and choose how many seconds you want to insert. The format is hours, minutes, seconds, and thousandths of a second. For example, the screen below would insert 10 seconds of silence.

    (b) If the audio is after the video:
Go to Edit>Marker>Set and choose how much time you want to delete. Keep your start marker time at 0 and change the End marker to whatever you want.  The format is hours, minutes, seconds, and thousandths of a second. For example, the screen below would delete the first 9 seconds. Once you're done click Ok and then press the Delete key on your keyboard.

4. Now go to File>Save and have the settings shown below, but change the filename to whatever you want. If it asks you anything just press Yes. Now close GoldWave.

5. Open TMPGEnc once again and press Ctrl+N and press OK. Under Audio Source, click browse and open the .wav you just made in GoldWave. Now select where you want the output .mp2 to be and then click Start!

6. Now go to File>MPEG Tools and for Video Input select the .m2v file you de-multiplexed in Step 1 and for Audio Input select the mp2 file you just created and then select where you want the output mpeg.

Great! You've just synced the video and the audio together for your mpeg file! Test it in Windows Media Player to make sure everything is fine. If it isn't keep trying again until you get it.

By Dhruv Bhatia (profile)

Some more sync methods here.

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