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Media Information
Media Name:


Media Type:

16 x DVD-R

Media Code:
MBI 01RG40..

(Use DVDInfoPro/DVDIdentifier / Media Inspector(MacOSX) to get the media code.)
Complete Media Code:
00 00 00 00 01 40 c1 fd 9e d8 52 00 02 85 0d 10 .....@....R.....
88 9a 80 00 03 4d 42 49 20 30 31 00 04 52 47 34 .....MBI 01..RG4
30 00 00 00 05 88 80 00 00 00 02 00 06 09 0d 13 0...............

( Use DVDInfoPro/DVDIdentifier / DVD Media Inspector(MacOSX) to get the media code.)
Media color, text and comments
Media text on top of media *:

All the text on top of the media. It helps us and other users to identify the media

Example: Datawrite 4.7 GB DVD+R 2.4x speed Datasafe Media
Media color on top of media *:

The color on top of the media. Hold in ctrl to select several colors. It helps us and other users to identify the media

Example: Blue/Green
Media package type*:

Jewel Case

Slim Case

Cake Box / Spindle


Plastic Sleeve

Shrink Wrapped

Example: Spindle
No. of discs in package*:
Example: 25
Media package picture:

Only png, gif, jpg images and max file size 1MB.
Media made in country:
Example: China
UPC Code/EAN Code:
Example: 023942431565

Media Comments:

Example: Media does not work if burnt at 2x only 1x.
DVD Writer used
DVD Writer used*:
Example: Pioneer DVR-A04
DVD Writer firmware:
Example: 1.0g

Burn speed used*:

Example: 2x
Authoring and burning tools used and other comments:

Example: Authored with SpruceUp and burned with Nero
Media compatibility
Burning reliability*:
  Good   Mixed  Poor Select one option
Playback reliability - PC:
  Good   Mixed  Poor N/A
Playback reliability - DVD Player:
  Good   Mixed  Poor N/A
Playback reliability - Game console(XBOX, Playstation2):
  Good   Mixed  Poor N/A
Media Inkjet printable reliability:
  Good   Mixed  Poor N/A
This Media works on this/these DVD Player(s):

(hold in CTRL to select more than one. Search for DVD Players here to get the exact DVD Player name.)
This Media does not work on this/these DVD Player(s):