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Tools: TMPGEnc and BBMPEG(AVI2MPG2).

First you need to demultiplex the MPEG2(split the audio and video to separate files) , launch TMPGEnc and select Video->MPEG Tools
Click on Demultiplex and load your video, select output for the .m2v(video) and .mp2(audio).

Now Launch BBMPEG (the AVI2MPG2.EXE)

Note! If you are using WinXP be sure to first press Load in the main window under Input Project and then press Cancel or else will BBMpeg crash when you open files.

Click directly on Start Encoding(even if it says Encoding BBMPEG won't encode anything just multiplex and cut the video).

Click on Settings.

Under Input and Output Files
First select the m2v(video) under Open VS.
Then select the m2a(audio) under Open AS1
And last select where to save the new cutted MPG under Open PS.

Under Pogram Stream settings you just select SVCD.

And under the Generel Settings is the actually cutting.
1. Select Multiplex video
2. Select Multiplex audio.
(skip these next steps if you are just going to multiplex the video, then just hit OK)
3. Select where the video should start in seconds
4. Select where to video should end in seconds.
5. Select the max size, if using a 74 min CD it is about 735 MB/CD and for a 80 min CD it is about 795 MB /CD.
Click OK.

Now Click on the Start.

Done. Now you should be able to burn the SVCD with for example Nero.


BBMpeg crashes when I load/open a file
If you are using Windows XP be sure to first press Load in the main window under Input Project and then press Cancel before doing anything else.

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