What's miniDVD,cDVD?

This is no STANDARD as VCD,SVCD or DVD.

is basicly a DVD but on a CD-R(W) instead of a DVD disc. miniDVD is also sometimes called cDVD. A miniDVD does only fit about 15 minutes video on a 650 MB CD-R(W).

What's DVD then? read on the DVD page.

Why doesn't miniDVD work on a standalone player?

The DVD Player must be able to identify the CD-R/W miniDVD as a ordinary DVD-Video disc, many players identifies CD-R/W as VCD, SVCD or CD Audio and not DVD-Video.
the high bitrate on DVD requires the CD-R/W reader in the DVD player to support at least 8x CD-R/W reading speed, and most DVD Players support only a maximum of 2x.

A miniDVD can be played on

- Not many DVD Players, check here for compatibility
- On all computers with a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM with a software DVD Player.

miniDVD Sample

USA Server
No sample available
Burn the DVD with your favorite dvd burning tool and add both the VIDEO_TS and the AUDIO_TS folder(be sure that they are in capitals) and burn in UDF/ISO mode. Read here how to burn with Nero. (read the included text file for more info)

To play the DVD on your computer you extract the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder to any root partition and then you launch WinDVD and under Properties->General->Player settings you select the Default DVD drive to the partition you extracted the files and hit Play.

Technical Info


up to 9.8 Mbit/sec MPEG-2
720 x 576 pixels
25 frames/second


(click on the picture for 720x576 pixels)


up to 9,8 Mbit/sec MPEG-2
720 x 480 pixels
29,97 frames/second

(23,976 frames/second NTSC Film)


(click on the picture for 720x480 pixels)

More Info

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