VirtualDub, VirtualDub Subtitler Filter, SRT to SSA and Tmpgenc.

Note! This method makes permanent subs in the video that you can not turn off. To make switchable subtitles you first must make SVCD and not many DVD Players support switchable subtitles, check our DVD Players list, but if you wanna try it out checkout MaestroSBT or submux.

Converting the subs

(if you have the subs in MicroDVD(.sub) format convert them to Subrip(.srt) with Subtool, read here and then continue this guide)

First convert the SRT subs to SSA with the SRT to SSA app like this:

Adding the Subs to the Video

Now Install VirtualDub, and then extract the Subtitles Filter to the Virtualdubs folder plugins.
Launch VirtualDub
File->Open and open the Video, Virtualdubs supports MPG, AVI and DIVX (if you want to subtitle DVDs use instead FlaskMPG)
Select Video->Filter to configure the subtitler filter.
Select Add.
Select the subtitler Filter and Click OK

Open the the created .ssa file that you have made with Sub Station Alpha by clicking on the ...
And Press OK.

Click OK again and it brings you back to the Virtualdub Preview.

And now it's time to "Frameserve" the Video directly to TMPGEnc.

, before doing this you have to have installed the "handler" so go to the Virtualdubs folder and run auxsetup.exe and hit the button Install Handler and click OK. Exit it and it's done.(if you get trouble using the frameserver read this guide for more info.)

Select File->Start Frame Server.
A Frame Server Setup window appear, click Start and a save window appears, Save the file as anything.vdr.

And now should this window appear, and it should say Frameclients installed: AVIFile only, it it says anything else install the Handler again as describe above. Don't click on the Stop Serving.

Now it's time to Encode the frameserved video to MPG. Launch TMPGEnc.
Open the .vdr by select Files of types: All files.
And now it's just to select VCD Templates or SVCD Template and Encode, read more under the AVI to MPG guides.



Download subtool and launch it.
Select Convert and open the MicroDVD .sub file
Select Output format SubRip
And hit Convert and you get yourself a .srt subtitle file