IMPORTANT: DON'T capture to DivX if you are planning to make a VCD or SVCD, capture to MJPEG or HUFFYUV instead.

A capture card(a card with video-in or tv-in). Virtualdub and the Divx Codec.

Install DivX first if you haven't done that yet.

How to :

Launch your tv-application and select the channel you want to capture from. Exit your tvapplication.
capture from linein,composite or svhs change the source in Virtualdub under Video->Source.

Launch VirtualDub and select File->Capture AVI and the capture mode will start.

Now select Video->Format and select 352x288 for PAL and 352x240 for NTSC and YUV2.

Select Video->Compression and select DivX MPEG-2 Low Motion. Hit Configure
(you can of course try the other compression-codecs, for example the Huffyuv)

Set the Date Rate to 910 (or you can use whatever you want and you can use a bitrate calculator to calculate how big for example a 30 min captured clip will be). Hit OK and return to VirtualDUB

Select Audio->Compression. Select PCM CD Quality (and after you convert ti DivX Audio/MPEG3 because it always get out sync if realtime capturing to divx/mpeg3).

Select Capture->Settings and set Frame rate: to 25 (PAL) or 29,97(NTSC). Select Wait for OK to Capture, Capture Audio and Lock video stream to audio(and the audio will get synced if you drop some frames).

Now you are ready to Capture.
Select File->Set Capture File and configure where you want to save your avi.
Then Select Capture->Capture video. Hit Begin when you want to capture.
Check the Frames dropped -> if it increases to much you have too slow computer( be sure that you have selected DMA on the harddrive that you capture to), try then to configure the data rate setting under Diivx.

Now Close the Capture.

Open the Captured DivX.
Select under Video->Direct Stream Copy.
Select under Audio->Full Processing.
Select under Audio->Compression and select DivX or MPEG3 128kbits 44100hz.
Select under File->Sava AVI and save as new Divx.