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You can fit 740 MB on a 74 min CD and 800 MB on a 80 min CD on a VCD!   

Tools: Get Easy CD Creator Deluxe 4.0 here or the latest Easy CD Creator Deluxe 5.0 Platinum here.

Launch Video CD Creator. Not Easy CD Creator  

Screenshot of Ez CD Creator    

1. Under "Edit" choose "Add Item". Select your .mpg-file. Click "Ok". If Easy CD won't accept the mpg follow the Repair MPG guide! Remeber that you can add several .mpgs also, each mpg will be a own track on the VCD.

2. Drag the box as the picture show. Before creating the CD, make sure that you have free discspace! You will need the size of the .mpg in free discspace!!!! You can change the path to were the tempfile is stored. Default is c:\windows\temp. The tempfile path can be configured under "File"->"Preferences".

3. Choose "Create CD from Layout" under "Video CD".

The CD Creation Setup window will popup , configure your burning and hit "Start Recording"!

Now you can Play the VCD with your standalone DVD Player or with your CD-ROM/DVD-ROM by opening the dat-file on the VCD in the folder MPEGAV with for example Windows Media Player.


If Easy CD complains about that the file size wont fit even if the mpg is below 74 minutes you can try to make an image, under Video Cd->Make Image, and then burn it.

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