This is a Step-By-Step guide with images for the All-In-One new program called DVDx, which is able to rip and encode direct to VideoCD in one go without the requirements of a seperate encoder.

New updated DVDx guide here

*Optional Programs*

Smart Ripper

*Required Programs*

For this specific example i've used: "The Transformers - The Movie" (NTSC/84min/DD51@224k) and we will be converting it to VCD Standard so it will fit in one go on a 90min CDR media.

* Optional Steps - 1a to 1c *
The following steps are not really required as DVDx can rip directly from your DVD drive, it is however recommanded to do so you will not shorten the life of your DVD drive.

Please follow steps 1a to 1c from the DVD to VCD/XVCD Conversion 1.2 located here: /dvdtovcd.htm

* Required Steps *
2a) Open DVDx, and select File / Open IFO

2b) Goto your DVD VIDEO_TS folder (or the ripped movie on your HDD) and select the Movie IFO file

3) At this point a popup window will appear which will let you set the DVD settings according to your Movie, please make sure you select everything that applies to your needs.

4a) Now go into Settings and select "Output Settings" and change the settings according to the DVD, the important settings which you might want to consider are:
MMX / MMX + 3DNow / FPU
for Intel CPU = MMX or FPU
for AMD CPU's = MMX + 3DNow or FPU
352x240 for NTSC / 352x288 for PAL
None (Letter Box 4/3) to keep the movie as it is on the DVD
Medium (4/3)
Pan Scan (4/3)
Full (16/9)
Max Frame:
Press Whole to encode the entire movie in one go, if not just select the amount of frames you want to encode, the time will be automaticly abjusted according to the frames.
Volume don't exceed
Type 730 MB here and it will automatically cut the MPGs.

4b) Select Output filename before you press the Encode button.

5) Press the Encode button and wait!
Please note that this is a new program and might contain bugs, the author mentions there are bugs present in the NTSC encoding, so if you encounter any, please email the author of DVDx and let him know.

* Encoding Times on a AMD Thunderbird 1000 - Full Movie!!!*
VideoCD (MPEG1/352x240@1150kbits) - 04:13:00 Hours - 932mb.

Best Regards,
Sefy Levy,
Certified Computer Technician.

I want subtitles.
Select them under step 3), under the Subtitle in the Input Settings window.